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Amanda Bynes Says Microchip in Her Brain Made Her Write Accusations Against Her Father

Amanda Bynes Says Microchip in Her Brain Made Her Write Accusations Against Her Father

Amanda Bynes is now denying that her father ever abused her, though she is saying her father made her write those tweets via a microchip in her brain.

“My dad never did any of those things,” the 28-year-old former actress tweeted. “The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he’s the one that ordered them to microchip me.”

Amanda previously wrote a long series of tweets detailing alleged abuse from her father Rick and also blamed her mother Lynn for not doing anything about it.

Lynn has spoken out about the allegations and denies any wrongdoing on her husband’s part, saying the comments all “stem from Amanda‘s mental state at the moment.”

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  • Damn

    This is getting scary, at a “Are we being Punk’d?” kind of rate. Poor Amanda and her family

  • Niki


  • kenzie may


  • Isabela


  • Stop

    Why even report this, or anything she’s currently doing. It’s clear she’s jn desperate need of a mental health professional.

  • Dee Dee

    I hope she gets the help she needs before something really bad happen to her . This is not funny anymore .

  • Me

    I’m so sad to see her mental health deteriorating like this. The Amanda Show is my childhood :\

  • wow

    I told you. This girl needs some serious help or she is just doing this for attention. Very, very sad.

  • JJ

    Amanda should be committed. She’s obviously not in the right state of mind. Talking all that nonsense. Microchip? Mind control? Really?

  • wow

    Seriously, if they don’t commit this child into a facility the next story we read about her may not be one we or her family will want to hear.

    I recently lost a elder friend because she was trying to keep her mentally ill son in her home. She ended up dead in her apartment and the adult son was hiding for days in the apartment like a child without his parent. No one know whether it was an accident or on purpose but regardless he should have been in a treatment facility to help him with his condition. Her parents to need to wake up and commit her now!

  • ugh

    Leave her alone already. Gosh! She’s not making movies, she’s having personal issues so why is her every move plastered everywhere? Let her be and maybe she has a chance at getting better.

  • ugh

    @wow: She’s 28 – not a child! Nobody can commit her except herself! Why are you so ignorant?

  • LoveTheShoes

    @Damn: We are not being punked and that should be glaringly obvious to all. Her friend Nick Cannon has been pretty vocal about her needing help. Mental illness is real and without bias. It just doesn’t care about fame, fortune or lack there of. I hope the best for her.

  • really

    How can someone go from normal to crazy? Can someone who knows more about this explain it to me? Maybe she was already born with some sort of mental illness and it got serious with the age…because it’s a mystery to me…

  • Shawna

    This situation is so angering. Amanda was diagnosed as schizophrenic and was doing better but her parents took her off the medication and now she is become symptomatic again. What kind of parent is so delusional that they will withhold psychiatric meds from their child? There needs to be another family member who can attempt to get her committed and get her the help she needs. Clearly her parents aren’t going to do it.

  • Liz

    This girl just Tweeted this information a few hours ago, then denied it and you’ve got two stories about this Tweet-writing binge? Are you on Amanda Bynes Watch or something? Let this poor girl be, don’t publicize her troubles unless she gives you an interview. This is voyeuristic and creepy. Surely there are more important subjects you can write about instead of documenting this poor girl’s current state.

  • LoveTheShoes

    @ugh: ugh, before calling anyone else ignorant you might want to research what you believe is the law. Her age means nothing if a court of law feels she is unable to make the decisions one needs to make in their daily life as an adult and we have plenty of examples of that beginning with Brittany Spears father awarded conservatorship of his “adult daughter.”

  • Trudie

    Someone needs to get in for a medication review.

  • amy


    Child is a term people use – not meant about her age, but her actions & the family can have her committed if she is declared incompetent by a judge. I hope someone does something for her before it is too late.

  • Debbie

    She is showing signs of schizophrenia which often has its onset in a person’s mid-20′s. People who are/seem perfectly normal until that point can develop it suddenly.

  • Storm

    She is f-ing around, she must be!! Micro-chip in her brain?!! I think she is just parodying crazy for attention and to get back at the media. Really hope so anyway!!!

  • jon m’shulla

    Guess she is going to loose that lawsuit claiming she is not “nutters,” to use the scientific term.


    The Illuminati did this to her… Mk Ultra look it up! Wake up people!!!

  • mollymae

    This is her parents fault. She was on medication and being treated. They said she was fine and didn’t need medication. Maybe now they get it?

  • Farrah

    They really need to stop reporting on her. Amanda is clearly feeding off the attention making her, in my opinion, even more deranged. I can’t believe she isn’t being treated. She shouldn’t be walking around, or driving, for that matter. This girl absolutely, positively needs to be institutionalized. Her brain isn’t normal. She needs help. Why isn’t she in a facility where doctors are able to help her?

