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Carrie Underwood Peels Out in Orange

Carrie Underwood Peels Out in Orange

Carrie Underwood gets loud and proud in a bright orange top as she performs at the CMA Music Festival held at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday.

Faith Hill, Jewel, Keith Urban, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift all came out for the festivities and gave great performances for the fans.

On Wednesday, Carrie hit the field and played in the 2008 City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge. Go get’em Carrie!

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Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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  • Marlies

    Hmm i don’t like that top

  • Andrea

    OMG! she looks gorgeouss.. orange really stands out on her and her skin is so toned and she’s very prettty :)

  • lauren

    shes pretty

  • laurenn


  • sistahc

    How does she stay so tanned and shiny? She has great legs

  • ohmy many times do they have CMAs a year…it’s always her.

  • andrea v

    of course, she looks great.
    but i cant get over how much shes changed since american idol..

  • Mike


  • magalie

    as usual
    love her!

  • flutters

    I like that orange shade on her, but the top not so much. She’s a cutie though.

  • yeahhh

    omg, she looks really pretty!

  • Nicole

    She looks amazing as always. I love her.

  • Amanda

    God she is so gorgeous.

  • Paige

    That outfit looks amazing on her.

  • Carrie Lover

    She soo beautiful and amazing! Love her!! <3

  • Carrie Lover

    Shes soo beautiful and amazing! Love her!! <3

  • jade

    I like Carrie. She is beautiful and a great singer.

    The Festival was held Friday.When will it be on T.V.?

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Love Carrie Underwood. That is a beautiful color on her. She has a beautiful voice. Best wishes to her. She will go far.

  • Tanya

    I wish they would’ve added some pics of the other singers…CMA FEST is Thurs-Sunday and airs in September on CMT…

    She looks that way in person too….so pretty.

  • LovinMyMullet

    I think she’s hot! And so is Jewel! I’m gonna be watching a lot of her when she’s on Nashville Star this season! They moved it to NBC so I can finally watch it! Clear your schedules for THIS Monday night!

  • shannon

    luv her outfit!!

  • jade

    Tanya -#19-Thanks for the info!

  • Sarah

    She’s ok. But she’s not a real star like Jessica Simpson. Jessica not only looks prettier but she has a much better singing voice. I predict by next year this time Carrie will be back on the farm and Jessica will be the new Queen of country music!

  • Terri

    Something is seriously wrong with you if you think Jessica has a better voice than Carrie. Carrie is way more talented. Her voice is stronger and she actually shows her vocals very well with her songs.
    Jessica may be pretty, but she is no where as pretty as Carrie. Carrie is a smart, sweet, down to earth girl and is beautiful inside as well as out. Jessica is just a dingbat and she looks it.
    Carrie will be around for a long time so get used to it. Sorry, your precious Jessica will never be as successful as her. Too bad….well not really.

  • chantall

    She is soo cute and looks in the color orange but dude i would rather get run ova by a car than wear that top

  • Mike

    she’s hot.

  • tarly

    she has nice sense into fashion

  • Haley

    I love her <3. So pretty and talented.

  • Annie

    she’s so cute!

  • NY4carrie

    Sarah— for you to think Jessica simpson has a better singing voice then carrie— is insane. Sorry. carrie BLOWS her away in every respect. Plus carrie has a college degree, and I am not sure jessica even graduated from high school- did she? lol So carrie is highly intelligent, graduated magna cum laude from college- AND she is the best female singer in country music period, right now. Maybe of any genre. Jessica is OK– that is all.

  • Michael

    Sarah—– I predict that by next year– Carrie will be winning her 4th and 5th Grammys, Winning Female vocalist of the year at the CMAS and ACMs for the 3rd consecutive year- and will continue to be the QUEEN of country….while jessica simpson will bomb in country— get dumped by Tony romo *again*— and have to resort to playboy covers-which is what she should have done long ago anyway. She has no brains or talent– just looks, that is all. But Carrie is WAY prettier and WAY more talented. Carrie sings circles around jess,

  • Carrie Underwood

    sooooo… cute i love carrie under i am her biggest fann i love her soooo… much i would die to meet her! my idol! i no like every single one of her songs!

  • heatherchantaljones

    wtf why do some of you say that carrie has changed?are u guys crazy??she is still very humble,sweet,thankful and incredible.

  • Deb

    She looks great…love the top and shorts!! Not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful inside, too. Her voice is amazing…love her cds…Some Hearts and Carnival Ride. Thanks for the great pictures!!!

  • Jill

    Sarah you are on some serious drugs. Never in million years would Jessica be prettier on the outside or inside than Carrie. And Carrie would never and has never put a drug in her body. She gets her looks by eating healthy, drinking lots of water, taking care of her skin, and exercising. Some of you I think must not follow Carrie because if you did you would know that she has a very down to earth and funny personality and she is so normal acting. Not a diva at all. She is very courteous and generous to all. People who have met her several times, as I have, know this to be true.

