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Liam Neeson Pees in His Pants?

Liam Neeson Pees in His Pants?

Liam Neeson looks like he had a little too much to drink!

The 55-year-old Irish actor was spotted outside a bar in Belfat City Center Northern Ireland chatting it up with another bar local.

Liam leaned up against a wall with, what looks like a pee stain on his pants.


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  • me

    Wow! LOL!

  • pete


  • Ayda

    whoa, that’s disgusting

  • Helena

    LMAO, I don’t care because he’s a great actor!

  • lol

    maybe he sneezed??

  • 007

    WHOA LOL!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!

  • Bob

    Thanks for drawing a circle around his crotch, since I didn’t know where to look to find a pee stain.

    I know most visitors to this site seem to be about 12 years old, but I bet even they know where a penis can be found under a pair of pants.

  • hrdhrt

    Could be he’s gay and just got off chatting with that fellow LOL

  • Canuck

    Maybe the guy was such a great conversationalist that he didn’t have the heart to tell him to hang on a second so he could run to the toilet. That’s the story he should stick with either way. lol.

  • Britt

    Probably couldn’t hold it in anymore?

  • demelin


  • Anne

    so embarassing

  • drey

    Bah, maybe he just dropped his beer on him…

  • cutiepie

    Ah oh! Looks like someone needs adult diapers. LOL.
    But seriously, he’s a nice man, leave him alone.

  • de Cosmos

    He probably just saw Angelina’s Vanity Fair cover.

  • Jaded

    Nah, the stain goes right up to his belt, I’d guess he spillt his drink. (Is that the right way to spell it?)

  • Jaded

    @15 LMSAO!

  • Lillianne

    Doesn’t that start a little high for a pee stain?

  • Donkey Punch

    The only good film he did was Schindler’s List and everything else was poo (or pee).

  • lilyanne

    Doesn’t the location of the stain have something to do with which way the “equipment” is facing? I prefer to go with the “I spilled my beer” theory, though!




  • nope

    i think maybe he just spilled water or a beer on himself or something. why jump to the conclusion that he peed? spills happen all the time. he wouldn’t be looking so nonchalant about it if it were otherwise.

  • http://WWWW.JUSTJARED.COM jessica lea

    dudes maybe he didnt pee yo
    but sometimes people exaggerate it
    maybe he spilled soda or something
    that cant be pee

  • em

    If he soiled his pants, he sure as heck wouldn’t be standing around chatting!

    No, it would be too crazy to think he simply spilled something on his pants. Geesh.

  • Ashleigh

    Holy crap, I’m from Belfast in Northern Ireland.
    And I’m always in the city, I could be on that bus!

    Not often my little town gets a mention on great sites like Just Jared. :P

  • jenny

    it’s so obvious that he spilled something…the pee stain would not be that high near the belt!

  • TASH

    belfat ???

    Its Belfast.

  • louise

    holy crap i live in belfast:) i got one of those buses home from the city centre today! how cool. belfast is never mentioned ever haaa love it

  • dss

    Maybe it’s spilt why would he so casual about pissing himself

  • dodlen

    lol everyone from belfast has found eachother! i could’ve been on that bus too! damnit, how come i never get to meet celebrities?

    woo, go belfast recognition! lol

  • yAZ

    come on ppl, this is definately not pee, it’s a drink spill, liam neeson is such a nice guy, he’s the best of the best

  • postwatcher


  • yAZ

    I LOVE LIAM!!!!

  • Melissa

    um yeah….ewww

  • j

    Bob @ 05/30/2008 at 4:28 pm

    Thanks for drawing a circle around his crotch, since I didn’t know where to look to find a pee stain.

    I know most visitors to this site seem to be about 12 years old, but I bet even they know where a ***** can be found under a pair of pants.

    Hahahhahaa. and that is definitely NOT pee. Sometimes I think Jared is 12 years old. A post about alleged “pee” stains? Hopefully that explains his near obsession with underage disney channel stars…..

  • lol

    WHY do u people take the bus????ewwwwww

  • angel hair

    still hot!

  • movie fan

    The spill even looks like it’s on his shirt. He obviously spilled a beer or had it spilled on him.

    He is the BEST — extremely underrated as an actor. Rent Michael Collins, Kinsey, Les Miserables, Love Actually, or Rob Roy and see why he’s married to Natasha Richardson, who knows a thing or two about true acting from her family.


    Umm, grody..

  • fabiana

    alguem fala portugues?????

  • fabiana

    alguem fala portugues???///

  • dt

    Oh come on. Everyone has accidently spilled a drink on their lap or leaned up against a wet counter at some time in their lives. I go to many bars. No matter how drunk you are, I’ve never seen someone pee themselves.

  • caron

    The one time Belfast or Northern Ireland even gets a mention and it’s spelt wrong….Get it sorted Jared

  • mig

    hvor klamt

  • sam

    wow jared u are very mature, u should really take down this thread it;s extreamly cruel.


    Outside a bar? isn’t it more logic to think that it’s beer?

    But I think this wouldn’t be that interesting for people like the most of you…

  • movie fan

    lol# 36
    In other parts of the world, the bus isn’t as bad as here in the States. Public transportation is clean, safe, fast, efficient, and used by more than just the poor people.

  • lollylolly

    if peeing in your pants is cool, consider me miles davis!

  • ericka

    a little bit too much to drink there ol chap!

  • Diana

    hahahahaha so funny