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Amal Alamuddin Goes For a Fitting at Alexander McQueen

Amal Alamuddin Goes For a Fitting at Alexander McQueen

Amal Alamuddin looks like she is full of joy after having a girls day out with her mom Baria on Wednesday (September 3) in London, England.

The fiancee of George Clooney stopped by the Michael John hair salon for a pampering session before heading to the Alexander McQueen head office for a ninety-minute appointment.

Could Amal be having her wedding dress designed by the esteemed brand?! We will have to wait and see!

There were some rumors spreading this week that Amal and George are expecting a child together, but his rep quickly debunked them.

FYI: Amal is wearing Heidi London sunglasses.

30+ pictures inside of Amal Alamuddin going for a fitting…

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amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 01
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 02
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 03
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 04
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 05
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 06
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 07
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 08
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 09
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 10
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 11
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 12
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 13
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 14
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 15
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 16
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 17
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 18
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 19
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 20
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 21
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 22
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 23
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 24
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 25
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 26
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 27
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 28
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 29
amal alamuddin goes for a fitting at alexander mcqueen 30

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • drats

    Way too sad about Joan Rivers’ death to care about this narcissist.

  • lori

    well, she definitely has her own style!
    I can’t hate her.
    I just get a kick out of her.
    Maybe since I can care less about George it doesn’t bother me one way or the other.

  • wren

    She has interesting physical features and the camera does love her. She’s smart, confident and accomplished….but I do wonder what Clooney has promised her, and if she will ultimately be happy with it.

  • What a snooze!

    What kind if hot mess she got on? George probably made the same agreements,only marriage was included in this one. Baria probably made the arrangements for this disastrous photo op.

  • miapocca

    marriage was included in this one because maybe as a lawyer she could read a contract and make her own demands..I wish her well.

    Sarah was too docile , the italian was to volatile and almost spilled the bean about Georgie being more like a dad, and stacy wanted to move on after the contract ended, this one may have signed a lifetime contract being that goergie is looking old, see picture of him with stacy just before the end of that contract. And missy here may have her own closet of skeletons…good luck to them

  • BigJewSnout

    I love this girl! Good choice George!

  • RME

    Cue the bigoted Christian comments in 3…2…1

  • DramaQueen

    @drats: Haha…um, should your mommy and daddy put you on suicide watch over Joan’s death? *there there*. I know you were close to her and she loved you very much and read you bedtime stories at night but life goes on. If it helps. why don’t you write an obituary (I need a good LOL). :(

  • What a snooze!

    miapocca- I think if anything, it is to change up due to people catching onto this hot mess of how George conducts his life and the women in it. Just a guess.

  • Karen Sherry Brackett

    Good grief! Is she wearing the table cloth and the shower curtain both at the same time? Somebody please dress this girl and make her eat. Who wears a leather jacket in the summer? Only a set of bones that’s who… and all of these mysterious belly bumps seen while leaving restaurants are either indications of bulimia or drug smuggling because baby bumps do not appear and disappear every other day.

  • heehaw

    George loves Anal

  • Name

    Physically ugly woman. Looks like a transvestite.
    George Clooney must be gay to choose the ruse.
    How did George Clooney enter this PR disaster?
    He’s marrying an ugly lawyer who his PR team sourced and he met on Oct 24 last year for the purpose of recruiting her as his beard.

  • Jared Cohen

    Gross ugly beast. She looks like Paul Stanley of Kiss.
    Behold the ridicule of a former A-list actor George Clooney.
    Star in decline.
    Marrying this hideous manly BIG NOSED, buck tooth, undernourished, THIRD WORLD UGLY fameho.
    Paul Stanley wears wigs. This drag queen clips hair extensions on.
    Fake & ugly.
    Not even intelligent. She even slept around with married men.

  • Ewww…

    @Jared Cohen: and dresses like Bozo the Clown.
    Il pagliaccio.

  • Lol

    Girlfriend loves posing for the paps. Never, ever have I seen someone with such bad dress sense. That goes for both this woman and her mother.


    Reminds me of that commercial…”Sweet,Sweet dog butt.”

  • Bribbles

    Some of these photos are showing great fashion sense and Amal’s hair accentuates the look.

