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Suri Cruise: Eyes Wide Shut

Suri Cruise: Eyes Wide Shut

Tom Cruise rushes his adorable 17-month-old daughter Suri into his midtown Manhattan hotel on Friday night after a short visit to a private studio.

Tom, 45, has been in town promoting his upcoming wartime suspense tale Lions For Lambs. Katie, 28, is reportedly training for the NYC marathon.

20+ pictures inside of Tom, Suri and Katie Holmes out and about NYC earlier in the day…

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suri cruise eyes wide shut 01
suri cruise eyes wide shut 02
suri cruise eyes wide shut 03
suri cruise eyes wide shut 04
suri cruise eyes wide shut 05
suri cruise eyes wide shut 06
suri cruise eyes wide shut 07
suri cruise eyes wide shut 08
suri cruise eyes wide shut 09
suri cruise eyes wide shut 10
suri cruise eyes wide shut 11
suri cruise eyes wide shut 12
suri cruise eyes wide shut 13
suri cruise eyes wide shut 14
suri cruise eyes wide shut 15
suri cruise eyes wide shut 16
suri cruise eyes wide shut 17
suri cruise eyes wide shut 18
suri cruise eyes wide shut 19
suri cruise eyes wide shut 20

Photos: Buxo/Asadorian/Splash News Online, Mario Magnani/Steven Kupinski/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Fleasha


  • clive


  • Jane

    so cute~ she look like her mum tho

  • Sweetz

    so what!!!

  • jolierocks

    suri looks really alert…

  • Brooke

    Aww this is like happening right now, right?

  • jolierocks

    where are Tom Cruise’s other kids? I haven’t seem them all hang out…

  • pete

    there is sth odd about suri. not sure what it is

  • annabel

    beautiful and adorable!!!

  • SaSSy

    Suri’s uber cute! Two words for Katie though – too old, too pale!

  • this post was born at

    He doesn’t really know how to carry her, does he? Or he is making her be photographed is what it is…

  • bella

    ow so u found somethn to complain about no 11

  • this post was born at

    Yes I did.

  • mom

    Where is her carseat? Was he carrying her while the car was moving? That is not good if that is the case.

  • zacca

    such a beautiful girl!! her eyes are always glowing! her hair looks so adorable. very cute

  • happy

    Suri is indeed a beautiful child but I have to ask….how is the constant paparazzi photos and attention going to affect this child as she gets older? There is hardly a day that goes by that we don’t see Suri.

    I remember after she was born it was ages before we saw her first pics. In fact some people wondered if there really was a Suri. Now she’s everwhere.

    It can’t be good for the child.

  • angie

    aww…she’s too cute! but suri’s always wearing such fancy clothing which i guess is expected, since her parents are so rich…

  • gin

    (8) Pete

    I totally agree with you.

    Doesn’t like kathy. Since she cut her hair, she doesn’t look good.

  • purple gem

    Suri has amazing blue eyes and pretty hair. I love how they dress her, like the adorable girl she is.

  • WYT

    she too cute for words!

  • angelina_mmm


  • lebanon

    i simply adore suri!!! she is so full of beauty. katie is so decent and tom is so cute carrying his daughter!

  • angiefan

    Suri is one beautiful baby.

  • nicole

    I love them. they’re so cute together!! suri is beautiful.

  • sema

    she’s adorable =)

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Why is he holding her like that?.She’s so pretty.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    They should have another child.Beautiful.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    She sure got some big feet though.

  • grace

    she´s a cute little girl unfortunantely Tom is a bit crazy!mhhh and Katie looked so much better with her long hair!Miss her look!

  • Cutesuri

    Suri is so cutee, looks a bit chinesy. She could easily pass for an ameriasian or euroasian.

    I hope she doesnt end up looking like Tom Cruise’ Mom who has some slitty eyes.

  • sillyme

    Number 11, you are exactly right. He’s carrying her so she can be photographed. He does that often, hold her away from him, so that she’s facing the cameras. It’s weird, the older Suri gets, the more she starts to look like…well, nevermind. It will be interesting to see who she looks like in about 3-5 years.

  • liz

    I love Tom Cruise and Suri.They’re beautiful..but this headline remember me Nicole Kidman..They were beautiful together..

  • lauren conrad is mtvs queen

    Wheres the other poor adopted kids? forgotten?

    Suri has the ugliest nose on a 3 year old. the Child for his movie he is so buck fugky..and womanly.

