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Azealia Banks Gets Into Twitter Feud with Disney's Skai Jackson

Azealia Banks Gets Into Twitter Feud with Disney's Skai Jackson

Azealia Banks is feuding with someone new and this time it’s Disney Channel star Skai Jackson.

It all started when the rapper went on a rant about Zayn Malik and Skai, 14, tweeted that she “needs to simmer down a little.”

Azealia responded by saying, “and you need to grow some hips and start ur menses. stay in a child’s place.” This started an exchange that went on for a few hours!

You might recognize Skai for her work on the shows Jessie and Bunk’d. She became a meme back in April after she shared a photo of herself waiting to do an interview and looking perfectly proper in her cute blue dress.

Click inside to read the rest of the exchange between Azealia and Skai…

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  • Wendy

    Smh…..fighting with a 14 year old…..Azealia Banks everyone. 24 year old with the mentality of a 12 year old. She must be so proud.

  • Kary

    Azealia was roasted for a 14 yo… Gosh this woman… i don’t even know which career she’s talking about

  • Jess

    Her ass got schooled by a 14 year old. I didn’t know who Skai was before, but now I’m a fan.

  • Joolz

    What is Azealia Banks even known for? All I ever see that lady do is fight with everyone over the Internet. She really needs to get a life and quit fighting with everyone. Pretty bad when a 14 year old shuts her up.

  • Midnight12

    First of all who the hell is she ? Acting like she owns the world. what ever her wack ass stage name is needs to put a condom on her head since she wants to be a smart ass and act like a dick, might as well start dressing like one.

  • 777

    The only time i ever hear about Banks is when she says something stupid on Twitter. She’s worse than a Kardashian.

  • Anna

    Damn Azealia… Angry much?!?!

  • Koos

    ‘MAGNUM’s’ were installed?

  • dajfredesco

    So disgusted. AB was bitching a few years about some dbag body shaming her and now she’s body shaming a child smh. I don’t think SJ should have came at her though but AB is way out of line. I’ve lost all respect for her tbh.

  • Jill

    Azealia Banks is best known as the mentally unstable train wreck whose low I.Q. is entertainment for people online. It’s sad because she is most famous for being so pathetic. No person with even a minimal education would find her talented, respectable or anything but a sad joke.

  • Joher

    Don’t know who the little girl is but I’m just here waiting for a feud between Azalea Banks and Demi Lovato lol they’re both crazyyyy

  • VanityInsecurity

    the only time this girl makes any type of headlines is arguing with someone.. its why she stays arguing with people. fkn hack.

  • MJangel4927

    Really? You’re fighting with a 14 year old KID? And then the idiot wonders why she’s not in the news unless she’s saying the first idiotic thing that pops into her grain of rice sized brain.

  • Alesha Smith

    Who the hell is Azealia Banks? Some trashy rap bitch according to Google. Never heard of her till the feud with Skai Jackson popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook. Azealia is just derelict reject no one likes or cares about.

  • ola akande

    damn homegirl from disney gave her the business lmaoooo

  • laura

    Azealia is kinda like a female Kanye, only even crazier!

  • laura

    I don’t know her either but heard her name a few konths ago when she attacked Iggy Azalea… Apparently attacking people on twitter is her job. ..

  • Arrow 12

    Nothing like fighting with a child. Azealia is such a loser.

  • Marianne Gp

    This woman needs help seriously it’s becoming creepy, she goes over every celebrity around with no reason.

  • Shawnté MsHollywood

    I am the only one that was annoyed by AB’s grammar…..ugh its YOUR not You’re..Skai let her sit next to you in class!!! School her ass again

  • René Lannisgaryen

    azealia queen

  • Pat Kerr

    Her life must stink if she has nothing better to do with her time than spend hours in a twitter fight with a teenager. She seems to have some real mental health issues as she over reacts every she sees a negative comment (either real or more often imagined).

  • Gina

    For every Azealia Banks, there is a Skai Jackson. And thank God for that. Azealia’s attack on Zayn blows my mind. A person of color throwing racial attacks at another person of color is beyond ridiculous. If anything, you should be more understanding of each other’s struggles. These struggles are what binds us together.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Wow , a 24 year old got owned by a 14 year old lol! This Azaelia Banks woman is pathetic.
    And I dislike Zayn Malik but what she did was disgusting. She is a person of color herself calling another minority person racist and bigoted names. That is not cool.

  • Pat Kerr

    She has been dropped from a festival at the start of June in the UK because she does not fit in with their festival which celebrate inclusivity and equality. Hope the twitter fight was worth the loss of work.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Good. She deserves it for being racist.

  • Stephanie

    Shit-talkers in full affect on here…

    This whole forum is either filled with Skai Jackson’s teeny-bopping-ass fan base or just completely blank. Many of you KEEP calling her “disgusting,” “pathetic,” and “immature” attached with other silly shit like, “She got owned by a 14 year old!!” and “Who the hell is she?” and “Never heard of her” and “she’s mentally unstable…damn” but CONTINUE to comment on her post while responding to each other?? Now, if that’s not immature, pathetic, disgusting and putting YOU in the position to be likewise asked “Who the hell are to be talking shit on a blog like you’re somebody greater?? What do you do??” I don’t know what is.

