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Jamie Dornan Quitting 'Fifty Shades of Grey'? Rep Denies Rumors

Jamie Dornan Quitting 'Fifty Shades of Grey'? Rep Denies Rumors

Rumors have hit the web that Jamie Dornan has quit Fifty Shades of Grey and will not be returning for a sequel.

However, reps for the 32-year-old star of the hit film have released a statement saying that those rumors are simply “conjecture.”

The rep said that the story is “pure conjecture as the studio has not committed to a sequel as yet,” (via GossipCop).

The origin of the story came from a report saying Jamie‘s wife Amelia Warner was not happy with the film.

It was announced a few weeks ago that the Fifty Shades sequels were a go but no casting had been announced.

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  • Cruizin1960

    I am betting that the actors had to sign multi-picture deals to ensure continuity. They knew going in that this was based on a series of three books, so they would have gotten the actors in the central roles to commit to the sequels as part of the initial deal. That is pretty standard when they have source material that they are working on. Movies that locked in their central cast would be Twilight, Divergent Series, Harry Potter. Even TV shows lock actors into multi-year deals. True Blood was based on characters in a series of books and the actors portraying central characters were, I believe, signed to 7 year deals. It is the kiss of death to replace an actor that the audience now associates with a specific character. The chatter about Dornan pulling out is just more of those anti-Fifty folks trying to rock the boat.

  • Scarlett

    This is the same wife, who when heavily pregnant upped and moved away from her family and friends to Vancouver so Jamie could film 50 Shades and gave birth there? The same wife who understood he had to spend time with a dominatrix as research, etc etc? What an utter load of bollocks. He’s said she’s an actress and understands. Same as the stories Jamie & Dakota don’t get on.They will have signed for all 3 whether they get made or not. It’s not going to do either of their careers any harm. If anything is derailing the sequels it’s EL James. She made Sam T-J’s life hell on set, they clearly don’t get on and now she wants to take control of scripts. Honestly the studio needs to be grateful they made buckets of cash and the film wasn’t entirely slaughtered by critics and call it a day. Forget the sequels.

  • Barry

    The studio will never let him go.
    But critics have really dismissed his prestation in the movie, and he must be really worried to be associated to this trilogy… So his intention of leaving is comprehensible.
    But if you’re an actor, and have a good agent, you can have a solid career after this kind of commercial movies.
    After all, Pattinson and Stewart both have an impressive post-Twilight career.

  • sharkguitar

    Pee Wee Herman would probably be a good replacement for him. I heard the movie would have better with Herman as Grey.

  • Alexa

    He could leave if he wants to. Charlie Hunnam walked out after signing the same contract. And I guess Jamie was paid the same as Hunnam for the role only 125k$ so the sanctions can’t be financially painful. Even though this movie made money the one who profited were Universal and Focus not the actors.
    I think the wify excuse isn’t the real reason, more likely he might want to leave because of the negative critics his performance and the movie got. He doesn’t want to face a further disaster!

  • GFW

    Can you imagine being paid only $125,000 on a film that brought in $600M thus far? Don’t quote me on that exact box office number, but come on, they really low-paid these actors to secure funds for the massive, repeat massive, marketing budget. I’d negotiate a new contract if they can secure both of them back.

    I think Dakota Johnson’s head has inflated beyond words and she’ll ask for gobs more. I think Jamie isn’t as proud of this as he was The Fall, which was 100% better with similar male childhood issues that escalate into something similar but more nefarious. So he knows, I think, his future is secure either in other series or film offers could be rolling in?

    So to get him back they’ll need to up the ante as well because a sequel, if it gets made as the control freak “author” wants to write the script because her head has inflated too from ga-billions (sarcasm) she’s made off this low-end BDSM stuff and nonsense that was poorly researched and shows. So past the readers of the books, the audience waned.

    EDA: I think unless he gets a ton more in a new contract that could convince her it secures education etc for their children’s future, he should listen to his wife and take a pass. A happy wife makes for a happy husband.

  • Alexa

    I agree. I know it’s unbelievable, these actors were paid a quarter million for a movie who has earned 400M$ already….it’s crazy. I would be pissed if I was them.
    I agree with you they will ask for more…I even thought this might be a tactic of him to get a better profit from his contract.
    And that brat Dakota…I feel for Jamie that had to work with her. I saw her at Letterman and during the Oscar interview she was as childish as it get.
    And E.L.James wanting to write the script screams disaster. I already think this movie had a bad script adaptation and I didn’t like the director’s work either and the second characters were a miscast. I don’t know this movie needs major fixing and it depends on how much Universal will invest for the second.

  • Casey C

    If his wife is saying anything its far more likely ‘honey do whateveer it takes to quit this film or your career is going down the crapper’ rather than not liking the film. he already looks like he really massively regrets the role and now he’s realising how much he’s going to shoot himself in the foot. this film is a joke. the leads are gonna look like jokes. he needs to get out if he wants to salvage his reputation as a good actor

  • elisa

    he probably wants to run as far as he can from this because the critics destroyed his performance and that could make a serious damage to his career because is his acting skills that are being questioned not his involvement in this movie, but in the other hand we have kristen steward and she still around so i guess is relative.

