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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Grab Dinner After the Young Hollywood Awards!

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Grab Dinner After the Young Hollywood Awards!

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed head back to their car after grabbing dinner at Craig’s restaurant on Sunday evening (July 27) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The new couple was in attendance at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards that night, though they were there separately.

Ian and his Vampire Diaries co-stars Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley picked up the award for Best Threesome while Nikki supported her former Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz, the winner of the Super Superhero award.

Earlier in the weekend, Nikki and Ian were reportedly spotted in a passionate makeout session at a Comic-Con party!

FYI: Nikki is wearing a Misha Collection two piece outfit, Arielle Coat by AllSaints, and Jimmy Choo shoes and bag.

For more pictures of the dinner date, visit!

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Photos: X17, Getty
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  • Tanya

    Love them together

  • R

    She looked great last night.

  • Sophie

    PR, obviously

  • aluminati

    So they refused photos at the comic con party and the young hollywood awards and prefer not walk the red carpet? But their relationship is all about PR right? I keep reading how is all PR and it doesn’t make sense, please nian shippers stop this.

    I don’t understand some fans. They are just trying to live their lives, unfortunately they are in LA where is hard to stay away from paps, If Nina and Ian lived in LA and not and Atlanta they wouldn’t have had privacy during their romance.

  • Sandra

    gorgeous vamp power couple

  • Meghan

    We already saw the pics JJ. Hahah they are adorable <3

  • Ted

    I hope they leak a sex tape soon, can you imagine these two hot people having sex? I know, I’m a perv, but I’d watch it

  • Ok

    Geez no need to post there every move talk about throwing them in our faces to much and no I’m not a nian fan.

  • Karina

    Ian is so hot, I can’t even <3

  • Vessy

    they are not trying to bring attention to themselves, they are going to the parties after the red carpet, not walking on it, and living separately sometimes and even refusing to take pics together. So how is this PR? Go cry in bed nian shippers, this is a disease and you need treatment

  • lol

    Boy Hollywood is just one big cesspool of people all changing partners – almost incestuous, LOL – one day we will find out all their children are somehow related – wow.

  • Peter

    @Ted: me too! Ian is so damn hot, like seriously!!!

  • Peach

    they look totally hot together wow

  • Maya

    LOVE them already! Gorgeous :)

  • Arielle

    They were both so hot Last Night! They make one great Couple!

  • Cat fight

    Goss about comicon , nikki and nina getting into a huge toe to toe screaming fight and nikki talking smack to nina and Ian being the one who obviously has told nikki all this smack. Guess that friendship is dunzo. Nina just needs to forget about and ignore Ian. And he obviously never loved her if he is talking about her to nikki. He is definitely in love with nikki though, did you guys see that video where he touches her shoulder and calls her baby. I will say this nikki has the hottest body, wow.

  • mara

    Nikki looks amazing!

  • verox87

    I miss Nian so much :(

  • me

    Don’t forget to say, that his acting coach was also there. And Nikkis ex, too (dj qualls )

  • me

    …who was her date at the award show….

  • Laura

    Sexy couple! What an upgrade for Nikki, Ian is one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen, and yes, I saw him personally once (you all can die of jealousy).
    The man is dreamy and everything you can imagine in the hotness department.

  • hehe

    Nikki probably loves this. So much attention. I call soon split anyway. Not that I care at all who he/she dates. But there will be a lot of hate towards them, Nikki is just obsessed with attention (and Ian is not) and well… For some reason they don’t fit at all. Yeah, they both have similiar interests, they both are atractive, but still… They look odd.

  • LMAO

    @Sophie: Honey, if they were PR as you call it they would have attended the Young Hollywood Awards red carpet yet they shunned it. There are no pictures of them inside it either. They went for dinner and were caught by paps but they are not kissing and holding hands in fronts of the paps. That would be PR. Nikki attended a Comic Con party but yet again NO ONE knew. They NEVER advertised it. The pictures of Nikki and Ian outside her house were FAN PICTURES that were sold later on. They were floating on Twitter back.
    You sound like a bitter Nian fan, tbh. You come here and comment PR. For what reason?? What does Ian need PR for? Oh yeah, NOTHING. This is Los Angeles- HOLLYWOOD. Paps are crawling everywhere. They will get pictured. They are a hot new couple as well.

  • YAY!

    Ian Somerhalder has NEVER looked happier and I support this just because of that!!

  • Lorienne

    Nina Dobrev was seen leaving in a car with Orlando Bloom on Comic Con Day 1. Comic Con day 2 she allegedly danced and kissed Derek Theler. There is a picture on his Instagram with Nina where she is sticking her finger in his nose. She then left the party with Ben McKenzie. So NIAN fans BOTH Ian and Nina have moved on so should you.

  • Bitter?

    @hehe: You don’t care yet you are commenting. You say why Ian is with her? Well let’s see maybe it’s the fact that she has provided home to a million animals? It’s because she is green? They live similar lifestyles. Stop being bitter and wish people the best. If you can’t then don’t comment. You should you want them to be over soon and claim it like you know them but you don.t

  • Tina

    Ian is gorgeous *-* and Nikki is beautiful! I Support them XD

  • http://justjared PT

    @Jared Don’t you think you are so obsessed with them LOL .

