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Angelina Jolie Feels 'Like a Caged Tiger' When She is Acting

Angelina Jolie Feels 'Like a Caged Tiger' When She is Acting

Angelina Jolie looks completely focused on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Rule Breakers 2014 issue, out on newsstands now!

Here’s what the 39-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On following her instincts: “There have been times in my career when I’ve gotten bored and sloppy. But I’ve done my best to listen to my gut. Because I feel you can do whatever you want in this life. So long as you don’t hurt anybody, you can do anything.”

On working with husband Brad Pitt in By the Sea: “Yes, we spent our honeymoon playing two people in a terrible marriage. I’m sure a therapist would have a field day analyzing the films I choose to do. But it’s been 10 years since Brad and I have worked together. It felt like it was time.”

On retiring from acting soon: “I don’t want to be in hair and makeup, I don’t want to be in wardrobe, I don’t want to have to stand on a mark or emote. It makes me feel like a caged tiger.”

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FYI: Angelina is wearing Dana Rebecca Designs earrings.

Angelina Jolie – THR Shoot

Bigger pic inside…

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    number one

  • teri

    Angelina doesn’t need a makeup chair, she is stunning without. I’m sure me on the other hand would need extra makeup.

  • Myskina

    No, she looks old and ugly without makeup

  • Kayla

    Keep on slaying Angelina! : )

  • lucy

    We saw Angie as she really is, when she filmed that little video announcing why she wouldn’t be able to attend the Unbroken premiere. She was make-up free, and more stunning than any other actress that spent hours in a make-up chair.

  • really?

    What a beautiful woman!

  • lucy

    You know, you’d think Ticky and her 100 member PR team, would have more to do, now that Marion Cotillard has come on the Oscar scene and literally knocked Ticky on her fat azz. But, here they are, still trolling Angie. lol

  • Myskina

    Cake >>>>> Unbroken

  • pi

    Slay Angie slay!! Love you so much :)

  • valis202

    Wow she is stunning

  • really?
  • Whamo

    “I don’t want to be in hair and makeup, I don’t want to be in wardrobe, I don’t want to have to stand on a mark or emote”

    Believe me no one wants to see your 50% minimally talented “acting any more either Heroina.What hopelessly phony lying crapolla flopolla director and actor. Please just quit now!

    By the way it appears she’s miraculously gotten over her case of the “chichenpox” imagine that loons Heroina lying….again.

  • FormerLamark

    But the more million dollars from “acting” is very good for you, right?

  • Love Conquers All

    Reading the THR interview of Angie, it’s so clear and cut that Angie truly marches to her own beat when it comes to her career as director and career as a whole. This shows just how powerful Angie really is and I’m amazed of how in-demand Angie really is in the Hollywood industry, Angie is paving the wave for other actresses to say it’s okay to choose another alternative in your career. Angie is not alone, she has other powerful females backing her and supporting in the industry. This interview showed how seriously Angie is tasking on to be a hands-on motivator and stronger director. Angie’s future as a director is looking very strong and vibrant.


    Money is money, azzzhole. Go get it Angie.

  • JPFamily

    Wow, what an amazing and insightful read.
    Bravo Angelina for being a strong, inspiring woman, and always keeping it real, and being true to yourself, such a rarity especially in the shallow fakeness of Hollywood.
    On a superficial note, the images are stunning, she and Brad are the best, a wonderful couple and their children.

  • JPFamily

    Angelina Jolie on the Wrenching Experience of Watching ‘Unbroken’ With Louis Zamperini Before His Death

    By Nigel M Smith | IndiewireDecember 17, 2014 at 11:38AM

    Angelina Jolie and her “Unbroken” cast took part in a talk moderated by George Stephanopoulos.

    Months after conquering the summer box office with “Maleficent,” her most profitable film ever, Angelina Jolie returns to the screens on Christmas Day with “Unbroken,” her second feature as a director following 2011′s bleak war drama “In the Land of Blood of Honey.” The Universal Pictures release received no festival play and only screened for press a few weeks back, meaning Jolie’s been tirelessly promoting her film with awards season now in full swing.

    Earlier this month, Jolie and some of her “Unbroken” (and admittedly hunky) male cast (Jack O’Connell, Garrett Hedlund, Takamasa Ishihara and Finn Wittrock), attended a lunch hosted by Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley at New York’s ridiculously swanky Metropolitan Club. (Prior to attending the event, this writer was informed he had to wear a dinner jacket or wouldn’t be admitted.)

    Based on a true story, the drama, co-scripted by the Coen Brothers, centers on Olympian runner Louis Zamperini (O’Connell), who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II. The film marks a huge leap for Jolie, whose “In the Land of Blood and Honey” also dealt with war, but on a much smaller scale.

    Once everyone in attendance, including Ariana Huffington and Suze Orman, had finished their lunch, “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos moderated a discussion with Jolie and her actors. Her male cast was charming, but Jolie provided the best takeaways from the event.

    “Unbroken” is especially dear to Jolie’s heart.

    “Every project is different, and there are some that, no matter what aspect of it you’re working on, are just dear to your heart. This one, because of the subject matter, I believe in its message. I personally love this man. We are responsible for his legacy. So, to make sure people understand who he was, why he mattered and what he wanted to say, is a huge responsibility.”

