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Katie Holmes is Bound for Broadway

Katie Holmes is Bound for Broadway

Katie Holmes will reportedly make her Broadway debut in a production of Arthur Miller‘s All My Sons this fall.

Back in March, Katie was still in final negotiations, but now the deal is all but certain. Producer Eric Falkenstein told OK! Magazine he thinks Katie is perfect for the part.

Katie is very well suited for the role of Ann,” he says. “There is an additional layer of soul to Ann and from the work I’ve seen of Katie, she has always impressed with multi-faceted characters. She would nail it.”

“Despite being in the spotlight and her celebrity status, the fact remains that she has a tremendous record of performances,” he says. “I think Katie is a tremendous actor. Whenever she decides to come to the stage she’ll be terrific.”

A formal announcement is expected to take place within the next 10 days.

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  • tissekone

    Katie Holmes will reportedly make her Broadway debut in a production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons this fall.

    Who cares?
    She is not a good actress.

  • celebaddict

    Good for her!
    I think she will be great, she is a good actress and she’d be hard pressed to go wrong in an Arthur Miller play, he knew his stuff!

  • 007

    Good for her! I’m sure she’ll do great.

  • Jaded

    What “tremendous record of performances”? Like, a dozen movies, Dawson’s Creek plus the Muppets from Space? Does that count so impressive?

  • ME

    it’s interesting that recently she’s been on this rampage of challenging herself: a marathon, now theatre (much much more difficult than film)…hmm. She didn’t seem to show any of this drive before Tom (and I’m not a fan of nutty Tom at all).

  • Jennifer W

    i cant wait i know katie will do an awesome job she is wonderful.

  • Happy

    Well done Katie! Show them what you got!

  • Meriam

    I think its a good decision to do a play for Katie. I don’t how she will manage with Suri and her family…as a couple her and Tom usually support each other but good luck to her anyway.

  • sam p

    this is a bad,she is such bad actress,wait to see the reviews.she can even act on movies she will act on theatre?

  • sam p

    bad idea

  • ra


  • Julie

    KH is a bimbo and a nothing actress. Why does she want to go out there and embarass herself again. Hasn’t she already DONE New York.

    KH you should stay with Suri and take care of her, she has special needs, it’s not just about designer dresses for her. Suri covers her
    ears, she looks distraught and withdrawn, troubled.
    Give her the life a child her age needs (what is her age?). Now she’ll
    be carried all over, all hours of the night, with paps flashing bulbs at her. Put her in a good pre-school where she can interact and get her off that stupid bottle.

    You can’t act so atleast be a good Mom. Your Broadway joke will not be good for Suri.

  • Tyra

    blah blah blah……(yawn)
    there, I said it all,Katie

  • bille

    Sorry Katie, but you can´t act. Don´t do this, you will regret it.

  • Dancer

    Although this could be a good move for her career-wise, I doubt she is strong enough to carry the part in this Arthur Miller play. The producer proclaiming that she is great at multi-faceted characters must be thinking $$$$$ as people flock to broadway to see her. She is shallow at best as an actor.

  • MicrochipHo

    I love her hair in the picture.

  • bonnie

    People won’t buy tickets to see you except for your folks who will fly in for the show and some scientology wackos. Maybe Mr. Beckham but not Mrs. because she’s not your friend anymore, maybe Travolta. But really how will the seats be filled most nights? You’ll need an audience, somehow. The show could even be picketed because of all the issues surrounding y’all.
    If you feel you have to “act”, if that’s what you are attempting to do, try another movie and see if it flops or not.

  • Observer

    What a compliment! I stared at the picture to see if I could see what he saw. I think I will want to see it if it comes my way.

  • rien

    Ann Deever, the character which will be played by Katie Holmes was once played by Joan Allen. I only want to say:

    Katie keep your fingers off Ann Deever. You are far far far away from reaching Joan Allen!

  • legs

    i’m not quite sure if this whole broadway thing will work for her.

  • null

    Wow. Wonder how she got that gig. Did she audition for it, or am I being naive?

  • 2cents

    She did not run the NY marathon. Probably got this gig because TC bought it. Her acting is impressive? Obviously the talk of a bought person. I saw no acting talent in her acting. Even in TV land, it was mediocre.

  • denise

    i think Katie is talented and I am happy for her, if she is happy. But it doesn’t seem like REAL happiness, it seems like an act.

    Maybe it’s just her shyness..?

  • pinkydoo

    I’m sure Tom had nothing to do with this….