  • hehe

    @Bitter?: How I hate these idiots… :D :DJust because I don’t give a general sh$t about some celebs, doesn’t mean that I can’t read and say what I think. You should get a life. Stop fangirling about Ian and whatever he does with his personal life just because he’s hot. Dude is 35 and runs after younger meat all the time. No matter what he does for planet (yeah that’s great, don’t get me wrong), his personal life is in our faces and it’s not pretty.. deasent people are not followed by paps this much (the ones who pay don’t count).So back off

  • http://justjared Truth

    How can I love Nikki when she broke the girl code. This is really so cheap that what she did with Nina. Shame on you nikki. As you know Nina shade on her friend. LoL If my friend do this to me then I will hate her forever. Well I guess Hollywood people/couples are so strange

  • hehe

    @Bitter?: To make a point. Do you see Ben Affleck here all the time? No, because guy is married, HAPPILY married and don’t waste his time with little girls… Which means, at 35 you should stop this gossip nonsense…


    @Truth: Why should Nikki not find love over some girl code bullshit? Which is very high school BTW. Ian and Nikki started dating after ONE year. It’s not like Nikki stole Ian or some shit like that. And just FYI Nikki and Nina have only attended a few events together. There are NO pictures of them going on vacation or casually hanging out. They were not BFFs so STOP making them out to be. And if we are talking about girl code how about the fact that Nina dumped Julianne’s brother on Christmas and started dating Julian by NEW YEAR??

  • OKAY.

    @hehe: PFFT. People in LA are chased by paps. There are also pictures of Affleck albeit lesser it’s because he is married and it’s not interesting to follow him around. This relationship is new. It will die down. And no if they called the paps they would have held hands, not walked behind one another.. You know sometimes paps are tipped off by waiters etc? It has happened so don’t assume.

  • Franny

    Perfect Human beings <3 I'm jealous of Nikki tbh

  • hehe

    @OKAY.: I know it’s LA. And in LA you’re seen only if you wanna be seen.He’s in news ever since Nian started. Whole year while they’re been apart, not once he made it clear as hell, so all the gossips would stop. NOT ONCE. Yeah, they both said it at PCA and yet all that flirting and what not still was a good reason for talking and rumors didn’t stop. So now is all this drama with Nikki, because there was drama with Nina which never stopped. So to me it reads, that he wants this attention, not a peaceful relationship. And to everyone – I’m not hating on either one of them. I’m just saying what I see. Cheers.

  • lisa

    Another article?of course..this is pathetic

  • Semele

    @Truth: this is not high school. Girl code is this silly stuff teenagers created so they wouldn’t get uncomfortable with each other during class or passing each other in the halls of high school. This is adult world, you people sound insane and trying to fish any excuse to hate on them because Nian is dead. Little children throwing a temper tantrum because you’re not getting your away. Too bad Ian is not a robot you can control.

  • Nian is dead

    Do you want PR? Ian and Nina buying Christmas three together. That was basically a photoshoot , with make up, stylish, direction and acting.

  • Bru

    She’s fake… I didn’t give a damn for her, but now I hate Nikki for what she did to Nina. Just wait till TVD new season gets on, we see all the chemistry between Nina and Ian, and this relationship ends as soon as it started.

  • It’s pitiful

    @hehe: you’re insane, you sick obsessed nian shippers saw what you wanted, both Ian and Nina were very clear that they were broken up, they send a note to the press in may. They stop spending time together, spending every second out of work in different sides of the planet. Nina started to date Derek Hough. Then Nina broke up with him too and started to go out with another guys. The fans wouldn’t stop making excuses and refused to leave DENIAL LAND. So that’s when Nina got tired and begged for Ian accept to do the PCA speech to for once and for all make it clear, make the words “WE BROKE UP” leave their own mouth in national television.
    Even then you guys refused to see what was in front of you. Ian and Nina were never ambiguous about their status as exes. You guys have a blindness that I’m not sure can be cured because it’s rooted in delusional stupidity.

  • http://Twitter JustU

    Ok i gotta be honest here..i hated nikki for dating ian because i am a nian fans..BUT after watching the video on youtube of nikki and ian at craigs restaurant like omg everything i said all that hate i take it all back..shes actuali not that bad u guys i mean it not about the look and how hot and pretty she what inside that matters so all the best to both..

  • Samantha

    Nina and Derek only broke up because the hate she and the Houghs were getting was absurd. I hope Ian and Nikki are stronger and don’t succumb to the desire of their spoiled fans. Weaker people can’t handle this type of negative reaction of entitled fans that want to control you. But something tells me that Ian is strong and more used to this celebrity world, maybe he won’t pay attention to the cry babies and live his life as he wants, with who he wants. I just hope Nikki don’t get to scared of this delusional fandom and live Ian because of them. It’ll be a tough ride for sure, I honestly feel sorry for them.

  • Love

    I am loving nikki I wish I was nikki, I want to be that hot and have that body. I want to be nikki.

  • trash somerhalder


  • A

    Ian needs Jesus. Nikkei Reed?! eww really?

  • Lexi

    @A: nobody needs jesus, jesus was invented so weak people won’t freak out when they think they are alone in the universe and there is no one to magically solve your problems. You need something, but it’s a life.

  • NENA


  • Saskia

    These are so Sweet! Saw the Video and awwww <3

    @NENA: are you drunk? Lmao

  • It is a Brand New Day for Ian

    Nikki looked stunning at the Young Hollywood Awards. Ian and Nikki are simply gorgeous together. Love them both!

  • Amy


    LMAO @ Ben Affleck is Happily Married. He constantly cheats on Jennifer. Ask Blake Lively.