    Jolie has long wanted to work with Universal as a director.

    “When you’re an actress trying to be a director and you meet with studios — you meet with different studios — and I wanted to meet with Donna [Langley] at Universal. I wanted to have a chance to work with her studio one day as a director. I got this list of open directing assignments and it’s just four sentences for each thing, all these different projects. And you don’t think you’re ever going to get one of these jobs — you just read them: ‘This is something I can try to talk to Mrs. Langley about, and sound intelligent. Maybe she’ll think of me in the future.’ But I came across the few sentences on ‘Unbroken,’ and the strength of the human spirit, obviously you can’t sum up this movie in four sentences. I read about him and his life and I met with Donna. As I was leaving, she said, ‘Read the book.’ Then we started talking, and I was halfway through the book, and just — I was so inspired by this story, this man, and the idea that I could spend years of my life walking in his footsteps and being a part of this story and putting his message in the world.”

    Jolie is enamored with her “Unbroken” subject.

    “I think I can genuinely say he’s one of the greatest people you could ever meet. He’s better than you could imagine.”

    Zamperini was closely involved with the project up until his death in July.

    “Louie was a part of the journey from the beginning, so we all spent time with him, and he was aware of the choices we made in the script. We’d call him sometimes and say, ‘Does the raft look right?,’ ‘Did you or did you not have a screwdriver?’”

    Jolie screened “Unbroken” for Zamperini at the hospital.

    “We found out that he’d gone to the hospital. And so we had it downloaded on my laptop. I drove to the hospital, and I held it like this over him so he could see it. It’s hard to explain — how do you explain that moment? It wasn’t a judgment on a film and how well-acted or well-crafted it was, it was a man watching his life. It was a man at the end of his life, his extraordinary life. This mountain of a man, his physical strength…at 97 years-old, not able to…I had to help him with a glass of water. Watching himself run and win in the Olympics, watching his brother, watching his mother make gnocchi, watching all that he accomplished, watching what he survived. And remembering, because he was a man of such strong faith — I know he was preparing himself to die. It was watching somebody relive all their experiences, and prepare for that great, powerful, inspiring, extraordinary long life to end.”


    Bringing this over………

    CLINIQUA Love Conquers All • 12 minutes ago
    I agree – that was a great article!! I am soooo glad she once again cleared up what we all know – she has NO fcking PR, period.4

    AWHODAT CLINIQUA • 6 minutes ago

    But thats why she’s “the great media manipulator”, dontchya know Clini. LMFAO

    The dumbfukkk azzzholes who dub her as such, apparently fail to realize that theyre acknowledging that shes powerful.

    Its like cussing out someone for being kind, considerate, generous, etc……Like:………..gtfo, youre so kind and thoughtful and generous and has such a big heart and so beautiful and happy and has such a fabulous husband and fabulous kids and a huge loving extended family……..i hate your guts. LMFAO

    Its like Dawne said yesterday, fatfukkkers and azzholes like the impotent little rudin fellow ….they hate that Angie is winning at life.

  • Love Conquers All

    Wow Sony is still offering Angie 20 million to do Salt 2 after all these years!? My goodness Angie is at the top with money, the career and family.

  • shoes4life

    I hope she do it!

  • FormerLamark

    Oh, so you’ll also get out of it, bootlicker?


    This was a great starter for this article. Kudos, THR.:
    (Shi is definitely a Brad-and-Angie production lol

    “Mom? I saw this thing over there — can I skateboard on it?” The “thing” is a freshly painted cyclorama inside the Los Angeles photo studio where, on a sunny day in November, Jolie is being photographed for her THR cover. And the blond girl in the hoodie who wants to skateboard on its rad curved surfaces is none other than Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, arguably the most genetically advantaged 8-year-old on Earth. Also possibly the most self-assured (“Wassup!” she greets a stranger, flashing a cocky grin). But the answer is no, Shiloh may not skateboard on the cyc wall. Some rules cannot be broken, even if your mother happens to be one of the biggest rule breakers of the year.

  • Love Conquers All
  • JPFamily

    So yes, bring on Salt 2, and Cleopatra, bring them all!


    Talking of THR, reposting the Directors Roundtable where Dame Angelina slayed, as always!

    Angelina Jolie, Christopher Nolan & Richard Linklater: The Full Director Roundtable

    Published on 12 Dec 2014

    Angelina Jolie (Unbroken), Christopher Nolan (Interstellar), Richard Linklater (Boyhood), Mike Leigh (Mr. Turner), Bennett Miller (Foxcatcher) and Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) discuss their new films, open up about ethics, fears, family and what drives them: “We’re all kind of control freaks, right?”

    - Plus

    Angelina Jolie Presents Two Full Ride Scholarships to LMU

    Published on 10 Dec 2014

    This year there were two scholarships awarded to the mentorship program at the Women in Entertainment breakfast.

  • Rose from Temecula

    can’t say this enough, what a beautiful woman she is, inside and out, and at the same time very discerning in all that she does for herself, her family and her friends, her career in the film industry and social/humanitarian works.

