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Rachel Bilson's Saturday - Sister Act!

Rachel Bilson's Saturday - Sister Act!

Rachel Bilson receives an ecstatic welcome from her kid sister Hattie when she drops by her family’s home on Saturday in Los Angeles, Calif.

Check out Hattie‘s cute pink kitty boots!

RB, 26, has been working out her new bangs recently.

More pictures of Rachel Bilson‘s sister act…

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rachel bilson sister hattie 01
rachel bilson sister hattie 02
rachel bilson sister hattie 03
rachel bilson sister hattie 04
rachel bilson sister hattie 05
rachel bilson sister hattie 06
rachel bilson sister hattie 07
rachel bilson sister hattie 08
rachel bilson sister hattie 09

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  • ?

    cutee :]


    YES ! VERY CUTE :):))

  • Laura

    Awwh! Her sister really does love her, and it’s obvious from the way Rach talks about Hattie in interviews that Rach loves her too. So cute <3

    Rach looks gorgeous as usual.

  • tessa

    So cute!! I love her

  • kasjd

    creepy that they were at her parents’ house but adorable

  • reba

    Here we go again

  • reba

    Get off me! Can’t you see I’m trying to pose for the paparazzi who I tipped off but I’m not aware is there.

  • ~~&~~

    I like her.

  • dicaprio lovaah

    hahah it looks like she doesn’t wanna hug her little sister !!!

  • peter

    I love Rachel and her sister is cute

  • Laura

    Personally, I doubt she would tip the paparazzi to come to her parents house where her parents and her little sister would be.

  • purplehearts

    @ HC posse

    Hmmm I think Amber streched the truth?? I dont see Hayden?? lol





  • http://deleted peter


    she doesn’t wanna paparazzi


    What she say about Hayden:

    Besides family time, Rachel also has been enjoying her growing relationship with Jumper co-star Hayden Christensen, as she finds it easier to date fellow actors because they understand the pitfalls of the industry.

    Of this, Bilson tells: “I wouldn’t say any relationship is easy, but if you date someone in the business you do know what each other goes through.”

  • melis

    she looks like she could care less– i dislike this plain jane that for some reason is working and has a job making movies. She should be serving low fat skinny Caps somewhere anywhere,…….over move to alaska and call it a day………
    Ok truth be told she shaggin my dreamlover Hayden.
    I’m so green. Still she looks like she hates her sis.

  • eww


  • purplehearts


    Shes not pregnant!!!!!! You can clearly see where Hattie is huggin her that her stomach is flat!!!!

  • *Kt*

    Rachel bilson is awesome

  • Neos

    @ She’s preggers

    Watch out, dumb, dumber & dumbest (aka Raven, lexi poop, purplehearts, irishdreams) are on their way! Can’t you smell their disgusting odor approaching! LOL

    Oh so sorry, there’s 4 dummies and only three versions of dumb, oh well, they’re all interchangeable.

  • Laura

    I really doubt she’s pregnant.

    ROBERT, she may be talking about Adam there?

    melis, as a Rachel fan, I’ve seen many interviews with her and in about half of them she mentions her little sister Hattie. She also takes her shopping and her ‘H’ necklace is for Hattie. She definitely doesn’t hate her.

  • purplehearts

    @ neos

    Go to hell! I happen to see nothing between them!!!!!! Get over it!

  • purplehearts

    @ Roberts

    You cant go by mags!!! They twist all the words!!!!!

  • kim

    WHO is this person and what has she ever done to be photographed every single day?! She looks like a rag.


    She is wearing BAPE and Hayden loves BAPE! he must’ve introduced the clothing line to her. how sweet Hayden,now they both can wear BAPE clothes together!

    see his hat:


  • eww


  • Raven

    F*cking evil b*tch!! I have never repeated any grades in high school like you have! You have a lack of intelligence to swear so much. Having to use every other swear word in a sentence does not make you smart. It makes you look STUPID! :)

    @ She’s Pregger’s,

    Hayden would not smoke standing near Rachel if she was pregnant plus, Rachel’s publicist Jim Troth would give her the same respect and not smoke right near her either! Second hand smoke is DETRIMENTAL to the unborn fetus. Get an education in pregnancy for dummies! :)
    Besides, this sweatshirt is a BABE product and it looks brand new and a small size to me. Look how small Rachel’s shoulders look! The sweatshirt is probably a small or even from the children’s department b/c it runs short on her and you can tell her stomach is flat. She is not PREGNANT!!

