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Jennifer Lopez Lunches with Scientologist Star

Jennifer Lopez Lunches with Scientologist Star

Jennifer Lopez grabs lunch with Scientologist BFF Leah Remini at Bruno Bakery on NYC’s West Broadway on Sunday afternoon. At one point during her lunch, the casually-dressed star happily autographed a one fan’s motorcycle helmet.

Husband-and-wife team Marc Anthony and Jennifer are also said to be touring with each other soon.

Jennifer has never toured,” Marc told Billboard. “I’ve toured all my life. This is where I can step in and say, ‘Oh, my God, this could be fun,’ and introduce her to that world.”

He added, “It is something she’s always wanted to do, but she’s never had the time. And I was offered many more films I never took advantage of because I was always on tour. So, yes, we’re seriously talking about going out this year (and) putting together an amazing show with just her and myself.

“A big part of mine and Jennifer’s connection is the understanding that we have a passion for what we do. So, it’s just a natural progression to be involved. Me, I cannot sit down and have a conversation about image. That’s her strong suit. She picks me up where I’m weak and I elevate her where she’s weak. That’s where the true partnership comes in.”

El Cantante, a biopic of salsa legend Hector Lavoe, stars Marc and Jennifer as Lavoe and his wife. The film’s soundtrack will be released on Tuesday and the film is set for an August 3rd release.
More pictures inside of Jennifer and her former King of Queens pal…

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  • t

    she is still jenny from the block

  • Pia


  • Farah

    I didnt know you based people and friendships on religion?

    Are you telling me I cant be friends with the Jews,Muslims,Protestants,Atheists etc…..

    the Scientologists bashing has to end.
    I know my religion is not teaching hate on people or other religions.

  • Lillianne

    This is a pretty girl. She sure keeps a lower profile these days.

  • angelina_mmm

    off the topic

    dude you are the hardest working blogista (i made this up;)
    you always have something on your page to read unlike some site that don’t work on sat-sun
    you really deserve to win if there is a competition

  • Lillianne

    JJ why do you always point out Scientologists? I never see you identify Catholics or Baptists. Are you a Scientologist-ist?

  • Rory

    Hey that’s where I get my cappucino every day! old school Italian cafe- so not a celeb spot- it has a view of these dismal fenced in plant-plots and a supermarket.

  • Lillianne

    Angelina there is a competition and I wish I had saved the link. At the time I voted only 7 people voted. And I agree with you. JJ is the best!

    Somebody please put the link back up if it’s still available.

    (I do want him to quit picking on Scientology too. I don’t know who they are or what they do but we all have more than one facet.)

  • big ama alien

    Gawd she is so fat an still hidin that table top azz!
    Now she will become alien,her hubby skeletor already looks like one.

  • Scarlett

    JLo the diva, always! Has to dress up for a hole-in-the-wall. She and hubby will begin touring. This is why Ben saw the light — he did not want to lead this type life.



  • bb

    beautiful girl

  • Dirty Cougar

    JL has perfect facial features. It’s impossible to take a bad picture of this woman. I saw her on American Idol. She is truly beautiful and seems down to earth too!

  • Mediterranean

    Let’s see her toes and write comment page after page.

    JLo is a beautiful woman.

  • lula29

    What’s wrong with looking good when you step out the door. She’s wearing something fashionable, but I’ve seen her plenty of times steppin’ out in jeans in a t-shirt. Don’t hate her because she dresses well.

    Why are some women still mad at her for dating Ben Affleck?



  • lula29

    I agree, I’m over hearing about her relationship with the one who shall remain nameless.

    It’s been over for years.

  • may

    Jlo is one georgeous woman. She always looks fantastic. She looks so healthy and fit.

  • mimirocks

    jlow sux. die jlo

  • Dirty Cougar

    J Lo can get away with having a bigger ass. It’s not wide. It muscular and rounded. It fits with her culture. She’s beautiful. Leave her alone. She’s fine. Skinny somehow would not become her. I’m a skinny lover usually but, skinny wouldn’t look right on her. It’s to hard to discribe. Nuff said!
    Her skinny husband is HOTNESS! Leave him alone too. I love the look of a lanky man.

  • Sarah

    She’s a has-been.

  • ym

    ugly has-been overrated whxxx

  • daisy

    Jlo is not a has been people are just mad because benny boy gave her a million dollar ring and whites were mad. they felt he was too good for her that is why they always say that he married the right jen (white).I,m not a jlo fan but she seems very happy now and most people feel that both ben and her are in their place. So leave jlo alone she is so over benny boy with the little weiner. Jlo is a beautiful woman. Benny boy seems to like his fugly wife that looks like a lizard he maybe prefers manly looking woman did you ever see the size of her feet and shoulders broad looks like a man since he can’t have damon she is the next best thing to a man. lol lol lol

  • jen garner fan

    I agree. She is so fat and not as pretty as jennifer garner,her butt is so huge gross.

  • Kiki

    I think shes a great actress, and prolly a great singer(i haven’t heard her music) But she really needs to lose like 20 pounds! her legs look really big, and she usually looks chunky but not this chunky.
    She needs to lose weight.

