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Orlando Bloom: New York, I Love You!!!

Orlando Bloom: New York, I Love You!!!

Orlando Bloom and Christina Ricci shoot scenes in New York City on Monday morning for the anthology film New York, I Love You.

Which actor isn’t in this film?!

Orly, 31, and Christina, 28, will be telling just one of the 12 different New York love stories in the movie. The pair also share the same manager, Aleen Keshishian.

Mr. Bloom took a picture of himself making a dorky facial expression with his iPhone (probably to send to a Ms. Miranda Kerr).

Orlando was also seen on set reading “The Brothers Karamazov”, the last novel by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky. Whether it was for the film or reading for pleasure–you decide!

Ricci can next be seen in a the live action film Speed Racer, out May 9.

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  • msbis

    1st!! :)
    Yay finally we get to see Orly in action! :)

  • Jaded

    Yay! He’s working! Finally!

  • Mafe

    that book is soo good, good choice orlando

  • junebug

    Orlando has a blackberry, not an iphone.
    The pic was probably for the movie as is the book he is reading.

  • JUC

    haha this dude makes me laugh. he is so hot and girly at the same time. You guys call him orly! That makes me laugh even more. yukity yuk yuk

  • JUC

    did anyone ever notice how he looks like that luke mernando or whatever from american idol? he does he does. Except for that that luke guy sucked with his high pitched voice. can’t imagine “orly” singing

  • Jaded

    Looks more like Shaggy from Scooby-doo every day. :)

  • quinn

    He looks rough alot lately. Is it love, lust or perhaps he’s strung out? I am going with the last as love is suppose to make you happy!

  • Just Jared

    Uhm, that is not a blackberry.

  • jorja

    he’s a total hottie!!!!!!!!!!

  • junebug

    Thats what I mean,It isn’t his phone so it most likely for the movie.

    It looks like he is playing a street type person who is impressed with seeing a iphone.

  • Just Jared

    Oooh, I see. Gotcha, junebug.

  • curious

    He finaly at work! Thank God! He looks kind a….foolish?
    And i am sorry, but about “The Brothers Karamazov”, and Fyodor Dostoevsky if he reading it for pleasure…than WOW respect to u Orly, but if for the role…than HANDS OFF!!!! Don’t make shit from that story!

  • L

    Christina and Orlando have the same manager don’t they? Funny that they are in the segment together.

  • d

    NYC loves him too I’m sure.

  • Just Jared

    Good catch, L!!

  • Sadie

    If he’s suppose to be a street person, then he’s one mighty fine looking bum!

    Glad top see he can find it in his schedule to work.

  • @ JJ

    So Jared, you going to change that lame comment about the nobody model since it’s obviously part of the scene? Probably not, then her name wouldn’t be in this post and that wouldn’t do.

  • meji

    I like how he’s looking like an ordinary guy these days. It might make him easier to cast. I’ve never cared that much for his supposed beauty but I love the dorky/cool way he moves.

  • Helena

    Terrible actor, I feel sorry for Christina Ricci to work with someone so wooden.

  • boring

    Boring movie – I wasn’t a fan of Paris Je Taime, so I bet this one will stink too.

    Oh well at least it looks like he is actually in a movie at last ,and that always sounds better than saying you havent worked for nearly 2 years.

  • tre

    Yeah he is as wooden as a whole forest!

    If I was to cast him in a movie, I would cast him as a table.

    I cannot abide his hollow voice and crappy facial expressions, he is one of the worst Actors I have ever seen.

  • tre

    Hey, Jared! Nice to see you amongst the comments man!

  • Helena

    21, I’m a little skeptic about this one, the cast and crew was outstanding on the Paris one, and that film was a little inconsistent…so I’m wondering what this film will be like. The cast is either excellent (Julie Christie, Chris Cooper etc…) or terrible (Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson). The list of directors is a little iffy, too.

  • Regina

    “I cannot abide his hollow voice and crappy facial expressions, he is one of the worst Actors I have ever seen.”

    Couldn’t have said it better! The only reason people like him around here (or shall I say girls, women and gay men) is because he’s hot! He can’t act for shít, which is a shame!

  • WGvr

    Does anybody know where the location is? Looks like Central Park.

  • sharyllee

    looks a little ugly!

  • old thread

    everyone keeps saying Frankie is a b*itch ( like the mistress) but I have read in several sources that Frankie is a male. Miranda even calls him her little man. Maybe since he and Sidi are both males they don’t get along. Those small little rat like dogs think they have much bigger balls than they do. Wouldn’t mind seeing Sidi leave a few teeth marks on him. Maybe that is why Sidi is sidelined

    OMG he is taking pictures of himself to send to Miranda, what a stupid ass comment. She obviously has plenty of pictures of him already, some of which might be the reason he is toeing the line

    I doubt he is staying with her, the production that he is in will pick up all the bills and why should he stay with her in a small apartment when he can have a luxury suite somewhere. 1mil in NY only buys about 1000 square feet. One mil in NY is nothing, and her bragging about it is pretty funny, Believe me I know NY and what she has ain’t all that.

