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Sade's Transgender Son Izaak Celebrates Gender Reassignment Surgery With Heartfelt Note to His Mother

Sade‘s transgender son, Izaak Adu, is celebrating his transition.

The 23-year-old son of the 60-year-old “Smooth Operator” singer posted a message to his Instagram on Wednesday (September 25) celebrating his successful recovery after undergoing surgery.

“It’s been a long hard road but We did it!! We are coming home!!!! Thank you for staying by my side these past 6 months Mumma. Thank you for fighting with me to complete the man I am. Thank you for your encouragement when things are hard, for the love you give me. The purest heart. I love you so much. Queen of queens ♥️ #mumma #lioness #queen#iloveyou,” he captioned the post.

Izaak is Sade‘s only child, and came out as transgender in 2016.

Months before, Izaak shared photos from a hospital bed and admitted how “painful and emotionally exhausting” the experience was in the middle of his reassignment surgery.

“I often ask myself ‘why the f–k do I have to endure this to be who I am’ but at the end of the day this is the path that was laid out for me and I’ll walk it to the end,” he wrote at the time.

Congratulations on your successful recovery, Izaak!