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Ian Somerhalder & Girlfriend Nikki Reed Match in Black at Heifer International Gala

Ian Somerhalder & Girlfriend Nikki Reed Match in Black at Heifer International Gala

Ian Somerhalder is dapper in a black tuxedo while attending the 2014 Heifer International’s Beyond Hunger: A Place At The Table Gala held at Montage Beverly Hills on Friday (August 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor was joined by girlfriend Nikki Reed and Diane Lane.

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“Does running the water run while you brush your teeth,guys shaving your faces or that glass of water at the restaurant you didn’t ask for Still sound like a good idea?What needs to happen before we realize we have a real problem???” Ian tweeted the day before.

Last weekend, Ian was spotted kissing Nikki‘s forehead at the farmer’s market.

FYI: Nikki is wearing a Mikael Aghal dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. Ian is wearing a John Varvatos tuxedo.

10+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed at the Heifer International’s Beyond Hunger: A Place At The Table Gala…

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ian somerhalder nikki reed match at heifer international gala 01
ian somerhalder nikki reed match at heifer international gala 02
ian somerhalder nikki reed match at heifer international gala 03
ian somerhalder nikki reed match at heifer international gala 04
ian somerhalder nikki reed match at heifer international gala 05
ian somerhalder nikki reed match at heifer international gala 06
ian somerhalder nikki reed match at heifer international gala 07
ian somerhalder nikki reed match at heifer international gala 08
ian somerhalder nikki reed match at heifer international gala 09
ian somerhalder nikki reed match at heifer international gala 10

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  • Kara

    babies <333

  • Wanda

    Beautiful pics!

  • Ian and Nikki

    I am so happy for Ian! I love these two together!

  • Ian is dlist

    What’s going on with his thinning hair. I would never donate to IAsF with all those fraud allegations floating around

  • Allison

    So happy for Ian! Life is so good for him… His girlfriend, Nikki Reed was there to cheer and support her man. Lucky Girl! Ian and Nikki are a perfect match. Ian is handsome, hot and sexy in a black tuxedo and Nikki was stunningly beautiful. I love her dress. These two are my favorite celebrity couple.

  • Katie

    Perfectly matched in their attire. Perfect couple. So happy for Ian and proud of all his achievements!
    Love Ian and Nikki together!

  • Ian grandpa

    Ian so ugly, I hate him

  • Katie

    Congrats Ian on your award! Ian and Nikki are a beautiful couple inside and out. So proud that Nikki was there to support her guy.

  • Ginnie

    Nina Dobrev is over him. She is a queen! ian looser and losing his hair Nikki ugly. She looks like a horse.

  • Lorde

    His fondation – fake!!!!!!

  • Lorde

    His fondation – fake!!!!!!

  • Meme

    These two are obviously in a pr relationship. They’re photographed every day and no one besides Vampire Diaries fans cares. He’s also really weird looking and not at all attractive :/

  • Miranda

    To one hater who come back and post again and again the same things I wonder you don’t have anything better to do? Is Ian the most important thing in your life? I don’t blame you tho, Ian is the best thing

  • Anna

    Gorgeous, sexy, caring, kind, funny, hot, cute, beautiful inside and out, hero! one of a kind for sure!

  • sure…fine…whatever
  • Sam

    Beautiful couple. Love Ian, Congrats :)

    @Ginnie: all I see is a bitter Nina stan who can’t get over the fact that Ian left your Queen. He doesn’t want her anymore. Doesn’t support her anymore. and you are pressed because of that. And I’m sure you hate nina’s attidude, smoking like a chimney, partying and being drunk every Weekend. That is why you are here, hating on Ian and Nikki. You embarass Nina and her whole fandom.

  • Layla

    They are gorgeous and the haters are dying with jealousy, I’m having fun reading their breakdowns lol

  • Kahlan

    Ian and Nikki are the winners here! By far…Ian just won an Award and they look hotter than ever. And you haters sit infront of your Computer getting green with envy. It’s pretty clear who is the Loser.
    @Layla: me too lmao!

  • A fan

    @Sam: Can I ask Ian stans everywhere a question? Why do you sink to the “bitter Nina stan” ‘s level? Why do you feel the need to belittle Nina in order to bring Ian up higher? Doesn’t he preach kindness to all of you? Sam, I’m sorry but you’re no better than the choir you’re preaching to.

  • .

