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Gwyneth Paltrow Gushes to Obama: 'You're So Handsome'

Gwyneth Paltrow Gushes to Obama: 'You're So Handsome'

Gwyneth Paltrow hosted a private fundraiser for President Barack Obama at her Brentwood home on Thursday (October 9) and she couldn’t help but gush to her guest of honor!

“You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly,” the 42-year-old actress said while introducing Obama to her guests, according to the Associated Press. “I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest, and have been since the inception of your campaign.”

Gwyneth said that it was a “profound honor” to welcome him to the home she shares with her children Apple and Moses, though she did not mention her estranged husband Chris Martin.

Other guests at the event included Julia Roberts (pictured below), Ryan Murphy, and Bradley Whitford. The event raised money for the Democratic National Committee.

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  • bap

    Wow! A need to stay relevant.

  • bap

    Gwennie you should have held the fund raising in 2008 when his ratings were higher then you could have piggybacked off his popularity!

  • kik

    politicians and A list hollywood celebs just seems like a creepy and wrong mix …

  • Kass

    Pathetic please go away !

  • Trudie

    She lives in a bubble. I doubt she even reads the news. USA has a big debt and Obama has low approval rating. Obama should have been a movie star instead of a president.

  • GeezLouise

    Gwen has to be one of the dumbest women in Hollywood. First her ridiculous “uncoupling” remarks after announcing her separation, and now this.

    Before making a public comment regarding Obama, did she stop to think how that might affect Obama’s wife? Or how Obama’s daughters might feel about someone talking openly about their dad in such a manner?

    I really don’t find anything appealing about this woman. Her mother has much more class.

  • Michelle

    If this was 1940, she suck up to Hitler too because it’s turning that there is no difference. Not a single actard seems to understand Blobama’s policies or that he is a rotten ineffectual dictatorship. I wonder how much they will kiss his scrawny butt when his carp policies allow Ebola or a terrorist nuke happens. These idiots are such tools, mindless, like a fifi pampered lapdog that gets fed lobster but isn’t too bright. Idiots.

  • solipsism

    @Trudie, did you hear about the shrinking deficit and unemployment being under 6%?

  • Ti

    She makes me sick. As does Julia Roberts. They have no real concept of what this imposter is really about. He hates America and all Americans..

  • xane grey

    awww maybe she wants to sample some nigga cock.what a dumb cunt.

  • Winston Smith

    She has earned a boycott of that which she has anything to do with. The man is a criminal. And his supporters have no idea how much rage is building against them. They have only themselves to blame for the result.

  • Nick


    A low approval rating doesn’t disqualify someone from needing supporters. I am sure she reads the news, and if you read the news you would see that the national debt is actually back to what it was in 2008 before Obama took office. Here you go:

  • Nick

    @xane grey:

    What a dumb comment. Do everyone a favor and go back under the rock you crawled out from.

  • Nick


    It sounds like Fox News has been dishing out their brand of dog food called “fear”, and you’ve been sitting on their lap waiting for more.

    “His carp(sic) policies allow Ebola or a terrorist nuke happens”

    OMG a nuke is happening!!!
    I had to laugh at the “nuke happens” part.

    I’d be amazed if you could actually carry an intelligent discussion on politics in this country. You sound more like someone who has a 5th grade understanding of how government works. If there’s anyone we shouldn’t listen to for political guidance it’s you. Research the issues before you comment on them.

  • Nicky

    Reading some of the comments, it is clear most Goop haters are dumb low lives living in trailer parks.

  • Approval

    “You’re so handsome..I’m one of your biggest fans”…LOL! Having a Marilyn Monroe moment, are we?
    Anyway the fundraiser is not for him, he’s already got his two terms so this must be for whoever comes after. Hilary?

  • Trist

    I think someone with psycho conservative leanings is wasting time spamming this thread but still, I’ll concede Goopy’s ““You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly” comment isn’t the brightest either.

  • mehmi

    Just because you come from a “good” family with money and lots of connections doesn’t make you better than anyone else. In fact, it is said that you are a hoe, something which I believe because these characteristics usually come from those.

  • Asok Asus

    The good news is that because Hollywood is turning out nothing but such thoroughly unenterprising claptrap (referred to as “entertainment” by Hollywood), I’ll never have to face a conflict in boycotting a great movie just because it features one or more major Hollywood airhead celeb commies.

