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Reese & Jake: Kissing in Public!

Reese & Jake: Kissing in Public!

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted holding hands and kissing on Monday at LAX airport, according to Us Weekly.

And there are reportedly photos to prove it!

“Dressed in matching black T-shirts and jeans, Reese and Jake strolled hand-in-hand and smooched at Los Angeles International Airport October 22,” reports Us. “On October 19, Witherspoon, 31, was spotted resting her head on Gyllenhaal‘s shoulder while walking through the streets as they enjoyed some downtime.”

The couple has been at the Rome Film Festival promoting their latest film Rendition.

Does this make Gyllenspoon officially a couple now?!

UPDATE: OK! magazine has the first picture of Reese and Jake holding hands. Click here!!!!!! Do you believe it now??????????????????????????????? The picture will be in the upcoming issue of People magazine. Check it out on newsstands!

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Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    and where would those pics be?

  • a


  • Shut up

    yeh i want to see the pics before i believe this.

  • Regina

    If this is true, then I’ve lost respect for Witherspoon who repetedly kept denying this. I mean admit it, for goodness sake and stop acting childish!

  • Eli

    hmmm, yes need pics, before believe

    (altho, hope theyre not doing this now cause people say movie didnt do very well)

  • junelicious

    nooooo please!

  • Flisbeth

    well, show us the pics and that will turn me into a believer!

  • Who Cares

    I don’t like them together.
    They feel a little bit strange
    (maybe it’s the age difference?)

  • b.

    Not Reese, why should he do that. there are much better girls around him,than her!!!!

  • LADY T

    I love them together…He’s younger but has an ole soul and she’s grounded but fun loving…We’ll have to see if it’s last though…

  • Gabi Frones

    well, show us the pics and that will turn e into a believer [2]

  • Stacey

    I won’t believe it til I see it…and even then, I won’t believe it. We all know that he and boyfriend Austin Nichols are the answer to Ted C’s Toothy Tile Blind Item…Ted practically outed them last week. I mean, I had my suspicions anyway, but seeing the pics posted on this very site of Jake and Austin’s body language at that bball game convinced me. Plus this Reese relationship is the fakest publicity stunt I’ve ever seen. All these “sightings” but no pics, no official word from them…complete made up, PR bull….

  • piper, with a low

    I hope they are together, just so Ted C. could look even more out of the loop than he already is.

  • KC

    “Does this make Gyllenspoon officially a couple now?!”

    No. It just means their movie flopped big time and this is their way of taking attention away from that.

  • Nadya


  • Kayla

    If they are together, and they were keeping it a secret, it might be because Reese’s divorce was just finalized recently. Some people, especially outside of Hollywood, think that it looks inappropriate for new relationships to start before divorces are final.

    That said, I still don’t really like them together either, and the secrecy of it all is strange now, because even the divorce couldn’t be used as an excuse. Hopefully we’ll find out about them soon enough.

  • PRtogo

    How surprising, their love survived!!

    Now instead of talking about the terrible failure of a movie you can all discuss their hot love affair!! Enough with all those silly gay rumors this puts those to bed once and for all.

    Go to it fans! Launch a website and start the baby naming contests!!

  • toni

    I’ll believe it when I see the pictures. In the San Francisco Chroncile Reese denied that she and Jake were involved.

  • jb

    he is gay…

  • Smarter than the Average Bear

    Head on his shoulder – maybe on his elbow. She’s 5′ 2 1/2″ without heels. He’s 6′. Even in highest Christian Louboutin’s she is only 5’6″ – 5’6 1/2″.

  • nicky


  • Cristiane Vallim

    Reese Witherspoon used in Golden Globe 2006 the same dress of Kirsten Dunst, the same hair style and the same kind of shoes and Ryan Phillipe was beside her at this time. The Jake Gyllenhaal was training with Ryan Phillipe and they have the same trainer. If this gossip is true this love story has been happed for a long time ago when Reese Witherspoon was already married. It is can be the motive that Jake Gyllenhaal called Meryl Streep “bitch” in a interview with Jon Stewart. Jake Gyllenhaal confuse the sheap prostitutes and the own women of his family whose he lives by side with this kind of people. That Hollywood at present! It is a festival of bad person without charater!

