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Andy & Tessa: The Engagement's Off!

Andy & Tessa: The Engagement's Off!


Hawaii’s Bachelor Lt. Andy Baldwin and fiancee Tessa Horst have called off the engagement, according to In Touch Weekly.

“When the fantasy wore off and the reality set in, we both realized that we weren’t ready to be engaged,” Andy reveals exclusively to In Touch. “We’re taking things much slower.”

Tessa, 26, and Andy, 30, called off their engagement after a therapist suggested they do so. As of now, the relationship is still on, but social worker Tessa has postponed plans to move from San Francisco to Hawaii, where Navy doctor Andy is stationed.

“We are very much in love and committed to our relationship,” the couple continued in their statement. “With the possibility of reassignment to a new location, we decided it was not the ideal time for Tessa to uproot herself and move out [to Hawaii] right now. Our relationship continues to deepen, and we’re very hopeful about our future together.”

Andy also addressed his station in Hawaii: “I know that I have a year left and I may have the option of a three-year tour. There is also the option of a position in California. There is also a chance of me going back to finish my residency training. I am a firm believer that everything happened for a reason, and I am a firm believer that this happened in my life for a reason. Tessa came onto the show for a reason, and it is like a dream come true.”

Trivia tidbit: Of the 10 couples the ABC reality show has brought together, only two (season six’s Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado, and season seven’s Charlie O’Connell and Sarah Brice) are still together.

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  • *FAMOUSisMyB8tch*

    JARED, you dont know sh*t…add one more couple to the list: TRISTA AND RYAN who are the only ones that are married and have a baby boy (MAX) together.

    Do some fact checks before you post something, how about it??

  • Sharon

    Trista and Ryan are still together…with a baby!

  • Just Jared

    Trista was from “The Bachelorette,” not the “Bachelor”.

    You need not get all riled up either — we all make mistakes!

  • Sad to know this

    Hey idiot…he was referring to the Bachelor shows, rather than the Bachelorette edition(Trista and Ryan). Know your reality TV!

  • so pathetic

    That show is so sad and silly and what normal thinking human being would sign up to find a spouse on a reality show? If they are already in counseling; I think that about says it all.

    May we never hear of these two again…

  • LJ

    My favourite ones have always been Trista and Ryan..

  • [~Famous~]

    The show is fake and it produces fake couples.

  • j

    My favorites have been the ones that have stuck…this one doesn’t suprise me at all.

  • A.

    How come it says “andy & tessa split” if they’re still together????

  • Not so Shocking

    I could have told Andy that she was not sincere. She just got caught up in the game when it looked like he was going to pick Devin (I think that’s her name). I couldn’t believe when he did a reverse and picked Tessa. The other girl seemed nuts about him and she was very athletic and adventurous like him. Guess after several months on the show, your thinking gets screwy. Better they found out now than later.

  • Not so Shocking

    Famous…I agree somewhat. I think Ryan (of Ryan and Trista “fame”) seemed like a nice, normal guy. Trista, on the other hand, SEEMS very fakey. I never understood why she was asked to appear on Dancing with the Stars. She lasted one episode. I am surprised they are together because she seemed like she was interested in being famous and that was it. Since it didn’t happen, maybe she realized what is really important and gave up the “dream”. Now they’ve got a baby and don’t need the fame (unlike some people).

  • gigi

    I guess this is the beginning of the end. Still together but not in the same state. It would be hard for anyone to leave their life and start over for a guy they hardly know. Throw in the military life and I can see how this wouldn’t work out.

  • gigi

    I think Trista was/is far more down to earth than she appears. They made it work because they were both regular people. She did enjoy the limelight, but I think Ryan meant more to her than anything else. That’s pretty obvious.

  • [~Famous~]

    Its the same cycle over and over and over again. We get a bachelor, he picks the girl, everyone is fooled into thinking they are in love and will stay together. Then they break up, we get a new bachelor and the old one is forgotten. Then the pattern repeats itself.. How is this entertaining? Lol

  • Sinna

    I knew it wouldn’t last. No big shock there. I agree with gigi…meeting and being engage to someone they hardly know is a big adjustment, plus adding military life to the mix is extremely stressful. And I’m speaking from experience about the military life. Myself and my ex were together and married with kids while in the Army. I got out he stayed in and it was very stressful. It’s good that she figured it out now than later when it would have been too late.

  • Diana

    Sad, very sad …. hi, hi!