  • 3cents

    Agree with 2cents – she got this job the same way she got to “run the NYC marathon”. Cruise money and pressure

  • 2cent

    how can you be ‘sure’ pinkydoo? are you tom? with people w/ money and ambition, nothing is unimaginable.

  • esther

    At least she chose a great play. But then, you can hardly do wrong with Miller. He remains one of the best dramatists ever alongside O’Neill. I saw two productions of The Crucible and Death of a salesman and they were both outstanding.

  • http://justjared Marie

    She made HUGE mistake not reprising her role in the Batman movies. That is going to be the blockbuster hit of the summer.

  • Helena

    She was great in Pieces of April along with Patricia Clarkson, but she tends to pick bad roles, so let’s see.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    OMG!! She’s going to play Ann? Is the director on drugs, or did Tom pay him some nice green backs for this?

  • Maria (Shorty)


    I’m so glad she’s NOT in Batman. She was sooo out of place in that movie. Next to Christian — she didn’t have a chance!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    # 25 3cents @ 05/13/2008 at 10:23 am Agree with 2cents – she got this job the same way she got to “run the NYC marathon”. Cruise money and pressure
    She NEVER ran the full marathon. She knows it and so do a great many people who ran in it know it’s all LIES!!

  • 2cent

    #31, I too thought she was terrible in Batman am glad she didn’t revive it. She ruined the movie for me in fact. Saw no acting, nothing. Wonder where did this director or producer see her ‘multifacet’ acting.




  • barbara

    maybe TC is buying her a theatre.

  • barbara

    maybe TC is buying her a theatre

  • Miapocca

    the shitologist threatened the director just like they did withteh paramount folks with tom…ahahah pathetic..please stop this insane cult tatics, so not support thier m adness, spend your money taking your kids to the library or something..or buy them a bike to ride to the library..hjaja

  • Miapocca

    Please dont ever compare Jen Garner to this RoBoHo…Garner deserves much better.,..she is a kick arse lady with a stable NORMAL family and a ridicullously WELL adjusted HAPPY kid with a beautiful name to boot….

    How insulting….KH fans you might do better comparing Holmes to the low level gold diggers in hollywiers, even Paris Hilton has a job adn serious cash flow coming in, which is more than I can say for your RoBoHo

  • American

    She ran that marathon, folks. You’d think that after months of scrutiny with NO eveidence and even officials pokespeople backing her, you’d realize that she ran the marathon.

    I think she’ll do great in the play.

  • julie

    that’s right, there IS no evidence that she ran the marathon. Just
    another illusion money can buy.

  • kit

    From what he’s seen she has had great performances? On stage? So, does that mean she didn’t have to try out for the part?

  • American

    I think the producer was referring to her film and TV work and then Holmes auditioned for him

  • 2cent


    If you think those in the organizing committee of the NY marathon would come out and admit that Katie’s participation was bought, you must be incredibly naive.

  • 2cent

    By the way, had TC not jumped Oprah couch I would never have noticed KH. She turned me off to her acting completely in Batman. Basically, she has neither beauty nor talent nor charisma. All TC money hasn’t helped her fashion ambition either.

  • Anon

    It seems like Just Jared cannot understand English. Nothing in the statement made by the producer implied that she is joining the play, infact in the 3rd paragraph he seems to be wishing her well for the future, not welcoming her to the play.

    “Whenever she decides to come to the stage she’ll be terrific.” = Good luck to her for the future.

    I will be very surprised even shocked if she is a member of the cast.

  • GlobalGal

    It’s apparent that Katie Holmes is not a particularly talented actress by any standard, but once she married Tom Cruise her opportunities to work in films and on stage, if she wanted, were increase a 1,000 fold. It’s not about her talent but whom she married. It’s sure not how it should be or very fair . . . but then in life not much is fair . . . Seems like she might have sold her soul to the devil for more fame and profit . . . so to speak

  • julie

    Well said 2cent. KH seems with time to have even LESS beauty, Less charisma, Less talent , LESS style and she didn’t start out with much to begin with.
    She is a declining bimbo, doesn’t look like she can even handle Suri.

  • julie

    She is a declining bimbo. TC can’t buy her the qualities she lacks.

  • julie

    KH needs to take a parenting skills class.

  • bejeebus

    can the cruises please go away already? they have outstayed their welcome… a long time. if they are such a “happy family” and they are so content in their own company and doing such domestic things (like baking cupcakes…blah blah blah… ever), they should be more then satisified just spending time at home ALONE (where the general public doesn’t have to witness their freakish posing and posturing). they have no clue how rediculous they appear to the REAL world.