  • SunnyD

    I don’t understand all the hate. I think she is very pretty. Maybe a little on the thin side but my god she has a beautiful head of hair. She is very intelligent and attractive. I just don’t see how anyone thinks otherwise. JMHO

  • connoisseur

    @SunnyD: no but then you’re PR shills promoting this vile looking manly freak.
    She’s Physically UGLY. With all the cocaine she snorts to shed weight, she lost a lot of her coarse steel hair and there are extensions woven in the back of her pinhead skull.
    Her image is promoted as intelligent and attractive by a PR network who are trying to profit from this fake publicity arrangement.
    This is the ugliest woman Clooney has even been linked to.
    She has an education but she’s not intelligent. Dull, uncouth & ugly.
    The US public general consensus is antipathy to the transvestite-clone.
    Then she’s also corrupt and pro-Islamic interests on a global perspective.
    Openly anti-Israel. Defends terrorists like Abdullah Al-Senussi.

  • Françoise M

    She is very ugly any how you look at him.
    Amal Alamuddin est vraiment moche!! Une sale Arabe!
    Je vais vomir. Et sa mere est la vache qui rit. Vulgaire!

  • Emerald

    connoisseur aka al’s marmot

    Yes, I know it is you. Still trying to convince the world that George’s engagement to Amal is a fake publicity arrangement? Really, how many women arrange to have a wedding dress made by Alexander McQueen for something that is not going to happen. Oh wait, you are going to claim that the dress is for another woman. i just can’t wait for the coming meltdown on the day they get married.

    And isn’t is nice to know that George Clooney has legions of “PR Shills” who dare to challenge your seriously deluded obsessed mind.


    @Emerald: really, Emerald PR troll moron??? Receiving directives to rim the scum GROTESQUE UGLY DIRTY ISLAMIC SHE-MALE’s A.N.U.S again??
    Incase her Muslim beast mother Baria Alamuddin the w.h.o.r.e of Beirut nightclubs circa 1970 sacks you???
    Clooney is in a fake publicity arrangement with this hump nosed, bug eyed, buck toothed ugly freak. It’s undermined his image & popularity worldwide….IT STINKS OF FAKE.
    Others are set to profit and Alamuddin has an NDA and contract to get paid in lucrative instalments.
    Just like Stacy Keibler did and the previous hoooker before her.
    Celine Balitran is the last real girlfriend he probably had.


    HONESTLY, this is the most desperate advertising “real-life” campaign of public image w.h.or.i.n.g George Clooney (& his hired help hoooker du jour) has ever embarked on.
    This BEAST DRAG QUEEN lives for photo ops. A 2 bit lawyer with only 4 years of barrister work despite being almost 40.
    OBJECTIVE IS selling photos & inane stories to media outlets for advertising revenue & affiliate marketing.
    THE “WEDDING” photo-ops are sold like lucrative advertising deals.

  • Annonymous


    How do you know Amal uses coke to lose weight? Maybe she’s naturally very thin, or just loses weight when under stress. Stacey Keibler was also very thin, and got even more skinny the longer she was with Clooney.

  • Valentina

    @Emerald: There is no proof that a wedding dress is being made, but if there is one being designed now, I hope there are beautiful pictures in the end. It seems that this whole romance has been kept in a bit of a mystery. I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s different about it. Maybe I am just not that in tune to the way famous/celebrity relationships are presented.

  • It’s Me

    FASHION designer houses would be self-sabotaging to use such a vile manly hump nosed woman for advertising. An icon for drag queens maybe….

    Who cares if she has an education??? Millions do & Clooney doesn’t.
    She’s a Marketing nightmare in aesthetics alone.
    LITHPTH….Lisps….Buck toothed ugly mouth.
    Droopy bug eyes like a Halloween ghoul.
    Lame body as a transgender: taller than G, anorexic thin with bad bone structure. Massive freak hammer feet.


  • Ilaria

    Looks like aMal alamuddin bleaches her skin to look white like Michael Jackson. She seems like an Indian or arabic Asian man.
    - she is wearing a lot of white makeup.
    Ugliest couple in Hollywood. Clooney engaged to a man more masculine than him??? So lame compared to Jolie-Pitt.

  • Mary Anne

    I think she’s beautiful. :). She glows and she is a very lucky girl to be marrying George.

  • Storyville, LA, circa 1905 :O

    @Mary Anne: yes, but you are PR. It’s evident she looks like a man. Not an attractive woman at all. Better stick to promoting her education…
    Mega fail publicity & the worst type of native advertising ever.
    Some schmuck thought this was going to be Kardashian style corny reality advertising. Destroyed Clooney’s image with such a lack of balance.

