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Nicole Richie's Get Out of Jail Free Pass

Nicole Richie's Get Out of Jail Free Pass

Nicole Richie (in a YSL cream silk halter dress) attends the Center Dance Arts’ Pool Party sponsored by Yves Saint Laurent at the The Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

In baby news: A friend of Nicole‘s says she is pregnant and boyfriend Joel Madden is the father.

“Nicole is kind of hoping her pregnancy will keep her out of jail,” the friend told Page Six. “[We're] wondering if she can carry the baby to term because of her weight issues.”

The friend also claims Nicole hopes the pregnancy will keep her out of jail as she is facing jail time due to a DWI arrest earlier this year.

Is this Nicole‘s get out of jail free pass? Maybe! Just maybe…

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nicole richie ysl pool party 02
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Photos: Marsaili McGrath/Getty
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  • Indie

    Nicole Preggers? Yeah sure. :lol:

  • Mmmmm

    I love her big doe eyes .. I wish she would eat a few hotdogs and beer tho.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Haha.. when pigs fly!

  • megan

    i LOVE that dress

  • L

    She’s so thin, I can’t believe that she would have a menstrual cycle to even be able to get pregnant…….

  • sarah

    sooo pretty! she’s amazing…love.

  • Michael

    If she carry a baby just for keep her out of jail, I think she’ll be in jail for 45 days like Paris cause the judge are not nice in this moment! Be fair Nicole you’ll go to jail like Paris there’s any exeption You’re a bad girl well the bad girl have to be punished ! lol

  • Didi

    now let’s see; cocaine, cigarettes, and alocohol, that’s great nutrition for a growing feotus. this baby has a lot going for it already.

  • Natalie

    Nicole can’t be pregnant… I don’t think it is physically possible.

  • Amy

    She looks pretty in these pictures.

  • Violette

    She looks SO stunning – I heart her style! and she has amazing eyes too. Very pretty.

  • julia weinstein

    she is very cute.

  • larry

    Wow wow wow wow

    who cares if she is pregnant. its a personal issue. get a life guys.

    back to nicole, flawless, perfection, A plus
    look at those eyes…..beautiful.

    i mean i don’t know what to say, nicole is perfection :)

    simple. classy. totally gorg.

    ok i’ll stop….wow

    btw, thankas jared

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    larry stop wacking off.

  • Nilay

    Wow wow wow wow

  • Didi

    13 larry | 06/15/2007 at 12:50 pm
    Wow wow wow wow

    who cares if she is pregnant. its a personal issue. get a life guys.

    back to nicole, flawless, perfection, A plus
    look at those eyes…..beautiful.

    i mean i don’t know what to say, nicole is perfection

    simple. classy. totally gorg.

    ok i’ll stop….wow

    btw, thankas jared


    larry get your d*ck out of the disk drive, you’ll f*cking electrocute yourself

  • mackenzie

    she’s so NOT pregnant …

  • mel

    its funny to me that people think sh is so amazing and she has the body of a 13 year old boy. America is funny b/c if someone has a eating disorder then they look down upon but for some reason nickole is iconized for being the 2nd twiggy. very interesting. yes nicole is pretty and she is talented but what with all the young female stars thinking they can get away with the law i hope that is not why she got pregnant. also, i think she needs some time i am not trying to judge but dirving backwards on a highway my God she could have killed lots of people. i just love how at night celebs lose control and the next day u would never know that anything happened. is anyone concerned that she has being drinking alcohol and is carrying a baby depsite being beautiful. fetal achoholo syndrome and pre-matures do not always work out in a hollywood ending.

  • mel

    sorry for my bad spelling.
    i used to like nicole until she became a wafer and everyone started being ok with it. i know people who has eating disorders and ppl give them so much shit and a hard time but with her its ok. i hope she is not having a baby to feel loved. she has issues with papparrazi, her dad her “best friend” is in jail thats really difficult yes she is beautiful but will her beauty get her through these tough times?

  • Gabriella

    I love her.She looks GORGESS!If she is pregnant which I doubt I pray all goes well.I wish her the best always!!!!

  • to #19 mel

    I f you have nothing positive to say and you use to like her Why?are you here?Go on a thread where you still LIKE someone!

  • to #19 mel


  • aj/bp fan luv em&luv nicole!

