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Nicole Richie Holed Up at Joel's

Nicole Richie Holed Up at Joel's

Nicole Richie is three months pregnant and how did she spend her Tuesday?

At baby daddy fiance Joel Madden‘s house!

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Photos: Ben Tsui/Splash News Online
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  • KrungKrung

    is she really preggers 4 real?

  • Kira

    Nicole, hope you have truly learned from your recent experiences for which you have not yet been to court!

    Being a parent is not something to be taken lightly as it is a life-long commitment. While pregnant with my child at 42 years of age, I read a brief article in the Los Angeles Times which I, personally, discovered quite profound. It said to ask oneself the following question: Do I desire a “baby” or do I desire to be a PARENT? A baby is a “baby” for such a brief period of time and that first year flies by quickly with the tremendous demands that are placed upon the woman who is not prepared nor cut-out for motherhood. This is the question someone like Britney Spears should have asked herself!

  • Tayler

    I love Nicole &Joel together. Their baby is gunna be super duper cute! =]

  • Lizzie

    Ugh – The Next Generation of Dysfunctionality. I supposed she’ll continue to ho herself in to another reality show about this. Poor baby child, doesn’t know what kind of world it’s coming in to.

  • NesseGirl

    Is this for real!?!?

  • Luv her

    Thanks JARED.Its none of our biz ness really.Nicole is quite smart and she did do some dumb things when younger and hopefully she learn from them.We all make mistakes look how nasty some of us anon say about people behind screens becuz we can and most do.Nicole if you are prgnant getting it together is NOW. Nicole handle your bizwax young lady and other people should too.

  • Lo

    love nicole and joel.
    they are the cutest.

    she has been living with joel since like april.
    their baby is gonna be sooo cute :)

    lol @ him driving her car now :)

  • chaapanda

    That kid is gonna have fetal alcohol syndrome with as much booze as she’s been drinking. Plus popping pills. Ugh how ridic.

  • mara

    How stupid TMZ or whoever those horrible paps are why are they so interested in Nicoles preganancy? So they can sell more tab mag an degrade her again.She should give a interview with jj it would be more than fair, majority of us on jj like her unlike the PEREZ sleeze.
    So are they going to crowd her and call her names to get her reaction when she tries to get to her car.And what woman doesn’t hole up at her man house sometimes. Jared you should get the exclusive,Nicole is mostly straight up if she knows you are fair and jj you are. Nic is probably not saying anything to those sleeze sites and rags because of how they twist things.Good luck Nic,not even sure if its true.

  • be wit your man nicky

    to 8 chaapanda..
    hey like your post.. why are u here? believe everything you read or hear or are you priveledge and know her personally? Get real, only God knows. And if you don’t likey don’t postee. That’s a human being she is pregnant with okay?

  • Marwana

    Does Nicole have siblings from her biological parents?

  • hall

    I hope its real if they are happy. and I hope they are happy couple.
    they look really cute together.
    I dont want them to do reality show.

  • hannah

    I think she does, not sure. Man she got a raw deal. 3 years old and given away by your parents to their bosses. Even though LR em’were good to her I REMEMBER HER SAYING THAT THEY TRIED TO MAKE UP FOr that by giving her lots of love, never displining her.I think she said that LR and his 1st wife went through some problems in their marriage and they seperated and she thought they would leave her too.

    But I know she said Paris and her friends use to hint she was so short and chubby and couldn’t wear their slimming clothes. Paris crowd she wanted to fit in and she became the funny girl cuz she felt invisible when the so called elite were around. Paris Rich friends knew she was adopted and wasn’t born into money.They treated her differently at times so she got caught up in the drug party scene to forget and belong she says it sounds crazy now . She blames herself. The eating disorder we can guess where that came from,but hopefully if the rumors are true I hope she has got that under control,who knows.She is one of my favorites.

  • redbull

    I think they’ll be great parents

  • http://justjared tami

    they have an effin sweet vehicle, that’s for sure.

  • Jane Public

    Nicole is as cute as a button, I just wish she would clean out her potty mouth.

  • shell

    jesus. THEY havent even confirmed it yet, slow down.

  • H

    oh god nicole richie as a mother wow poor kid

  • molly

    thats just sick. whoever decided they should breed, should be shot, burnt, shot again, and then buried in a toxic waste site. oh wait, sorry, i wasn’t talking about L.A.