  • garner is so much prettier

    BEN sure, up -graded when he married Jen Garner.
    Jen Garner is classier and prettier and better body .Thank gawd he rid himself of this fame ho-re.

  • Rita

    Im not a fan of the two but I have to say leave the whole Scientology thingee alone. Im sure they’re great friends,are lovely women and enjoy each other’s company.

  • daisy

    Yes in deed benny boy small weiner sure upgraded to a man . They look good together they both have manboobs big feet big shoulders and big foreheads they are a great couple together. that is why lil violet looks like she does like she is

  • lula29

    I really feel bad for people who think she needs to lose weight. Your body image must be really f*ucked up.

    J.Lo looks great, always does.

    Garner is very plain. That appeals to her plain fans who believe that being plain is some sort of virtue, but she in no way looks better than Lopez. Different than Lopez yes, but definitely not better. And J.Lo has the better body and face by far, and more talent. Good for her for moving on from Ben Affleck. He is one thing she definitely does not need, especially after seeing how disengaged he is from Garner. Lopez just wouldn’t put up with it.

    Garner is the perfect doormat.

  • Shoes4life

    Both Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck are married to whom they should have been married to. So why is it that people are still linking these two together?? Let it go, move on because they certainly have.

    Also, Jennifer Lopez looks fabulous!! She is smaller than what you guys may think but still maintains her beautiful curves.

    It is sad that you must be frail thin for people to think you are in good shape because most have been brainwashed by the media over the last few years to believe that extreme thin is good health and you associate a size 4-10 with being fat and needing to loose weight. It is all mind games I tell you.

  • LMao

    Jlo is a home wrecker. She helped Marc Anthony wreck his marriage to his Ex wife whatshername.

  • coochie

    Aww! My baby finally has new pics!!!!! Can’t wait for next Monday, when she’s on Jay Leno! Finally!!

  • beautiful Jen,,Jen Garner that is

    Jen Garner has been a perfect wife,mother,actress,and when not working a perfect stay at home mother. Jlo is so jealous of JG. JG has the baby and not just any baby. JLO wanted a baby from Ben. Now she is stuck with a little bitty short nobody who cheated on his first beautiful wife,and dumped her and his kids for JLO.
    Also JLO hubby Skeletor has other kids from other young women.JLO is getting fat better give Marc some of that food.
    Yeah and Jen G. and Ben are movie stars.

  • Manny

    Where’s Leah??

    I want to see Leah!

  • ZIYI

    stop music JLO she sucks
    worst singer ever

  • I

    JLo’s soooo over

  • nokia

    seriously.. she is beautiful and dressed to impress, and impressed…go J-LO

  • syliva r.

    Can Affleck and Garner fans be any more immature? Seriously. It’s really pathetic at this point. If you know that Bennifer II is so happily married, why are you still so very threatened by the mere sight of J.Lo?

  • da man

    Yum! I love how her booty sticks out like that.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    “worst singer ever” – 34.

    Sorry, but Britneys worse than her.

  • lula29

    The Affleck fans are threatened by J.Lo because they know he was into it.

    Their relationship is over and that’s really no big deal. Affleck is with his doormat and he looks perfectly miserable, but that will be fixed in time.

    Lopez has moved on with her life too and her and Marc Anthony are better matched as Affleck is better off with his doormat.

    I don’t Lopez is crying about this, though Garner fans want her to really be suffering. Sorry, Affleck is the only one not looking too happy these days.

    I’m tired of the Lopes/Affleck connection too, but every time you go on a site about Garner, I swear they feel like they have to rag on Lopez.

    I used to be a Garfleck fan, but I can’t lie to myself about their crap relationship anymore and I’m tired of all the underlying bigotry some carry for Lopez.

    It has been over for 3 years, but I swear to God got to an Affleck sight and you’ll see J.Lo’s name spread all over it.

  • Would love to hit it

    What the f*** is wrong with you people…..does she have to be stick thin for her to look good….Jlo is by no means fat…and if you ask any guy he will definitely say he likes his girls with meat on them and curvy not stick thin and anorexic…Jlo butt looks great he whole figurre looks great…all of yall who are bashing her are probably skinny ass housewives who wish they had a bod like hers….so all you women with hate fuck off and eat a sandwich and then u can try to look like her

  • what happen

    She’s a really fat now really fat & going to a bakery to eat more fat foods is not good. I hope she ate a salad that bottom is to big. Why and when did she get so fat again,and she is not slim ,she is sooo over weight. MOST MEN I know like a nice size bottom but not an OVER-SIZED fat @ss like that.Yuck.
    BTW Jenn Garrner is Ugly too.Ben looks like a homeless-bum they are headed 4 divorce. Mark Anthony is Fugly.

  • surilovesme

    Hmmm. Interesting.
    Lopez fans hardly mention Ben at all, if ever. Well, at least in her forums and fansites.

  • saskia

    they are beautiful! i love them!!!

  • ohmy

    so her marriage is like a business relationship. glad they cleared that up :\

  • rufus

    Why is there barely any shots of Leah? Leah is the hotness! BTW JLo looks great.

  • Samantha

    She’s so loud and ghetto. She’s all hype.

  • onurenu

    wowo she is great she is booty looks fantastic.
    she is a real woman….
    go jlo go

  • Mila

    she looks amazing !!!