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Britney Spears @ Marina Del Ray

Britney Spears @ Marina Del Ray

Britney Spears carries son Jayden James, 10 months, aboard a boat in Marina Del Rey, Calif. on Friday while a female friend carries Sean Preston, 22 months.

Scope out this NSFW video of a pissy Britney cursing out one overweight paparazzo:

“Hey, baby! When you gonna get on a diet? Have you ever tried weight watchers you fat f*k? Why don’t you run you need a f*ing job you p*y. Yeah run. Run b*h.”

Earlier in the video, Britney also gets fed up photographers, saying:

“Ma’am, it is illegal to do this. You have got to stop using the cameras and following people. It is illegal you have got to stop doing that.”

25+ pictures inside of Britney and her sons on the high seas…

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Photos: Andy Johnstone/Bret Thompsett/, London Entertainment/HotShots Worldwide/Splash News Online
Posted to: Britney Spears, Celebrity Babies, Jayden James Federline, Kevin Federline, Sean Preston Federline

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  • omg


  • uuuuii

    she’s so trashy

  • omg

    did she really say all those things..wasn’t she best friends with them like just yesterday?

  • she is losing it

    look in the videos. the reason she is soooo angry is cuz she was caught driving with SP on her lap

    AGAIN !!

  • Feistyminxx

    It’s on splash. One of the Paps got pics of her holding her kid on her lap in the car again and she went crazy on him.

  • SplashNewsRules

    Sh said you need to fucking JOG you pussy.

  • SplashNewsRules

    JOG not job

  • yuck

    even though i don’t like this girl at least she’s telling the paps the truth.
    if i ever have children and there are strange men following me around, i think my survival instinct to defend my family will kick in. i would kick the sh-t out of those losers.

  • No

    Not very lady like but sorry those illegal, gang members posing as paparazzi, scum bag stalkers need to go.

    Can you imagine have 20 morons like that following you around 24/7 yelling stuff at you in Spanish and Portugese?

  • http://justjared Donna

    She is a sorry excuse for anything. She needs to go hang out with Avril and take a boat to the other side of the world and go away. The only reason anyone cares about her these days is to see what kind of insane thing she will do next. I never liked her and she is just a fake loser!!!

  • Millie

    Who is she fooling. She partners with X17 to let them know he whereabouts and to get the attention. She loves the attention but she wants to manipulate it and have it all positive. Believe me let them stop covering her and she’ll do another dingbat move to get back in the news

  • Jenn

    I don’t blame Britney for freaking out towards the media. Who wouldn’t? Honestly anywhere Britney goes, there are pictures of her. She can’t go anywhere or do anything with her family without being followed and photographed. This goes for basically any celebrity. With two kids under the age of 2, the last thing you want is people approaching you and constantly taking pictures. That’s probably why she kept Jayden tucked under the blanket for most of the time, Sean Preston was EVERYWHERE after he was born.

    The boys are such cuties, they look so alike. Their hair is getting long too, but it looks cute that way.

  • di

    No seat belt, not a surprise.

  • Jill

    She’s probably trying to say things to them that they say about her. You know how the media is always showing pics of her extra dimpliness:). And it probably hurts her self esteem so she is trying to do the same to them so they know what she feels like.

  • WTF

    She is such a douche. If she REALLY wanted privacy she could have it. Other bigger celebs manage. She calls the photogs to make sure her pix get taken.

    She’s not fooling anyone.

  • msguidedmama

    this is just so disturbing in so many ways. I cannot imagine the horrors of never being able to even pull away from the curb, or having 20 disgusting greasy fat men stalking my every move.

    but WHY WHY WHY WHY BRIT don’t you just stay home and keep private????? She is out roaming every damn day with those screaming confused babies.

    Stay home and play house and try to give your family some normalcy!!

    and quit smoking around the babies. good lordita.

  • Kerrin

    I completely understand her being upset ablut the paparazzi but regardless, she should NEVER use those words in fromt of her children. I feel so bad for those boys and I hope someone takes those babies from her. And who is the skanky blonde that is laughing in the passenger seat while Britneys freaking out and her kids are crying in the back? She should try to comfort those kids! Has anyone called child protective services yet?

  • HottieTottie

    I’m going to pull a Perez here – her kids aren’t all that cute.

  • lame

    Children are going to cry and thats no reason to call child protective services. Lets be real…if we were in the same situation where every single move we make is being criticized we might get pissy at time to. And honestly how is she supposed get privacy? Hide in her home all day?? And if you don’t like her that much why even bother reading stuff about her let alone taking the time to comment.Everyone needs to chill and let the woman breathe.

  • Dove

    I just love how you can hear her babies crying in the background and her priority is to insult the paparazzi. You know if those “fat f*cks” weren’t following her every move she’d be a nobody.