  • purplehearts

    @ Robert

    That means nothing Bape is very popular line in Japan

  • Laura

    Gosh, I really hate it when people comment on celebrity’s relatives appearances, especially when they’re young. They didn’t choose to be put into the limelight.

  • Madison

    @ 17

    the reason she is ignoring her sister is you can see she is either yelling at the PR or trying to get them to leave

  • Raven

    We know ROBERT!!

    Rachel’s sweatshirt is very new looking and it fit’s her well and HELLO?? She was just in Japan. BABE is very popular in Japan! Hayden is not wearing that BABE cap anymore. He’s sporting a new simple black one the say’s, “THE ULTIMATE DRIVE” on the brim. I think he wore the other BABE cap out from wearing it so much!

    Of course Rachel is going to be seen sporting the same sh*t Hayden likes to push them as looking like an item. All more PR sh*t. I hope this soon ends.

  • sam

    Love Rachel. But she looks like she does not wanna hug her sister. LOL! Hilarious.

  • Irishdreams

    More PR for herself in hopes to get more acting jobs…NOT…NEO best jump off the bashing you seem to win the gold metal at it..and Robert THIS IS not the BAPE that Hayden sports and Japan seems to be a big thing for BAPE but if this shirt is to be that she was just over there for a premier she spends all her time shopping so my guess is she brought them for herself and her sister Hattie..and gee where is your mr.hunk..why is he not with her if you feel she is so dating him..wonder why the showmance is over..and NEO yes we are here and live to make your life more enjoyable for it..dumbass..

  • eww

    Rachel Bilson’s dad must have some NASTY OLD cum/sperm because he made some ugly children. YUCK!

  • purplehearts

    @ Madison

    She kinda smiles @ the pap at first she may not have wanted pics of Hattie out there…all though they get them all the time

  • Irishdreams

    You can tell she was playing up for the camera’s that were in her face and gee seems the pap’s got a real good close up of Hattie and her..gee proves to me they can get any picture they want at any time they want..there is nothing private in any celebes life..

  • purplehearts

    these articles are just posting things she said in all different interviews to make 1 article!

    They are pushing them without proof

    Same as Jen & Vince

  • Laura

    eww, Rachel is far from ugly and you know it.

    And leave her sister alone, she’s like 6!

  • purplehearts

    @ Laura

    I argree we should not comment on her sister…shes not the celeb

  • disgusting

    Oh GOD. SICK. Fcukin lesbians. And at this age? like wtf.

  • Raven

    @ Irishdreams!
    Rachel does seem rather cold towards Hattie. Well..She either tipped the paparazzi off or they are following her more in hopes to find some snogging pic’s of her and Hayden! :lol: As if that is going to happen! We would have seen this sh*t by now! Rachel know’s Hayden likes that BAPE OR BABE Company and it is big in Japan and a media horny girl has to do what she has to do! :lol:

    Hattie is not ugly! No children are ugly. That is not right to say that! Hattie is actually more cute then Rachel! :lol:

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • purplehearts

    @ Raven & Irishdreams

    She could have tipped them off….& yes they could get her & Hayden PDA if it was there!

  • Raven

    CORRECTION: IT IS BAPE! That stands for the Bathing Ape Company! It’s big in Japan. Hayden went to Japan when doing promo’s for ROTS and probably got that BAPE cap there and like I said has worn it to death.

    It looks like Rachel has stocked up on BAPE sh*t! Good luck w/ that doll! :)

  • McLovin

    Rachel is a cutie! Hayden is a lucky man! lol!


    No Rachel is not media horny. she said that she said its uncomfortable to get followed by them. She dosent tip the paps and Im sure they’ll get a new photo of her and Hayden soon. Hayden is busy with other stuff probably,and if he’s in Canada,she’ll be there too.

  • e

    yeah.. its like she is trying to push Hattie off of her.. I KNOW she loves her sister, but she is actin a little cold. It looks like she is yelling/annoyed at the paparazzi but still she could at least hug her sister back.

  • lola

    Both very cute, but after seeing Jumper, I no longer like Rachel. She absolutely can’t act, and doesn’t have any redeeming factors- like Jessica Alba’s sunny personality and cute baby bump- to make up for it.

    -read my blog at


    She’s wearing a shirt of Hayden’s under the bape sweater, and that baby bump is being covered up like crazy!