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Katie Holmes Replaced by Kate Upton as Face of Bobbi Brown

Katie Holmes Replaced by Kate Upton as Face of Bobbi Brown

Katie Holmes walks back home from the gym after going for an afternoon workout on Monday (June 30) in New York City.

It was announced last week that the 35-year-old actress has been replaced as the face of makeup brand Bobbi Brown Cosmetics by model Kate Upton.

“I admire women who create their own rules, so I was naturally drawn to Kate because she’s a maverick who has carved her own path to success,” Bobbi said in a statement. “Kate is proud of her healthy body and has a beautiful face for makeup. She is a real woman, a natural beauty, athletic, and radiates confidence, but doesn’t take herself so seriously. She’s having fun and enjoying life, and that is pretty powerful.”

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  • Nathan

    she’s super fit and sexy. Love you Katie.

  • Cate

    Holmes has lost her biggest endorsement? I guess that explains why she keeps calling the paparazzi recently.
    I’m find Upton overrated but she is a much better choice. She’s more relevant, beautiful and successful. I never understood why they went for Holmes. She has no style and is irrelevant beyond being Suri’s mom.

  • sari

    Such a surprise after her eye make up palette tanked.

  • Pink

    Katie looks great. Her arms are so fit. Companies change faces all the time. Not sure why some folks are trying to make a big deal of this. That said, as far as I know Kate is doing the summer ad campaign. Wouldn’t be surprised if Katie is back next season. Saw an interview from just last week where she was still promoting/gushing about Bobbi Brown’s products. So either she’s still with them or there are no hard feelings if she’s not with them anymore.

  • annie

    Katies face is still in the Bobbi Brown makeup section in our department stores. All the posters of her for BB are beautiful, as are the videos.
    The new poster for Alterna is gorgeous.
    Not sure about Kate Upton, maybe they wanted blonde this time round.


    Kate makes me feel like every day is Christmas…
    I’m not exaggerating.

  • Nathan


    annie are you taking about this new Alterna ad?
    Katie Holmes Daily’s Photos Alterna Haircare AD.

    If so I totally agree it is gorgeous.

    Katie could have easily been a super model if she wanted to her face is so beautiful.

  • sari

    @Nathan: She should have been a model because she certainly can’t act!

  • Darts

    @DOGGIE STYLE: stuff and nonsense.

  • E

    What a downgrade! Even at 13 years older and past her prime, Holmes is still a thousand times hotter than that pig-faced, mustached fridge.

    Upton’s family is worth billions and has many connections in high places. That’s the only reason she’s getting all these gigs.

  • http://comcast Audra

    It is a beautiful movie Katie made The Great Escape !!! Happy for you and your daughter.

  • The Bitter Waiter

    So I guess BB doesn’t like the idea of her going out looking so messy either.

    Anyway- Home girl isn’t always so sweet as her fans want to think.

    See write up from the bitter waiter and this was before Cruise
    This isn’t the first time I heard things like that about her

  • The Bitter Waiter

    Reason is though she was said to have signed on for 3 years but it got cancelled after 1.
    So she got let go for some reason.
    Katie is not too busy since she doesn’t have much work lined up so it’s probably not her decision to end the contract.

  • The Bitter Waiter

    they don’t just throw away the posters like that. They will fade her out.
    But it’s been made clear by all the press releases for Upton that she is the new face and Holmes is no more.

  • NG

    Good luck Katie. Looks like she’s back in New York.
    Entertainment and fashion industry is cut throat.

  • NG

    Looks like Suri has lost 2 teeth in her front top tray. Looks like they spent the weekend at the Hamptons enjoying the beach. Good for them! Cruise’s birthday is next week.

  • Pink

    @The Bitter Waiter:
    Here is an interview from just a few days ago where Katie was still promoting Bobbi Brown.

    She mentions them like 4 times. If I had been fired by a company, I wouldn’t still be talking them up in interviews.So I figure she’s either still with them or her contract ended amicably. On the Bobbi Brown website, they mention that Kate Upton is the face for this season. I haven’t heard anything about her signing a long term contract. So it’s possible that Katie is still a spokesperson and Kate is just doing one season. Either way, it’s not a big deal.

  • The Bitter Waiter

    They also refer to her as currently having a Fashion Line- which she does not as it was cancelled a while back.
    So either this is some sort of cut and paste of old stuff she said and some new or they made it up.
    It’s more of that beauty page trying to plug some products.

