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Britney's Pleasure Cruise

Britney's Pleasure Cruise

Britney Spears goes on a private Harbor Cruise in Marina Del Rey on Thursday with her cousin Allie and two sons — Sean Preston, 20 months, and Jayden James, 8 months. (Brit still hides Jayden underneath a blanket.)

Brit Brit enjoyed cocktails in the yacht’s cabin and sunbathed on the deck.

During the hour-long high-seas pleasure cruise, the 25-year-old pop princess showed off her off newly toned figure and pink bikini but covered up most of the time with a hoodie and pink sarong.

12+ pictures inside of Britney‘s cruise with the kids…

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Photos: Carrillo
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  • b

    awesome. cant wait for the album

  • Kate

    I can’t help but feel sorry for that baby. He’s always under wraps!! How can he even breath under that blanket?! Say it with my now…FRESH AIR!
    (Yes, I understand about her not wanted everyone to see him and blah, blah, blah. But, still!)

    And were these pictures taken from a helicopter? Please–give me a break.

  • Gris

    Seannn is soo cute.
    Brit look good.

  • [Fug Face You]

    Those kids will be alcoholic coke-heads by 14.

    I know Brit’s fans cant wait for her album. 11plus songs – written by other people – thoughts, feelings, and lyrics giving to her because she isn’t talented enough to come up with them herself. She rocks!

  • kevin

    she’s the best and haters need to shut the hell up.

  • Dancer

    Brit is probably hiding Jayden thinking some magazine will give her more than they gave TomKat or Brangelina.
    She is so old news…she needs to go away.

  • Lisa

    “She is so old news…she needs to go away.”

    Uh huh. She’s such old news that you are on here 10:30PM at night commenting on her.

  • S

    Britney and her kids! Shes been taking SP out a lot with her :) Brit & co are cute

  • HDizley

    SPF is actually a very cute kid.

  • Jamie

    Is there something wrong with her baby? She showed Sean Preston when he was a baby. I don’t get it.

  • El

    Jayden seriously has something wrong with him if he is so small to fit in that seat under that cover &&&&& something seriously wrong with him if at 8 months he isn’t fussing to push the blanket off of him when there are people screaming his name, his brothers name, and his mothers name. There is no way that a blanket would stay put like that. Plus these pictures are especially concerning being that Britney not only never ever carried or held SPF, even when he looked terrified on that boat, but also because Jayden was obviously somewhere under deck while everyone on the boat with her was up top enjoying themselves. wrong wrong wrong

  • Jessica

    poor kid

  • Jessica

    Oh well if you love Blake lewis..

  • Dancer


    Well actually I stumbled across the post on her with her ratty hair and hat on the way to other entries that have much more class!

    I’m sorry, you can support her all you want, but many of us have had it with her antics. She’ll need every fan she has if she keeps up the way she is going if she wants to sell any more records.

  • Eve

    Britney is Brandine Spuckler (from the Simpsons, Cletu´s wife). The only difference is that she has money.

  • cdn

    El…i was thinking the same. i don’t think there is a child in that carseat. at 8 mos…sitting, crawling, moving, non? it’s a sad story whatever it is.

  • MagicalMe

    Again more proof that Jayden is a girl,
    Most moms carry a diaper bag that represents the sex of the baby and Britney’s diaper bag is pink.
    Plus the only known picture of Jayden the child was wearing a pink jacket. I still think the baby is a girl!!!!

  • me

    Oh my god. I thought the same thing…he is a she!!

  • WTF

    Why would she hide one of her children and show off the other? It doesn’t make sense. It is like she is ashamed of her baby. Even if the child had downs-sydrome or a birth defect,or is a girl, why would you hide this? You can’t keep your child under wraps forever. It doesn’t make sense.WIERD

  • mary

    wow does she ever hold her kids?? It’s always someone else holding her sean preston or jayden james. She’s almost like Victoria Beckham.

  • cj

    shouldnt that child be wearing a life jacket? kids wonder and lord knows with her luck he would fall right over

  • Vanessa

    I used to like Britney when I was younger. She was never too talented but she was fun. I’m really sad to see what has happened to her.
    I also think that she’s just trying to get attention by hiding Jayden, like Tom & Katie got all that attention when there were no pictures of Suri. It’s just really sad that she’s trying so hard to be the center of attention all the time.

  • Michaele

    I’m so sick and tired of paparazzi, y’all seen the guy on the fence?

  • Anony

    I was wondering, has anyone ever seen Sean Preston with a toy or playing with anything? As a mother I think Britney should have put a lifejacket on Sean Preston.

  • nat

    sean is so cute :) i don’t want to judge britney when it comes to her family- that’s just too personal..i still love her :D

  • 19 years old

    to the one complaining about not seeing the kids with toys…

    to the other one who says she doesnt carry her kids

  • Quelue

    i think she’s hiding the other kid b/c k fed isn’t the father haha

  • clb

    um excuse me, but shouldn’t that little one have a LIFE JACKET ON!!!!

  • blah

    she’s no longer allowed to carry her children because of the time she tripped and decided to try to save her drink rather than her child.

    spf looks very very special. these pics of shitz remind me of anna nicole’s later years when she completely lost it.

  • Muu

    # 26 | 19 years old @ 05.25.2007 7:58 am

    to the one complaining about not seeing the kids with toys…

    It’s Britney with the toys, not Sean P. Sure she took them with them, but that picture doesn’t answer to the question.

    And I agree with the one who says Sean P. should have a life jacket on.

  • cheska

    i love britney..:)

  • MagicalMe

    Ok guys think about this if the baby is in fact a girl then 1. She is sitting back laughing at all of us
    2. The pictures would sell for MEGA BUCKS!
    3. The longer the secret the more $$$$$
    those are pretty good reasons to keep a secret

  • Mediterranean

    Isn’t he supposed to wear a lifevest on the boat? He is very young to stay without it.

    I hope that she doesn’t drink anymore or do drugs. She has to put herself together for her babies.

  • hey ya’ll

    isnt sean supposed to wear a life jacket because he is an infant??

    I bet britney’s too stupid to realise!

  • Momma Says

    Both those babies should have been wearing PFD’s before they were carried onto the pier. Everyone knows little guys dart around and boats sway; it can’t be legal to have small ones without PFD’s on that boat. She doesn’t have the common sense to raise a hamster, Child Services is really avoiding their responsibility in her case.

  • Julie

    Please, people, SPF shouldn’t be wearing a life jacket, have you seen the size of him compared to the ‘walls’ of the boat??He could never just fall off.Plus the bodyguard is watching him 24/7!!

    Puhlease … give her a break, she has enough people around her who can give her good advice!

    And about Jayden … maybe he/she wasn’t with them on the mini-cruise, but she just wanted to pretend he/she was with them, because other wise people would think it would be unfair?!

    And I think it’s good she keeps him/her under wraps, the world shouldn’t see her baby unless she wants to, I’m sure she isn’t ashamed of her kid, what mom would be?

    Go Brit!Fuck you Haters!

  • Yazoo

    No shots of that massive dumper??? You photogs Feags?

  • bob dylan

    Private cruise?

  • Me

    Maybe there really is no baby!

  • Goliano

    @ #4 | [Fug Face You]

    That’s how most of the industry does it… why should Brit be any different?