  • norah mackenzie

    first of all if he quits then good luck to him. He chose to do the film because he was going nowhere as an actor – if he had great offers he wd have taken them up ( not including the fall ) he chose to do this. If he walks away then he will be in the same position as he was before which is nowhere all over again. at least he has the public recognition and that can lead to bigger offers at a later stage. dakota has gotten publicity out of it and jamie instead of shying away from his role as christian grey cd have handled it better and taken it all in stride. and abt his wife etc – since she is an actress then she wd better appreciate that this can help his career more than anything else. and last time i checked he is an adult and knew what he was doing before signing the film

  • Rita Steele

    he and Dakota were good in the movie and Jamie was just like Christian in the book, read where they are in a contract for all three so do not believe this rumor

  • Lise

    PLEASE do not make the sequence. It was one of the worst movies I’ve seen as one critic recently posted …. “- This film is to laugh?” if I’m not mistaken was the question of the critic, or something, I do not know, just know that I the movie is terrible. 👎

  • Rose Ryan

    The same thing happen to the twilight kids. When it blew up, they got huge raises for the next film. Same will happen with 50 shades sequel. But with the steep 73 or 75% fall off at the BO for 50 Shade’s second week, a sequel will make money, but probably not as much as the first film and I doubt that the two leads will get paid as much as the twilight stars.


    Studio’s are in the business of making money. I don’t think they have an obligation to pay high salaries if actors will work for less. It may not seem fair, but that’s business. Both of them probably got paid more than they’ve ever been paid for a film. If they thought they were worth more, they ( and their agents) should have held out for more. No one made them sign on the dotted line. No one cheated them, they are adults who were represented by agents.

  • Heather H

    A lot of films offer “back-end” agreement in which the actor takes a smaller upfront salary but a certain percentage of the profit the film makes (if any). This is good for lesser known actors like Johnson and Dornan because if the movie f**ks up and flops at the box office the studio doesn’t loose their money. In the case of 50 Shades of Grey it obviously made a lot so hopefully they get something. I believe Sandra Bullock had this type of agreement with Gravity thus in the end it worked out better for her.

  • alibi

    And his wife is getting slammed all over the net by those crazy FSOG fans! All she did was support him through this film. Poor woman! I really wish he would leave this project. I think he is too good for this film and got the raw end of the deal with his character development. They will both end up getting more knowing the crazies out there won’t both of them back, no one else but them…ughh!!

  • Sonya

    The actors did profit….exposure, their names are now known. He is more hot in The Fall as a serial killer, this movie does do him any justice because he is way hotter.

  • Sonya

    He has already established himself as a good actor have you seen The Fall, he is amazing in it, this is why he was hired as Mr Grey. He will have no problem getting roles. He is in demand now because the movie made buckets of money.. His wife didn’t even see the movie.

  • Casual Observer

    For me, the worse part about this story that originated out of a tabloid in Australia is that Jamie not only blames his wife for leaving, but he also throws Dakota under the bus. The source article states that Dornan feels that it was Dakota’s fault for his lackluster performance because she “gave him nothing to work with.” WTF??? The only thing that has gotten good reviews in this movie is Dakota’s performance and the music score.

    I don’t know, but I’m going to give Dornan the benefit of the doubt that he said no such thing about his fellow actor. However, if he did, he is one sorry sack of sh*t.

  • norah mackenzie

    why sd he leave the film? surely before he filmed the first one he and wifey wd have talked abt it first. if he leaves then it shows him to blame her and makes him appear to be a weak person with no mind of his own. i guess we will wait and see though. I hope he doesnt go cos he is christian grey regardless

  • norah mackenzie

    dont forget he chose to do the film – and now with the huge box office i am sure he and dakota will get pay raises which they deserve. and abt critics – i dont think that any movie that makes that much money need to bother critics because usually they always get films wrong – a critic who thinks that birdman and boyhood are worth watching is not right imo

  • Nikki

    Wow!! For a bunch of people who don’t care for/like the movie, they sure are putting a lot of effort to slam it!!! I liked the movie and thought it did a decent job bringing to life what people imagined when reading the book. No, the books were not a literary masterpiece. But, they were not meant to be either!! I love what Ericka did in the books……stayed true to this fantasy she had and encouraged others to use their imagination. To everyone who is ripping her book to shreds: I didn’t realize that you were in the process of writing a novel (or trilogy) and I can’t wait to read them!!! With that being said…….I, (as one of her fans) truly believe she needs to take just a small step back from the film!! You say you’re trying to take over the screenwriting for “Darker” and that you’re doing it for all of your fans. I’m your fan, my friends are your fans, and we would STRONGLY agree that there needs to be a new screenwriter, however, not you though. MOST of your fans (that I’ve noticed) would prefer someone else, someone who has experience in saving one film from the last one. So……if you didn’t like the movie then bugger off and make some better decisions on what to put your energy into. You are all starting to sound like a bunch of lazy, instigating, negative, classless losers that are laying on their mom’s couch using her laptop to type their own “reviews” (as if they matter) all while eating the food she set out to cook dinner!!

  • Casey C

    You don’t need to see the movie to read the scathing reviews for him. Brilliant actors have had careers derailed by being in shocking movies to which they were not well suited and totally miscast for. his first big hollywood movie is being utterly slated, along with his performance. you think producers aren’t gonna take notice of that? he is a great actor, but this is what he is now most famous for, not his great work in other things. its not a great jumping off point

  • miles

    Why don’t this asshole just leave already? He can’t act himself out of a paper bag. Wooden and dumb! For those who say he is good in The Fall…LOL NO – Gillian Anderson is the star of the show and it is this untalented moron who give a dead stare and strangles women all day. He is a joke to the acting community all he is his wife does is run to tabloids to remain relevant in the media. What a trashy couple!