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Zayn Malik's Fiancee Perrie Edwards Blamed For His Departure By Many One Direction Fans

Zayn Malik's Fiancee Perrie Edwards Blamed For His Departure By Many One Direction Fans

Zayn Malik‘s departure from One Direction has turned the world upside down!

Many fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the 22-year-old singer’s decision to quit and even blamed his fiancee Perrie Edwards, who is being compared to John Lennon‘s wife Yoko Ono.

If you didn’t know, Zayn recently slammed rumors that he cheated on Perrie after he was caught hanging out with a mystery blonde.

“Perrie’s the modern day Yoko Ono … I can’t believe this,” one fan wrote about the Little Mix singer.

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  • Sophia

    Typical tweens demonizing a girl for their fav’s actions.

  • BabyGroot

    Cray cray 😱

  • Tick

    His idiot fans need a reality check. He’s a drug addict.

  • eternalozzie

    he left because he was falling apart and he has to take care of himself … he probably just saved his life by doing this … this guy needs a normal life. not everyone is cut out for fame of this magnitude.

  • Magali Glambert

    This is not gonna make Zayn go back to 1D. Quite the opposite.

  • vn_102

    Not sure how he will ever be normal.
    Most of 22 years old are ready to spread their wings in new job world, while Zayn has to cope with post power syndrome, nothing he will do will ever match up with his peak with One Direction, it’s all downhill from here with his weak mental and drugs problem.

  • vn_102

    He needs rehabs for sure.
    His family and manager denying that he has problem with drugs, only make it worse.

  • eternalozzie

    actually being out of the spotlight will do nothing but help his problems assuming he takes the necessary steps

  • vn_102

    His family and his management are in denial about his drugs problem and now he has a lot of free times to get high all the times, so unless people around him were stop being enabler to his problem, he wouldn’t get help that he needs.

  • j b

    Now we know who the Yoko Ono is in One Direction.

  • Alyssa

    It wouldn’t be her fault because it would have been before the whole cheating thing got out because it would take a long time to finalize everything because of contracts and all that jazz…

  • MollyBD

    I know 1D’s PR team is putting a positive spin on Zayn’s leaving. But he was probably fired because of his drug use, which affected his being able to perform. He’s responsible for his own drug use. His girlfriend is not responsible for that.

  • Jon M’Shulla


  • teedofftaxpayer

    He really wouldn’t have to worry about it. A good financial manager and the money he’s made over the last 5 years he wouldn’t have to work for the rest of his life.

  • LiiL

    seriously? They made a parallel between oned and THE BEATLES… ?

  • Elisabeth

    Yes, blame the female. That fandom is too misogynistic..

  • Akash Datir

    First of all! Teenagers taking this topic to new level by tweeting about crying for him and all! Like seriously! STOP IT! Another thing is “If he wasn’t cheating on his fiancee, he should not have to gave up cuz now it looks like he did something wrong ” He shoulda took stand tho. So I don’t know why everyone talking about Zayn cuz the one who’s going through bad time right now is his fiancee Perrie Edwards. I know he’s a good Vocalist but Stop covering his mistakes!!!

  • LoveIt

    Why is she is to blame for his decisions??? 0_o

  • Patty

    Although you’re right when you mention it’s HIS responsibility only, you can’t assume he has drugs problems. Not saying he doesn’t either but stating it as a fact is irresponsible.

  • Patty

    Directioners: With posts like those it’s no wonder why he quit. You guys are crazy!!! One thing is to like a band and support them but another to harass and threaten the people in their lives!! I speak as a boy band lover myself, having gone through the same stage of thinking Nick Carter would marry me someday (I’m still waiting BTW) but never in a million years would I be crazy enough to threaten his wife or harass him and send hateful tweets and things like that. You have to keep in mind that he’s still a human being and he’s NOT going to marry you!! At the end it’s his well being that matters the most and you’re just too selfish to comprehend. It will be different but it will get better, move on, cope with it and remember you have a life!!!

  • Benny Ehud

    Do these people actually know how big the Beatles were? LOL One Direction is a boy band LOL

  • Mike1288

    Why do people have to find blame in others? Zayn is a grown man who made a decision for himself. All these youngsters get way to emotional. If your really a fan you would support his decision and not attack his gf.

  • RubSomeDirtOnIt

    No only will they NOT marry you, if they ever even did meet you they wouldn’t bother giving you a second glance bc one look is enough to tell them you’re insane.

  • Guest

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  • Brandon

    I don’t know why a smart girl would wanna date one of these guys. Why would anyone wanna put up with these tween psychopaths?

  • Malu Swartjes

    I hope this decision made him happy.
    that’s what’s most important, even though as a fan I feel sad and the band will never be the same again.. But good for him! And Perrie does NOT deserve this hate…

    The Stylish Confessions | Fashion & Beauty blog

    ZAYN MALIK Tribute Video

  • Glyn Ruck

    It takes 2 to tango.

    Go well Zayn. Right decision for you. The very best of luck
    with your new endeavours. Always an inspiration!

  • Christopher Sharpe

    I’d be so ashamed if my daughter turned out to be as brain dead as these 1D fans