  • The Bitter Waiter

    Maybe they learned a lesson with Holmes and know not to reveal the terms of the contract in case it doesn’t work out.
    At the time of Katie’s signing they said it was 3 years but now it was cut short.
    All the articles are referring to Upton as a replacement and surely if Bobbie Brown was behind the pr release which they had to be a part of they would have worded it different if Holmes was stiff a rep as well.
    They would have said “Kate Upton joins Katie Holmes as BB spokesperson” or something along those lines.

  • CF98

    I don’t see the big deal here I never understood celeb endorsements celebs don’t compel to buy something one way or another. Put a good product out and that’s what people are drawn to more than anything.

  • Pink

    Yeah I noticed the fashion line mention, but that could easily just be an editor’s mistake. It’s not as if katie mentioned it directly. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if she appears in any future ad campaigns for Bobbi Brown. It’s not that big of a deal either way.

  • The Bitter Waiter

    Well it sort of is a big deal if she signed on for 3 and got laid off after 1.
    That does say something.
    Again, all the press which comes from press releases since it’s being plugged all over are referring to Upton as the replacement not just that she was added on as well.

  • CF98

    @The Bitter Waiter:

    They went with a bigger name? Really I think you are more pressed about this than Katie is.

  • Pink

    The official quotes from Bobbi Brown do not refer Upton as a “replacement” Other media outlets will put their own spin on it. But whatever, I’m done debating this. What I meant was that it’s not a big deal to ME.

  • The Bitter Waiter

    Not pressed. I just replied to the other posters comments back to me.
    But to be let out of a contract – either they had problems with her or they felt she was not right for it.
    Not much seems to be going her way this year.
    Her fashion line closed down, she lost this gig and her tv pilot didn’t get picked up.

  • CF98

    @The Bitter Waiter: Well you win some and lose some she’s has 3 movies coming out this year surely that’s something. Then again to you probably not.

  • The Bitter Waiter

    Well, probably not is right since they are indie movies or very small parts.
    And it’s not clear in Mania Days will see the light of day-
    Maybe 2015 will be her year.

    About Upton, it’s been known since about March she was going to be the replacement and if for any reason that press was wrong or Katie was still a part of it I think they would have corrected it in the press by now too. No one has and everyone keeps running with Upton only.

  • Nathan

    @The Bitter Waiter:

    That interview Pink posted Katie Holmes said that Bobbi did her makeup this year for the Met Ball.

    So they must be friends cuz the Met Ball was after the announcement that Kate Upton is taking over.

    I think it was Katie’s decision to quit.

  • The Bitter Waiter

    Like I said its a cut and paste or they make stuff up…that’s not the kind of thing kh would give an interview with so idk…especially since they referred to her as having a fashion line. That blog is not too savvy.
    Blogs do that sort of thing you know.

    and I see no reason why Holmes would turn down a 3 year contract when she is not that busy now. Makes no sense.

  • Nolan

    love her!!!

  • Eliza

    “Katie Holmes’ new gig as the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics includes not only the usual ads, but a namesake collection of makeup set to hit stores next fall. It’s a multi-year deal for which Holmes will be paid a rumored $2-$3 million.” (reported Sept 2012, WWD, Huffington, Harper’s, etc) – Full campaign in the Spring 2013

    If Katie had a ‘multi-year’ contract that was announced in Fall 2012, campaign kicked off Spring 2013 and then Kate Upton announced as the new face of Bobbi Brown in Mar 2014, with her campaign kicking off this month; something’s not adding up to ‘multi” unless they are counting the announcement dates and even that isn’t more like 1.5 yr.

  • NG

    - This is a cutthroat business. I think Bobbie Brown wanted to strike while Katie Holmes was hot and in the news and that’s exactly what happened.

    Katie was popular as Joey in Dawson’Creek and other movies but when she married Tom Cruise she was elevated to the world stage. After Tom and Katie split up June 2014, Katie announced the Bobbie Brown endorsement along with other deals and that included the role on Broadway, Dead Accounts. Probably the producers thought let’s get the play ready and offer Katie the lead role and sell tickets just like the other play All My Sons.

    I went to see her in All My Sons and she had a supporting role along side powerful performances by Patrick Wilson, John Lithrow, and Dianne Wiest. That Broadway show did good business. She was launched onto the world stage as the woman who captured Cruise’s heart and made him jump on Oprah’s couch (that was Cruise’s doing not Katie’s), then even more interesting as the mother of photogenic Suri, and finally a curiosity as the woman who left Tom Cruise (she was sick of the charade and wanted out), but when they split a lot of the media was making Katie look like super mom, she saved her famous daughter Suri from Scientolgy. Katie became even more interesting and then the curiosity began to wear thin. After the split Katie was stretched thin. New apt, new school for Suri (no more homeschooling), leading Broadway role, first time with minimal staff since she gave birth to Suri, filmed a few movies, endorsement deals, the Holmes and Yang fashion show for the fall 2012 and 2013, etc . In retrospect she should not have taken some of those jobs and given herself some time off but now it looks like things a slowing down a bit.

