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George Clooney's Motorcycle Accident

George Clooney's Motorcycle Accident

George Clooney was in the hospital earlier today after being involved in a motorcycle accident on Friday, reports Access Hollywood.

The 46-year-old actor was treated for a hairline rib fracture and road rash at Palisades Medical Center in Palisades, New Jersey.

Clooney‘s new gal pal, Sarah Larson, was on the back of the motorcycle when it hit. Larson‘s foot was broken in the accident.

George apparently still plans to attend the world premiere of his new drama Michael Clayton Monday night in New York City.

Press sure will have a ton of questions for him on the red carpet!

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  • perpetual lurker

    So sorry for Georgie. It could hvae been worse, so grateful for that! Hope that he and his lady friend makes a full and speedy recover!

  • perpetual lurker

    Should read: ..”a full and speedy recovery!”

  • Purple Gem

    Get well George and new lady friend.

  • http://? Aluorah


  • angelina_mmm

    he’s getting old

  • Deive

    Hope he get well soon and Sarah too.
    Take care George ;)

  • Nanea

    How unprofessional and stupid to go bike riding while making a movie! I thought Clooney was above showing off in order to impress the flavor of the month.

    That’s why studios provide limos with drivers, because no insurance would cover the loss incurred while a lead is off on sick leave caused by an accident that was not work-related…

  • Miapocca

    Clooney is getting old and feeling it..he needs to work harder to even pull the smaller fishes in teh ocean ahahhahaha…..

    Leave the motor mikes to the young ones grandapa and adopt a grandchild..ahahhahaha

    HMMM..wish them both a speedy recovery

  • Miapocca

    June/july…Kelly forseter
    Aaugust..unknown on a boat in the medi
    September..Sarah Larson


    Oh my my my what a HO of a man

  • blabla

    Good he didn’t hurt himself to bad

  • Blah!

    Now he needs to marry her or she will sue him.
    I am glad they are not badly injured!

  • remember da truth

    I hope they recover but I agree — rather foolish behavior while trying to impress the latest ho wanting her pic taken with him. He’s trying to be like his buddy Brad, but Brad has been riding bikes for years and years (even back when he could get away from the old ball and chain who wouldn’t let him be himself) and is more experienced.

    George’s midlife crisis is showing…..

  • Jill loves to Jen more then Angelina

    finest man in hollywood … yumo

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    I see not to many people care.

  • -A

    Palisades Medical Center is not in Palisades, NJ. It’s in North Bergen, NJ. I live down the road from it.

  • PJ

    Please! He’s been riding motorcycles since he was in his twenties! If you have to stop riding cause your 46 you might as well give up living, cause EVERYTHING is dangerous. Not only is he gorgeous, but he makes good movies and still has time to go to the Sudan and appear before the United Nations Council on behalf of the victims of genocide in Darful. He’s worth 100 of those preening 20-something actors who spend most of their time worrying about their careers and how to better indulge themselves.

  • ShimmeringDew

    I was glad to hear he was ok.
    Must have been a “life flash before” his eyes sort of moment.
    Heal well George.
    As for riding motorcycles I agree pj – it is nonesense to think because he is of a certain age that “bikes” are not for him.
    There are older men than that riding bikes – Its funny how some seem to know what a star is feeling or going through with out even knowing them…we have some mind readers out there – haha

  • amle

    The idiot could have killed someone. Passing a car on the right side of the road is reckless and dangerous.

  • Shelly

    I will hold the jealousy back and say I wish them both a speedy recovery. George you need to save the motorcycle for roads you are familiar with.

  • nice

    Wishing George Clooney well.

  • http://nonyet Domi

    this motorbike is cool :D i hope he is happy with this bike :)

  • Shelly

    Blah! you are correct. Hopefully, she really likes and is not a golddigger but if an investigation finds that George is at fault, she could sue him for a considerable amount of money.

    I’m pretty sure his lawyers have already had her sign a release agreement by now. He doesn’t seem the type to let a little romance ruin him financially.

  • mm

    Clooney said this in recent interview with Italian Magazine.

    AGI) – Rome, Sept 18 – “Raoul Bova is really beautiful. If only I were a woman”.

    This is the surprising declaration of George Clooney to the weekly ‘Chi’. “In my house in Laglio” the good looking American film star said in an interview “I also invite Italian actors, like Raoul Bova: if only I were a woman, he is really beautiful”.

  • Estella

    omg im so sorry for theme hope they will get better soon but the “odd” thing is that he is not oblige to attend this movie premiere dman the health is more important than the rest of any spotlight .

  • lola

    What is wrong with people who are posting on this thread? First of all, George has been riding motorcycles for years and years. The only time I’ve seen Brad ride a motorcycle is since he has been with Angelina (nothing against Brad, I’m just saying). And what is up with the ageism? He is only 46 for crying out loud. If he wants to ride a motorcycle let him ride it! Since when does your life have to stop when you turn forty? It’s this idiot mentality that makes 16 year olds think they need botox.

  • tom

    how old is his bitch?

    didn’t know he was a pedophile!

  • pancakebottom

    Silver pubes are cool…go george!!!!!!!!!

  • Mich

    Instant karma for the worthless gold digger no talent.

  • http://dontknow Amanda Heminger

    His age keeps changing. I thought he was 48? Who cares about his age REALLY? It is kind of sad that I have become obsessed with celebrity news ever since I learned Sarah, a girl I used to know , is dating an oscar winner. Anyhow I hope they are both feeling better, and that they get a lot of good pain meds.

  • remember da truth

    Who said anything about his age meaning he couldn’t ride a motorcycle? It’s if he starts now that it seems like he’s trying too hard, and passing a vehicle on the right shows lack of experience on a motorcycle!! Since when has he ever ridden a motorcycle before now? Someone said Brad only started since being with Angelina — uh, no. He has SIX and used to go off on long rides by himself all the time, said it was a great way to duck paps too, with a helmet on. He could get away from the life that was boring and restricting him and just be himself.

    I’ve never seen George on a motorcycle before now. If he’s been riding for years, great, but follow the rules of the road!! Motorcycles are so dangerous the stats say it’s not IF you get in a wreck, but WHEN, so you have to be really careful. Zooming around recklessly with your latest girlfriend in tow is not how a responsible driver acts.

    I wish George all the best, I am a big fan, but am disappointed in his actions here.

  • Z

    I hope they’re OK.

  • consuelo

    ohh i so sorry for George is a nice guy but x her i don’t care sorry but it’s truth

  • Jack

    hahahaha what a old loser to bad u dident die

  • Patricia Morales

    George Clooney
    He la tua vita, pero credo che meriti qualcosa di meglio. perdonami

  • Carmen augustA

    Wow. That must have been so scarry for them!

    Motorcyles scare the hell out of me. I would only get on the back of one with someone who has years of motorcyle experience, like 10 or 20 years. Respect the machine. My husband wanted to get a Harley several years ago and even went to Harley Dealerships quite often – but the man doesn’t have one day of experience riding one. I wouldn’t have cared if he bought one – but told him that it would be many years before I climbed on the back of it with him. He never bought one.

    LOL – but one day he may.