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Julia Roberts Has Marriage Advice for Pal George Clooney

Julia Roberts Has Marriage Advice for Pal George Clooney

George Clooney gives his good friend Rande Gerber a bro hug while leaving Craig’s Restaurant on Saturday night (October 18) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 53-year-old actor’s pal Julia Roberts recently opened up about George‘s wedding to Amal Alamuddin.

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“We’ve spoken many times since he’s gone from a bridegroom to a husband,” Julia told Access Hollywood. “Oh yes. I’ll be advising George Clooney on his marital life. I’ll get right on that! Well, the only advice for that is finding your person – and he’s found his person.”

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  • judie whittmore

    I heard Julia’s husband wants a divorce….said she was a fake.How can she advise anyone about marriage???

  • Ray Dziadzio

    Julia Roberts has marriage advice foe that Pansy George Clooney. Wait a
    second didn’t her marriage just blow up.?

  • willie guillermo

    It’s up to George if he is willing to listen to his friend Julia Roberts. Isn’t she
    about to divorce her husband, Danny Moder? Or is it the other way around?
    I don’t get it, it took him a very long time to figure out his wife is a fake? How can someone be fake if she’s living with you all these years? Or maybe
    he found someone more attractive now that she has aged a little since they
    first got together. Hollywood marriage never last a lifetime.

  • Gigi D

    do you mean the one phrase you have by Julia Roberts was supposed to be your idea of a real story? Really? Go back to journalism school and learn what constitutes a story, and if you don’t have one, please don’t create a fake one, especially about the Kartrashians. PLAEEEEZE!!

  • Savannah Sunkiss

    marriage advice from someone divorced 3 times? I’d be doing the opposite of what she says

  • Amypz

    “We’ve spoken many times since he’s gone from a bridegroom to a husband,” she says; many times, she says; always makes every interview about her. Always.

  • Guest

    I believe she was being sarcastic.

  • wnknblnknandnod .

    People, she(Julia) is being sarcastic. That’s her type of humor.

  • VivWardRegBevWil .

    Do you people believe everything you read?
    1. She’s only been divorced once and that was 20 years ago (Lyle Lovett)
    2. She’s not getting divorced. She gushed about her husband in her speech, he wasn’t there because he’s working in Texas.
    What is wrong with our country when people take crap posted in Star Magazine is gospel? Finding common sense on some of these sites is like a scavenger hunt I swear.

  • Lyudmila Noble

    We can offer advice only to those who requested this from us. I am sensing that George did not ask any advice regarding anything especially marriage matters from Julie… If there is a joke, then she’ll explain to him what she was shooting for. But as far as everybody knows – Since there is no request, so there is no need for it.

  • Jackie Jabara

    I thought she is getting a divorce. Why wasn’t she at Georges wedding? Her husband said she is a phony I think Danny is right about that

  • poppy

    No Julia’s marriage has not blown up.

  • poppy

    Julia Roberts was married to Lyle Lovett from 22 June 1993 to 22 March 1995. She then married Danny Moder on 4 July 2002. She is still married to Moder.

  • guest

    If she is such a great friend. Why wasn’t she there at the wedding. These people are so fake. they are wealthy that they own their own private planes. They have the resources to fly somewhere for the day. They are so fake and phony. they are friends when it convenience them.

  • En Vogue

    George looks unhappy and drinking to escape his fate of marrying an ugly manly drag queen, at the advice of his handlers for a change of image strategy.

  • En Vogue

    Passive-aggressive weak man, George Clooney. Marrying a lawyer with a namedropping mother just for publicity is not an honourable thing to do.

    He can’t get out of it now. Stuck with such a lame arrangement.
    His handlers played him once again.
    He acts on & off screen to the point that he’s lost perspective.

  • Guest

    who cares?? Are you her PR team? The story is about George drowning his sorrows in hard liquor about the mistake of his life…

    I think Julia was joking in that statement. And it’s ambiguous and generic. Find the right person. Doesn’t look like he really has found one yet.

  • mouth

    This reminds me of brook shields crying crocodile tears for Micheal Jackoson and then admitting she hasn’t talked to him since 83.

  • Tony Drolson

    Clooney has a job as an actor. then you know everything

  • pacs

    When she married her current husband, I believe he left his wife for her. Before she was married to Lyle she was engaged to keifer Sutherland and had been involved with many others as well, and then ended it as it got serious. She’s a great actress, but seems like many Hollywood types are self absorbed. I figured she married her current husband because he’s a nobody.

