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Jessica Alba @ Christian Dior Haute Couture Show

Jessica Alba @ Christian Dior Haute Couture Show

Here are a couple more shots of Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Ziyi Zhang and Monica Bellucci from the John Galliano‘s autumn/winter haute couture show for Christian Dior in the Orangery at the Palace of Versailles.

“It’s amazing, it’s like a dream come true,” Alba said.

Alba was accompanied by beau Cash Warren. Ziyi brought her boyfriend Vivi Nevo. Other celebrities in attendance: Kate Hudson, Ellen Pompeo, Eva Green, Sofia Coppola and Dita Von Teese.

25+ pictures inside of Alba, Theron, Zhang and Bellucci

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01 jessica alba christian dior haute couture
02 jessica alba christian dior haute couture
03 jessica alba christian dior haute couture
04 jessica alba christian dior haute couture
05 jessica alba christian dior haute couture
06 jessica alba christian dior haute couture
07 jessica alba christian dior haute couture
08 jessica alba christian dior haute couture
09 jessica alba christian dior haute couture
10 jessica alba christian dior haute couture
charlize theron christian dior haute couture 01
charlize theron christian dior haute couture 02
charlize theron christian dior haute couture 03
charlize theron christian dior haute couture 04
charlize theron christian dior haute couture 05
charlize theron christian dior haute couture 06
charlize theron christian dior haute couture 07
monica bellucci christian dior haute couture 01
monica bellucci christian dior haute couture 02
monica bellucci christian dior haute couture 03
monica bellucci christian dior haute couture 04
zhang ziyi christian dior haute couture 01
zhang ziyi christian dior haute couture 02
zhang ziyi christian dior haute couture 03

Photos: Splash News Online/AP
Posted to: Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Monica Bellucci, Ziyi Zhang

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  • Twinkle

    Zhang Ziyi is so cute and pretty. What on earth is she doing with this Eurotrash with shoe leather for skin. Blech! Who the hell is this guy?

    Was this a fashion show or a giant, celebrity endorsement, ad campaign? Another blech!

  • alaina alexa

    jessica alba and Zhang Ziyi have beatiful dressed

  • Lisa

    Oh wow! They all look so gorgeous! Thanks Jared for posting these!

  • You’re soooo last season.

    Number 1…….. The nature of shows from houses such as Dior is to have celebs at the show so people like you take more notice. Not that you would ever buy one of the fabulous gowns that Mr Galliano creates, but in the hope that you would then go out and buy the latest Dior fragrance or pair of sunglasses. The lines between show, endorsement and campaign have very much been blurred. This is nothing new at all. It’s just the way it is. Get a clue darling.

  • Halli

    What was Jessica doing there? No talent hack.

  • Fox

    They all look freaky to me.

  • golden

    to me, charlize never misses. superb make up to match this time!

  • shopgirl

    Jessica looks incredible.

  • Stella

    I like Jessica Alba’s dress but I don’t like the Audrey Hepburn hair-do on her. I like Charlize Theron’s dress but not her eye makeup. Zhang Ziyi’s is cute but the guy she’s with looks strange.

  • H

    charlize theron is gorgeous even with that gross hairstyle and jessica alba is so damn overrated ya she’s cute but definitely not beautiful like everyone makes her out to be. Imagine jessica alba standing next to charlize theron she would be invisible haha

  • natalie

    Zhang Ziyi looks so regal! She is a goddess.

  • anonymous

    YIKES!! Jessica “don’t call me latina” Alba is NOT looking good!! She has a very fake smile!!

  • Theron wins

    Luv Charlize’s dress and I see she is blonde again. Kate time 4 roots to be done.Monica’s sandals are really hot. Red dress is nice too,but is that a guy? Blue dress is nice,jewelry to much. Jessica’s dress don’t like it to common.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    jessica is annoying me these days -ever since she reportedly made some weird comments about her latino heritage. be proud jessica. so i will focus my attention on salma hayek and penelope cruz who are better looking anyway! any day.

    salma hayek is a goddess and is proud to be mexican. unlike watered down jess with no talent.

    sorry had to say it!

  • ace

    all of them look gorgeous but dun fancy alba hair =)

  • Angelina

    chinese pride! =) zhang ziyi looks fabulous and the white dress really matches her. Oh and yeah, she goes look very cutr and petite.

    jessica alba looks so grown up in that dress! i wished she wore something kore extravagent but the dress is still pretty. she almost looks like an eurasian version of audrey hepburn.

    i think charlize looks amazing! the dress is kinda gothic but i love it! (i never liked gothic stuff). at first, i thought her hair was kinda weird but it totally goes well with her amazing eye- makeup and dress.

    i don’t even know who monica belluci is but she looks scary. her dress, fur and shoes are awful. that black dress is a big contrast from charlize’s awesome dress.

    i still dont understand why ellen pompeo was invited to the show. at least she should’ve picked something nicer- her dress was a nightmare. its like a rug. bleuhh. but i love her on grey’s anatomy as meredith only…

  • pauli

    I am a huge fan of Monica Bellucci!

