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Lily Lane's 'Nothin' But Trouble' is the 'Pretty Little Liars' Song You'll Be Humming All Week (Exclusive Video Premiere)

Check out Lily Lane in the video premiere of her latest hit “Nothin’ But Trouble,” provided exclusively to

The singer’s song is being featured on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars! The song will also be featured on the season’s twentieth episode as well – be sure to tune in to hear the song!

“Nothin’ But Trouble music video out in the next 24 hours PLUS everyone pls tune into @ABCFpll Pretty Little Liars tomorrow to hear my song!” Lily tweeted.

Pretty Little Liars airs its all new episode tonight at 8pm EST on ABC Family.

Lily Lane’s ‘Nothin’ But Trouble’ Video Premiere Exclusive