  • angline

    This guy just a few days ago was saying GOP billionares are selfish and don’t care about the poor. Yet he himself is pals with people who are multi-millionares and are billionares too who doesn’t care about the poor either. Goop made a stupid comment about how she workers harder then the average mom and that she lives a harder life then them too. She is a lot more snotty and stupid and clearly doesn’t care about the poor more then the GOP.
    Obama’s older daughter got a job working for Steven Speilberg thru connections, what does OBbma have to say about that? Why couldn’t the brat work at Starbucks or a grocery store? Oh right cos she wants to have a million dollar career probably.
    What about when Michelle hosted a event for Anna Wintour, the snob and bitch who put a reality tv slut on the cover of Vogue? Does she care about the poor? This man and his family are big time hypocrites.

  • Ruther

    Hollywood should really stay out of politics. They have no business being in one. Obama should do his job rather then hanging out with privileged, spoiled celebrities. He apparently doesn’t even attend most of his important briefings yet has time to party with dumb celebs? LOL.

  • lilly

    Well, I think President Obama is handsome too! I campaigned for Obama in Virginia 2008. He is such a nice guy, a good family, and a Christian family man. I support Ms. Paltrow 100% and anyone else that has seen what he has done and continues to support him. Had Congress not blocked him on every good thing he wanted to do, we would be much better off. However, Congress simply does not care about any of YOU! The deficit is $400 billion lower, unemployment went from 10% to 5.9%, etc. I could go on. The only thing Congress is complaining about is ISIS and ground troops. Had Cheney and Bush not messed that up, there would be no ISIS. All this selective memory is astonishing.

  • offtheproperty

    The only bigger idiot we have than Paltrow is Obamie!

  • offtheproperty

    @lilly: How can you still believe this thug is a Christian? What hasn’t he lied about?

  • Storm

    Ew ew ew, could she be any more embarrassing?? Going up to the freaking President and telling him how “hot” she thinks he is?! Does she have no sense of decency? Also, why is it that every white woman in America over the age of 21 feels obliged to pretend they find Obama super gorgeous and take every opportunity to gush over how “beautiful” he is? He is barely even average looking. This stuff makes me cringe so badly I am ashamed for my people.

  • Trudie

    @Nick: Nick you lie. National Debt Clock => Quit watch MSNBC and other propaganda liberal news channels.

  • snore fest

    @Storm: IT’s because they equate powerful men in high position with gorgeous and sexy , pretty simple , women these days only care about money and power .and this is gorgeous to them has nothing to do with physical attributes etc.

  • Trudie

    @snore fest: Obama does have a good personality and he is really charming, but many politicians are like that, just look at Bill Clinton. They both would have made better celebrities.

  • Not of your business

    “It Would Be Wonderful if We Were Able to Give This Man All of the Power That He Needs”

    Any more stupidity coming of your ass?

  • Well…

    He IS handsome. Why so many right wing nutjobs on here?

  • pear

    I am a liberal democrat and I think Obama has not done a good job. He let stuff fall apart. He did a better job than the republicans would do but not good enough. I don’t thin HIlary would do a good job- again better than republicans but not good enough. I think Senator Bernie Sanders would do a good job.
    I don’t think Obama is handsome.

  • Michelle Obama

    whore…Obama is mine

  • Pathetic

    Buying “friends” again? Putting your money to good use to promote yourself and your “brand”. Tell me who thinks she is sincere?

    She has passion for only her greed.

  • Pathetic

    @GeezLouise: for her, wife and family not important. The obamas love Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They do not care for Gwyen but are cordial for Chris. Do the math. Money is money.

  • Pathetic

    @lilly: But a fact that may surprise that Obama’s spending increases have been much less than Bush . Federal spending in the current fiscal year is only 7.9 percent higher than when Obama started his presidency. He inherited so much from the mess of the Bush and Regan years. The cabinet of Cheney and Rumsfeld.

  • Pathetic

    @Pathetic: I could see Reagan senility was hushed and his cabinet ran his second term. Since the little Bush took office he let that same group have free reign. Factcheck site also states his vacation time. Obama was average with his r&r.

  • Blueberry

    @Michelle Obama: touché! Big fat mouth Gwyenth. Baffling everyone with b4ll$h1t as expected!!!

  • Blueberry

    @Winston Smith: So when the 2010 Republican Majority had 117 members of the House and Senate who ran at least two businesses each that went bankrupt, often sending business partners and creditors flipping the bill,

    According to you… They must have been all supporters of a bad man named Obama?

    Your opinions are full of air.

  • Blueberry

    @GeezLouise: Her Publicist must be freaking. Paltrow’s comments are always so far from polished, personable or politically correct.

  • Sandy W.

    This imbecile President is making my healthcare Humana, increase to $150 more each month starting next year because of the Affordable Care Act. I wish I could drop him over Afghanistan attached to a missile.