  • cindy

    I luv them together.I luv Nicole and she’ll do just fine as a mother.She plays dumb for the cameras but in reality I’m sure she is a smart young lady.I just hate that she and Paris are friends again.

  • um..19#molly

    19 molly
    thats just sick. whoever decided they should breed, should be shot, burnt, shot again, and then buried in a toxic waste site. oh wait, sorry, i wasn’t talking about L.A.

    tell that to your parents btw watch what you wish for.horrid the things you said.i would reserve those type of wishes on child molesters,rapists,murderers ect..they have done neither.they only do damage to their selves.
    you have no part in it except what junk rag mags/rag blog sites feed you and it seems u are dumb enough to think its true. Geez bunch of immature juvenile thinkers on this site lately. btw she will do just fine jmo.

  • cassy

    is she really pregnant??God,I hope not she´s soooooooooooo not ready for that JMO!

  • brangelina’s i luve them

    Congrats Nicole and Joel take care. Since I only know what I read and some of it I’m sure is not a fact.I do not know if she or he is ready. Ok so a child might be in the pic, stay healthy for you and your baby.Peace,Nicole’s a cutie pie.

  • Dono

    To 22 Cassy: How do you know if she isn’t ready for the baby? I mean, are you her close friend or something?

  • Angelina

    I was so suprised to even read about Nicole being pregnant…with Joel Madden’s baby? EEEEKK! How long have they been dating? I thought Joel just broke up with Hilary and now he’s off making babies with Nicole…??

    Sheesh, whats up with the world these days? I cannot imagine Nicole being pregnant…she used to hang out with paris and lindsay (imagine those two getting pregnant)! I hope Nicole makes a fine mom not like Britney…

  • Nonnie

    When I saw her being interviewed by Jay Leno, she just laughed at
    her court date and problems. I hope she is not pregnant, because
    true parenting is not a laughing matter–It should be taken seriously.

  • c

    condoms? these people r no better than 14 yo high school kids having unprotected sex…can u say herpes? hello birth control how lazy is everyone? and hey could somone please tell the women in fresno that they shouldnt actually have 8 kids each starting at 16!!!I work with a 36 yo grandma!!! ewwwwwwwwww

  • pax zee shi mad angie brad fanz

    Nonnie it was more of a nervous laugh saw the interview too.
    Angelina where you been Hillary was a while back.
    Hanging round Paris and company teaches you what not to do or be.
    I hope it has made Nicole a better person.
    Give her a break people.
    Still unsure if what is being said is correct.
    Nicole I think is a sweet person. Paps/ tabby sites are cruel to her at times. All my best to Nicole and Joel.

  • chichi

    Who the hell even buys or listens to Good Charlotte’s music anymore. First he is with an underage girl for years then within weeks of that break-up he is dating an anorexic who lost all her tata’s with the weight so she looks to be 12. Something is wrong with him, poor Nicole outathefatintothefire.

  • SO NOT

    Wouldn’t she have been pregnant during her DRUNKIN MEMORIAL PARTY???

  • kids on Jareds

    29 chichi go back to Perez’s thats the same hateful SHITZ he spews,what are you 13?luuuvvveeee Niiiccooolllee!

  • donossssssssss

    ewww gross, who in their right mind would stick it to her w/out a condom, or AT ALL. that skank is GROSS, GROSS GROSS.

  • juana

    i’d have joel’s babies.

  • alexandrina

    I am old enough to be her mother. I think she is so adorable, love her on The Simple Life.I wish her and the baby’s Daddy(Joel) the best,Congrats!!!!!!!!

  • Rockstar

    Ok. So now that we know she is pregnant can all of the freaking tabloids shut up about her and joel? I’m getting sick of hearing about them. They aren’t the best couple in my eyes as you can probably tell. I liked him better with Hilary but she is better off without him. Anyone but me notice that he started doing drugs again after Hilary broke up with him? He was sober the entire time he was with her. I think Nicole influenced him in a bad way. Ehh what can I do about? If they’re together then they’re together. Not my problem. I’m just sick of hearing Nicole and Joel this Nicole and Joel that. If any brings up their relationship in a conversation with me I tell them to shut up becuase I don’t want to hear it. Worst couple in the “industery” by far.

  • KAs..

    GET OVER IT PEOPLE!! she had the baby
    Harlow Winter Kate Madden
    and i bet she is adoreable ,
    so for all of you people makin fun of nicole , i know shes had a bad streak in the past but i am sure she will do just fine, and remember Joel is there to help to