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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: King Me!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: King Me!

Lover. Warrior. Rebel. King. Prepare for reign.

Well known for playing two kings (Elvis and Henry VIII), Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and longtime girlfriend Reena Hammer catch a flight to NYC via LAX airport on Tuesday.

Jonathan and Reena will be celebrating the NYC premiere of the Showtime original series The Tudors at W New York Union Square on Wednesday evening.

The pretty pair were last spotted at the Los Angeles premiere of The Tudors on Monday night.

For 15+ pictures of Jonathan and Reena at LAX airport, CLICK HERE!

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jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 01
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 02
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 03
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 04
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 05
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 06
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 07
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 08
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 09
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 10
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 11
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 12
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 13
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 14
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 15
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 16
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 17
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer airport 18

Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • Rii

    I want to see The Tudors, hopefully I will get a chance. Jonathan looks so happy, it’s great to see him smile.

  • angelina_mmm

    Elvis :)

  • DD

    Brown girl with white! I don’t see that often in Hollywood. (I’m a brown girl lol)

  • tanique33

    he’s so damn pretty, especially when he smiles. i clearly need to hang out at lax more.

    thanks for these jared.

  • Layla

    They’re adorable. I love it when he’s uninhibited and not trying so hard with the sexy-pseudo psycho stare.

  • TskTsk

    Aw sweeetness…he’s a cutie

  • Bliss

    Maybe “Bend it Like Beckham” had a lasting effect on him! ;)
    PS- I loved that movie!

  • the_fox

    I thought they broke up a while ago, unless this is another girl who looks similar. Does anyone know?

  • rachel

    you have made my wednesday, jared.

  • tabi

    he’s sexy as hell, I loved him in Bend it like Beckham and Match Point. He has really sexy eyes and a cute smile.

  • Tara

    He’s looking really good and happy lately. Must be the reconciliation with Reena.

  • Summer

    DD & BLISS your comments are pointless

  • Mia

    The_fox – yes it still is the same girl
    there obviously back together
    he’s way too nice for her
    they must be going through a good patch
    cause they fight a lot

  • lurker opinion

    No butt

  • Janice

    He’s gorgeous…she’s nauseating!

  • the_fox

    thanks mia

  • AJ

    Just an observation – in the first pic JRM is wearing a ring on the 3rd finger of his left hand. Isn’t that the wedding finger?

    (To “DD” – Justin Chambers (aka Alex from Grey’s Anatomy) also has a darker wife, and I know of some other examples, but I can’t think of them right now, so it isn’t all that rare.)

  • Bella

    Jonathan is so damn hot. I am extremely disappointed to see him back with this bag of bones.Lose the baggage skin and bone baggage of Reena. You are way to good for her. She is tempermental and a spoiled little bitch. Go for some lusty white meat like Scarlett .

  • Fatima

    Bella—->LOL…..your comment was hilarious…
    she seems to have no personality of her own….
    very timid….
    stronger is better…..
    he’s too stunning for anyone…

  • i love jonny

    enough with all the evil comments about reena! she’s done nothing wrong! don’t be jealous just because she got jonny not you! that comment about her being timid is just ridiculous, what is wrong with being timid?! if you take your time to get to know jonny, you’ll realise that he’s quite shy himself. plus isn’t it ok for her to be timid because it means that jonny can protect her? and aren’t you forgetting the most important thing? she obviously makes jonny happy, he’s spoke of her on a number of interviews as his ‘rock’ amongst others and he’s always smiling when he’s with her and kissing her. so leave her alone, i’m sure jonny wouldn’t like to hear all this crap you’ve been saying about his girlfriend!

  • Maz

    woohoo…”i love jonny”..(lol) nd cud i jus add that most of the ppl who hav posted ridiculous comments such as “no personality”, “timid” or “lusty white meat scarlett” have absolutely no regard for personal tastes, opinions or even acknowledging the fact that they should at least get to know someone face to face before trying to analyse their personality, life or tastes…
    Which in itself is completely and utterly the point that most of you all could actually yet up a club, suggestion- call yourselfs “band of sad eegits”, just a suggestion….

  • John_is_hot_in_tudors

    Johnathan is sooooooooooooo bloody hot in the tudors. have any of you lot seen it? i have recorder it and trust me its a movie to see!!!!!!!!! literally!!! but mind you that reena does look a bit to skinny for me liking and mean if she makes him happy then thats cool by me.

  • Coco

    Well, Reena IS pretty plain if not rather ugly. No wonder he entered alcohol rehab.
    Alcoholics don’t think rationally.

  • Lexie

    Reena is half Bangladeshi and half Polish/English! Just so you all know!


    i think reena is a shallow idiot…and she is not very beautiful either.jrm can do better than that.i don’t understand what he likes about that thing who’s calling herself his girlfriend. MEN….


    well,these pictures above are the proof that jrm is an alcoholic.look at that thing he’s druging with him…omg.even my grandmother is sexier… .she is an ugly and unatractive pair of bones

  • Wonderman

    Yes! and we’re all such stunning super models..ever looked in the mirror lately ; )

  • Wonderman

    Yes! and we’re all such stunning super models..ever looked in the mirror lately ; )


    i have looked in the mirror lately bitch and i’m not saying that i’m a supermodel but i’m more attractive than that reena girl for sure….
    u don’t have to be a supermodel to be more attractive than that shit..LOL

  • Remy

    I love him amazing!…lol..i think he would most def be better off with me! ;)

  • Remy

    I love him, he is amazing..and heck he would be way better off with me im sure he’s into 23 year olds too…lol ;)

  • Alison

    He’s the sexiest thing i’ve ever seen in my life!!!!! HOOOOOOOOTTTTT AS HELLLLLLLL!!!!!!! OMG I so wanna see him in “The Tudors”…it looks like his sexiest role!!!!!


    JRM is soo hot and sexy and nice and perfect in movies but in real life he must be soo fucked up……check ”jonathan rhys meyers arested”

  • Bella

    Hi Guys it’s Bella Again. Well, I still think Reena is not right for Jonny. I simply think she is a whiny spoiled bag of bones, period. All you people that take up for her skinny ass, go get a life. None of us will have Jonny, I accept that, yet it pains me to see him with someone who I truly think is not to right for him. Why else would they have broken up and got back together about half a dozen times and counting. Come on,Jonathan, dump the rich, spoiled back of bones and find a real woman like Scarlett Johansen. Peace Out for Now !!

  • Kepigirl

    I agree with Bella 100%. Maybe this post should be under the one where he says he keeps his money in a mattress but thought I would share it. Read a more indepth interview where he is making those comments. The interviewer is pressing him to find out where he invests his money and missy Reena pops up and is touching her gold earrings and necklace and says, “He invests in me” . . . gag, gag , gag (finger down the throat). Well I won’t be watching Tudors now. I have visions of Reena stepping in and saying his lines for him. I like John, but he is truly becoming Reena’s puppet. She’s bad for his career in the longrun.

  • Gisele

    She is not that beautiful. I mean, he could do better. The man acted side by side qith Scarlett Johanson for crying out loud!!

  • dimi

    thnx nicole…i don’t think that u have to be a supermodel to be prettier than her…she really is nothing special…maybe she has a great personality tho….but why are u so offensive?is she your cuz or what?we’re just saying that she is not pretty and not sexy at all…him on the other hand is a very goodlooking man and a very talented actor…ah and yes i’ve senn myself in the mirror too…i’m way much better…just because yo asked

  • ana

    he is so perfect!!!