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Suri Cruise Blinded By the Flashes

Suri Cruise Blinded By the Flashes

Hollywood super-couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arrive in New York City Sunday night with their daughter Suri, 20 months.

Poor Suri. She looks completely blinded and frightened by all the flashes from the photographers!

Tom and Suri are in town to support Katie‘s new movie, Mad Money, out Friday. Mrs. Tom Cruise will be making the rounds on the talk show circuit on Monday–Good Morning America, Live with Regis & Kelly! and The Late Show with David Letterman. Don’t forget to set your TiVos!

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  • Kourtney

    suri is so cute!

  • http://dsfsdf kroewel


  • hillary

    suri is adorable!

  • goz

    poor baby! :(:(



  • alexis

    i strongly dislike them both.
    but that is a beautiful little girl

  • the shiznack

    why is that loony Tom holding a camera

    effing nutjob

  • Frances


  • adfdasfads

    katie always dresses her and suri alike. & tom in this case too. they all look blend in.

  • 911


  • Beth

    Beautiful family and thanks JJ.

  • peace

    Most precious baby in Hollywood

  • Meg

    Tom looks hot and young,Katie is simple but so pretty and Suri kills me with her cuteness.

  • ninjas

    God bless this family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenn

    KOOL! Tommy carries a camera just in case the paps didn’t get his memo to show up. Then he can just take his own pictures for the tabs to print!

  • JoAnn

    Geez… enough is enough! Stop using little Suri for photo ops! The child looked frightened!

  • Maria

    Ugh I can’t stand all three of them They all annoy me. Suri isn’t even a cute baby. Ugh she really does take after her parents…and NOT in a good way at all.

  • Elaine

    What irresponsible parents! They should have shielded Suri’s eyes from those blinding camera flashbulbs. Instead, Katie is turning Suri’s face TOWARDS the cameras for that photo op. How pathetic!

  • eli

    dam they paparrazzi-whore that kid out every flippn sec yet u NEVER saw TOM like this 10yrs ago with his adoptive kids——-did he give them back???????????????? now that they dont serve HIS purpose

  • eli

    dam they paparrazzi-ho that kid out every flippn sec yet u NEVER saw TOM like this 10yrs ago with his adoptive kids——-did he give them back???????????????? now that they dont serve HIS purpose

  • eli

    #11, 12, 13 , 14 and postor #15 MUST BE Scientologists cuase u guys are flippn crazy-brain washed r-tards to think that of this hypotrical fame-ho threesome

    seriously got off the vitamins and TAKE UR CRAZY PILLS prescribed by your psychiatrists!!!!!!!!!!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    nothing but hate… and more to come.

    pathetic joliepitt stans.

  • Cindi

    There is NOTHING cute about an over-exposed and frightened toddler.

    Tom and Katie should STOP using Suri for PR. You’re right, JJ, “She looks completely blinded and frightened by all the flashes from the photographers!”

  • eli

    but yeah Suri is cute

  • kyndra

    eli stop being a fucking jackass. people have different opinions of this family, and just because you seem to hate them for some godforsaken reason, doesnt mean you have to be a jackass about it! so SHUT THE FUCK UP! k thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    stop bringing his damn religion into this!

  • eli

    OH please Famous, ur the biggest Hater out there!!

  • Suzie

    How are they using her for PR? They are walking from their car to the hotel door. If Brangelina were doing the same with Shiloh (which they’ve done plenty of times in NY), no one would say it was a PR move.

  • kyndra

    okay thank you for deleting my comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what i said was for eli to stop being so RUDE. just because you happen to not like them doesnt mean you have to be so rude about it and call people retards! k THANKS!
    and i happen to like tom and katie and their family and i am not a scientologist so dont bring their religion into this!

  • carrie nae

    the couple don’t look so happy. Most probably annoyed at the papz.

