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Brad Pitt's Attacker Vitalii Sediuk Legally Banned from All Hollywood Events

Brad Pitt's Attacker Vitalii Sediuk Legally Banned from All Hollywood Events

Vitalii Sediuk, the man who punched Brad Pitt in the face at the red carpet premiere of Maleficent this week, has received his sentencing for the crime.

The 25-year-old former journalist must stay 500 yards away from all Hollywood events – award shows, red carpets, entertainment events, etc.

Vitalii also received a sentencing of a “a $200 fine, 20 days of community labor and 36 months of summary probation,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. He also was “barred from owning dangerous weapons or harassing anyone and must enroll in weekly psychiatric counseling and return to court to prove he has enrolled in psychiatric counseling and community labor.”

DO YOU AGREE with the terms of Vitalii Sediuk’s sentencing?

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  • Amy

    Um, no. He should have been charged with assault. Also why hasn’t he been deported yet?

  • K


  • Why he did it?

    Does anyone know the reason why he punch Brad Pitt on the face?

  • KARL

    No.3 at 6:34;
    I know why.

  • Jeanne

    When he charged through security so he could stick his head under America Ferrera’s dress, he should have been charged with sexual assault. He should be in a psychiatric institution or jail.

  • Raphael

    ZZZZZZZZZZ Wanting to be famous!

  • jake

    They keep saying he is Ukrainian, does that mean he travels with Ukrainian passport. How is he getting into all these countries. Do Ukrainians need visa to enter US. If so his visa should be denied and he should be deported back to Ukraine.

  • busted

    He got away with all this crap because the celebrities he did this to didn’t want to look whinny.. Seriously they don’t have to take stuff like this to look a certain way to the public.

    saw the video of the “attack” and he didn’t really punch Brad. It looks like he grazed his face.. Brad then kicked his ass*

    He messed with the wrong man and I’m glad something has been done finally. It could have been worse and then what would people be saying then. I TAW why was he not deported..

    He is going to get hurt one day’ or hurt someone else because his antics and assaults were getting more physical.

  • fiction

    never punched him
    Brad is a pussy

  • Question

    Brad, should have knocked his teeth out. The guy doesn’t look like he’s working with a full deck………..and people pick at stars who have security with them.

    I think this guy is a ticking time bomb and needed to be shut down. He’s getting worse. Really Scary! DEPORT HIM!

  • busted


    Brad protected himself. The guy’s intent was to harm him.. You see what you would do if someone came after you. LA just witnessed that psycho murder 6 people. Hell yeah I would do the same.

    Maybe if other celebs had done something this fool would have been stopped a long time ago.

    Now he is getting his due.

  • busted

    I guess the haters are out watching Maleficent..

    heading to see it NOW. I can’t wait.. can’t wait..

  • SSDD

    JJ! don’t not post his face here! this loser wanted attention! This type of sick people will one day pick up a gun and kill everyone on sight just to get famous!

  • fiction

    AND,,,,the guy never punched Brad. lol
    Vitalli is much better looking than elderly Brad too.

  • T

    Deport this pos already.

  • Ric

    Oh give me a break, Vitalii is a comic. He does it for shock value and fame. Sort of like how Brad became famous because he took off his shirt of in Thelma and Louise and shocked every woman and gay guy over his chest and not his acting. Brad has become a wuss since he hooked up with Angelina.

  • T

    Go see Angelina’s movie already it was more than awesome. She really hit a homerun with this movie, And what she said about her daughter and the movie was gut busting I loved it.

  • Fresh

    @jake: Exactly. I think he probably has US citizenship or something, otherwise he’d have been deported already. Bizarre person…

  • umm

    The jerk wants attention. Insulting famous people on red carpet is a way to get all attention.

  • groundcontrol

    My post from the other thread . . .
    Glad that the stupid pranksters is banned from all HW events.
    I agree but remember it’s only for the length of the probation which is 36 months. Neither offense he pled No Contest to are considered grounds for removal from the country. since they involve one event they only count as one conviction for immigration purposes. The offense of battery which he pled to is not considered a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT). If it had been domestic violence it would have been a CIMT.
    Plus he didn’t get nor was he even subject to the requisite penalty which would out offenses into the category of a CIMT.
    Removal based on criminal convictions is a bit complicated and I don’t recall what he is on probation for already but I don’t think he has a sufficient history to warrant removal – as much as we’d like to see it. Now once gone can he be subject to exclusion, i.e., prevented from re-entry? Not sure if it’s easier to exclude than it is to remove. May be easier to deny a visa. Maybe an immigration expert can weigh in.
    I saw his face and rather than a smirk I saw a guy who looked chagrinned and fatalistic. I’m not sure he meant to assault Pitt in a violent way, he wanted to get to him that’s for sure and he was stupid enough to do it by practically diving between LA police officers there to keep order. But it’s a general intent crime and therefore his intent is irrelevant.
    I call that plea quite efficient. However, I heard the judge say 100 yards not 500 yards from events, etc. I’ll go check.

  • groundcontrol

    He should have been charged with assault. Also why hasn’t he been deported yet?
    He was charged with and pled to battery which is the same thing as assault. Different jurisdictions call it by different names.
    See my post above regarding immigration consequences of his pleas.
    This guy was here on a visa – work or tourist I assume. If he no longer has a job or lied about having one or lied who he worked for then he can be removed for that. Short term visas expire – he wasn’t a permanent resident that I knew.

  • Suree

    @T: You have very bad taste! hahahah

  • Native NYker
  • groundcontrol

    Whoa! Somaly Mam turns out to have completely fabricated her life story.

  • hmm

    if he was black…

  • Zoee

    I am wandering Who protects him?, why he is so respect why he keeps being around Hugh event in Hollywood who helps him get it , he got onstage on one award you think if i want to be on the Grammys or any award i just walk in , no he has a group of people who helps him do all this crap

  • Jon M’Shulla

    His pranks were funny. But, he has escalated to punching in the face, which is assault.

    It seems he has become dangerous and is now unpredictable.

    So, for these reasons he got a proper sentence.

    Should have stuck with the amusing and humiliating dick hug there buddy.

  • fan

    He should have to wear a tracking device. Or better yet
    just deport his crazy ass away

  • Diedre

    This guy doesn’t need probation and community service. I highly doubt he will follow the ban on attending red carpet events.
    He’s a ticking time bomb and if left unchecked will end up hurting or killing someone.
    He needs to be deported.

  • Vendetta Chronicles

    I’m not a fan of Brad Pitt myself after what he did to Aniston and then running off with Jolie but hitting him seemed extreme.

    Maybe it was a desperate attempt to gain instant fame.

  • santamariavargas

    This guy is really, really weird.

  • silver

    thats a bit steep i saw the vid he hardly touched his brads face only touch his glasses brad had no mark on his face.i agree he took it over the top there idk what he was trying to prove or do but he has a rep for doing things like this to celebs.also you cant deport someone for assault smh .

  • Lena

    How does a court ban him from all of Hollywood? That seems a bit overbroad to me. Is he appealing? Anyone know? So, if a guy attacks a nurse and then another nurse, does the court then get away with issuing an order prohibiting him from going near all nurses and hospitals in the future? Is anyone a bit frightened by the ability of Hollywood elitists to seemingly get exceptions under the law that neither you and me would be able to get?

  • Zosia

    @T: of have someone f*** him in the ass against his will