  • Darla

    I hope her parents find her soon and this time get her some real help!!

  • InvestigateHerCarelessParents

    @mollymae: She clearly has awful parents. This is what happens to parents who enroll young children into this dirty industry so they could feed of their earnings. Almost all young stars have suffered in this business. Parents really have to ask themselves, is it worth it?

  • guest


    They report because she is a public figure, a celebrity. It is the price for being a highly paid celebrity.

  • guest

    @wow: #

    She is NOT a child. She is a 28 year old grown woman.
    Stop calling grown people children.

  • guest

    @wow: @LoveTheShoes: #17

    You are ignorant just like the poster, wow. The laws says you cannot commit an adult against their will, unless they have PROVEN to be a harm to others or themselves. Amanda has NOT proven to be a harm to herself or others.

  • guest

    @amy: #19

    NO you are wrong, and ridiculous. Child is NOT used when referring to a 28 year old.

  • guest

    @Darla: #26

    If she does not want help, her parents hands are tied. Stop blaming them.

  • Geez

    @guest: you think you know a lot don’t you? Deluded might be appropriate for you rather than guest…

  • Sheesh

    @Geez: Right? I here rolling my eyes at her condescending posts. Where were *your* parents to teach you some manners.

  • so what

    It doesn’t seem that she is crazy to me. Seems that she says her dad molested her and he probably did. The microchip comment seems to me to be sarcastic, tongue in cheek, not a denial of the abuse.

  • Isabela

    @so what: what the f*ck?????? She has mental illness and she’s talking nonsense and that’s obvious. I’m sorry for her father. She’s crazy.

  • so what

    I agree that she has mental issues. I just thought the last tweet sounded sarcastic

  • sara

    It is a shame that Jared and others post on Amanda. She is clearly ill and needs help. Her parents are older and probably can’t handle her. By reporting this Jared and others–you are making light of mental illness. Shame on you.

  • She needs help

    This is getting to be SO SAD AND DISTURBING BEYOND WORDS. She needs treatment.

  • Janire

    What the h…? This is getting worse day by day… -.-

  • heartbreaking

    What happens to all these kids that work for Disney or Nickelodeon ? I think Corey Feldman was right. Something rotten goes on when businesses and family use children to make money off of.

    Innocence gets lost too early in that industry. And as long as the cheques roll in .. everybody keeps quiet. Terrible.

  • Jbo


    Britney was 20-something when she was committed on a 5150.

  • omg

    She needs Quran, trust me, it will work. Put Quran on and you’ll see what the microchip will say.

  • lol


  • Daisy

    SO many ignorant comments!!!!
    Unless she’s proven to be a harm to herself or another person no one will just forcefully take her into a rehab or a loonie bin. That’s the law in this country, which you clearly aren’t aware of. That’s the sad part of all of this. Her poor parents have to deal with her craziness on a daily basis, including judgement from other people but there is nothing they can do. Just ask people around you who’ve had someone like this in their life to deal with. They would want nothing more than to lock her up in a psych ward BEFORE she harms herself/others but no one will take her. Sadly it’s only after they attempt suicide or murder another person does the police and mental instutition pay attention.

  • woopsy

    When you’re crazy as h ell you better stay out of the spotlights.
    I hope her father has mercy because he knows she is insane.
    Poor girl tho.

  • Aisaiko5

    Wow. This is just too sad.

  • b

    Her parents and her siblings know she has a mental illness. The need to go to the media to talk about her, even if it is to defend themselves, is sad. There is no reason they (parents and siblings) should be talking to the media or anyone for that matter. We all know Amanda has mental issues, although if the reports are true, that the parents took her off the meds, then she needs help from the state level. Someone else who can help her with her conservatorship and making sure she takes her meds and makes sure she doesn’t waste her money. Don’t they have social workers for this? Or an ombudsman that could help her. I know there are ombudsman that help out with the elderly, but there has to be someone that can help out with the mentally ill.


    And this should be a private family matter and continuing to report on her, even if she (Amanda) is putting out information through social media, needs to stop. Giving her this attention and going back and forth with the accusations, the recants, the statements, etc… isn’t going to help her in the long run. I swear, we’ll never learn anything about mental illness if we all turn this into a joke, or report on it for ratings and leave it at that.

  • LoL

    I know it’s totally crazy but what if it’s like one of those movies where everyone thinks she’s crazy but what she’s saying is real? Omg mind trip.

  • Mikeal

    She is so pretty and smart. She was amazing in —> CougarHunter. org <—