    That Dress is Lovely and Nick looks beautiful wearing it!As for pregnant,another friend or source,we shall see!Larry I agree with you.

  • mel

    hey dont get mad ii said SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, why are u getting defensive. its just if u were to look like she did do u really think people would worship u or want to go get help just be realistic for a minute. i like nicole i am just worried. like i said if ur best friend is in jail how would u feel? really its not a good feeling i know. i just hope she has a baby b/c she likes this guy and isnt trying to replace a best friend or something shesshh

  • mel

    last thing then im leaving this thread i happen to nicole personally and she will even tell ur herself whether ur a friend or associate u cant always tell people when they are doing something right b/c when life bites u in the ass or knocks u off ur feet u need someone whose going to help u come up with solutions and not just say things like omg u look great or its ok ur great thats not realistic. i hope people dont treat people they know like this b/c if thats the case when someone bad comes against a person they take tooo hard and it can lead into something dangerous like drug or alcohol addictions. i was not trying to make anyone upset and mad. thats good that u all love her like this but sometimes people need more than just u look great they need a real answer and then a ((hugg)) if u really want nicole to get ur good thoughts why dont u to her talent agency instead of on her. United Talent Agency
    (Talent Agency) or Creative Artists Agency
    (Talent and Literary Agency)

    and yes i know about karma and it is a btch if ur not living ur life right but assuming something about a person u dont know is a btch too

  • iggi

    This bitch is a joke. She thinks that she is above and beyond the law because her father is famous and that in order to avoid jail she can just fake a pregnancy. She needs to be institutionalized for drug abuse, habitual lying, general delussional beliefs and behaviors, her eating disorder and for being a media whore.

  • iggi

    She is so wrong! She has no respect for herself or for anyone else she comes in contact with. Point out one thing…just one…. that she has done for anyone else in her life. Demonstrate one thing she has done besides wh*re herself out through the media at the expense of everything she comes in contact with. Now she wants to use an alledged and possibly fake pregnancy to keep her out the jail she should so rightfully be in… I am so sick of justice in this country. All you have to do is be the product of some famous/wealthy jizz or spit out some famous/wealthy c*nt (or get adopted by one or the other) and you get instant rights to entitlement and a get out of jail free card. She is a talentless and disturbed little girl who copes with her tortured little world of priviledge by using drugs, mocking common, hard working people, exibiting an alarming eating disorder, and pretending she is special.

  • malibumom

    You don’t need a menstrual cycle to get pregnant-the menstrual cycle is an indicator that you are not-you need to be able to ovulate-in order to ovulate you need certain hormones to be at certain levels-It’s true it takes a certain amuont of body fat to mensturate, but remember there is a difference between menstruation and ovulation-Besides, she could have received hormone shots for LH and FSH (leutenizing Hormone and Follicle Stimnulating hormone)-in order to ovulate-nevertheless, if she is I hope she will soon realize that child bearing and rearing is the most serious role in life a person can have-it is more than just pictures and playdates-I could take the money she spends on one shopping spree and flip a house! Anyway,If she is may God help her to have an uneventful pregnancy!

  • EyesOpen07

    SHE IS NOT PREGNANT! Regardless, these recent pics shoould let everyone know the truth without her answering. She gained some weight but she is not pregnant. Please stop y’all.

  • icky and smell=same

    Shes beautiful and if you read the two HATERS posts they dont like her but their here hahaha yeah youre so not jealous.NICOLE ROCKS!!!icky and smell can go to he11!

  • Lo

    absolutely stunning!!!!
    thanks jared.

    i believe this girl is perfection

  • brad PITT is to hottttttt.


  • heb

    She had better get some jail time. There are a lot of women in jail who are pregnant, this skank had better get her time. Why is she famous again?

  • ME TO>33 heb

    Nicole looks Stunning!

    And if she gets jail time as you so want she has already said shes gonna do her time.




  • nicole richee fan

    I really love the dress NICK’S wearing!Nick looks elegant and so pretty.Beautiful really.

  • Suz

    There ARE pregnant women in jail.

  • lola

    I hate to say this because a lot of young girls are here and they copy these stars, but Nicole was always cute, but now she looks striking since she got skinny. Everything popped out on her face – she has a nice profile and jaw, her nose is sharp, and her eyes are spellbindingly sexy.

    Please don’t you girls starve yourselves. You have to have good looks to begin with, and she does.