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Julia Roberts Uses Handicapped Parking

Julia Roberts Uses Handicapped Parking
  • Julia Roberts is a horrible person
  • Talk to Celine Dion. Talk to her, talk to her!
  • Hayden Panettiere hasn’t mastered the art of exiting a car while wearing a minidress.
  • Gwen and Gavin take their aspiring athlete to the park.
  • The ugly truth about Katherine Heigl
  • 50 Cent has a lot of demands on his concert rider.
  • Heath Ledger‘s daughter wore a cool pair of shades
  • John Travolta is a heady mess.
  • Heather Mills promotes Veganism
  • Amy Winehouse gets booed
  • Get celeb style looks for less
  • Simon Cowell admits to having Botox done. Yumm, plastic face.
  • Juliana Margulies married fiancé Keith Lieberthal Nov. 10 in Lenox, Mass. Margulies, who’s about seven months pregnant, wore a white Narciso Rodriguez gown.
  • Sex and the City star Christopher Noth and girlfriend Tara Wilson are expecting. The Post reported last week that Wilson is about five months pregnant.
  • Producer Timbaland is expecting a child with a woman who works at his record label, Mosley Music Group. The child is due at the end of November.
  • Oprah staged her annual “Favorite Things” Christmas show in Macon, Ga., over the weekend. In addition to the items they left with (HD camcorders, clothes, beauty products), they will also receive refrigerators with HD TV sets built into the door.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones has pulled out of the movie adaptation of Broadway musical Nine supposedly because director Robert Marshall would not give in to her demand to beef up her role.
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  • Nikki


  • cee cee

    julia roberts needs a can of whup azz opened up on her azz. what aloser azz homewrecker.

  • levnette

    homewrecker?? it’s a long time ago, move on!!

  • ohmy

    It’s time for Oprah’s favorite things again. I can’t wait to watch the episode.

  • blah

    congrats Timbaland ;)

  • cherembo

    omg !

  • me

    omg britney NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what a damn bitch!
    look at it!

  • kel

    Matilda Ledger is a cutie! Agreed that the flipping paparazzi off with Michelle Williams wasn’t that cute! ;)

  • DEBS

    I´m in a nwheelchair but i´m NOT hadicapped i´m DISABLED. I f´ing HATE the word HANDICAPPED. COME ON people it´s 2007. The word HADICAPPED hasn´t been since the 80´s. Julia has has a f´ing nerv using that space i´m sure there were plenty more free.

  • dt

    DEBS, you have some nerve to decide whether she’s HANDICAPPED or not. Do you know that she is using it illegally? No, you don’t. There are thousands of people in America that don’t walk on crutches or a wheelchair to qualify for handicap parking, permanent or for a temporary condition. ME included. ANd I have a cousin (heart condition) who get’s bitchy stares from people who don’t know sh$t about what she has, but apparently they are all arm-chair doctors and have decided that she’s parking illegally.

    And by the way, she’s on the passenger side, not the driver’s side, so way to be manipulated by the media, DEBS.

  • giada

    Kristin Dunst does the same thing Julia Roberts does.Shame on these people…

  • liv

    Ledger and Williams loves to abuse their fans and especially the paparazzis. Ledger’s costar in Batman Maggie Gyllenhaal is the same thing as in heartless to everyone.

  • http://ohcomeon,givejuliaabreak!x17hasthevideo,shewasfollowedbylike10paparazziandshejuststoppedafewminutes MAX

    oh come on, give julia a break! x17 has the video, she was followed by like 10 paparazzi and she just stopped a few minutes at the market. she parked the car there just because it was the place closest to the entrance of the market, so she skipped the paparazzi crew.

  • bataglio

    nothing, nothinG, nothiNG, nothING, notHING, noTHING, nOTHING, NOTHING more despicable on this planet than people who park in handicapped w/o being so!! but julia does dress like she might have a mental handicap, so all is forgiven, i’m sure

    i am only 5% kidding, too.

  • me

    hey dt the reason your cousin gets bitchy attitude and stares from people is b/c they are used to assholes abusing the designated spaces like julia roberts is. people are indignant for the people who really need these spaces. so chill.

  • bataglio

    dt, you’re full of sh_t. regardless of the handicap, a handicapped person will always have either a license plate showing it, or a temporary decal hanging from their mirror. ALWAYS. so shove it.

  • youknow

    Leave Julia alone!!!!

  • bite me

    So Catherine Zeta Jones is being a diva?

  • Here’s The Deal

    Woah, Timbaland’s gonna be a daddy in a few weeks?! Talk about sudden. Ah well, I wish him all the best. Luv ya, Timbaland. ;)

  • cuckoonest


    *cries*sobs*put eyeliner on*


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  • adult

    what does it matter if Julia uses this parking? It’s just 50 cent picture that doesn’t mean anything.

  • areasemarang

    Greetings admin I like your topic, after reading your article very helpful at all and can be a source of reference I will wait for your next article updates Thank you for sharing