  • kim

    I’m thinking this is a publicity stunt. The movie apparently didn’t have a stellar opening and now all of a sudden these rumors that have been going around for months are confirmed with PDA. Just makes me wonder…

  • update

    People the movie is out, once a movie does poorly the first week there is not turning back. Going public now will not help the movie. Perhaps they wanted to talk about the movie and not there relationship during the promotion period. Now that’s over and they don’t have to do press, so they don’t care who sees them. Also she just became legally divorced.

    The photos are out there already, look around and you will find them.

  • Flisbeth

    ok, I think I believe now :) Good for them if they are happy

  • Sandra and Carina

    Now I am believing it!!!!

  • not easily tricked by hollywood anymore

    I never thought Reese pieces would stoop so low . publicity stunt because the movie bombed.

  • bite me


  • update

    It’s not for PR, the movie is dead in the water, once a movie opens bad there is nothing you can do to change that. The are going public because the press is over because they don’t have to go out and promote their movie and be hounded by the press about it.
    Folks are just cruel I tell.
    Today is her son’s birthday, where is his dad, in London (popsugar) filming a movie. Where will Ryan P be for the next 6 months, away filming movies in London. That’s how it has been for him for the past 3yrs, he is home in the summer and gone the rest of the year, places far away filming movies. Even then the jerk wanted to share physical custody of the kids with her, when he isn’t in LA six months of the year.
    Divorce is a nasty business, especially when you ex is a nasty guy. Perhaps she couldn’t go public, perhaps getting the custody issue in order was more important.

  • shoes4life

    Maybe Reese is keeping this relationship on the down low because of her very young children. I mean I would respect that because the last thing a single mother would want to do is to keep introducing random men to her children. She may be waiting to see if this relationship is serious. No need to start answering the “mommy is this our new daddy” questions if he is just a friendly close confidant she sees when her kids are with there dad.

  • shoes4life

    “their” not there

  • Alexanderina

    I saw the picture on Who cares, don’t really care for either one

  • Alexanderina

    Maybe they thought that if they come out now with their relationship that their movie will now start doing better at the boxoffice, which I don’t think will happen anyway. They denied denied their relationship all this time and now they are coming out in the open with it, I smell something fishy here


    I like them together..both are nonthreatening

  • DUI

    aww, they look cute!

  • Regina

    Stupid publicity stunt. Reese Witherspoon is quite pathetic with her several ‘WE’RE NOT DATING!’ quotes. Their film is tanking and this is the only thing left to do?

  • Erin

    Can’t see the picture on the OK! site

  • Anon

    When was the “We’re not dating quote”.

  • African Girl

    I’m all for falling in love and being lovey dovey with you beau but the timing of this PDA is a tad suspect. I mean their movie just kinda sorta didn’t do well at the box office and suddenly we’re treated with pix of them kissing and hugging? It brings back memories of another America’s Sweetheart rolling out the relationship carpet to sell her movie.

  • shoegirl
  • Spirit

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! It can’t be!!!!! I wanted to marry that man!!!! :-(

  • Erin

    Yay! Thanks shoegirl. Love ‘em, they’re adorable

  • Jake is gorge

    I call BS!

  • Regina

    I don’t know why but I always find it odd when the woman is older than the man. I know it sounds silly and I’m probably in the minority. Though afterall, look at Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling and they looked great (shame it didn’t last).

  • Jakiepoo


  • Regina

    When was the “We’re not dating quote”.

    She said it at the Rome Film Festival –

    Reese Witherspoon has hit out at rumors she has been romancing Rendition co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. The pair have been photographed enjoying each other’s company on numerous occasions, but Witherspoon – newly divorced from Ryan Phillippe – insists their relationship is purely platonic. Walk the Line Oscar winner Witherspoon says, “I have known Jake for years through different friends and he is just wonderful. He’s very kind, generous and funny. It’s been nice these past days to laugh a little bit. Yeah, he’s great and I look forward to maybe making another film with him.”

  • LIES

    Reese is the new Penelope.

  • the_original_nika

    LOl #44.
    It can’t be!!! There goes my shot of marrying that man. My heart is broken =(.

  • anon

    The old Aniston Vaughn trick to boost ticket sales.

  • real right?

    People really think this a FAUXmance and a PR stunt?
    Looks real to me