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Who Is Your Choice for Sexiest Man Alive 2017? Vote Now!

Who Is Your Choice for Sexiest Man Alive 2017? Vote Now!

Blake Shelton is rumored to be this year’s choice for People‘s Sexiest Man Alive, however, we here at Just Jared want to know who YOUR choice is for the annual honor!

In the past, names including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham, Channing Tatum, Adam Levine, and more were named as the Sexiest Man Alive.

There are obviously so many celebs who deserve the honor – so let us know who your choice is.

This poll is officially CLOSED! Thanks for voting! The official winner is Outlander star Sam Heughan, who won with a whopping 57% of the vote. Sam has a great fanbase and he loves his fans too!

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  • MLW

    All the guys in this poll have a reason to be there but Blake is undeniably likable, has an amazing voice, is funny, and is dating a woman he treats like a princess with three kids that he also treats wonderfully. That’s pretty darn sexy. The picture of him kissing Gwen’s forehead after they performed at Obama’s last state dinner says it all. He’s a keeper.

  • Alma Shaba

    Blake Blake Blake finally thank god….Love this man

  • Beach girl

    OMG if this is true I am sooooooo happy for Blake! Damn right he’s the sexiest man alive!

  • HereIsGood

    So overdue! He is such a handsome guy mostly because he doesn’t try to be anything he’s not. Love the gray. Love that he laughs at himself. This is a great pick in my book.

  • Chris

    Finally, they picked a guy that looks like a real guy! Gives hope to us all. Blake keeps me watching The Voice every week my girl tells me he’s is easy on the eyes and she could listen to him talk and sing all day.

  • Coco

    In high school a group of us always got together to watch the Voice but we always ended up talking about how hot and cute Blake was all night, so this makes sense to me. None of us were even country fans before the Voice. Ha ha!

  • Valéria Dornas

    Please, add Benedict Cumberbatch on this list -_-

  • Coco

    Totally agree.

  • lulusita68

    And where is Henry Cavill???

  • Kris

    Where’s Tom Hiddeston tho? I’d pick him anyday!

  • MaisyDaisy

    They are only including men with lips.

  • Kris

    Then why’s Sam here?

  • MaisyDaisy

    Token gay guy?

  • Ella

    None of these guys should be picked, they should cancelled this celebrate women empowerment after all the Hollywood sexual harassment cases being releveled everyday.

  • GreatCatSbee

    He’s in Montreal. You wouldn’t know him.

  • LadybugJ

    Vote for Sam Heughan! Couldn’t find a more wonderful person! He has a couple of charities he supports, so naturally his huge fan base has raised lots of money for them. Namely Bloodwise, to research cures for blood diseases like leukemia, and Cahonas Scotland. He started My Peak Challenge for all ages and all abilities. All the proceeds go toward his charities.
    Besides his obviously sexy good looks, he’s got a wonderful sense of humor, is compassionate, generous, and humble. He always gives his time to his fans – even in the middle of the night after shooting for Outlander! He’s the best “sexy package” there is!

  • LadybugJ

    Not all men are pigs. Let’s let them have their moment, too.

  • LadybugJ

    Sam’s not gay. Ask Caitriona Balfe or MacKenzie Mauzy.

  • Robyn

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  • MaisyDaisy

    Okay. I will. And I will keep in mind that Mauzy is paid to be his public “girlfriend” and costar Balfe has an incentive to pretend. For the record, I think Sam is fantastic in Outlander and I support our LGBT community. I also think people should lead authentic lives.

  • Samaria♥McCasker

    Of course it has to be JAMIE DORNAN all the way, everyone knows he’s the sexiest man alive hands down. He’d beat out Blake Shelton any day.

  • greatergood41v

    jamie donoVAN OF COUUURSE ! plus he’s the only one we’ve really seen naked ! like completly naked !!! in an NSFW pic laying down and his ….mmmm…
    see by yourself :

  • Mauricette Demoor

    Sam Heughan all the way. The most handsome, humble and generous man and the best actor.

  • Mauricette Demoor

    Yes. I totally agree with you.

  • Mauricette Demoor

    and Diana Gabaldon also said that he is not gay

  • Julia Hjs

    Agree, agree ! Jamie Dornan please! By the way, to anyone who are still under misconception that Jamie is not a good actor – please watch “The Fall”. Gillian Anderson and Jamie both gave Oscar worthy performances. absolutely chilling and terrifying! Sadly overlooked (truth of life). No amount of talent would help the scripts of FSG. Just saying..

  • Amalia Rowe


  • Amalia Rowe


  • Amalia Rowe


  • Amalia Rowe


  • Rhonda Webster Chaney

    Sam Heughan all the way!! He is a terrific actor, great to look at and so very humble and appreciative! Vote for Sam!

  • Lesley Calloo

    Jason Momoa

  • hayley rae †

    My vote goes to Nick Jonas

  • skiwitch

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • USWeeklyHatesComments

    I’ve been petitioning him for years! Since the Tudors 10 years ago (god I feel old). I think I have an old email I sent them lol.

  • USWeeklyHatesComments

    While I agree that many of the men on that list are gorgeous, they all seem so safe and repeated.

  • bugsmom898

    Where is Aidan Turner?

  • Alejandra Aguinaga

    porqué ampliar más el plazo si ya es evidente él que gano que hijos de su puta madre

  • Alejandra Aguinaga

    si tiene toda la razón pero en otro planeta de frente amplia

  • Ruth Ann Carr

    You should honor your original timeline. We decided to
    participate because of the fairly short timeline. Now you have extended making it a week. Bad form on you. If we had not invested so much time already we would pull out. But we won’t participate again. Opps there goes a lot of clicks for your site.

  • Judith McParland

    What kind of scam is this? The voting was supposed to end today at 12:00. Now they are extending it to Friday because the voting is so close. Sam Heughan is over 20,000 votes ahead of the nearest competition. How the hell is that close? When Friday comes and the odds are the same will it be extended to Monday. This thing could go on forever. Another example of idiots trying to impress the public that they have a grip on the latest trends in show business, or politics, or the arts or whatever the subject might be when they are no more than hacks.

  • Nichola Fish-Cumine

    Why extend the voting? Is it because you don’t like the results? Sam deserves this he’s not only sexy, he’s a generous and good-hearted man.

  • AnotherDumbSoutherner

    You sound more homophobic than a supporter of LGBT community.

  • MaisyDaisy

    How so? I speak the truth. I certainly wouldn’t want to live my live shoved into a closet.

  • MaisyDaisy

    I loves me some Jamie Dornan but I’m an Outlander fan too. Extending the voting doesn’t seem fair but it does seem in keeping with JustJared being a paid outlet for Fifty Shades publicity. (BTW, I think Freed will do just fine with or without this outlet.)

  • Amy_Leigh

    Jamies fans are all sick of his BS so they arent voting or not voting for him. They could make this happen for him

  • just me

    He has MANY MANY times over the past week had practically the same polls about what fans are for anxious to see in freed and got the same exact results in them all. Then this and Jamie is in it but not do well. IDK its just weird.. ALOT OF FSOG here

  • just me

    apparently its not going like they want it to

  • Jan LaBouve Remling

    #Outlander #SamHeughan

  • LadybugJ

    Hands down, Mr. Sam Heughan!