  • Mary Anne

    Nope, not PR. Women are often misjudged, and Amal is no exception. I think there is a lot of affection between George and Amal. I am glad that they have found each other and I wish them happiness, and lots of children if they want. It would be a better world if we thought the best in people for a change.

  • Nepenthe

    @OBVIOUS PR crone “Mary Anne”
    ~ Amal Alamuddin is an ugly, greedy gold-digger with delusions of grandeur. She was FOUND as a joint push by a PR network for whom you work & her wart-faced, walrus mother who kept trying to hook her drag queen daughter onto George Clooney.

    ~Indulge in your hogwash spiel but this is no love match.
    She’s too physically masculine, BIG, & unattractive as a companion for George Clooney.
    It’s a mega-fail.
    Then her superficiality transpires. Scum. Like her mother. A deluded gypsy Muslim Arab who walks around zone 1 in London with curlers in her hair.
    Islamic, pro-jihadists & ISIS supporters.
    British-Islamic Asian Arabs like the jihadist who beheaded Irish-American journalist James Foley & Steven Sotloff.
    What next?? ISIS kidnap him & hold him political prisoner too??? He’s exposed to tempt them….

  • Emerald

    NEWSFLASH aka Al’s marmot

    Honestly, one of these days you’ve got to settle on just one moniker. Is that the best you can do; accuse everyone who doesn’t bow down to your delusional pronouncements as gospel of being a PR troll? So you have decided that Celine Beltran is the last real girlfriend George had. is that because Celine is long gone and no longer a factor in his life?

    Hate to burst your delusional little bubble troll but Amal has more than 4 years experience as a barrister. If you had ANY KNOWLEDGE of British law you would understand that. Now Als marmot, it’s you accept the reality that the man who is the subject of your erotomania is going to marry another woman before the end of this month. Your delusional mind can claim that it is a “fake union” for a month of Sundays but it will do no good. Time to make your appointment with your therapist.


    @Emerald: ditto to you and all your usernames, PR troll employed to promote a fake agenda as part of this mega fail publicity arrangement.
    You reek of desperation & so obvious promoting an agenda.
    I’ve seen how you idiots desperately market this grotesque Islamist who even Clooney claims she looks like a she-male….to his closest friends.
    Is the PR network linked to Baria Alamuddin’s Globell Communications PR firm – a front for terrorist funding in the Middle East???? Hmmm???
    It’s well known how much the scum Alamuddins are pro-Palestine / anti-Israel.
    Sad state of affairs that an A-list actor with declining popularity has to be delegated about his public image. He signed away to fame & fortune around ER. And they still ill-advise him.
    Much like Tom Cruise was…. And Rock Hudson.
    George Clooney is no Box-Office mega-success attraction. Most of his films barely make big profit. Some lose money. Only Gravity (small supporting role & the Oceans trilogy made huge profit).
    Instead his fake “public image” with hired hoookers is promoted for substantial advertising & marketing revenue.
    His popularity slipping so rapidly and now the imbeciles who devised this fail PR enabled a massive slump.
    Yes, Celine Balitran was considered the last genuine girlfriend. He liked Krista Allen a lot but for her porn image, was embarrassed & kept her behind the scenes. The others were good time fun girls mainly introduced to him as part of a set-up or casually for dating.
    Like this ugly Amal Alamuddin who was arranged by the PR network to give his public image a change.
    Incompetent and damaging useless PR teams.
    Not only is Amal Alamuddin masculine ugly, bigger in size than G and with malformed bone structure. She’s Islamic Arab Asian anti-Israel with ONLY 4 years as a barrister despite being almost 40!
    An immoral fameho with a reputation of sleeping with married bored men. Scum who jumps to defend Islamic terrorist & human rights violators….for money. From a family of Hamas supporters.
    This is the MEGA FAIL PR ARRANGEMENT you incompetent morons unleashed on George Clooney. And Amal Alamuddin & her mother want their lucrative fee from the fake arrangement.
    Talk about sabotage….

  • What a snooze!

    PR teams are desperate that is for sure. They are trying to sell this crap at every angle they can think of. Smells of desperation.

  • Emerald

    NEWSFLASH! aka Al’s marmot

    Yes! Thank you for providing us all with the first of your long awaited meltdowns. I’m sure there are many more to come with the best being on the wedding day. Although, I still think your delusional post claiming that Stacy put a black widow spider in your laundry basket is the best. I’ve just sent this one to people I work with and my many friends so that they can all laugh again at the expense of your seriously deluded mind.