    I almost wish one of them would have said something like, “Had a hit single lately, you hillbilly has-been? How about a visit from CPS? Take another trip to rehab? I think you need to stop complaining about us and start paying attention to your crying children you nutcase”

    Or they could have simply said, “Hey Britney, can you spell role for us? As in a movie role?”.

  • omg

    There should be a law that prevents the paps from taking pictures of celebs while their kids are with them…..I’m surprised that there already isn’t one..
    I wish Britney would take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while…I’m not expecting her to come back and be all that she used to be. I actually get the fact that you can never go back..I don’t care if she doesn’t sell as many records as before. Her true fans will stick by her side.I hope she takes some time off..And I don’t mean one of her breaks, I mean A REAL TIME OFF..she’s been going non stop for almost 10 years now without any time to just go back to the simple basic things in life and reflect on the past few years..
    I think that right now she wants to redeem herself as an artist and prove to the world that she’s not a has-been.
    When really she doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone. I think she stays in the limelight also to prove a point..maybe she feels that leaving it would be a way of giving in to everyone elses wishes. If I’ve learned anything as a Britney fan, then it is that she is very stubborn and doesn’t fancy others making her decisions for her. Maybe another reason as to why she doesn’t seem eager to leave the limelight is she doesn’t know who she’ll be without the fame and attention.She’s been striving to be an artist all her life and it seems that along the way she has lost herself.

    This is only my observation as a fan, maybe I’m wrong..Maybe we’re all wrong about her.

    In the words of Brit herself: You’ll Never See It My Way, Because You’re Not Me.

  • krbcan

    I suspect that little outburst from Brit is the real Britney Spears. Yes, it must be frustrating with the paps, but why do you constantly court and pose for them all the time? And pretend to be cutesy with the little funny faces and baby-voice?

    You can’t be the paps best friend when you want the attention all the time, then turn around and flip out at them at other times when you dont want the attention. You can’t have it both ways! I think she is mad in this particular instant because they caught her driving with Sean on her lap again, and she flipped out because she knew this would result in bad press.

    I imagine that she was a nightmare to live with. No wonder Kevin always went out all the time. She seems to be a needy, insecure, horrible stupid bitch who won’t listen to anyone.

  • memo

    Attention seeking idiot – if you really don’t want people taking pictures of you, don’t stand in a parking lot talking on your cell phone for ten minutes when you could do it just as easily inside the car RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! Give me a break. She’d die if they suddenly stopped taking her picture for a day. That or she’d take off her clothes and run into the ocean in her mis-matched undies to make sure her picture showed up everywhere. Oh wait…she already did that this week…

  • nona

    there’s a post a lainey gossip that if anywhere near true, makes me fear for those children. she is seriously mentally unstable and when she does finally completely crack, could be a real danger to them.

    the photos of them always look so befuddled; they never have smiles on their faces or look to be engaged with anyone. it’s so sad.

  • Nicole

    I feel sorry foor her. It would suck to have your life open to the whole world. Love your site though. Not trashy like Perez.

  • Dove

    But the thing is, Britney does not NEED to live her life this way. She made a choice to live this way. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone for getting burned when they keep purposefully putting their hand in the fire.

  • jo

    A few words of advice, keep the kids in their seats and just stay home dumb ass. We could all do without more pictures of your white trash sorry ass!!! Take care of your kids! It is not their fault their momma is a turd!

  • mina

    Hello, this is the same person who calls the paps on her where abouts. Makes contracts with X17. Flashes all her body parts so paps make pictures of her. She acts like a little child. It must be hard for knowing her career is over. And this is the only way to make some news.

  • Babysis

    The “female Friend” is prolly a nanny. Sean is getting sooo big, and Jayden looks like a younger version of him.

  • roxannne

    and i agree with dove
    she does not NEED to live her life this way
    she can stay at home and be quiet and not go out and wear STUPID UGLY outfits that bring MORE ATTENTION to her

  • cat

    her kids are always crying because they are with britney, wouldn’t you cry if you had to be with her? for one she smells like an ass tray, her breath smells like cigs and you know she has b.o. those poor kids can’t stand being with her even at their young age, she is a disgrace. at least alli got out before the latest incident.

  • PinkRose

    If not for the paparazzi, Britney would get away with a lot of the things many of us get away with in life. MAny of the people on the boards criticizing Britney get up to much worse in their lives, but there is noone dogging their steps 24/7 to show their mistakes and faux pas to the world. The paparazzi are the reason she will never be able to resurrect her music career because now the world knows she is trash and she had a career based on on true singing but on personality and sexy gyrations. All we see now is a plump (compared to her earlier self) mother of two boys, trashy beyond belief. She will never be a pop princess again. Not even an average star. It’s over and she doesn’t even realize it. I feel sorry for her.

