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Tiger King's Jeff Lowe Believes He Was Poisoned After Suffering a Stroke

Jeff Lowe, who rose to fame with his appearance in Netflix’s Tiger King, had a serious medical emergency earlier this month and he believes he was poisoned.

Jeff‘s wife Lauren told TMZ that he is recovering from a stroke after being found unresponsive at a casino in Oklahoma. They believe that someone slipped something into his drink during his night at the casino.

Lauren says she found Jeff unresponsive at around 3am on March 18 and called 911. He was airlifted to a hospital in Texas where the medical staff saved his life.

“I thought he was dying in my arms,” Lauren said. She says that doctors have been unable to figure out what caused the stroke.

Lauren says there was a mysterious suspect who was lingering around them on the night of the stroke and she suspects the guy might have used a drug that would go undetected by tests. Thankfully, Jeff is now home after three days in the hospital, though he is still having difficulty with talking and coordination.