  • eli

    PR! because TOm was never photo by paps before. On Oprah she told of the “story” of what a great guy tom was becuase once when there was a fire in a building he asked the firemarshal not to go out the front door can he go out the back door and the fire marshal said sorry but we need all the people out the front and he did not pulla bug stink and went out with everyone but put a coat over his head so no pictures would be taken of him. so he knows when and where the paps are and when they all dress up and go to the car and he is not covering himself, his wife and child then it is a conscience choice to give a “show”

    answer me this where are alllll the posts and picture of his other Boy Connor and daughter —wow I dont even know her name.

    that is SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Cindi

    #28 Suzie – “How are they using her for PR? ”

    They could have simply covered Suri’s eyes, but they didn’t! They wanted to make sure her face is fully exposed to the cameras!

    Well, we’re seeing Suri’s face, and it’s that of a very freightened child. Not pretty!

  • eli

    ur post wasnt deleted…Refresh ur window’

    oh and his other daughter name is Isabella and sad that we never see him with them

    i fell bad for them thats why i dont like him he acts like he can adopt and then give them back? he treats his kids very differently and i dont respect that


  • kyndra

    eli are you talking to me? im completely confused.

  • eli

    oh kyndra i see your post where u said u liked tom, katie and their child IM sorry did u not know he has 2 other kids. and no they are not with Nicole. they live with him and he has them call “Kate” (btw tom changed her name too) mom not nicole but kate mom. JJ posted that few weeks ago in a magazine quted from Katie

    that is so sad

  • eli

    well yeah Kyndra u talked to me first why stop being a ******hole so I thot I would try to not use explitives and explain why and feel the way I feel and not just Yell at u like u did to me. so im responding to u sorry im not sure wow u would be confused since u spoke to me first

  • eli

    wow sorry for all the bad grammar and sentence structure its late and im a very bad typist and im spending way tooo much time on this ….that it deserves

  • kyndra

    oh. well i didnt know he had more than one kid. i dont know anything about their family life and im not even going to try and pretend like i do, because none of us know how that family is in private. like, i get what your saying, and yeahh that is really weird. but i personally like tom and katie because they are good actors..i just got mad because i thought you just didnt like them because they were scientologists or something.

  • Suri

    poor suri is frightened! Suri is not as cute as before, i hope she will grow into jer looks.

  • kyndra

    sorry i didnt mean to yell at you!! i was just confused on why everyone hates them sooo much! and you were talking about oprah at first and i got confusedddd

  • jedi

    May the force be with this cool classy family!

  • eli

    sorry if i offended u but this guy makes me crazy and I used to like him but i lost all respect for him the way he acts now. like if he used to be so pap-ho in the past and now very private and protective that change I would respect but its like he is using Suri (and I do think she is cute) thats all

    my Oprah story was to illustrate that everyone knows of his knowledge of publicity and when to use it and when not to use it and that he is very calcualting and when I see him like this NOT shielding his daughter I think of how he shielded himself years ago and just using her cuteness for his own gain thats all

  • Molly

    The best family.
    Luuvv theeemmmm.
    And Jared thank you.

  • gloria

    Happy Happy Joy Joy to the fans!

    I adore this family mainly Suri:)

  • anonymous

    katie look like a little girl herself, i love her.

  • eli

    wow kyndra I think we are the only 2 people one here to go from swearing at each other to saying sorry lol your cool and i like u. Im sorry I brought in scientology I was being mean, but I have a friend that was one years ago and dont even get me started on what he went thru trying to get out. i wont go there. and i dont hold that even against him, i was being smart-mouth so my bad sorry

  • +++++

    This is one blessed and real family. My tivo is set and lots of coverage on Katie,Suri and Tom makes my day. Im excited to see
    Katie’s movie and that of Tom.

  • Manette

    now don’t be jealous haters.

  • 90210

    Not only they are beautiful but they are the real deal and amazing human beings which makes me respect them much much more.

  • kyndra

    haha i know! dont worry about it, its okay. after i cussed you out i was like damn that was kinda mean. haha.
    wow i guess scientology is pretty crazyy

  • lurker

    Suri’s beauty stands out and is so unique
    from the rest.