  • poppy

    Show me where it says, word for word, that the story is about George drowning his sorrows in hard liquor about the mistake in his life. All it says is that George and his friend were at Craig’s restaurant. You never see two male friends having dinner/drinks at a restaurant before.

  • Mikevill56

    Sad to see george like this. 2 years ago he said he was stopping drinking and getting healthy and kinda hard to do when you hang with cheaters like Ben Weiss and Rande Gerber, both known to be heavy regular druggies alcoholics and they cheat on their wives all the time, sad bad bad energy George is around and they are there to destroy him and control his empire! He married Amal because it was forced look at how miserable he looks he looks very ill, so sad

  • George

    Poppy the neurosis-afflicted maniac PR psychopath back to IMPOSE YOUR FAKE AGENDA.

    George Clooney is in a fake relationship with this grotesque hermaphrodite freak LadyBoy Amal Alamuddin.


    But Poppeyed Poppy employs her secret service monitoring militancy 24/7 ensuring that the public actually buys this deception.

  • poppy

    Oh I see. Anyone who challenges your announcements on the state of George and Amal’s marriage is automatically a “PR psychopath”. Can you provide verifiable proof that George Clooney is in a fake relationship? Do you have complete and total daily access to George Clooney behind closed doors? The answer to both questions is NO. Your statement “Those are the facts” is not good enough. Your entire posts makes you sound like a jealous ex-lover angry that the man of your dreams has walked down the aisle with another.

  • Alison Bell

    Some people know the truth and leak anonymously online. YOU, Poppy, are a desperate publicity imbecile who SO OBVIOUSLY is promoting a lie.

    We’ve never come across such manic desperation.

    I assume that OP knows the truth because I’ve read his posts in the past and he revealed stuff before they happened.
    However, ANYONE can see that this union is so unbalanced and ugly. Amal Amaladin is not only very unattractive like a man with huge ears, nose, feet, hands & zombie eyes. OH, yuck!
    She’s just not endearing to the public.

    No one here is jealous by the sounds of it.
    But you sound like a deranged bitter PR imbecile who cannot do her job.

  • poppy

    Who said Amal was a great beauty. But she is not unattractive either. It doesn’t matter that she is not endearing to the public; namely you. All that matters is what George thinks. You really have to get over the fact that Amal is Lebanese and a Muslim. If anyone comes across with manic desperation it is you and the OP. Oh, and let’s not forget the person on IMBd who claims that George’s heart belongs to someone called Anna, the marriage is a fake and that George was going to marry her in December 2010. As for the OP knowing the truth; you really have NO IDEA what I know but that’s okay. I think I’ll just continue to let keep putting your size 12 foot in your mouth.

  • Alison Bell

    Everywhere I read people make negative comments apart from YOU IMBECILES that represent her PR.
    You and your other usernames, to be precise.
    That’s why YOU LURK AROUND LIKE A PARASITE hanging off every comment made about her.


    AND from my inside sources, it is strictly a business arrangement. A fake marriage like Tom Cruise’s and Katie Holmes & prior to that Nicole Kidman.
    Same image strategist behind it.

    I HAVE NO IDEA who these people on imdB are you mention, paranoid psychopath.
    As far as I’ve heard, his hairstylist Waldo Sanchez is his closest companion for nearly 20 years.

    But most certainly not the drag queen ugly freak Amal Alamuddin who looks so awful next to him, drags him down!!

  • Alison Bell

    size 12 foot? Good grief, you must be so desperate and mental for a comeback line. size 12 feet is what Amal Alamuddin has from what George says.

    Oh, don’t bluff, disturbed PR troll. I know EXACTLY what you are and you are as insignificant as roadkill. A PR shill who is paid to promote LIES.


    They even snort like pigs when they talk.


  • Lamark

    “…he’s found his person.”
    Oh, yes, he has. Every Jack gets his Jill.

  • Laeticia Gonsalves

    He’s an Alcoholic

  • Laeticia Gonsalves

    Ray Parker Junior sang this song.

  • Laeticia Gonsalves

    Not sure if she’s his Jill. I don’t think he’ll ever find one. Who would want him now? Embarassing impulsive fool..
    He said in an interview in W magazine last Dec that he hasn’t met the “love of his life yet.” Even if the interview was as far back as 6 weeks before publication, he already had met ugly Amal crow since Sept 2013.
    No wonder he looks like death itself.