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Beyonce Reportedly Skips Kim & Kanye's Wedding, Posts a New Selfie

Beyonce Reportedly Skips Kim & Kanye's Wedding, Posts a New Selfie

Beyonce rocks braids in a new pic posted on Instagram on Saturday (May 24)!

The 32-year-old entertainer posted the pic around the same time that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot in Florence, Italy.

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It has been reported that Beyonce and husband Jay Z had skipped out on the wedding festivities and stayed in the Hamptons, according to Us Weekly.

In case you missed it, have a look at Beyonce and Jay posing for a family pic with her sister Solange Knowles after the scandalous elevator fight.

Bigger pic inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
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Photos: Instagram
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  • KeishaMarie

    Not surprised. Their “e are perfect” image and rep took a hitbecause of the Solange beatdown so they likey didn’ t want to add to that by attending a famous porn person’s wedding. The Carters need to clean their image up again, not let it get dirtier lol!!

  • Um..No

    Braids not dreadlocks. smh

  • Randal

    hahahahahah THE SHADE!!!!

  • Wandasisi


  • Jonathan Cheban

    Its okay kim … Bey might show up to your forth wedding!

  • olive

    Bey is like “ain’t nobody got time for that wedding”

  • Laura

    Jared! Those are not dreads, theyäre braids!! Can’t you see the difference??

  • gin

    That elevator video was a private matter that leaked publicly, I’m sure after that if she had any desire to go to Kim’s wedding thats being filmed she decided to stare clear of that even if Kim and Kanye would promise if they were on camera B & J wouldn’t be televised.

    I’d say F that too! shit leaks all the time…… Bey 1 vs Kim -3 (her 3rd wedding.. get it? ha ha )

  • tick

    Good for them. Don’t like the hair though.
    Black women look better with their natural color.

  • Nikki

    All these sl*ts put the cart before the horse these days.
    Still doesn’t change the fact that North was born out of wedlock.
    Not a fundamentalist, but I think marriage should come before kids.

  • Whatever!!!

    Good for her! She knows if she went they would have splashed her pictures everywhere. SMART LADY!

  • sweetness

    For once I side with this #1 fame attention seeker with rejecting to partake in her equally annoying competitor in seeking attention seeking Kim.

  • Elle

    @KeishaMarie: It’s been known they weren’t going before the elevator incident.

  • Elle

    @Nikki: Just because you believe that, doesn’t mean every does. Excuse people for not living their life by your rules.

  • Mia

    @ sweetness …. Couldn’t agree with you more, and really she had to post another selfie … Beyonce and her ghetto family wouldn’t know class even if it crawled up into one of her wigs.

  • cath

    Afraid wont be centre of attention bea. What anasty thing to do. Be careful who you shit on on your way up cause you might need them on your way down. Its the media who are so frenzied. Way below you to do something like this, you are no better than them.remember the fight at met ball.

  • Shimmy

    She looks really black when she doesn’t wear her White/Asian her blond weaves and is instead wearing this nasty looks weave braid thing . A pouting selfie, my 11 year old niece is more mature then Beyonce.

  • AshleyLove

    At first, I thought that was a gay man, who resembled Beyonce. She’s beautiful, but that’s definitely not one of her best pics.

  • Drew

    Even if they don’t care for kim (which is their prerogative) Jay and Kanye have been friends for a really long time and out of respect and love for him they should have attended.
    I’ve attended weddings of my husbands friends that I can’t stand because it is respectful to their friendship.

  • Cherise

    There isn’t anything to clean up their image has been tarnished the day they both hit the spotlight!

  • Cherise

    Jay should have attended never mind beyonce@Mia: AMEN!

  • Jay Z is a lame friend

    @Drew: I agree, I dont understand how Jay Z couldnt go to such a important date for one of his old friends Kanye. I mean if Bey doesnt want to go its ok, but Jay Z and Kanye are really good friends. Thats just effed up to do just because publicity is worth more than friendship to him.

  • Nic

    Not a flattering selfie, she looks awful. As if Beyonce’s trashy family is better the Kim’s, at least Kim’s father was a respected lawyer, what does Beyonce come from , her dad a hustler and dead dad and her mother a hairdresser, Beyonce doesn’t even speak to her own father and her sister’s crazy and JayZ a drop out former drug dealer…. Who’s Beyonce to down down on anyone.

  • nikky

    @Drew: I agree with you, I dont understand, why Jay did not attend, it is not like they couldnt afford to fly to Italy and this post says they decided to stay in the Hamptons, so they didnt have to perform anywhere. It seems just rude and disrespectful.

