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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Shine Bright at GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Shine Bright at GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014

Kim Kardashian shows off her voluptuous body in a sheer ensemble while attending the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Awards held at The Royal Opera House on Tuesday (September 2) in London, England.

The 33-year-old reality star was joined on the red carpet by her husband Kanye West, who looked so happy to be by her side.

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“What a huge honour to win Woman of the Year. It’s so special. I want to thank my husband for making me feel like the Woman of the Year every single day,” Kim shared after winning the award at the ceremony.

FYI: Kim is wearing a Ralph and Russo skirt, Atsuko Kudo latex custom top, and Tom Ford heels.

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the GQ Men of the Year Awards…

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kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 01
kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 02
kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 03
kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 04
kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 05
kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 06
kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 07
kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 08
kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 09
kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 10
kim kardashian kanye west gq men of the year awards 11

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  • asdf

    Ugly dress. Does not suit her body at all.


    No just No

  • sky

    Kim look amazing, this is why u kanye’s perfect b**ch

  • Oh Wow!

    Somebody lied to her.

  • Ha!

    The award should be called “HO” of the year!

  • tom

    only a black guy would find this deformed carcass sexy

  • bap

    Low information people in other words brainless to keep these non celebrities in the game in Hollywood in 21st century.


  • LolZ

    OMG this is the fattest she’s ever looked LMAO

  • Fishy

    All I see is a mermaid!

  • BabyWrecked

    She was wide and thick before, but the baby just wrecked her body. Her hips and butt are just disgusting. And her only real assets are saggy and stretched. God, what a nightmare. Put some clothes on and go take care of your kid.

  • Julie

    where’s the lindsay pics!!??

  • so very sad

    Do you get the feeling than Kanye and his BFF Ricardo just get the biggest chuckle talking Kim into wearing the most ridiculous outfits EVAH.

    She had way better fashion sense before she hooked up with Kanye West.

  • NYC

    What a sad state of affairs this world has come to.
    People are getting their heads cut off- for no reason and
    we focus on this fat slob with fake everything.
    What has happened to us?

  • nathalie

    She looks perfectly ridiculous, as usual… LOL about the mermaid see-through dress. And the black leather top is so tartish.

  • Isabel

    Bubble wrap

  • james

    @tom: #6

    only a black guy would find this deformed carcass sexy
    Only ONE black guy that we know of finds that hot mess sexy, and that’s Kanye. Don’t paint all black men with the same brush stroke.

  • nono

    She,looks like a fat fish, her dress is going to explose !!!!

  • allison

    Example number 1 why Fashion Houses will not support Kanye. He has no taste in fashion. He actually thinks Kim looks good when she looks like a 2014 version of Peggy Bundy.l

  • maria

    Good God. What the heck is she wearing?? That is the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen, though her wedding dress was a close second. She makes me want to vomit, seriously.

  • Mary

    Burst out laughing at this one – she just screams desperate in nearly everything she wears. And I’m pretty shocked that she does not get her very uneven breasts fixed.

  • Diane

    Must bug her that both Linday Lohan and Rita Ora look way, way better than she does.

  • essie

    looks like she’s wearing a brillo pad

  • jane

    Woman of the year?

  • CaliGirl

    OMG! Did Kanye pick this dress? Can we please take an international poll for 1 day without any Kartrashian news from any of them? She’s only relevant for that boring video with RayJ. Her father would roll over in his grave to see his family like this. Those 2 younger sisters don’t have a chance in hell to escape this train wreck of a life that their own mother built – ugh! Why do we give this twit any attention – she can’t even string a sentence together – have you heard her talk – we’ve made this person famous by talking about her and their silly family.

  • Flower

    What the hell is she wearing. No one wants to see your body women. These darshanin women dress like hookers. Kayne told her to wear that dress.

  • Flower

    She doesn’t deserved women of the year. He never smiles when he on the red carpet.

  • Kalicho

    Why is it she looks so much more thinner in the pictures that she posts, than the ones photographers and paparazzi post? Hmmmm I wonder? LOL

  • kami

    this low class woman has absolutely no sense of style or what is appropriate. she looks like a trailer park ho,

  • sami

    That is the worst thing she has ever worn and that is an accomplishment. She should fire the person that told her it would look good. I bet the designer of the skirt wants to die.

  • Lucy

    So a porn star is woman of the year…….that says it all about the rapid decline of civilization.

  • etoile

    hoehoehoe one delusional hoooooooooooooooooe

  • No Fan

    This is what happens when you eat dairy three meals a day and have absolutely no sense of style.

    Please lay off the frozen yoghurt and stop thinking that looking ‘ghetto’ suits your body shape.

    Awful. Just awful.

  • Caryb

    OMG. I’m speechless. This looks so bad on her – I can’t be
    I’ve she would step outside in this.

  • breast deformity

    Her right breast implant is definitely capsulized. See that deep “dent” across the top??? Very common. She needs to get it replaced. If you zoom in you will also see that both breasts are covered in stretch marks. A mess.

  • Diedre

    For phuque’s sake, what is she wearing? Congrats to her though, she actually looks exactly like a whale in that get up.

  • Diedre

    @bap: If you’re going to be all snarky, at least learn to spell. That would be ‘THEY’RE’ not ‘THEIR’.

  • hmm

    He smiles hard because he is around all these incredible sexy men its heaven for kanye.
    And kim like always hurt my eyes. I dont understand for what kinda style she was going for over here. That latex/leather bodyduit was clearly that dress she wore to a festival now she was just cut and made into a bodysuit which is super weird. Why would you cut a dress like that. Second, the bottom half doesnt match with the top AT ALL. The bottom is so romantic and beautiful while the top seems like it belongs in a bedroom for a sexX play. It looks horrible. At leash she could be with a hair bun or somethin because there romantic, sweet wavy hair once again doesnt match with the whole look at all. She is the biggest mess I ve ever seen.

  • Naia

    Somebody please throw the beached hale back in the water. lol

  • Lorene

    She’s so proud of those unsightly saddle bags of hers. They give her mega hips the weirdest shape.

  • Portia

    @Fishy: More like a beached whale.

  • Fat Rolls

    @Fishy: All I see is a walrus.

  • Sasha


    And white trash southern trailer park guys!

  • lauren

    Why GQ? Why!?!?!

  • the hooker look

    apparently the kardashians like the hooker look. I saw the wedding episode and she wanted the bridesmaids to have slits up to their vag*&as, and “sheer nips” ( nip*les), at her wedding–
    so then she goes out in these hooker get ups.
    she has a very strange sense of what is classy and attractive!

  • Gerry

    While I am not a fashionista I think I am qualified to say that this outfit is horrible. However, Kim has to wear outfits like this to keep the public talking. This is how she stays relevant. Which is the very reason Kanye married her. She is his ticket to staying relevant. They are a perfect match. While Kanye has shown everyone that he has to work very had at keeping in the limelight he must have taken some time looking around to find a mate that would meet these demands and of course who better than Kim. Amber Rose you should get on your knees each day and say thank God, I got away and thank Kim for taking him off your hands.

  • Gerry

    Kanye should stay in Paris and move his family there. Give us a break from all you silly ranting and trying to make Kim into an honest woman, While we all have a past, how does Kanye feel knowing that Kim’s past is his present. I think the public should begin to ignore the Kardashians and West and see what would happen.

  • jen

    Wow those British men set their bar for women of the year pretty low… botoxed, airbrushed brats doll.

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    what a terrible dress!she’s ugly and her husband are boring!

  • David

    Am I supposed to think that looks good?

  • Jessie

    what a ridiculous outfit. Both are them are just fame w horing boobs.