    If you look at her wiki, she has been working steadily since her marriage to Cruise on television, Broadway, movies, fashion line, magazine covers, award show appearances, etc but none of it launched her into an A list acting career.

    The good thing is she seems to have a strong support with her family and the $$$ from Cruise support helped in that she didn’t have to think about money right away like a lot of women that get divorced. Good luck to them.

  • annie

    Hi Nathan
    Yes that’s the one..thank you for the link. One of the nicest ones, for sure!

  • Tyla

    Not really a fan of either, but Kate Upton is a terrible choice in my opinion.

  • Jolivet

    There were lot’s of places it was stated as 3 years when news came out the end of 2012 so it seems something went wrong in that deal.
    you wrote: “If you look at her wiki, she has been working steadily since her marriage to Cruise on television, Broadway, movies, fashion line, magazine covers, award show appearances, etc but none of it launched her into an A list acting career.”
    That is probably because she never had A List talent! Katie is 36 in a few months and has been given every chance in the world to break though. She isn’t going to now if she hasn’t already. At best she will continue to get the kind of small roles she is doing now.

  • anne


    I hope Suri celebrates with her father the his birthday. Tom deserves this gift. God, I will pray that Scientology allow this meeting. June 29 completed 02 years of divorce. The anger is over, I hope.
    Tom and Katie have new BF / GF.

    Kisses Anie.

  • Alone again, naturally

    Did they go alone again?
    Maybe there are more pics with “friends”?
    If they exist they always seem to walk miles away from her. These aren’t pap pics so not walking away from paps.

  • NG

    Cruise has stayed away from the media which shows when he wants to avoid the media he will and can. Now he only appears to promote his movies and that recent surprise picture of him and David Beckmann drinking beer. That said, what does it say about the years 2007-2012 when TomKat were a couple and the public via celebrity blogs implied they were a charade and parading Suri to the press regardless if she liked it or not. Suri was photogenic and a paparazzi favorite and helped them stay in the celebrity tabloids. Now that we don’t see them regularly the absence of them only confirms they were courting the paparazzi. Not only did they divorce but Suri is older and hates the paparazzi so she’s not going to go along with it AND laws are changing to protect children from the paparazzi.

  • Messi

    Yes it shows they both did that. It sux for the kid.
    Katie even did it some after the split to use the kid as pity or attention.

    Although those pics of Tom and David were not pap pics they were fan pics from instagram. I saw them before the DM had them.
    There are often fan pics of Tom, a lot more then you see if the tabloids of him out and about in London or other places.
    If you check twitter or instagram for tags you see it often.

  • NG

    I think the entertainment industry is a very competitive business interested in youth, beauty, and talent. And there are always hundreds around the corner, waiting to break into the business. I think every year it will get harder for Katie. She has had all the opportunities and has yet to get A List roles. Those are reserved for Amy Adams, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Lupita Jnong, Marion Cotillard, etc., even newer actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Shailey Wooley, and the others that are coming behind them. I think Katie has some talent but its just not happening for her. Making movies requires a lot of variables to come together to create a hit movie. Even Madonna stopped deluding herself about becoming a major movie actress. She had to accept it and stick to the music or directing movies not acting. Same with Cindy Crawford, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, even Jessica Alba has expanded to being a business woman with her Honest company so when the beauty becomes mature and the acting limited she has something to fall back on. I wish Katie would have had more discipline with her personal grooming and understood that is she was going to get into the endorsement business she had to take care of her “brand.” She seemed to think she could walk out of the house with messy hair and clothes. Unlike Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Victoria Beckman, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, etc. those girls lend their name to beauty names like Loreal, Revlon, Cover Girl, etc. and we always see them looking well groomed when they walk out of their house. Not Katie. She would waver, one day look okay the other day like she was falling apart. Well at least she has child support to get her through. She is still youthful and has money so its not over yet. Good luck.

