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Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Donald Trump 'Would Be Very Good for Women's Issues'

Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Donald Trump 'Would Be Very Good for Women's Issues'

Caitlyn Jenner opens up about her thoughts on presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in this weekend’s new episode of I Am Cait.

“Um, I’m not a big fan because I think of his macho attitude,” the 66-year-old former Olympian starts off saying.

“I think he would have a hard time with women when he doesn’t even realize it, and it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be good for women’s issues,” Caitlyn added. “I think he would be very good for women’s issues… I don’t think he’s out there to destroy women or takes things away or do any of that kind of stuff.”

When asked if she would rather have Donald or Hillary in office, she slammed the female candidate.

“Oh my God yes I would never ever ever vote for Hillary,” she said. “We’re done, if Hillary becomes President, the country is over.”

Click inside to watch the full clip of Caitlyn Jenner talking politics…

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  • Sokanon567

    Caitlyn proving she still has a dick.

  • ivvie

    You couldn’t have said it any better.

  • ivvie

    You know nothing about being a women or what’s best for women.


    Is Caitlyn out of her tree? What the hell is she thinking?

  • Sandy McFarlane

    MESS !!!!!

  • busted

    Before Bruce transitioned to Caitlyn.. was he before she involved in Women’s Issues.. was there any support.. Seriously.. STFU Caitlyn.

  • leila

    sitting here in Canada laughing at this hot mess transgender who really doesn’t get what women’s issues are going for a egomaniac nut case for president. Well I guess one delusional ego maniac can support another one

  • caligurl

    Well, “she thinks”! Oh boy, the next thing we’ll hear, is that they’d be pulling off a fakeababy celebrity fake pregnancy prank, like the one that Ellen and Kimmel have pulled off, just for the ratings!! Either way, let’s see if Trump would actually do it and become an advocate for women’s rights… He could work hand in hand with Caitlyn, LOL!

  • xica

    who pays attention to Caitlyn? She’s so childish man like who obviously has a zero in culture

  • ola akande

    so she’s a white woman in every other area of her life

    but when it comes to politics (really when it comes to her $$ bc lets face it Democrats tax reacher ppl more) he’s still a white old man lol

  • Casey C

    she’s an a-hole. Seriously, has she even seen the stats on Trump’s views on women’s rights? he’s not ‘very good with women’s rights’ ffs. keep your mouth shut Caitlyn, because every time you open it you prove again and again that you’re as vapid as the rest of your family, and that you’ve no idea what it’s really like to grow up a woman and what women’s issues actually are. hint, it’s not about what to wear to an award show

  • Von

    Ah because you voted in a trust fund baby .. a drama school teacher before elected.LOL

    Your country is in a recession and his first priority was flying in 50, 000 Syrian refugees to feed, clothe and house for who knows how long, Refugees who complain about everything and done so hastily they probably didn’t do proper security checks.

  • Von

    Hillary Clinton who was her sexual predator husbands attack dog and the first to destroy any women who came forward against him and will so or do anything to get elected.

    At least Bill Cosby’s wife didn’t go around attacking the women, try to find dirty on them to destroy their reputations.

  • smmy33

    America would be better off putting up a big ass For Sale sign if Killary is elected.

    The Clinton Foundation was used mostly for people, companies, foreign government to buy πŸ’Έpolitical access to the U.S.

    Clintons never have held jobs that weren’t on the tax payer dime, worked as ” public servants” all their careers but some how they’re worth few hundred million, scary

    Just ask the Haitians what Clinton, his Foundation’s help/ aid did for them politically and financially

  • Dimme


  • Dee

    Bruce needs to drop his tits and wig off and pick his dick up at the door….and gtfo. He Has no NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT IT IS TO BE A WOMAN AND NEVER WILL.

  • Dimme

    She stayed with a man who privately and publicly humiliated her their whole marriage all for political power, great message to send to girls. Women can’t do it on their own,
    shove your dignity, self-respect real deep down and stay with the sexual predator you’re married to.

    I can’t think of a politician in my lifetime who is more owned by big money then her. From tech giants to WallStreet and even foreign interests.

    Th democrats nomination process is so corrupt , get like the Clintons, be more truthful if they called it a coronation, doesn’t matter if she wins or loses a state she’ll get the delegate lead.

  • leila

    still better then a three time divorcee, how many times bankrupt? also a trust fund baby with horrible business practices and even more disgusting views on women, immigrants and is making a mockery out of your country. I’ll take a recession over Trump any day.

  • Von

    TRMUP , the name scrawled on top of that huge 5 star Hotel in Toronto, Canada.
    That kind of business. Trump’s a billionaire, what’s Justin Trudeau done with his family wealth, nothing !!!
    Just like what he will do for Canada, nothing put it into more debt.