  • @28


    That person was talking out of their smelly hole ;) lol

    Of course this production will be putting him up in a swanky hotel, no need to stay in her place.

    I agree 1 million isnt much in dollars esp. Not much at all these days.

    I think Frankie is a male as she has more or less said that and Frankie is a male name.

  • Karmakey

    I’m digging the scruffy, regular guy kind of look. I’m really excited about this movie. I loved the original. I hope it is well done, though I was a little bummed about someof the casting, but not Orlando. This is a perfect role for him. I think Orlando and Christina will be great together. I can’t wait for the release. It has major potential, and I’m staying hopeful it will live up to the original.

  • Enough about Sidi!!!

    Let it go already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People are just spoiled from seeing Sidi so much over the summer when he went to work everyday. The only reason this stupid mutt is around is to send a message. It doesn’t mean Orlando likes the ugly thing.
    Sidi is his pride and joy. Hey, didn’t Orlando say that his most important relationships are the ones he likes to keep out of the press? Well, makes sense to me. He likes Sidi alot more than the Cabbage Kid!
    Seriously, there is no reason to think he gave his dog up for a girl most people he isn’t even acting like cares about.
    There could be many reasons we haven’t seen him in a while.

  • lol

    Does anyone remember that Orlando and Christina were meant to have had a bit of a fling in 2002?

    The publicist spin was just they shared a lift together- I’ll bet! But what were they doing in the back? ;)

  • vague

    I vaguely remember something about the two of them.
    Did she throw up or something at a party?

  • @32

    God yeah!! I remember that. It was said years after that they had dated, I do wonder if anything went on, and you know what they say a1/3 of people sleep with their exes ;) lol

  • @33

    Yeah there was talk that as she puked up he held her hair back and rubbed her back- aww There was pics of them together at the time too.

  • lol

    He and Ricci? Never heard that one before my time tho
    Another frail anorexic huh?(not knocking her talent)
    He has a type

  • if..

    That is true about him and Ricci, then he certainly likes his “little girl” look, and that freaks me out.

  • #35

    Oh please please please let the tabloids run with him and ricci again.
    Would love for that to be the news while he is in New York rather then
    cabbage face.
    I’m sure regardless of what he does or doesn’t do she will be calling in hot and steamy coffee runs-whether real or imaginary.

    Coming to gawker soon “Orlando and cabbage buy coffee at Dean and Deluca and the they were just too beautiful to look at our eyes hurt we had to turn away. He could not keep his hands off her they ran out of the store and straight back to his $4k a night hotel room”
    sighting from carly thu..oops, I mean from fellow shopper.

  • lol

    those pictures of him the his Wayfarers are between scenes, the others are during filming

  • B

    He visions messed. He visions unpleasing since being with Miranda, she gives rotten items to him, he has changed into this ungood male!!!

  • @38

    LOL. Don’t know if they’ll do that, but checking the blogs and the NYP, they continue to push the Aniston thing. Seems they really want that one.
    Keep an eye out for his stylist, yea?

  • blogs

    hmmm. no sightings out and about from the weekend?

  • old thread

    I am just waiting for pics to show up of her visiting him on the set, Maybe shootig death ray eyes at Ricci. She will bring him lunch and there will nauseating pictures of them feeding each other and Frankie. THey will look long and deep in each others eyes, he will kiss her hand. and then there will be a huge article in her favorite pipeline along with the pictures from the paps they have on speed dial about how thier love is growing and deepening,. She will talk about him being in Oz for her big show. And as soon as she leaven, ht will be caught at at club with many women, one of who is spotted giving him a BJ

  • @42

    Oh don’t worry. Sure we’ll get some soon. He’ll film this week, then celebrate her bd on Saturday is it? lol. Then off to Oz Fashion week.

  • @43

    LOL! Don’t tease me. I can’t wait for the next time she looks the fool again. Fortunately it happens often so its probably around the corner just as soon as she starts acting cocky again.

  • B

    Orlando adore thin ladies, he not care for big ones. He adore lady that shares her unclothed body to all worlds.

  • @ B

    Orlando adore men. He couldn’t care less about what the ladies he’s linked with look like. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Height?

    Wow how tall is he, really? I thought Christina was a tiny thing of 5′ and I must say in the above photo, Blimey, I mean Bloomy looks squat.

  • B

    All i aware that he has sexuals with females.

    He was spoken to be selfish in sexuals! Lots of female he had, he say he sexualled since 16 with lots of one sexuals a woman- stranger woman.

  • @48

    I would say he is about 5 feet 9 inches, no way is he 5 feet 11! I have stood next to him in London after his play and I was 5 feet 7 with my heels on and he was only 2 inches taller, so dont believe what everyone says he is 5 feet 9. lol