  • jayla

    @Nic: Shut up…her dad was a sleaze ass lawyer that help ojay get off and did his dirty work like hiding mistresses and getting him drugs.

  • Jessa

    What a punk move. If JayZ was supposed to be best man as was reported and he instead punked out on the wedding last minute, he is a terrible friend. So they don’t want to be connected with Kim – they can’t swallow their pride for a day and attend a close friend’s wedding? Jay Z and Beyonce are so gross. And to be honest, judging from Beyonce’s actions post Solange incident, she’s not much different from the Kardashians AT ALL. If anything, I’m willing to best she’s a ghetto rat beneath that carefully constructed public persona. And then to top it off Beyonce posts a picture of herself around the same time as the wedding. She couldn’t just let their wedding take precedence? She wanted to grab some public attention? What a skank.

  • Jessa

    To be clear, my above comment ended with me saying that Beyonce is a total S K A N K. That got bleeped out.

  • frankie

    what a famewh*re to post a pic proving she’s not at the wedding. as if she didn’t know that it was taking place today. glamorized jungle bunny.

  • Erin

    I’m over this woman. She’s talented so I’m sure she’s not going anywhere, but I have less and less respect for her in light of her recent behavior. Bailing on Kanye’s wedding then posting a photo to prove it just adds to the pile of Beyonce + Jay Z = crap people.

  • ladyb

    Cant believe anybody will side with Jay Z and Beyonce on this. Not a cool thing to do. They should have gone. They are not better than Kanye/Kim. And posting a “look at me” selfie is tacky.

  • Dee

    @Drew: You’ve attended weddings of normal people. If Beyonce (who is arguably the biggest star at the moment) had gone, she would have been exploited by Kim. Kim has a reality show and Beyonce is private. Say what you want about her, but when she married Jay Z, no one knew. People still haven’t seen full pictures to this day, which is the complete opposite of these two. You attending your husband’s friend’s wedding and Beyonce going to Kimye’s are incomparable.

  • nev

    she’s tack. not going to the wedding. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  • nev


    private? since when?

    calm down.

  • hoho

    She looks so ugly in that selfie

  • Drew

    @Dee: that’s where you are wrong Dee, friendship, respect and love is the same between all people. To consider kanye, kim, jay and beyonce as not “normal” is absurd, they are just people like everyone else. They deal with relationships and feelings the same way, no matter how famous.

  • Tim

    Why are ppl so worried if she attended or not. Rob reportedly ddnt show up. Where’s the article on that? Smh at the media

  • symone91

    Who cares if they didn’t show up? They need to work on their own sham of a marriage.

  • Jen

    Rob left and didn’t go either and said worse. At least Beyonce congratulated them. Rob is Kim’s own brother. I congratulate the couple myself but c’mon this was excess to the max. A majority of this was for profit to put money in Kris’ s pocket. Kudos to Rob for having the guts to call it for what it is. And why would Beyonce go just to have her name used as further gossip fodder with Rachel Roy there…you know, the woman her husband openly flirted with and disrepected both her, her sister for at the MET Gala. If anything, she’s probably more worried about the state of her marriage. Not trying to have her name used as a big name celeb to promote the wedding. If the woman who has a thing for my hubby is there, best friends with the bride, plus the clear media circus I wouldn’t go either.The elevator thing was enough but the media was already playing that crap up. A lot of people felt she shouldn’t go. Common sense.

  • Joelle

    Jessa @ 05/24/2014 at 4:52 pm #26

    Maybe she doesn’t want to be a part of a wedding that’s being film for a so called reality show. I can see neither of them wanting to do that now that Kanye has become Mr. Kardashian.

  • JustChill’n

    Smart move.

  • Laines

    Why should she or anybody else have to go to this clown circus? Beyoncé isn’t even friends with Kim. I don’t go to events of people who I am not close with. And Beyoncé atleast had to work hard for her career. All Kim did to get where is was that vulgar sex tape. Where is the hard work in that? And I am sure her lawyer father would be proud of his sex tape daughter. Kanye is an idiot yet his own parents were professors.

  • Dee

    @Drew: If you are friends with a person for the right reason, then it is the same. Kim’s relationships and motives aren’t genuine.Yes they are people, but they’re not normal. Hollywood, especially reality TV, breeds a different type of person than those who aren’t famous.

  • cath

    Point is ok dont go, but why post a selfie at the time of wedding just to prove didnt attend. Karma awaits you bea.

  • sozlina

    good for you Beyonce! stay away from those trashy peeps

  • sozlina

    @Nic: Kim’s dad saved a murderer. Her mom pimped out ALL her daughter since a very young age. Kim is untalented piece of shit who has sucked 875754643653542353 d-cks to be where she is today.