    I think she’s one of the best actress’es! I’ve seen many movies with her!

    And also she is one of the most beautiful woman out there!

  • pauli

    I love Monica Bellucci!

    She is such a great actress! One of the best I’ve ever seen in movies!

    But not in typical hollywood-movies, more in independent european-films!

    She’s Great!!!

  • pauli

    O.K. I’ve added 2 Comments because i thought it didn’t work!


  • Yily

    Ziyi Zhang is so beautiful! Monica Belluci and Ziyi looks amazing! Why is that ugly Jessica Alba here? She’s a dime a dozen! Get rid of her.

  • Raquai

    Charlize my home girl get them sweetheart, she just reminded me why I’m proudly South African.

  • meme

    omg..whats wrong with people…Jessica Alba is gorgeous!…if shes not then why have she been voted as the sexiest woman so many times…all fo the are really amazing…stop bashing people..keep it to your self..

  • Good

    Jessica and Zyang look very elegant. Charlize & Monica misses this time.
    The couture shows in Europe are the real fashion shows. The really need to cut back on using celebs in the front row who have no clue and stick to the women who are the actual buyers of fashion.

  • tricia

    messege for people who don’t know about monica belluci!

    pay a time for see her movie ‘malena’
    you will be in love with her!

    like other monica funs say, she is the one of most beautiful actress on the earth!

  • Didi

    albas hairdo is disgusting. her head shape is weird so she looks better with her hair open.

    i have seen monica belluci up close at a premiere and she is absolutely stunning, her face is flawless. The camera by no means does her enough justice.

  • Lisa

    Charlize and Zhang are the only ones who look really good. Kate and Monica look okay, but Jessica Alba just looks plain bad! Charlize’s dress is gorgeous!

  • so gorgeous

    Omg charlize is stunning she has a dazzling eyes and a hot body her dress is so beautiful and class wow

  • mel

    ew, jessica alba looks awful here. Pretty dress, but her hair and makeup and face look bad..she looks uncomfortable in every picture.

  • Sarah

    Zhang Ziyi is the only one there that actually looks nice.

  • LatinaPrideMyAss

    If these “Latinas” are so proud of their heritage, then why do they marry/sleep with/procreate with the whitest white guys in Hollywood/business, etc? I have more respect for Alba, who puts on no airs about the whole thing than all the Hayek’s and Cruzes out here.

  • dali


    You are so right.

  • my fantasy

    They all looks pretty but i have to say that the ultimate beauty queen of that night was charlize theron flawless
    this picture is just wow the dress the body the face

    these killer eyes

    oh and im a straight girl btw hehe but face to this piece of hotness any time she wants lol

  • Kelly

    @ LatinaPrideMyAss
    Obviously you HAVE to marry or date guys/women who have the same ethnicity as you?!
    WTF????I’m black but i’ve dated black, white and even mixed men.It doesn’t mean that i’m not proud of my ethnicity.Your logic is really weird…
    I know what Jessica means, she is not ashamed of her heritage at all but unfortunatally she doesn’t word it correctly.And i admire her honesty.She doesn’t try to fool anyone.

    She’s what? Fourth generation or something? She just doesn’t feel a connection to the culture because it’s not how she was raised and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that. I actually find that more admirable than if she were to go around shouting about how she’s a role model for empowered Latinas everywhere when that’s not at all how she feels. Or if she were to exploit her own Latina “roots” in order to get parts.

  • scandalmonger
  • Jenny

    The guy with Ziyi Zhang is her boyfriend and he is a billionaire.

  • angelah

    Zhang Ziyi’s beautiful

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    30 LatinaPrideMyAss : 07/04/2007 at 11:32 am

    If these “Latinas” are so proud of their heritage, then why do they marry/sleep with/procreate with the whitest white guys in Hollywood/business, etc? I have more respect for Alba, who puts on no airs about the whole thing than all the Hayek’s and Cruzes out here.


    Like Tina Turner said: “what’s love got to do with it”?

    Besides, Alba’s boyfriend is White.

    Zhang Yii is engaed to a white boyfriend, are you saying she hates herself? So is Halle Berry?

    What are you talking about?