  • Mmmmm

    They are not ready for engagement, what did they go on the show for? I liked Byron & Mary (she had the hottest body).

  • Yo


  • *FAMOUSisMyB8tch*

    hey JARED, i’ll get as riled up as i want!

    And PS: why make a post on “Tessa and Andy SPLIT” if they’ve only called off the engagement and have not broken up alltogether.

    Such a dumba##!

    like you do any fact checks to begin with. PuhlEase.

  • Sarah

    Other websites are saying the exact opposite, that according to InTouch magazine they’re still in the process of planning a wedding.

  • SundayChamp

    therapist cannot fix a small package, they needed to see plastic surgeon.



  • Linda

    I cannot tell you how many people in my social circle (veterans) thought there was no way Tessa would hang in there. No way is she ready to walk away from her career and be a Navy wife. Any should have chosen better in the first place, but he fell for the “chase”. What a waste.

  • krondale

    I am sure he ran to his BFF Gatsby

  • Sarah

    That news made my day!!! She didn’t love him on the show. She said at the end that she was falling in love with him because she didn’t want him to pick Bevin. They are to sick people. She wanted the attention and got it. What a wonderful day.

  • Kira

    Sarah, don’t gloat too hard as they are still a dating couple yet simply not engaged with the big diamond. One of the many reasons Andy Baldwin chose Tessa Horst over the runner-up, Bevin, was her “honesty”, realism, intelligence, beauty (inside/outside), and their families have similar backgrounds. During the show Andy discovered what he wanted and it wasn’t a “roll in the hay with Bevin”. In today’s contemporary world, that doesn’t make any woman special!

  • jaykum

    this guy’s pictures are all over gay boards, what’s he doing with a gal?

  • franny

    I know. I know. It’s so unattractive to say “I told you so,” BUT I told you so. He’s gay. Of course, he doesn’t want a roll in the hay with her. That should have been your first clue.

    Neither of them win any prizes for sincerity.

  • vivalavina

    Andy is gay. Tessa just realised..

  • vivalavina

    Yeah, he is gay.

  • kaitlyn

    I loved Andy and Tessa together. I am sad about the news because I do feel like this is the beginning of the end of the relationship. I always felt he was so much more into her than she was into him !

  • H

    I have watched every Bachelor episode of every season and was POSITIVE she was not into him enough for this to work.
    He seemed very insecure and from my experience with men…had a “small penis” syndrome.
    Too touchy-feely and scared she would walk away at any second.

    IMO, he got what he deserved. Bevin truly had strong feelings for him and they were both very competitive and similar in personality. BUT….he had to go for the “good girl.”
    Well, the “good girl” isn’t going to do something crazy like uproot her life and move to Hawaii for some dude she really isn’t in to.

    Bevin would have went out there because she doesn’t seem to have that, “what would everyone think if it doesn’t work out?” -thing going on.

    Poor Andy….he was in love with the idea of a perfect woman….and should have went with his heart.

  • kaitlyn

    I bet if Andy called Bevin she would jump at the opportunity to be with him. She was the exact opposite of Tessa, way too into andy ! Hopefully Bevin is finially over him but I doubt it.

  • audrey

    they are such an annoying couple…fake and awkward together.

  • moondancer

    This news really made me sad – well, as sad as reality TV can be in my life. Anyway, I was rooting for them to break the mold and go the distance, It’s too bad really.

  • CAgirl

    Are byron and mary stil together? I can never find an update on them

  • CAgirlyeah

    Are Byron and Mary still together? I like them. I can never find updates on them!

  • Kathy

    I can not believe that he called off his engagement to Tessa. I hope they get back together. They are such a cute couple. I really do like them both. She is alot better looking than Bevin.

  • casey

    Go back and say 3 are together you retard! How do you feel like you can publish something wothout research?

  • Heidi

    To the posts about Trista and Ryan….

    The reason they did not mention them as a couple that have stayed together is because they are talking about the show, “The Bachelor”.

    ….Trista was on “The Bachelorette”

    …looks like you should do YOUR homework…..

  • anita

    I just wanted to say that Sarah and Charlie are NOT together. They broke up not too long ago.

  • veldt99

    Bevin, what a totally stupid name.
    Yeah, sure, I know-how relevant is that.
    About as relevant or as important as any of the rest of this moronic stuff.
    Andy’s a tool.

  • visitor

    Is Tessa and Andy still together?