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Sara Ramirez @ Emmys 2007

Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Raimrez, aka Dr. Callie Torries, arrives for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

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  • the_original_nika

    I like it.

  • Erin Maree

    The dress is nice.. But it’s too small for her bust/upper body frame.. She’s spilling out all over the place in the top..

    Cute shoes.. Not so cute feet.. I doubt there’s any circulation in her toes cause those shoes are wayyyyyyyyyy too tight for her..

    Shame, cause I like this girl.. oh well..

    Jared can we have some pics of America’s acceptance speech puh-lease!!!! Love ya! ;)

  • mossy

    i like her A LOT, but what is that peep hole all about??? it looks so distracting and draws attention to a not so taught stomach!

  • nigella

    She looked amazing! I mean, yea the shoes were a bit small, but overall, she really looked wonderful. This woman is so fabulous, I wouldn’t change a thing about her!

  • Laura

    She looks awesome, I love Sara in that colour, it’s wat better then wearing black all the time and the hair and make-up is gorgeous. Who cares about the tight shoe and peep hole she worked that dress with confidence and took a chance, thats why she is amazing. Thanks Jared for posting this pictures.

  • Sexy Mama

    Gross. I do not at all like the mainstreaming of overweight women, who may represent the average American woman, but only glamorizes unhealthy lifestyles.

  • Kamala

    I’m not the hugest SR fan, but SexyMama, if you think Sara is overweight you need your headchecked. She looks wonderful; she just looks larger than your average Hollywood twig. And I highly doubt her lifestle is “unhealthy”, she’s mentioned having a personal trainer a few times. What’s ACTUALLY unhealthy is being able to see every bone in your body, or weighing 110 pounds at 5’9″ or something.

  • grey’s fan

    Sara is clearly not overweight. She is beautifull. She only has a very short neck, that makes her look a little ‘bigger’ than she is. :) (and she is ofcourse no average skinny actress)

  • kate

    She looks great. I love that she seems to overcome the ‘right’ look.

  • Lukas

    i like her. she is blazing woman

  • Valerie

    B-O-R-I-N-G all over! Dress colour? Hair do? Jewellery? Shoes????
    When curvy, one can embrace the voluptuous shape and do wonders…

    Red carpets events become boring and lack of personnality!There is no grandeur! No Style… Sadly, most actress are worn by the dress rather than the contrary! That is so wrong!

  • Michelle

    Finally a dress that shows off her gorgeous body and a great hair style. Sara who ever helped dress you – keep them!!

    Gorgeous woman, great dress!! Hopefully next year a nomination and win to go with.

  • me

    I heart this woman. Who ever considers a size 12 to be overweight is sadly mistaken. What the heck is wrong with people when seeing a normal sized, healthy woman is thought of as obese. News flash people, Marilyn Monroe was not a small girl, she was a size 12 also and she’s a Hollywood icon! Gosh, I can’t wait for the day when a size 0 is not seen as the norm. Things are getting so bad over their in Hollyweird and in mainstream America that people are starting to critize actresses who range from size 4-8 as being fat. I say eff you to all you weight obsessed hooligans that think it’s great to have every rib, bone, vertibrate and ligament visible and say, wow she looks fabulous. Work it Sara. I’ll gladly support you.

  • W.o.W

    She scares me ! :/

  • Patmycrotch

    Love the dress and color, not sure about the peephole

  • Patmycrotch

    Love the dress and color, not sure about the peephole

  • Laura

    I’m her biggest fan, she looked amazing and who says you have to be skinny, you can still be big and healthy, she is not fat at all she is built big and she is a tall woman so of course shes gonna look big but she can’t help her height. I think she looks great just the way she is.

  • Katie N

    She is beautiful. So refreshing to see size 12 women being proud of their bodies and working it on the red carpet. Down with the size 0-4 expectations. Those sizes are the ones that scream “Unhealthy life styles.”

  • Katie

    I absolutely love Sara Ramirez, she’s my favourite actress from Grey’s. :) I don’t like the opening in the dress; but it’s daring, and exactly what I would expect from her.

    She’s got such great hair, though, it’s a shame it’s all up!


    what is wrong with you people! she looks AMAZING!!!,she’s gorgeous inside and out,she’s an excellent actress,down to earth girl. she’s a normal healthy woman who represents the natural body very well,she is LATINA!!! latinas, we have curves not bones. Who cares about the hole in the dress, it is the style,good for you Sara.hopefully we will see you nominated next year and a winner love ya!!!



  • bebe

    Not crazy about the color of the dress but the soft flow of it adds a nice touch.

  • Jennifer Stoner

    I love her..but I think she looked like Rosario from Will and Grace…

  • Laura

    I love her hair up it’s a change from having it down all the time.

  • http://:P ;D

    Jest boooooSka !!
    A chirurdzy to najlepszy serial na świecie :D :*:*
    Kocham Was LUDZIE !! :):*:*

  • marcil77

    The ones making negative comments and making it seem like Sara is an eye sore are the same ones that have no personal self esteem of their own and try to emulate stick thin celebrites by throwing up and starving themselves because they can’t create their own individual self worth and have to live their lives obsessed with celebrities. Sara is a beautiful woman and is not obese. Period.

  • Sarai L

    Huge fan of hers
    I just know that Sara is CURVY, HOT, and extremely SEXY

  • ads

    Sara is not overweight. She’s perfect for her height. She shouldn’t change a thing about herself. She has already stated that she’s comfortable in her body, she’s healthy and beautiful.

    I myself am 5’10″ and weigh about 132…I am NOT unhealthy! I eat around 1800 calories a day and don’t workout like a crazy person…this is just how my body is.



  • dimples

    This woman is totally beautiful. Those of you who say she isn’t beautiful must need glasses or your just jealous. She is perfect in every way, This last season of Grey’s I though Sada looked like she had lost to much weight. But those beautiful eyes and lips….mmm mmm mmm. Those soft beautiful lips. Kinda makes ya wanna nibble on them. LOL!!!