    MY concern with Alba was recently she said: people say she is Latina but she does not really identify with being Latina. Also, she said her father met comedian George Lopez recently and when Lopez spoke to him in Spanish, her father said “I don’t speak Mexican”!

    WOw. I am not Latina and I still think that was inappropriate. Who doesn’t know MExicans speak SPANISH not MEXICAN???!

    Anyway, I actually think Kate Hudson looks the best. She is always like a flower.

    Happy 4th Jared!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    “Alba is my last name and I’m proud of that. But that’s it. My grandparents were born in California, the same as my parents, and though I may be proud of my last name, I’m American. Throughout my whole life, I’ve never felt connected to one particular race or heritage, nor did I feel accepted by any. If you break it down, I’m less Latina than Cameron Diaz, whose father is Cuban. But people don’t call her Latina because she’s blonde.”

    These is the quote from Jessica Alba. So how is she more Latina then Penelope and Salma?

    She may identify all she wants with whatever but Hollywood sees her as a Latina. Period. Also Slama Hayyek is only part Mexican – she is also Lebonese. SO is SHakira (Lebanese and Columbian) but you don’t see Shakira saying she is not Latina!!! No, because Shakira is reported to have an incredibly high IQ. She is too smart for that.

    This is why I love Angelina Jolie, she said she is raising her kids to appreciate their cultures. Mad knows he is Cambodian, Pax knows he is Vietnamese, Z knows she is Etiopian adn she wants them to embrace their cultures. Only thourgh fully embracing your culture can you understand others. You have to understand yourself fully. My mom sent me to Sweidsh language and culture camp when I was a kid. Go figure. She also sent me to African dance classes and spanish class so I can appreciate other cultures.

    Alba should have kept this info to herself. She is as much Latina as she is part Dutch or whatever. She is not the smartest bulb on the Christmas tree.

  • ♥yes♥

    alba looks bad

  • Junky

    OMG those black sandals do NOT go with that dress.

    Neither does the boa. The boa is dark purple, the dress is black. Yuck. Who dressed this woman? The shoes are the biggest mistake. You need heels with a dress like that… not gladiator SANDALS!!!! Even I know that much! I think she knows it too, she looks very uncomfortable that Monica.

    WHO is that woman in the blue dress??? Is that Ellen P?? I don’t even recognize her. She loks like a zombie with that make up. WAY too much.

  • Kelly

    Team Lara Croft,Jessica’s boyfriend is half black half white.
    Here is his dad.

  • Estella

    Kate Hudson looks like a tiny 11 years old boy she has a man features a masculine jaw and a small eyes .
    Alba looks constipated the thing on her head is ugly .

    Actually the 2 good looking womens here are Ziyi and Theron.

  • Twinkle

    #4, MEOW! Trust me darling, I know all about the commercialization of just about everything these days: tv shows, movies, your music (ie, Fergie’s deal with Candies), etc. I know that it’s all about branding and product placement. My question was more rhetorical. In this over manipulated world of consumerism I just wish some things weren’t so heavy handed, like the Dior Haute Couture show. (Can you say “haute couture”?) Hit us over the head with a jack hammer is simply my point.

    #35, thanks for the info. I did google him and found out his some mysterious *oooh* venture capitalist from Israel. Just because he’s rich doesn’t make him any more appealing in my book. He still need some microdermabrasion or something. She is so cute and talented that she could have any guy. I just hope the schmuck knows how lucky he is and treats her like a treasure. And I hope he’s taking some Chinese lessons to impress her family!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    41 Kelly : 07/04/2007 at 6:15 pm

    Team Lara Croft,Jessica’s boyfriend is half black half white.
    Here is his dad.


    Thanks Kelly. I wonder what he “Identifies” with per Alba’s own reasoning or for that matter what their kids will “Identify” with?

    Hmmm. Somebody bring in Angelina Jolie to teach this girl about globalism and how embracing culture enriches us all.

    Anyway, she has no talent. And I don’t find her that attractive. SHe is no Salma Hayek. Sorry. I think Natalie Portman and SCarlett Johannsen are a million times prettier than Alba.

  • Pam

    Zhang Ziyi looks gorgeous!

  • André

    Zhang is really beautiful.Monica Belucci always looks like a H*ooker. Trash and tacky.

  • one not fooled

    Charlize, never misses
    Jessie, don’t call me Latina, over her but have to admit looks lovely
    Zhang, breathtaking!
    Monica, OMG, Love her, hate this Elvira inspired get up!


    Oh my god, More it goes more Monica Belluci looks alike Morticia…Awfull!!!!

  • (‘@’)

    Frankly, no one likes Zhang Ziyi in Asia.

  • John Mirror

    Monica is a real goddess, though i don’t like her dress here. her beauty is just… wow.