    At least she hasn’t BOWED down when out numbered. People kill me bullshitting online like they’re really “owning shit” in their comment–but either team up with nonsense to help them “fight” or bow out when they’re out numbered. WEAK. Say what you want but regardless of Azealia Banks’ unmovable opinions and personality, has her a legit career..she’s WORKED to get where you think she shouldn’t be. Apparently, in this area she is “laughing at hos.” Where’s your agendas? Oh okay.

    As you were.

  • Ametaf Johora

    ok this shit was actually MUCH more complicated than this a lot of shit went down but she deleted all her tweets like the vile trash she is i should have taken screenshots tbh

  • JabbingJay

    That’s funny because I thought Kanye was a female Kanye West. No self-respecting man behaves the way he does. No self-respecting woman behaves the way Banks does either but then again I do believe she is an alphabet soup of undiagnosed personality/mental disorders. She should get help soon as she is stuck in a vicious cycle of her own making. She is bitter because she doesn’t get the recognition she feels she deserves, then her bitterness ruins any opportunity she receives to advance her career, wash, rinse and repeat.

  • JabbingJay

    She cries about racism, yet she called a darkwr skinned woman a “tar baby.” The bitch is nuts.

  • JabbingJay

    We are supposed to applaud Azaelia for being wrong and strong? Everyone is sick of her nonsense. Stop defending that racist bitch. She complains about the plight of the black woman than tells other black women they need plastic surgery. She called a darker skinned black woman “tar baby,” she makes racist comments toward white people all the time and now she is talking about Zayn’s Indian heritage. That is nothing to applaud or defend. It is obvious she is not comfortable in her own skin.

  • Claire

    Lol.😂 This post comes from the one who tells people to kill themselves, die of cancer, calls them 3rd world b&tches, Maddox Jolie-Pitt a rapist on ? And you post this comment ? You should praise her… You’re from the same league.

  • Stephanie

    …apparently, everyone (including you) isn’t “sick” enough of her, as everyone (like you) keeps complaining and chatting up a storm about her mishaps. If you don’t like her, back away from her “nonsense,” as you call it.

  • Leyzzle Swizzle

    what the hell is this??

  • JabbingJay

    I can comment wherever I damn well please, so you can take your sophomoric logic elsewhere. People (like me) keep commenting on her “mishaps” because she keeps doing it. And I suspect that the reason she keeps these “mishaps” going is because retards (like you) keep defending her. Carry on.

  • Stephanie

    I know, right? :) You see those keys and sticky note by your hand? I peaked and noticed it was from the devil saying, “Whenever you’re ready, come on in! I already have your room set up. Welcome to HELL!” P.S. I didn’t mean to snoop and read your shit, but shit just smells SO BAD AND LOUD you can’t help but notice it. Now, you carry on. Next time use better judgement addressing someone who FIRST didn’t even address you. Those brain cells of yours just got burned.


  • JabbingJay

    What did you serve, more bullshit? I love people who self-proclaim putting people in their place like what they said is so freaking witty. It wasn’t. If you don’t want people to address you, then don’t post comments in PUBLIC forums, snowflake. Since you want to talk about judgment, I’d imagine that would be a logical conclusion to someone who had any. Until then I will continue talking as much “shit” as my Constitutional rights to do so allow. It’s the internet. Live it. Learn it.
    #feelfreetokissmyass. Did I do it right?

  • Stephanie

    …but I can’t hear you? You’re breaking up with all that static in the background. No one can hear you if you’re screaming in the microphone :) Keep practicing those “Constitutional Rights’ ON blogs, you’re doing good so far :) And that touch of “snowflake”…that was too cute. Snowflake? Snowfla…? Okay.

    …and there you go,

  • JabbingJay

    Azealia, girl, is that you? Is “Stephanie” the name of one of your many personalities? Step away from the keyboard and make an effort to whittle your personalities down to 2 or 3. Your “career” depends on it, Azealia! Now look at you, thinking I am going to bother clicking on links you provide. Aww. At least you tried, I guess?

  • Stephanie
  • JabbingJay

    What’s the name of this personality?

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Get lost bitch.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    She sunk low by attacking a 14 year old child.

  • laura

    The problem is that her crazy outbursts are only causing her damages…

  • Doctor Tomee

    I haven’t known Skai before, but now I stan.
    She ROASTED that retarded bitch.

  • PNutButty

    It’s pretty pathetic she even tried to go in on a child and then she still got owned.

  • jazzy

    Shes nothing but a nasty skank and always will be

  • Claire

    Angry ? Go back to peeps where you belong. Hope all you wish on people happen to you.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Go die of cancer like the Ho’s mom did.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Little girl thinks that being a meme is a career?