  • oh

    I noticed ever since he has Suri, the other adopted children haven’t been seen with him lately. Did he completely ignore them? All his attention towards Suri is very obvious.

  • Cult leader not da dad

    Where’s the other poor adopted children? Forgotten.

    Suri has the ugliest nose on a 3 year old child. that child for his movie , he’s so butt ugly, and womanly,gross. I blame Katie.



  • Eli

    Look at her feet, how cute!!!!!

  • gg

    That is one weird looking baby. Suri is not cute at all!!

  • just the facts

    You only hold a child like that if you want her to be photographed. He should protect Her not display Her.

  • WTF

    That baby looks like Bjork!

  • not good

    oh my god, it is. it’s a suri-sized version of tom’s nose. ~POOR GIRL~

  • ~~&~~

    Do you think Suri is cute ?

    I don’t think so, maybe I have to wear glasses.

  • xxx

    This kid is really cute but absolutely not beautiful. Don’t know if it makes sense. I think she is cute because she has baby cuteness but her facial features are plain average with thin lips for a hard nose. Her eyes are her best asset, love them eventhough some may not.

    I think she will grow to be more average looking than stunning but as of today, she is a cutie pie.

  • lovehaters

    lol she looks like william mapother.

  • Bjork and Jennifer Jason Leigh mini me !

    She looks like a mini version of a cross between Bjork (on the top of her head) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (on the lower part of her face, especially her lips and smile).

    Picture 18 is Jennifer Jason Leigh mini me to the fault.

  • Mmmmmm

    Where are Tom’s other kids?

  • wow

    Most Parents try to shield their children’s faces from the paparazzi. Famewhores.

  • dido

    she is spitting image of tom. more cruise babies please

  • lmao

    Katie Not Ready To Have Another Child By Secret Surrogate Just Yet

    You may hate on that, but remember when her pregnant belly kept going up and down? Unless this was a David Cronenberg movie, that was pretty suspect. And they put the kid in a Tom Cruise wig so it looks just a little like her majesty. Anyway, Katie Holmes is denying that she’s pregnant right now but sources say she might want to accquire another child in the future to pass off as her and Tom’s.
    Holmes has the rumour mills buzzing when she wore a high-volume Balenciaga gown at a Berlin airport October 13. However, her rep insists that the actress is not pregnant with her second child as yet.

    “She is not pregnant,” quoted the rep, as saying.

    But according to a pal, the couple have not ruled out more babies. The friend revealed that Holmes has already been talking about having more babies with her famous hubby.

    “Katie told me she wants another child with (Tom). She talks about it a lot. But I do not know when exactly they plan to have another baby,” the pal said.

    When they can find some pregnant teenager in Romania that can be paid a lot of money to hand the kid over and shut up is when it’s going to happen! Katie may be zoned out of her gourd on tranquilizers and Scientology conditioning, but she’s smart enough to realize that Tom’s not the the sea captain to take the skin boat to tuna town. So they need to look for children elsewhere!

  • lmao

    Tiny Emperor Of Outer Space Likes Meryl Streep

    Tom Cruise was way excited to work with Meryl Streep on his latest flick “Lions for Lambs”. What queen wouldn’t be? It’s a political thriller, which can be damn ponderous. But Meryl can liven anything up. She could read the cake box decorations to you and you’d be completely rapt. Tom Cruise had a lot of bullshit to say to ET Online but didn’t address any of the good stuff. Like why his religion is so creepy, why he auditioned wives, who are Suri’s actual parents, etc. We’re not going to hear any of that stuff until Nicole Kidman is over it and starts talking. She knows the dish. She can’t right now because her phone is still being tapped by the L. Ron Hubbard club. I’d say more but I don’t want to end up dead in the shower like that other dude. *shiver*
    On making his first film with the re-vamped United Artist studio, Cruise says, “For it to be the first United Artist film we’re doing, I feel tremendously honored. I wanted to paint a picture that was going to define what I believe is the spirit of United Artist.”

    Cruise tells ET about acting alongside Meryl Streep, “It was an absolute joy working with Meryl. I remember saying, ‘I really can’t wait to work with you’ and she said, ‘I hope you’re not disappointed!’”

    Then she took her leave, and immediately called and told the producers that she “didn’t want to hear any of that Scientology bullshit on the set” from his crazy ass. Ok, she didn’t really say that but you know she was thinking it. I’m using quotes totally irresponsibly but this isn’t the Washington Post up in here.