    Who knows, maybe one day soon ALL of your delusional posts will become the focus of a lecture in abnormal psychology. Now that would be fun!!! Think about it; a room full of students of abnormal psychology and their prof deciding where you fit under Axis 11 of Psychiatric Disorders; Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition.

    Now then, please provide the LINK proving that Baria Alamuddin’s Globell Communications PR firm is a front for terrorist funding in the Middle East. By that I mean proof provided by reputable individuals who have thoroughly researched the subject. Not the fake made up proof that exists only in your delusional mind.

    Oh dear, are you really upset that the Alamuddins are pro-Palestine? Pay attention child, there are many people who are both pro-Palestine AND pro-Israel. Ever hear of the two state solution; something the leaders of the United States and Europe have been trying to get for years. No? Then time for you to actually get an education; try reading the Oslo Accord. If you need help with the big words get a dictionary.

    I can understand why you would call Amal an immoral fameho. In that seriously deluded mind of yours Amal is the other woman taking away the fake non-existent Anna’s man But, really we all know that Anna is really you. What’s even worse is that Amal has the support of George’s family and friends. So you post your delusional diatribes here and on IMDb to let the world know your anger and rage towards those who support this “fake engagement” in favor of you. For some reason it makes you feel better to blame it all on the PR people for keeping George away from Anna; sorry I mean’t you.

    Now, you claim that Celine Beltran was the last real girlfriend George had. Another creation from your delusional mind. The only mega fail here is YOU. If you weren’t such a vacuous individual I would feel sorry for the fact that you have become so totally obsessed with a man you can never hope to have.


    @Emerald: deflecting publicity troll, I do not know who any “Anna” ruse is.
    I know that Clooney has embarked on fake relationships for a long time to keep him in the media constantly. Every useless trivial story about him in media outlets generates advertising revenue.

    That’s what a loser he is.

    AFFILIATE MARKETING & advertising is how he makes the money he fails to do so at the box office.
    And his companionship with Waldo Sanchez a source of speculation that leads many in the industry to attest that he is bisexual. Only rumoured dalliances. This unbelievable mega fail arrangement with the Arab she-male just further fuels it.
    I’m only exposing the lies behind the corruption that comprises team Clooney (of which you are apart).
    Google your own redundant Qs above & find the answers.
    Your directives are to control any damaging aspersions about this alcoholic, miserable A-lister & hired lawyer drag queen rent-a-hooker.
    An insecure man who sulks in private that his latest Arab gelding fiancee is Third World unattractive like Michelle Obama or that Amal Alamuddin looks like Conchita Wurst.
    His real work only continues to suffer because he is insecure & insincere.

  • Emerald


    Two meltdowns, Als marmot, all in the one day. This has to be a record even for you.

    “I know that Clooney has embarked on fake relationships for a long time to keep him in the media constantly”
    Really! YOU know this for a fact. Tell us all, do you travel in George’s circle? Are you with George behind closed doors? Do you have access to his personal life? The answer delusional one is NO. The problem with a made up assertion like this one comes when someone asks you provide verifiable proof which you cannot. Oh wait, you got the information from a non-existent fake source.

    Your constant attacks against Amal, a woman you DO NOT KNOW nor can NEVER HOPE TO MEET, are so transparent it’s not even funny. It’s called jealousy and anger that George has chosen another woman over you. When will you get the message in that delusional mind of yours that George Clooney DOES NOT know who you are and, therefore, WOULD NOT consider what you think/say to be of ANY importance. In other words, George Clooney does not care about you. The reality is that YOU CAN NEVER hope to travel in George’s social circle. Someone as delusional as you are would never be accepted.

    “I’m only exposing the lies behind the corruption that comprises team Clooney (of which you are apart)”
    If I WERE part of George Clooney’s team you WOULD HAVE been banished from IMDb a LONG time ago. And, trust me on this one, I am NOT the only person who wants you gone from IMDb. But I do understand your need to lash out at those people who don’t accept your delusion.

    And I do also understand your constant mention of Waldo Sanchez. It’s a typical and sad fall back solution for delusional women like yourself; “if the man I want refuses to be me with it’s because of ……” I suppose you would say the same about great friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

    Oh I’m so sorry. The idea that the foreign policies of both the United States and Europe are directed toward a two state solution for both Israel and Palestine is just to difficult for your damaged mind to deal with. Of course it goes without saying that you cannot possibly understand the Oslo Accord.