  • diane

    Orange seems to be her color she is such a good singer

  • Sarah

    Terri, ny4carrie- in case your heads have been in the sand, Jessica’s new single Come On Over made history! Highest debut ever for a new country artist! Its going to number 1 and the cd will set a new record for highest 1st week sales for a debuting female country singer. Who holds that record now? Oh! I think Carrie Underwood so she better enjoy it while she can cause she is going to be left in the dust soon by Jessica. Jessica took Tony Romo away from her and now she is going to take over her spot in country music. Watch it and see!

  • Sarah

    Michael- Jessica was destined to sing country. Its in her blood. The DJs love her song and say it is as good as any Carrie Underwood song. And this is after just one song!

    Jill- not everyone says Carrie is so nice and down to earth. A lot of people say she is a fake and rude when you meet her somewhere besides an autograph line. Have you ever met her anywhere out in public and had her be nice and friendly to you? Be honest! The answer is no she doesn’t care about her fans except when she is on the job! Jessica will pose for pics anywhere and always smiles!

  • Sarah

    Michael- Jessica was destined to sing country. Its in her blood. The DJs love her song and say it is as good as any Carrie Underwood song. And this is after just one song!

    Jill- not everyone says Carrie is so nice and down to earth. A lot of people say she is a fake and rude when you meet her somewhere besides an autograph line. Have you ever met her anywhere out in public and had her be nice and friendly to you? Be honest! The answer is no she doesn’t care about her fans except when she is on the job! Jessica will pose for pics anywhere and always smiles!

  • Sarah

    Who’s song set a record for highest debut? Unless your heads have been in the sand you know it is Jessica. When her cd comes out it will set a record for highest debut too and Carrie will lose that record! Its coming just watch!

  • Linda

    Oh, Jill (#36) — just wondering if the world you live in also has unicorns with flowing manes frolicking about in flower-strewn fields while the alabaster temple to the “perfection” that is Carrie Underwood shines in the distance under a rosy pink sky? And I’m sure that all of the golden fountains are filled with Vitamin Water too, since that’s what your goddess shills for.

  • Christine

    To Sarah on comment #23. All I have to say is LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL………………………………………………..!!!!!

  • Christine

    Oh LInda, you sound so negative. Is everything alright?! Something must have happened to you in your life. You sound traumatized and angry at the world. There are still many happy people in this world. Unlike you!!! Go drink a beer or something. Lighten up!!! The only reason you haters are looking at Carrie’s pictures are because you are interested!!!! Get a Life People!!!

  • Sarah

    Christine honey, kids should not be on the internet without adult supervision. It’s fine that you love Carrie Underwood. Really it is. You just don’t know any better because of your age.

  • Jill

    Linda is just upset that Chace Crawford turned out to be gay. It really burst her bubble.
    I live in Dallas, Tx home of America’s Team-The Dallas Cowboys and home of the biggest fan of All American Girl Carrie Underwood.

    Jessica Simpson is a beautiful girl and I wish her all the success life has to offer in her professional and personal life. As long as she doesn’t do it with our QB. We will talk CD sells when Jessica’s country debut reaches 7x platinum and her sophmore CD reaches 2x platinum in 3 short yrs. Oh and lets not forget the 9 #1 hits so far.

  • katie

    oh, so chace is gay because he dumped backwoods barbie? try again, sweetie…everyone knows you carrie fanatics are all the ones trying to say he’s gay because you can’t believe anyone would actually kick your princess to the curb. you’re the ones whose bubbles got burst when you saw that your princess isn’t all perfect.

  • Billie

    What a bunch of haters. Whoever is talking about Jessica’s song being the highest debut song ever…better do some homework. Pull up Carries stats………no one even comes near her! Please….get your fact straight you ignorant people!!
    Again…….Carrie Rocks!!!!! And will forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whitney

    why are people hating on carrie? Jessica is pretty and can sing but i think carrie is a true country singer. I’ll give jess a chance b/c her song isnt THAT bad. But, Carrie is my favorite and i dont see jess ending up in the opry (i may be wrong though). It’s just not in good taste to say jess stole tony from carrie b/c in my opinon that would make her appear to be a… whats the word?…a trashy skank? But, she can sing decent enough and is very beautiful so I’m sure she’ll do well. Carrie is just more classy to me…

  • MzZzMelliiGyaL

    lOve dah eaRingSshxzZz!

  • ellen

    It’s obvious that Romo’s drawn the line at letting Cowboys fans dictate who he dates.

    I don’t understand all this Carrie vs. Jessica nonsense. I’m not convinced anyone mistreated Carrie. If so, it was Romo — not Jessica or even Sophia Bush.

    Carrie graduated from Northeastern Oklahoma State University. I’m from Tulsa. NSU is not one of our flagship universities like OU, OSU, or the University of Tulsa. It’s okay, but not a terribly difficult school. It has the reputation of being the first choice for kids who couldn’t get into one of the flagships.

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