  • me

    Stupid whore. How can she call someone else fat, when she is FAT HERSELF???? Has she looked in the mirror at her tree trunk legs, lunch lady arms, manly neck and shoulders and saggy fat a$$???? she loves the attention when it suits her. And talking like that in front of her kids..what a low scummy w. hore

  • Simon

    Was she driving with SPF in this video, or is it in other video?!

  • kimmie

    I am so sorry to say this but Britney’s kids are NOT cute. Esp. SPF.

  • britney is TRASH


  • britney is TRASH


  • PinkRose

    It’s not so much that the kids are not cute. They don’t look happy. There is not a single smile ever (in any pic). The kids always look stressed and confused. It could be just picking up on their mother’s vibes.

    Now I knmow why none could tell Britney to leave Federline alone and let him stay with his Baby Mama. She was obviously seeking her own level. People thought Britney was too good for Kevin, but in her heart of hearts she knew otherwise. Britney is true trash and trailer park mentality on top of stupidity is lethal.

  • Lillianne

    becoming sad smut article

    OK magazine cover story on new video

  • ♥yes♥

    the little one looks kind of slow

  • poor boys

    Those boys are always unhappy to be with her. They seem to have no connection with her at all who can blame them though. I know they can be happy to get away from her when they go to their father.She should keep them out of the media if she do not want paps infront of them. I like how her ex at least have the sense to keep his kids out of the media.Those boys are too young for that.

  • http://justjared me

    Not only does she show no concern that her kids are crying, listen to the language!!! The fact that she rolled her window up, then down again and continued shows that she didn’t just lose momentary control of herself, that’s normal communication for her. Everything about her behaviour should prove to any judge that she does not act in the best interest of her children, but of herself. No car seats if it’s inconvenient, horrible language regardless of their presence, etc.etc.etc.If K-Fed did want custody I don’t see HOW he’d have a hard time getting it! Boy, sure proves that no amount of money can buy class or dignity!!!

  • Poor babies/ho-re mom/child abuse

    I don’t blame her about the paps.But she tips certain paps off,I believe,when she wants.
    Now smoking! smoking!, 2nd hand smoking!, in those young babies faces, letting them absorb the poison gases in their lttle lungs.Child Abuse!!The babies are upset by paps and her tension and wackiness.These poor babaies.FCK her! I feel bad 4 those babies.Fck this NUT!

    Dress like trash,smoking,exposing her udders,rat head& head band her usual NASTY SELF.
    Her nannies azz looks bruised an used an dirty,NANNY looks rough an scary.
    Guess Allie went back home an got married.Someone call CPS! This Biz is on drugs no doubt prescription drugs for sure.
    This Biz is UNFIT to take care of those babies,try washing their hair,take parenting classes ho-re!

  • Lillianne

    she’s giving Kevin and hermom all the ammunition they need to yank those kids from her. she needs supervised visitation only

  • the DQ

    Since she brings all this upon herself, I cannot and will not feel sorry for her. She call the paparazzi and encourages them to follow her & take photos. She’s providing Keven and her mother with mountains of photographic evidence that she’s an unfit mother and I hope they bring charges sooner rather than later. Those kids need some stability in their life and they won’t get if from their trailer trash moron of a mother. Again with the kid in her lap, allowing them on a boat with no life jackets (both of these ILLEGAL), stripping and running around in underwear. Her mental state is highly unstable. Somebody needs to declare her incompetent and a danger to her children.

  • cat

    i don’t think her ex wants the kids fulltime, they would cramp his style, but he definitely would have evidence of her instability if he wanted it. everyday she does something crazy. those poor children.

  • S

    YOU IGNORANT PIECES OF CRAP! Why dont you use your eyes & brains instead of being brainwashed by the crap people say about these celebs.
    1. Britney obviously doesnt use this language all the time of you would have seen her do it before to the paparazzi.
    2. You have absolutely no reason to think her kids were crying because of being with Britney, maybe because she was mad and maybe because of the paparazzi- maybe thats WHY she got so mad.
    3. She was NOT driving with SP on her lap! She was stopped @ traffic and even pulled over.

    The only think I dont get is WHY would she just stand there & talk on the phone when she could have gotten in the car, atleast she was turned around.

  • S

    I am not a Britney fan and I havent really followed (just heard) about her behaviur but as far as I know she hasnt been to a club/drunk/doing drugs any time lately and WHY WHY WHY is ANYONE CALLING HER FAT!?
    Shes obviously not that loyal if her family/friends keep leaving her but you guys here have NO argument in criticizing her

  • new name

    Kevin and Britney’s little boys are so cute!!

  • PinkRose

    I’m no fan of Britney Spears, but she is the one who goes on the internet and invites the public into her life by writing her letters of truth. She just wrote her last letter to her “fans” just over a week ago, explaining her behaviour pre and post-rehab and asking for her fans’ support and understanding. Claiming she was preparing for a movie “roll”. Not a ROLE. IF SHE BRINGS THE PUBLIC INTO HER LIFE, THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO CRITICIZE.