    @@@: Finally someone who isn’t fooled by the media.
    Ian is a well known affectionate guy, Nikki and Ian holding hands were weird, she didn’t even hold his hand back. In all the paps pictures, she’s the one looking at the cameras for most of times. There were other pictures of her with a cow, and you can see Ian talking to some guys in the background. If I was a supportive girlfriend, I would stand by my boyfriend’s side all the time, and not running to the first camera I see….
    I don’t know what is worse, fans who supports Ian in no matter he does, like they don’t have a opinion, just follow, or the fans who wants Ian and Nina together, and make threats and bullying. If Ian goes back to Nina, I wouldn’t mind… I just think he’d look better with Sophia Bush or Maggie… Those aren’t media seekers like Nikki is…. I’m fan of both Ian and Nina, and just to add more emphasis on the PR matter…. Nina was in LA this week… Did she get any papps on her trail? Nope, because girl knows how to not let herself get in those situations…. Differently from Nikki…

  • Fiona

    @.: Nina gets papped in the middle of the Ocean on a Yacht. So don’t even beginn to talk about Nikki like that. Nina is not innocent, get it already. Btw, she gets papped in LA too. Ian and Nikki are very lucrative and interesting right now, tabloits make Tons of Money because of them so why shouldn’t they try to stalk them? It’s normal in Hollywood

  • Rain

    CONGRATULATIONS to Ian. Ian works hard on behalf of isf and all awards received are very deserved. As for Ian and Nikki, I think they are adorable. Ian is hot and Nikki is beautiful. I’m happy Ian and nikki support each other so much. I’m happy Ian is happy.

  • Too dumb?

    @ShipperJunkie: Apparently Nina was attached to the hip of Ian all the time they lived for almost 4 years. Ian had his longest love with her and it will probably remain like this. She inspired him and was the reason behind ISF. Check your facts before going pervert.
    Since Nikki, Ian is nothing but a media whore, he was not this with Nina. The pettiest thing of all, this will not continue long. What happened to the down to Earth guy Ian, being private and respecting his own life?? And what are all there allegations….is Nikki making him do scams? You can be vulgar and close your eyes all you want….the truth always comes out!

  • .

    @Fiona: No, she’s not innocent, but at least, she doesn’t use the media the way Nikki does. She was in a yatch this weekend, and went to LA in the middle of the week. However, no one heard of it, except the fans who follows her. I’m just stating that, because people says in LA everyone gets papped, but Nina didn’t seem type who would smile to the camera after walking out from the gym, or the manicure.

  • .

    @Too dumb?: Said it all…. Nina has inspirated Ian for so many years, and supported him a lot when he started the ISF.

  • Are you demented

    @Fiona: @Fiona: Nina gets papped only where there are always paps. Nikki made Ian into a media prostitution accompany them everywhere for image, since she cant act or get a good gig after a small stupid role on that Twilight thing. Ian was so much better with Nina. You stupid people just cant stop blaming Nina for nothing…..the article is not even for her but you are so hateful……Why cant you learn to live a real life and leave her out of this sh==it here?? Just watch and see where Nikki will get Ian. More money laundering? how is it that Ian started doing illegal stuff after Nikki got there?

  • lol

    Nikki has strong manly features.I feel sorry for Ian cuz Nikki is the one who is getting major publicity here..finally her Z-lister a– is getting publicity while Ian gets nothing :(

  • Eh what?

    @Are you demented: we aren’t the ones bringing Nina up. HER Fans come here to bash Ian and Nikki!!! And just for the records, Nina doesn’t get papped only were they always are…she gets papped in france, at a Yacht, while hugging various Men ( obviously on purpose), in NYC etc…! And you call us hateful? Have you seen some comments here? Coming from Nina stans? You just insulted Nikki and Ian too so don’t talk about we are hateful. Jesus you are such a hypocrite! And btw, Ian doesn’t do illegal stuff. And now stfu and leave this Place.

  • Kyla

    @.: Nina is not famous enough, neither is she interesting or lucrative enough. Sorry to tell you but Nina was only interesting while she dated Ian. The paps/ Media love somerreed, and look how popular they are? Almost every Article about them has more than 100 comments, and you “haters” don’t even realise that you make them even more popular by commenting here, or by just clicking at their Article. JJ will never stop writing articles about them. Every Click here = Money for them!!!