  • anustin

    Hats off to my girl……..Holly is one lucky biz!

  • Aj

    It is a little strange in the text (without context). It’s impossible to know if it’s real or not.
    But it’s not in any of the e-mails. They are talking about Cleópatra not Salt 2 in the e-mails.

  • Dawne

    by far the best cover of Angie this year.

  • anustin

    Lovin my brainy brat!

  • Dawne

    Aniston has full time PR ..spent millions, spun her image like she was the POTUS and look at her career, can you imagine, if like Angie, she had relied on her own wits??????? She’d be servin’ pizza in a school caffetera

  • Dawne

    moi aussi mon ami.


    Um…..having a bit of a comprehension problem, arentya? LMAO But what else is new.

  • Dawne

    If Elvis was TCB, Angelina is KIR……Keeping It Real.


    Thats brainy ‘spoilt brat’, anustin. Lets not take anything away from that impotent little ruddy.

  • Dawne

    yup, certainly has been a d*ck shriveler for our boy Scottie.

  • JPFamily

    Angelina is right, she makes her own decisions, not being pushed by those who have too much of a vested interest, when all they care about is the $$.

    Camera Press ‏@CameraPress 10m

    Director/Actress #AngelinaJolie talks about #Unbroken in @RadioTimes mag (picture by @jasonbellphoto /Camera Press)

  • Dawne

    Don’t say Ticky isn’t working the internet to see what she has to ‘off-set’…..there is a photo of she and Liv T……just buddying up…..they both look constipated, but however…….gotta put those rumours to rest that the Squigs is the Daddy ……….ewwwww. Of course, Jared has a thread on it.

  • Aj

    No. I just think that the writer is expeculating. There is no script, no News and no e-mails talking about Salt 2. And There is no question in this interview about it too.
    Then, I’m saying that I have doubts about it.
    Anyway, she doesn’t like to act.

  • deCosmos

    Lucky us! Another big steaming helping of BS from the bottomless Jolie-Pitt crock of it.

  • Aj

    The part about geyser is interesting. Something happened. She would not fired him without a motive.

  • changeling

    “….the most genetically advantaged 8-year-old on Earth.” The product of the two most beautiful people on this planet.


    Notice the cleft in the chin; the developing high cheekbones; the developing definitive jawline, and THOSE POUTY LIPS!…….she is going to be a STUNNING young woman and beyond.

    Y’know……ive always had a sneaky feeling that both Brad and Angie must have been so relieved that Shi isnt a girlie girl……can you imagine the intense scrutiny that would be on this genetically blessed child if she was used to dressing in the latest kiddie fashion. Especially given how sexualized fashion for even little girls – not to mention pre-teens and young teens – are.

    And even tho little Vivi is such a girly girl, the scrutiny on Shi as the first offspring of the world’s two most beautiful people, would have been INSANE if Brad and Angie had dressed her up like a little doll, as we’ve seen several other HW moms have done to their daughters and as many internet trolls and others have been DYING for them to do.

  • Love Conquers All

    In the interview, Angie still voices that she still wants to do Cleopatra and clearly displays passion for doing the film and the role itself. Hopefully Martin Scorsese, Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio have interest of filming the project. It seems Angie and Eric Roth are still abroad on Cleopatra. And hopefully the film will be in production with Paramount instead of Sony.

  • changeling

    It is almost impossible to pick up the best. There are so many of them, I am running out of adjectives to describe them. It is almost one can never get enough looking at those cheekbones, her eyes, the pillow lips, etc. The most perfect face — that’s all I can say.

  • Myskina

    She’s TOO OLD for Cleopatra

  • joam

    Ty jj ;)


    Isnt it sickening how she and huvsy seek out her former ‘rivals’ (goop/juliet lewis/and now Liv…..just cos internet chatter names tacky as Liv’s baby daddy); and the folks who used to humiliate her (chelseahandjob/howardstern/perezhilton)…so that huvsy can arrange photo ops with them. To show …..what……that she’s really and truly a cross-her-heart-and-hope-to-die “sweetheart”???

    Why…….to counter what we JP fans know her to be:……a big fat greek coward; an obssessive, passive-aggressive, dirty-fighting, mother-hating, vindictive, talentless, knee-pad wearing, fame-fattened HW tick?

    She’s such a puddling mess of WEAKNESS and INSECURITY and LOW SELF-ESTEEM…. she might as well walk around holding up a banner with those words. LMFAO

  • JPFamily

    Gorgeous pic of Brad when he was in DC for Fury Premiere.

    DC Magazine ‏@DCMagazineML 16m
    Brad Pitt walked the red carpet and saluted men in uniform during the premier of Fury at the Newseum

  • Jana500

    Why must there be some drama? Perhaps it was just time that she no longer needed a manager. She essentially says she likes to handle her career directly without any middle man. Who says he was fired? Geyer was branching out and this may have been a good time for both of them to end or change their professional relationship.

  • JPFamily

    SCETV Radio ‏@scetvradio 8 mins

    Director Angelina Jolie discusses the new movie #Unbroken … today on All Things Considered (@npratc) at 4:00