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Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are Dallas Sweethearts

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are Dallas Sweethearts

Jessica Simpson and current squeeze Tony Romo arrive at Burbank Airport in California.

Tony, 27, is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and is enjoying his best season on the gridiron. According to reports, her father Joe Simpson (red and white striped jersey) set the two of them up. Stylist Ken Paves (short leather jacket) also joined the Simpson family. Everyone was all smiles including Papa Simpson.

Perhaps Tony can persuade Jess to put on a Cowboys uniform as well and be a cheerleader!

15+ pictures of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson ….

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jessica simpson tony romo 01
jessica simpson tony romo 02
jessica simpson tony romo 03
jessica simpson tony romo 04
jessica simpson tony romo 05
jessica simpson tony romo 06
jessica simpson tony romo 07
jessica simpson tony romo 08
jessica simpson tony romo 09
jessica simpson tony romo 10
jessica simpson tony romo 11
jessica simpson tony romo 12
jessica simpson tony romo 13
jessica simpson tony romo 14
jessica simpson tony romo 15
jessica simpson tony romo 16
jessica simpson tony romo 17
jessica simpson tony romo 18

Photos: Matei/Alfred/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Rayt

    This girl annoys me. Blaah.

  • Hudgensgirl

    New new video for vanessa hudgens click here:

  • harris

    I’m sorry but she’s got soooo many INSTANT deal breakers regarding Jessica Simpson that i can’t believe Tony even got this damn close to her….For his sake, I hope he just wants to sleep with her and that’s all.

  • Britney

    They both annoy the hell out of me!!!!!!

  • talula

    You just know that this isn’t going to end well. Tony is a dog. I hope Jessica is not too invested.

  • harris

    ….and i’m obviously bored b/c I’m gonna start listing them….

    1)she’s 26 and already has one marriage under her belt with questions of fidelity coming into play
    2)she has a strange leacherous pastor for a father
    3)she has a strange leacherous pastor for a manager
    4)those shoes she has on in these pix
    5)the fact that she cannot seem to go anywhere without her gay guy BFF kevin
    6)her weird desperate attention seeking from the public and men
    7)her rapidly plunging career
    8)the fact that half the hair on her head belongs to strangers from god knows where and how, exactly, it got from them to her
    9)her need to bring her dog along for everything
    10)her famour lack of intelligence
    11)her well publicized cavorting with numerous men since before and after she divorced
    12)her sister, @ssley
    13)her need to alter herself through plastic surgery and injections
    14)her constant shopping and materialism
    15)her yoyo dieting
    16)etc etc etc

    yes, i know my list is sad but sometimes it helps to put things down on paper…or a blog

  • ??

    papa simpson will always hook his daughter up!

  • ?

    i think she is too dependant on her parents/ pals. make your own decisions for once

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    he obviously likes them really, really, really dumb.

    joe still pimping his daughters.

  • tony the tiger

    Why would Tony Romo settle for another guy’s sloppy seconds? Settling for Jessica Simpson is like settling for a used car. Tony deserves a better model!

  • harris

    yeah, and he better hurry up with this one…she’s reaching her experation date in all sorts of ways. i can just imagine the dollar signs Papa Joe sees whenever he thinks of Tony and that sweet contract he just signed…..Joe’s best bet is for Jessica to get knocked up so she can milk Tony for child support….b/c Tony will NO WAY marry this chick.

  • harris

    he’s probably just taking it for a long test drive around the block…the same block she’s been around a couple times.

  • shoes4life

    Tony Romo and his $67 million dollar paycheck is not going to put Jessica Simpson on top again. She was lucky to hit the B list (now probably on the D list) when she was with Nick and that is a as far as she will ever go.

    Watch out Tony make sure you are protected you don’t want any oopsies and then here comes a baby. It will be Jessica’s biggest payday to date.

  • harris

    from your lips to Tony’s ears….

  • Helena

    Considering the crappy picture, the photographers were that desperate to take a picture of Fugula Messica Simpson.

  • pokikay

    Harris – you’re cracking me up with all your lists! lol

    Jessica Simpson is not all that! Tony can do better, in my opinion.

  • robin

    I see the haters are out again.. They make a cute couple and what do any of you know about what makes these two happy.

    Cute Couple

  • robin

    Whatever is going on between them must be pretty good cause the cowboys and tony romo especially are the best in the NFC

  • Kay

    Gosh, he moves fast!

  • harris

    OMG, you are sooo right! should the Cowboys make her an honorary member of their team and have her toss the coin for them? i mean, according to you, they owe their kick ass season to her….jeez.

  • harris

    he’s moving fast so he can gather up the various bits of poon tang as quickly as possible.

  • purple gem

    I going to be honest, I think they make a cute couple. I don’t care if her father is creepy, he made a good hook up.

  • lisa

    it wont last

  • Jessica fan

    I think they make a hot couple and hope they have something special. They’re both gorgeous.