  • NG

    I think Cruise is changing his game plan. A lot has happened since he began his “romance” with Katie Holmes. He learned a lot of lessons, hold back on his speaking out on the COS, keep his love life private because people didn’t buy the TOMKAT charade so don’t try that one again, what you say on video can be leaked to YouTube and played again and again, etc. I think Cruise and his team or thinking about what public image they want to create for him. I think with TOMKAT he wanted to create the image of a family man, married to a younger, beautiful, successful actress with a photogenic child, living in a big Beverly Hills mansion, box office success, etc., but it didn’t work out that way. Today he is single after three marriages, 2 of his 3 children are grown and he rarely is seen with Suri, and he will soon be 51 years old. I think he is going through a new transition, he’s always been married or known to be dating someone except now after splitting up with Katie. He is a successful working actor and the image the public has of you is important. It will be interesting to see the public image they come up for him.

  • NG

    I think the image that David Beckman has of being a successful man with a great career, happily married to a good looking woman with a successful career in her own right, four beautiful looking children, big homes in Beverly Hills, the UK, a power couple, is the the image that Cruise wanted for himself and his wife even if it wasn’t all true I think that is what he was going for. Right before and after his marriage broke up, he was busy working trying to reclaim his box office power and making movies back to back that I hope he has time to be still and think about a lot of things especially in his personal life. These last two years, Cruise has been single and really not dating anyone publicly. This is new for him.

  • NG

    In my opinion, in the last two years, the one person who’s life has drastically changed and I am going by what I see on the Internet is Suri Cruise. After being homeschooled, she now goes to school and interacts with other children her age, she wears socks, sweaters, coats, and appears overall leading a normal life. No longer do we see Katie and Suri walking around or dining late at night, they can’t because Suri gets up early to go to school, she seems to be on a schedule, slowly the large blankets and bottles disappeared, we still see Katie pick up Suri but its becoming rare, so are the stuffed animals Suri randomly carries, and Suri is definitely closer to Katie’s family now that Cruise and Katie are divorced. The one place I have yet to see Suri attend is a church. I don’t think a picture exists where Suri is seen walking into a Manhattan church. We’ve since her everywhere else (museums, school, restaurants, beaches, airports, parks, Chelsea Piers gym, playgrounds, Disneyland, theatres, etc) but never walking into a church. I wonder if they attend any church privately.

  • annie

    @ NG
    To a certain extent, I agree with what you say, but saying that, there are still so many different sides to what you have stated.
    Firstly, I don’t know why people are so obsessed about Katie being an” A lister”, there are hundreds of actresses who make movies, and are not Alisters, yet they all work.
    You mention Jessica Alba, for all her dress ups, and pics and instagrams, and photo ops, and I” say this again… if it wasn’t for Robert Rodriegus, she wouldn’t be working, because it seems the only movies she’s in are his, at least Katie still has leading roles, even if they are indies.
    Eva Longoria, attends events all the time, plays dress ups, all the time, was in a series, is into business, but nothing in movies.
    Halle Berry, well she does ok, but sometimes on downtime, she can look anything but good.
    Jennifer Lopez, well, she is so ambitious, she has such hunger, for whatever it is that drives her, 45 going on 25, she was in shorts and the highest wedges in the Daily Mail, she didn’t look good, take away the long wigs, false eyelashes and the rest, and it’s not looking good.
    Victoria B, very much like some of her clothes, but her posing leaves me cold and I certainly don’t think her beautiful by any stretch of the imagination.
    I quite like Katies casual looks, but I agree that she can be quite inconsistant.
    I do agree with what you said about Tom puting on an image, and it started after he got publicly fired, that’s when the dinners, and outings with new new friends came about.
    I don’t believe Katie was into that, maybe for a while, but you started seeing her revert back to Katie.
    If you have a look back some of her most beautiful pics were when she was Mrs Cruise, at least for me.
    I also think that what she had with Tom was real, at least on her side.
    Also you could say, that this divorce might have affected him emotionally more than other times, because whatever her reasons, she was not happy, but I don’t believe she was unhappy all the time, maybe it just got to the point that she had to make a decision one way or another, obviously they couldn’t come to some compromise. He had his ideas about things, she had hers.
    But I agree that Katie is in beauty industry, where looks do play a big part, and obviously people who hire her must think her attractive, but yes she doesn’t play the role of representing the companies as well as she should, I love her, and I’m just being a little honest about it.
    Also Holmes Yang were’nt very good on the marketing side of things.
    Loved her HY look at the Tropic Thunder premier , minus the short hair, but the whole package was beautiful, some of those pieces of clothing were very nice, albeit very expensive.
    However, she can make it happen , silly to think that because she’s 35 things are going to stop, and I personally think she will start making more interesting movies. I think she’s in an interesting age bracket.

