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First Look Image of Henry Cavill as Superman for 'Batman v Superman' Revealed!

First Look Image of Henry Cavill as Superman for 'Batman v Superman' Revealed!

Here’s your first look at Henry Cavill as Superman for his upcoming highly anticipated movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

The 31-year-old actor is reprising his role as Superman in the film which also stars Ben Affleck as Batman.

“We’ve both created this guy and we can push him around a little bit,” director Zack Snyder told USA Today. “The more time I spend with Henry, the more he’s Superman to me.”

In case you missed it, check out another first look pic of Henry on the set of the movie.

Pictured below: Other set pictures that have been released including a first look pic of Ben as Batman as well as the Batmobile.

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henry cavill as superman first look image on set 01
henry cavill as superman first look image on set 02
henry cavill as superman first look image on set 03

Credit: Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Pictures
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  • Aw

    *yawn* How many movies are they making with him as Superman? It’s already two too many.

  • jon m’shulla

    He looks great. He looks like a real superman. He is Superman.

  • Me

    Cavill looks like a cardboard cut out. He’s soooo incredibly dull. I thought he was good looking in The Tudors, but he looks so beige and far too bulky now.

  • @aw

    Yeah, why they didn’t find someone else for BvS? How they can be stupid cast him again?!

  • Nena

    This is the worst movie premise in history! How many superman retreads can we be put through? I guess Henry will be finding a new “girlfriend” just in time for this movie as usual. Let’s make bets on who the beard will be?

  • pup

    He’s so handsome. . .


    Superman Loves Batman, but Batman is married to Elektra and isn’t stupid enough to give that up. Sorry, Superhomo, this isn’t your lucky day!!




    NO! IT’S…


  • Lovehenry

    @Nena: henry looks gorgeous as usual and I wish him the best. You need to stop with your wishful about every girl he is with is a beard. Your the same guy hiding behind a girls name claiming henry is gay. Take your thoughts back to DL where people want to hear that crap. Other people want to talk about Henry’s career.

  • Littleone

    @Lovehenry: Henry has a long history of short love affairs with odd match ups every time a new project is about to launch.The last one was the worst effort so far hope his people learned from that debacle.he also had fun in LA a few years back.i think the wishful thinking is on the side of his 20 fangirls.

  • Lovehenry

    @Littleone: all I know is that henry said he straight and I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt. If this does end of being untrue then you can call him a liar and say he was bearding. I think it is only fair to just assume he is telling the truth since he is the only one who knows how he really feels

  • Curly Sue

    A special THANK YOU to Clay Enos for an incredible photo of Henry! Michael Wilkinson did a great job with the slight updates to the costume as well. The scenery looks like something from Snyder’s world, but is definitely Gotham. I loved the USA Today article and reading what Snyder had to say about the story progression. Can’t wait for Comic Con next month and hopefully a sneak peak of some footage :-) Congrats Henry!!! I definitely support seeing Henry play Superman for a decade!!!

  • Anna


    So the fact that Henry was universally praised for his perfromnce a Supermaan even though the film got mixed reactions doesn’t say nothing?The fact that everyone single him out,praising him even if they hated the film doesn’t say anythying?The fact that WB chose him,after the audiience reaction to MOS,to carry the entire DCCU …does not anything to you?The fact that AFTER MOS he was the only actor in the entire comic-con that got a standing ovation the second he walked in….it does not say anyting to you?YEAH…WB screwed uo by bringing back the guy who revived the character for everyone.

    Anyway,Henry looks amazing.It’s rare to see actors completely caprturing their characters in one single stare…and Henry does just that.It’s amazing.

  • Ximena


    100% agree! If they think that is ok but I really want to tell them: go to hell… and t about it! LOL

  • marianna

    real Superman, love it!!!

  • lacey

    Henry looks fantastic, big, buff and ready to go. Jealousy is a disgraceful emotion, he did an awesome job in MoS and will continue to do so in this Movie. You go Henry, your fans are right behind you AGAIN

  • sherry

    This pic is 100% photo shopped. It makes Henry look like a cartoon character.

  • Dattie

    This guy is such bore and has no personality.

  • Jessie

    Isn’t his “girlfriend” actually a she-male?

  • lorde


    Ha! Are you kidding me?! His acting is the equivalent to a cardboard cut out.

  • kimmy

    I wanna watch the movieeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • adele

    I do not understand why choose an Englishman for his role as Superman, and is also gay or bisexual. Truth or False? But there are many who say that Henry is gay!

  • camila


    many haters? yes…

    He travel around the world since (at least) 10 years ago, working or leaving in different places, and the only pics with gay people we saw is with Corey and Corey’s closed friends, that makes him gay? nope. But it’s ok if you or someone else want to think that’s true, even Corey said he wish Henry were gay but nope.

  • camila

    ps: sorry if I have a grammar mistake, English is not my language

  • Lovehenry

    @adele: I can understand you questioning Henry’s sexuality because straight guys usually do not hang out with gay guys. Just because he has gay friends does not automatically mean that henry is gay. He admitted that he is straight and has gay friends. So it is not a secret at all, especially when he invited his gay friends to the man of steel premiere. You can believe what you want but just because someone says a person is gAy doesn’t mean they right. Anyone can say anything

  • adele

    But He often freguenta gay clubs!

  • Lovehenry

    @adele: maybe he was in gay clubs maybe he wasn’t. Based on the pictures I saw you cannot tell what kind of clubs they were. If they were gay clubs he was obviously hanging out with his gay friends

  • katherine


    I think is important to say that when he did it was with Corey or Gina AND I think we all know that nowadays is VERY easy to get compromising pics if he were gay

  • Sapphire

    I think doing these movies is a tremendous waste of talent in regard to Henry. I suppose doing them will get him on the map, so to speak, and become very bankable in Hollywood and else where. I’m also sure, it’s padding his wallet nicely. I have seen his earlier movies, and his acting was very good…and the story lines to his films were interesting. I waited until MOS came out on DVD to watch it, only because I am a fan of Henry’s. I could barely get through it. All Zach Snyder required Henry to do was be stern, wooden, and a ton of action scenes. No wonder people think Henry is a bad actor, if this movie is the only one they have seen! That was about the extent of it. BORING! Even the special effects were crapola. Too bad Henry signed on for these films….he’s way better that that. I’ll just patiently wait until he does something good, interesting, and requires him to put some heart and soul into, like he has done in the past.