    If you’ve never done nothing with your life besides live off family money and the most you’ve accomplished is being a drama school teacher, then ah you’ve never had business that didn’t work out.

    You’re too dumb to know the difference from a COMPANY BANKRUPTCY like casions filing and personal bankruptcy
    Rather have someone with experience in every aspect of business around the world and commerce, failure and success, then one who has done SHIT ALL his whole life besides live off his family name .

  • leila

    I actually didn’t vote for Trudeau but I will give him the respect and time to actually see what he can accomplish. Trump discussing the size of his dick should embarrass Americans, the way he loses his cool everytime someone isn’t impressed by him, his non stop Twitter wars, his inability to have respectful debate with anyone is very disturbing. Trump representing your country in actual real world problems is a recipe for disaster. Long standing relationships with other countries like China are at risk. He is mentally unstable to run a carnival let alone a country.

  • Von

    Blah, blah .. Just a bunch superficial nothing that nothing to do with the type leader are. Exactly why Justin Trudeau is your Prime Miniter, handsome, looks good suit, family pedigree, says all the right progressive bullshit

    Leaders are made because they succeed AND fail but grow and lean from their failures.

    You don’t hope that at 44 year drama teacher who never excelled in education, run a business, non profit, executive will somehow magically become a leader once you had him over the job.

    America isn’t looking for a actor who looks right for the job, they already had that.

    They want someone who can get them out the ditch it’s in and put it’s citizens FIRST PRIORITY not last.

  • hazeldust

    Why is his opinion important.. His life was good because he’s a man. He never faced the issues women have, so he knows no better. Take it easy on him.

  • Lenny

    I’m a woman and there is no f’ing way I’d vote for HER. She’s done a lot crooked and shady stuff. Why would I want her as president. She should be jail with the other crooks. Hopefully she gets indicted.

  • smmy33

    Compare the tax cuts under Bush, cut all rates by 5% , got rid of the lowest rate , doubled child tax credit .. To Clinton’s or Obama, they never cut taxes just raise, raise, raise πŸ”

  • Silly People

    What would Caitlyn know about women’s issues? Caitlyn was a privileged, rich man for almost 70 years.

  • b324

    Yeah, Trump is not a billionaire. Nor is he as successful as he claims to be. And if you believe him to be great for anything, or that he’s actually telling the truth, or that he’s really a Republican, I’ve got some swamp land that would be a perfect summer house. Don’t worry, it’s totally safe, it’s got the word Trump on it.

    And you do realize that Trump inherited his wealth and lives off his family name.

    It’s painfully embarrassing to see people fawn over a mysoginist racist bigot who has already insulted so many people that COUNTRIES have already talked about not wanting to do business with or allow Trump to come set foot on their land.

    THAT is what you morons are promoting, defending and applauding. People like you make me sick. You’re uneducated fools who know nothing and are allowed to vote and fuck up this country and the people in it, including yourself.

    I’ll stick by my progressive liberal views because every country that has embraced them are SOARING to the very top of list of best countries. They are beating us in everything thanks to republicans, who over the last 36 years, have brought this country to its knees. I love people who think the problems of today are because of Obama or Clinton. Yeah no. It started with Reagan, actually further back. The only thing that stopped them from collapsing this country in the 90s was Clinton, a president who brought prosperity, something so many people have amnesia about. Then they went harder and brought us to the brink of destruction and again, a Democrat had to save us. Having the house, senate and WH kept us from another great depression. Then the stupids came out in force and elected more republicans and ohhh, what happened, the country is stalling, because republicans would rather see this country go down in flames then help the black president pass laws to help the country. Again, morons with votes, leaving this country for dead because they believe lies from the right.

    But no, you morons are like Caitlyn right now. Supporting the very people who have done the things you are most angry about, or refuse to do anything that you are most supportive of. She’s supporting a party that has politicians and supporters who believe that those in the LGBT community should either be in jail, a concentration camp or taken out into the street and have a bullet put in their head.

    If the republicans win, there will no longer be anything between Caitlyn Jenner having no rights to anything in her life. She’ll end up begging for someone like Hillary Clinton to save her.

  • b324

    LMFAO. Ooh the tears. Indictment. LMFAO. Yeah, not gonna happen.

  • b324

    To the first part, hi, welcome to the real world. There are plenty of people who stay in a bad marriage for whatever their reasons. And her reasons should be private, as it involves her private life. And cheaters are one thing, but to call him a sexual predator speaks volumes of your problems, not theirs.

    And the fact that you have access to the Internet and all the information of the world and call democrats corrupt, again, speaks volumes of your problems.

  • Elizabeth Garrett

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  • laura

    Maybe what you say about Hillary is true, but still she’s 1 million times better than Donald Trump.