    Now try to understand, George and Amal are going to get married before the end of this month. There is nothing you can do and/or say to prevent this marriage from happening. Have you made that appointment with your therapist? There is still time before the wedding.


    @Emerald: I’m not going to indulge an imbecile non-entity waste of time like you!
    You’re damage control monitoring scum straight from the PR network who flogs this crap on the public.
    I am not Alsmarmot so stop deflecting.
    I am most certainly no love interest of bisexual George Clooney & if I’m acquainted it’s not your business.
    Your method to deflect is to disarm opposition through false facts & accusations of “medication.” Pathetic. You can’t even construct the basis of a plausible argument.
    No wonder you’re relegated to this for a living.
    As for Waldo Sanchez, you of the PR network have been lying that Waldo is married to a female for years, to cover up his relationship with George. He’s not.
    It is widely believed George Clooney is bisexual. Even when Lindsay Lohan was asked what Hollywood’s biggest secret was, she accidentally replied “George Clooney is gay.” That’s just one example of many. He’s definitely not gay, though.
    Now, you inappropriately bring in Ben Affleck & Matt Damon as examples to mislead once again, & take the attention away from George Clooney’s relationship with Waldo Sanchez which has been going strong since ER. You only emphasise more because you’re so transparent.
    Whoever hired you, should replace you. Too incompetent. Sorry, but maybe you should get assigned to the Justin Bieber columns. Any contemporary Donnie Osmonds??

    Clooney is going through a midlife crisis at present & drinking more & more. Looks shocking old & jaundiced in his photos in Florence today.

    Now…As you’ve inappropriately decided to steer the conversation towards politics to deflect further, & you profess your ad hoc researched knowledge, I will inform you that I’m well aware of global politics.
    So…it’s “the foreign policies of US & Europe,” collectively is it?? Encompassing all of Europe from Russia to Ireland to Istanbul Turkey to Germany all sharing same foreign policy? Is it, Einstein??
    Go do some more research. Stop embarrassing yourself.
    Oslo Accord exists theoretically.
    I can see how much conflict has occurred for decades between PLO Hamas terrorists…& the bloodshed will continue.
    As for Clooney marrying the Islamic manly Arab, well that’s his demise & misfortune. He could have selected someone less controversial & more feminine, but he just made wrong decisions yet again. He could not find a woman so the Arab she-male was hastily chosen.
    Everyone thinks she’s a beard & it’s as genuine as Michael Jackson’s or Tom Cruise’s nuptials…
    Nothing credible about this mega fail union.

  • Emerald

    NEWSFLASH aka Al’s marmot

    I’m not going to indulge an imbecile non-entity waste of time like you!
    Your refusal to answer indicates that you CAN NOT prove any of your delusional claims.

    I am most certainly no love interest of bisexual George Clooney & if I’m acquainted it’s not your business.
    Finally, you admit that you are no love interest of George Clooney. And you are no way acquainted except in your delusional mind.

    “So…it’s “the foreign policies of US & Europe,” collectively is it?? Encompassing all of Europe from Russia to Ireland to Istanbul Turkey to Germany all sharing same foreign policy? Is it, Einstein??”
    Actually yes. But you would know this if you had ANY real knowledge of the subject. Each of these countries have all reached the same conclusion; if there is to be real peace in the Middle East both the State of Israel and the State of Palestine must exist.

    ” inappropriately decided to steer the conversation towards politics”
    This coming from the delusional obsessed troll who said Amal is an “Islamic Arab Asian anti-Israel”, and other politically based comments. By the way, WHERE is your VERIFIABLE PROOF that Amal’s family supports terrorists? Interesting that you have not done so before. Could it be that this is yet another claim formed in your delusional mind.

    The Oslo Accord exists more than theoretically. But you would also know that if you understand reality. I suggest you come to visit UN Plaza here in New York especially when the experts on the subject are in session. Then again maybe not, what these experts have to say on the issue of peace in the Middle East would be way above your level of education.

    In your next therapy session you must get your therapist to help you deal with those who call your delusions out. By your count, everyone who supports George’s right to marry this woman is a PR troll. Anyone who challenges your delusional minds belief that your statement that George and Amal have a fake engagement is a PR troll. That’s a lot of people; Timothy and Nina Clooney, George’s sister, George’s cousins, all of George’s friends etc.

    The point delusional troll of mentioning Ben Affleck and Matt Damon was to help you understand that two men can be best friends platonically for years. Whoops! I’ve introduced you to a new word; use a dictionary.