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Serena Williams Reveals Why She Won't Be Celebrating Daughter Alexis Olympia's First Birthday

Serena Williams‘ daughter Alexis Olympia will be turning a year old this weekend – but there won’t be any party marking the occasion.

The 36-year-old tennis star – who is currently in the midst of the 2018 US Open – recently revealed that she and her husband Alexis Ohanian will not be celebrating their daughter’s birthday when she turns one on Saturday, September 1.

“Olympia doesn’t celebrate birthdays,” Serena said at a press conference. “We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, so we don’t do that.”

If you didn’t know, followers of the Jehovah’s Witness church don’t believe in celebrating birthdays or holidays “because we believe that such celebrations displease God” – according to the church’s official website. Birthdays also have pagan roots, and according to the religion, the Bible “condemns the use of magic, divination, spiritism, or ‘anything like this.’”

Last year in her interview with Vogue, Serena opened up about what the religion means to her.

“Being a Jehovah’s Witness is important to me, but I’ve never really practiced it and have been wanting to get into it,” Serena said. “Alexis didn’t grow up going to any church, but he’s really receptive and even takes the lead. He puts my needs first.”

Serena Williams Reveals Why She Missed Her Daughter's First Steps

Serena Williams just shared some heartbreaking news.

The 36-year-old tennis superstar revealed that she missed her daughter Olympia‘s very first steps.

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Serena is currently training for Wimbledon in England and although her family is by her side, she was unfortunately on the tennis courts when Olympia took her first steps.

“She took her first steps… I was training and missed it. I cried,” Serena opened up on her Twitter.

Although we’re so sad Serena wasn’t able to be there for the milestone moment, we totally agree with hubby Alexis OhanianSerena is the Greatest Momma Of All Time!

Serena Williams Shares Photos of Her Prep for Royal Wedding!

Serena Williams will be attending the Royal Wedding to watch her friend Meghan Markle get married and she took fans inside her morning!

The 36-year-old tennis player took a bunch of selfies and videos while getting ready for the wedding on Saturday (May 19) in Windsor, England.

Serena was joined by her husband Alexis Ohanian and their daughter Olympia and they all look so cute together!

Meghan once wrote about meeting Serena on her blog: “We hit it off immediately, taking pictures, laughing through the flag football game we were both playing in, and chatting not about tennis or acting, but about all the good old fashioned girly stuff. So began our friendship.”

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Serena Williams' Husband Puts Up Four Billboards to Praise Her!

There are four billboards featuring Serena Williams and her daughter Alexis Olympia in Palm Springs right now!

The tennis player’s husband Alexis Ohanian put the billboards up for Serena to see on her way to the desert, where she will play in the 2018 BNP Paribas Open in March.

The first billboard says “Serena Williams G.M.O.A.T. – Alexis Jr + Sr” and the three other billboards spell out the acronym, “greatest momma of all time.”

“These just went up on alongside I-10 into Palm Springs. @OlympiaOhanian & I wanted to welcome her back to tennis. Designed them myself, with some help from Jr. #GMOAT,” Alexis tweeted.

Serena responded on Instagram, “Literally am crying. This is so sweet. I love you.”

See the photos of the billboards in the gallery!

serena williams husband billboards 01
serena williams husband billboards 02
serena williams husband billboards 03
serena williams husband billboards 04

Serena Williams' Daughter & Husband Cheer Her On at Tennis Match!

Serena Williams‘ daughter, Alexis Olympia, 5 months, and husband, Alexis Ohanian cheered her on at the 2018 Fed Cup this weekend!

The pair sat in the stands watching the 36-year-old tennis star and her sister Venus Williams compete on Sunday (February 11) in Asheville, North Carolina. They ended up losing the match to Lesley Kerkhove and Demi Schuurs.

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Alexis Jr. was born back in September and she was looking so cute sitting and watching her mom compete in the big match!

Check out the photos of the family in the gallery…

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serena williams daughter husband watch her compete 02
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Serena Williams Needed Emergency C-Section, Details Health Problems After Giving Birth

Serena Williams revealed that her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, who was born on September 1, 2017, was born by emergency C-section when her heart rate went too low during her contractions.

The 36-year-old tennis star’s delivery went smoothly and hubby Alexis Ohanian cut the umbilical cord.

“That was an amazing feeling,” Serena told Vogue in her cover story. “And then everything went bad.”

The next day, Serena felt short of breath and went to get a nurse. She told the publication she has a history of blood clots, and told hospital staff she needed a “CT scan with contrast and IV heparin (a blood thinner) right away.”

An ultrasound, which the doctors insisted on performing first, found nothing, but later, it was revealed she had “several small blood clots” in her lungs.

But the drama was not over. Vogue reported things went downhill from there: “Her fresh C-section wound popped open from the intense coughing spells caused by the pulmonary embolism, and when she returned to surgery, they found that a large hematoma had flooded her abdomen, the result of a medical catch-22 in which the potentially lifesaving blood thinner caused hemorrhaging at the site of her C-section. She returned yet again to the OR to have a filter inserted into a major vein, in order to prevent more clots from dislodging and traveling into her lungs.”

Finally, Serena was allowed home, but spent six weeks in bed.

Be sure to see the entire Vogue feature, with adorable photos of Alexis Jr!