  • Jessica

    I highly HIGHLY dislike Tony Romo. He is a no good…………………………

  • H

    omg Joe Simpson obviously called the paparazzi and tipped them off as to where they would be. Come on when was the last time a celeb photo was taken at burbank airport that’s pretty damn random and what a coincidence jessica was with tony. Run away from chestica simpslut as fast as you can Tony

  • Karol

    Well, at least Papa Joe seems to like Tony, which can’t be said about Nick. But having said that, I give this relationship another month at most.

  • jessie

    Well, guess this is proof it’s for real ya’ll. The pics seem natural NOT PUBLICITY STUNT! lol

    Tony and Jess look like a real couple talking and saying goodbye to family and friends before going on their own. Have to say they look cute. Hopefully Jess won’t mess this up because she won’t find a better guy than Tony. He is hot, successful, hard working, family oriented and nice. He’s got it all. And her dad seems to love the dude.

  • Lillianne

    Kennie Boy you better do your homework. There’s only one hairdo in Dallas and that’s DYED FRIED AND SHOVED TO THE SIDE.

  • Lillianne

    Oh, and one more thing. In Dallas the hair Jessica is wearing belongs in a paddock or a stall. They got real women with real hair.

  • celebpsychic

    Jess needs to leave that zero be happy as a single woman!

    A new spin on celeb gossip:

  • kathy

    mean people.. nick is happy why can’t Jess

  • jerzeegirl

    I am the biggest Cowboy fan and this bothers the hell out of me. She’s a freakin idiot…I’m sorry but nothing that comes out of her mouth is at all interesting!! She’s a blond with big boobs…but that’s it!! I guess she could be sweet and really kind-hearted but whatever. Just beat the Eagles this week.

  • tina

    The thought of Transvestica cheerleading just made me hurl. I wonder how much Joe is paying Romo to be seen in public with this tragedy.

  • tranny

    Those shoes are beyond disgusting. If that photo had better resolution the buck teeth would also be gross.

  • T.m

    Wow did he leave the game Sunday and fly straight to California? I never knew Troy Aikman to do this stuf during football season Aikman was focused and you hardly heard him flying out of town when he needed to be studying plays. He better not screw up like he did at the end of the season last year. Jessica and Carrie Underwood were rumored to be seeing Jessica is bad luck and using Tony to get more press since her acting and singing career is going nowhere. Plus Nick is long gone thanks to Vanessa. If he screws it up for the Cowboys being more focused on this non-talented phony daddy’s little girl, the Cowboy fans will never forgive him. Tony’s so gullible. He needs to win a superbowl first before he thinks of dating attenwhores like Jessica Simpson

  • rOMO’S FAN

    Well excuse Tony for having a bit of a life and not eating, breathing, and sleeping football 24/7. If Tony Romo screws up it will NOT be because of Jessica Simpson. People also tried to blame Carrie Underwood for last season’s collapse and that is just ridiculous.

  • Tellingyouthetruth

    Joe Simpson tipped these pics because he wanted there to be proof of them being a couple. It’s the same crap he did with her and Mayer when people didn’t believe them. We all saw how that ended, this will have the same ending.

  • Twinkle

    When’s the sex tape leaking out?

  • ginny

    papa Joe making sure the photos are blurry is a nice touch, it makes it look less staged and also blurs the tranny’s ugly man features.

  • j

    Jessica why did you have to pick the biggest goober he-whore around?

  • Lisa

    These photos look like the same flight that TMZ captured with that crazy video… that landed in Burbank. So yeah, these are from Thanksgiving.

  • Pam

    I am not sure these are the Thanksgiving photos but they might be from when Jessica and Tony went to celebrate her best friends bday. I remember Tony wearing that cap when he flew back to Dallas.

  • O

    Annoying – she wanted Tony after she heard all the other hollywood girls were “hooking-up” with him. She knew he was the “it” guy at the moment. She craves attention and I hate her shoes.

  • kelly anne

    omgg i can’t stand jessica simpson shes so materialistic why doesnt she adopt at child or save a whale!!

  • kelly anne

    omgg i can’t stand jessica simpson shes so materialistic why doesnt she adopt at child or save a whale!!

  • Nanana

    tic toc ……….

  • robin

    hey harris jealous much, i mean why you hating on tony, just because he has game and you have well probably none by your remarks. I mean first i am from Dallas have always been a cowboys fan even when 1-15 so for you to come off and say i said somethng i did not say go learn the game and come back.

  • Kim

    Jessica is a piece of dried up nasty slut. She was desperately looking for any man. Tony could have been anyman that said yes. Tony brought ans paid for. Their money must be running out fast.
    I wonder how Tony is going to feel to roll over and look into Ken eyes, because Ken will have to sleep in the same bad.

  • tony the tiger

    jessica simpson’s father made a big deal about his daughters’ wholesomeness and now, in order to perpetuate their notoriety just a little longer, he has turned jessica into the biggest tramp in hollywood and is even selling her out to football stars that are just going to use and abuse her…while i’ve heard ashley keeps getting rushed to hospital with drug overdoses while on the road with peter wentz