  • Kyla

    Anyway Congrats to Ian Somerhalder, he is a great Man, an Inspiration to all of us. Keep up the great work! Proud of you man :)

  • Bryn

    They look amazing together. I’m glad that Ian is having such an amazing year. He looks hotter than ever, found love again, his new girlfriend truly supports him and value his achievements, he has won awards, his animal sanctuary is finally coming true, it’s an amazing moment for him and people that are true fans will be happy for him too.
    Enjoy Ian, you deserve it all!

  • Vessy

    Papparazzis don’t care for Nina in LA because she is irrelevant. She only gets papped when she is hanging out and forcing herself on other famous males.

  • Semele

    Such and elegant couple! Ian was honored with an award, congrats!

  • Isabell

    @Layla: same here, but it is mostly one Hater , with different accounts and Names , that has been stalking every thing Ian for Years, and just says the same things over and over again with Her limited vocabulary like a Robot She is a Pdubber and green with Envy and Jealousy of Ian.

  • .

    That’s exactly why I call this PR. If Ian was to date someone else, there wouldn’t happen so many photos here… Isn’t Nikki the same case? How many articles she had since she started getting linked to Ian. How many followers in Instagram or Twitter she got after this. Nina has over 3 million people following her, and Nikki has like what, 330k now… Thanks to Ian, I must say. Nina doesn’t care about publicity, she doesn’t call pap everytime she goes out in LA. Nina must be irrelevant to the papps, but she’s rocking on the fahion world and in her carreer.

  • http://N/a Kiera

    Why are the nina fans slumming here?!she has her own page—–>

  • Lindsey

    For those that want to talk about Nina and believe Nina is their Queen, JJ has an article about Nina. Please by all means go over there and talk about your Neens:

  • Ian Fan


  • Lola

    I love them together, beautiful People- in and outside!

    @.: yes Nina is irrelevant, that’s why she has to call the paps!

    @Lindsey: nina is getting fat! Sorry

  • clmguest

    Congratulations Ian on your 2014 HIBH: A Place at the Table Gala award. You deserve it. Glad that Nikki was able to accompany you at this event.

  • .

    @Lola: You mean Nikki, right? Shes only relevant now that she is dating Ian. If Nina was not relevant ahe wouldnt had been invited to Paris Fashion Week or also win charity awards like the one she received last year.

  • Chipmunk

    Okay. First i’ll tell i’m a NIAN fan. I loved them so much and i still do and i always will.I was really really heartbroken when they broke up. But i’m really happy for Ian that he is happy. To be honest, Nikki is not pretty and not a perfect match for Ian in my opinion. But love doesn’t always happen because of physical appearance. May be Ian saw something in her which made him fall for her.I don’t care as long as Ian is happy.Atleast i hv TVD to watch my fav couple’s romance. And It is so disappointing to see such hateful comments on both Ian and Nina.Both don’t deserve such hatred for making a decision in life which is THEIRS.My Ian is a good person and he deserves to be happy and so does my Nina. My two fav stars being bashed so badly upsets me:( I love them both equally.I know Nian cannot happen again.Hope Nina finds her true love too soon. I just want both of them to be happy even if it is with someone else.God bless both of them. Ian and Nina are the best

  • mimi (Brazil)

    I am so glad she is not with Derek Hough.
    Derek deserves better he is very sweet

  • Andrea

    Gorgeous people and congrats Ian for another huge honor. You deserve it baby!!! Be always so amazing and happy!

  • Tom

    @Are you demented: ” Nina gets papped only where there are always paps.” You mean like in a yacht in a middle of the ocean? Ok.

  • Zig Pope

    Why on earth would these people support Heifer International, when even Charity Navigator won’t given them more than two stars?

    They have absolutely no plan in place to track the animals they are sending into horrible living conditions, where they are abused and receive no medical care.

  • Mia

    I actually didn’t mind Ian and Nikki at first and even defended them against all the crazy Nian stans. But the more stories that are conveniently published about them on an almost daily basis, the more I’m starting to believe the whole thing is PR after all. It’s becoming pathetic and laughable.

  • Mia

    @#9 :LOL If anyone’s the cow, it’s Nikki. Her obsession with Nina is pathetic, she just keeps getting all her leftovers. First Derek, now Ian.

  • Mia

    @35: I can’t stand Sophia Bush and I no longer am a fan of Ian either, but Maggie Grace was his best relationship. That’s when he looked happiest, it was certainly way more genuine than this PR sham.