  • Baby

    You wrote ” I wish Katie would have had more discipline with her personal grooming and understood that is she was going to get into the endorsement business she had to take care of her “brand.”
    Isn’t that common knowledge? Basic 101 of endorsements? What does it say about her that she didn’t know or chose to do that? Either she is not very bright or is delusional about herself to think she doesn’t have to work for it. My opinion? I think because she had so much handed to her and doors opened she didn’t work for that she thought things will continue to go that way. Maybe the Bobbie B situation will be a wake up call for her.

  • peliplo

    NG do you work? how do you have time two right literally 2.pages on your own?

    i am another loyal K H fan and yes, some of the things critics here say I may agree with. but that’s what makes her different. for whatever reason her posts have hits, and many posts even from haters.

  • ANNE

    Why does the public not bought TomKat? Why the tabloid obsession with the couple and Suri? I have not seen that with any other star. I know TC is the biggest star of HW, more Clouney, DiCaprio, Jolie also are great and there is no such hysteria. I think that the American media has dislike for Tom, in my opinion he should remain single, nobody believes his relationships ..

    Annie, you read something about TC’s birthday tomorrow? Suri will be present?

  • blind?

    Anne, are you blind?
    Have you seen what people say about Clooney’s new wife to be? many people call that fake too (i don’t think it is- but just saying).

    Angie and Brad??? where you not paying attention for the past ten years or especially the first 5 of their relationship?

  • NG

    I agree about Jessica Alba – If not for Robert Rodriguez she would not be currently a movie actress but she understands the “brand” thing and plays to it. Her company Honest is also doing pretty good. I also agree about Eva Longoria. Her biggest claim to fame was television show Desperate Housewives and she has made a few movies: The Sentinel (with Michael Douglas) which did so so, and other movies that did NOT do big business so she is also a businesswoman and has a restaurant Beso in Hollywood, California and is the executive producer of Devious Maids on cable television which is doing pretty good. Halle Berry is coming up in a television show this fall, Victoria Beckman does pose ice cold and has surely endured her husband’s affairs but she is still married and mother to four kids (it works for her and she loves the fame too), Jennifer Lopez from the Bronx, New York has come a long way and has had successful tours, some successful movies (Out of Sight, Selena, The Wedding Planner, etc). not bad for a once back up singer for Janet Jackson “That’s how love goes.” All these women progressed and are still a work in progress moving forward. Not every talented woman out there gets a chance to come up to bat. Katie Holmes has gotten that opportunity several times. And yes I do work as an accountant and budget analyst. I LOVE to write and read Hollywood history and all the marketing and image making behind its stars, movies, etc. I find it fascinating. And writing is relaxing to me.

  • NG

    #44 – I agree with you. I think some of the best pictures of Katie Holmes were taken when she was in the comfortable period of being Mrs. Tom Cruise. In the beginning she was thrust into a NEW spending category where she probably stopped looking at the price tag. This is NOT a hateful thing to say, you can google her and see the transformation AND also see the famous David Letterman interview Jan 2008 where she is wearing a short white dress and a bob haircut. Its on YOUTUBE. That was the new and improved Katie Holmes thanks to Tom Cruise $$$ Katie has been on the David Letterman show throughout her career and you can see the change, not just because she was getting older but her access to nicer clothes and makeup. I think during her marriage to Cruise particularly during the 2007 through late 2009 she looked very good when they would go out to promote his movies. You can tell she would be dressed by important stylists, had access to top designers especially Armani, Dolce and Gabanna, Versace, Channel, etc. and makeup artists and hair styles. And also appeared on magazine covers like Instyle, Elle, and others. And People magazine which is pro Tom Cruise would run favorable pictures of her with Tom or Suri. And during her marriage to Cruise, Katie was photographed extensively going and coming from dancing clases, working out. Before her marriage she didn’t look like she worked out hard. During her marriage it seemed he encouraged her to take care of her body better. All those exercise, dance, ballet classes cost money. Katie now had the money to take better care of herself but it came at a PRICE. Hollywood industry is connected to everything that represents youth, beauty, image, talent. I think the time Katie was married to Cruise had an ALL ACCESS pass. I think this divorce affected Cruise a lot because he is single for the first time in his adult life. No wife, and doesn’t appear to have a girlfriend. But I think he will remarry because I think he enjoys appearing on red carpets with a partner. I think that is why George Clooney is getting married, no matter how you look at it, in my opinion when you are walking down a red carpet (and this is the business they are in, commerce + art) it LOOKS BETTER when you are walking down the red carpet with a partner, preferable a person who’s physcially fit and photographs well. It helps your BRAND. The entertainment business is where commerce and art intersect. That’s why we pay $$$ to be entertained even if its just an illussion. Even J LO know that.