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Vanessa Hudgens in Tokyo, Texas?

Vanessa Hudgens in Tokyo, Texas?

Vanessa Hudgens kicks back and relaxes on her day off from filming in a Tokyo Texas hoodie with her dog in Austin, Texas on Wednesday.

The High School hottie pumped gas for her Chrysler Sebring wearing a big Ed Hardy hat.

Earlier on Wednesday, we spotted V in a velour track suit heading to the Will set.

10+ pictures of Vanessa Hudgens in Tokyo, Texas…

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vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 01
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 02
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 03
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 04
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 05
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 06
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 07
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 08
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 09
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 10
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 11
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 12
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 13
vanessa hudgens tokyo texas 14

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  • Becky

    I’M FIRST! :D

    Sorry, I had to do it. :)

  • narzoox3

    aww love baby v

  • Jes

    I’m glad she’s getting a break. All her other pictures she seems so tired. I love Shadow (I believe that’s the dog’s name).

  • mike

    go take some more pictures of ur hairy vagg.

  • Marcella.

    Probably not but whatever

  • i hate miley&ashley tisdale

    loveheeeeeeer my idoool=)
    loveheeeeeeer my idoool=)
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  • Marcella.

    Ew Mike take your dirty talk somewhere else please.

  • ewe

    ewe she is just so annoying, stop putting her on these like we care

    check this website outt

  • emmazz

    aww she looks gawjuz as usual

  • ImCOOL!
  • stepho metho

    cuutee.. i love nessa. she is amazing

  • WTF

    what the fu ck is tokyo texas????

  • zzzzzzzz

    shes awsome i look up to her
    i mean she went through shit and still has her head up :)

  • bgl

    Love her! She’s so cute!

  • Malia

    Oh, no, the paparazzi are following her in Austin.

    Where are the Austin police to enforce the anti-paparazzi law?

  • nett

    Wow there’s Papparazi in Texas ! Awesome Vanessa !!! Looks like she just woke up . Still very pretty !!! Thanks JJ !!!

  • bgl

    I love that she doesn’t love the paparazzi. She just goes on with her life. She doesn’t stop and pose or anything like Miley does.

  • crazie4ever

    lol. i liek her dog.

  • narf

    I wish I had today off too.

    Enjoy your time Vanessa, get all the rest you can. Your fans look forward to seeing your movie and hearing your new CD.

  • eve

    She looks cute with her dog.

  • nett

    LOVE Vanessa so much !!!! Get some rest Baby V, you’ve been working hard.

  • marisol

    no ring so bad she luke como cansada y sin aniilo orta vez esto me nuena a que las cosas entre ella y zac no marchan bien espero y me equiboque porque me encanta zanessa

  • j

    1st omg

  • christine x3


  • Lis

    stop hiding!!! we want to see you

  • what


  • Boji

    Hi, Narf, nett and malia. Just greeted you on the other thread until I discovered this new one of Vanessa. I see her driving a white car.

  • Vhater4eva

    ugly wanna be. she’s not wearing her ring what cause mr. efron finally cam 2 his senses and dumped that talentless hack!!!!!!! good boy zac!!!!!!!!!! now get together with ash and the world will be hapy again!

  • Ashnaheartszac

    W00T! = ]
    I love her hatt .

  • Boji

    Ring? What ring, Purity ring, friendship ring, commitment ring, engagement ring, wedding ring, single ring? What ring?

  • i hate miley&ashley tisdale

    stop the ring thing…she is the only one that knows about her relationship..lets just keep waiting for zanessa newws and #17 im totally agree with you

  • troy

    #4 This is a Vanessa Hudgens thread, there’s no nobody here by that name, sport. I suggest you look somewhere else.

    #8 First off you don’t speak for anybody but yourself. Second you obviously care a great deal about Vanessa or else you wouldn’t be posting here, right? I didn’t think so.

    I have to say after seeing how frazzled Vanessa looked in the previous thread its nice to see her have some alone time. Just her, Shadow, and the paps. *rolls eyes*

    I love the bows in Shadow’s hair, heck I love that dog. I don’t know if its because she reminds me of the beloved Shih Tzu my family had when I was a teen. Or if its because she reminds me of my beloved Ewoks. Maybe its a combinition of the two. LOL

  • Boji

    #28 Oh, just shut up! Don’t tell me you’re better looking than her and I’m sure you’re a Wannabe yourself. Don’t you wish your bf was as hot as hers, don’t cha, don’t cha?!

  • nett

    Looks like she’s getting ready for someone’s visit soon . Love ZANESSA soooooooooooo much !!!

  • eira

    At last something about vanessa!!!!!
    i cant wait to see and hear ur new movie and cd, nessa!

  • dalia

    Her ring is safe at the hotel in her blue velvet box it came in awaiting the end of her filming Will.
    Personally I think Zac and her should stop wearing the damn things, so you insecure people who stress on them will have nothing to feed the ragazine fire!

  • suzy

    I love her dog shadow so cute.

  • marisol

    I hope she is ok she luke sad

  • nc

    Cute outfit, I’m assuming the car is a rental. Her dog is really adorable.

  • narf

    Boji, how are you? How’s your long distance bill holding out?

  • narf

    Aww, that’s so cute troy sweetie. *big hug and kiss* I am sure shadow would love you as much as I do. *another kiss*

  • nett

    Hello Boji and to all Vanessa , Zac and ZANESSA fans and supporters !!! To the haters….whatever ????? Oh no…and the Papparazi found her in Austin. JJ had to send someone in this quiet neighborhood to take pictures of Baby V.

  • ASH

    omg Shadow is a girl?! i thought it was a boy

  • Tracy

    Aw she looks cute.

  • Jossie

    GORGEOUS! She’s really cute!

  • what


  • Boji

    Sorry, folks I can’t get past post #27 at the moment so am pretty stuck right now. Anyway to get on with it, I noticed Vanessa has put on a pound or two since she started filming Will. She still looks cute and her hair has really grown long or is it extensions?

  • Mariana

    lovee herr lotssssssssss!!!

  • Deni

    love yaa

  • Ashley Tisdale

    Awww theres my boo i miss her and i love her!!!!
    If you read this V call me you got my number ily!!!!!!!!!!!