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Miranda Kerr Rocks the Runway

Miranda Kerr Rocks the Runway

Australian model Miranda Kerr struts her stuff down the runway at the David Jones Summer 2008 Collections Launch “Summer In The City” event at the Royal Hall of Industries on Tuesday in Sydney, Australia.

The 25-year-old beauty is making her debut on the runway for David Jones and was featured in a number of exotic looks.

No sign of current boytoy Orlando Bloom, however. Orly was last seen in Scotland at an art exhibition, but Miranda is looking forward to some time with her main squeeze!

35+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr rocking the runway for David Jones…

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miranda kerr rocks runway 01
miranda kerr rocks runway 02
miranda kerr rocks runway 03
miranda kerr rocks runway 04
miranda kerr rocks runway 05
miranda kerr rocks runway 06
miranda kerr rocks runway 07
miranda kerr rocks runway 08
miranda kerr rocks runway 09
miranda kerr rocks runway 10
miranda kerr rocks runway 11
miranda kerr rocks runway 12
miranda kerr rocks runway 13
miranda kerr rocks runway 14
miranda kerr rocks runway 15
miranda kerr rocks runway 16
miranda kerr rocks runway 17
miranda kerr rocks runway 18
miranda kerr rocks runway 19
miranda kerr rocks runway 20
miranda kerr rocks runway 21
miranda kerr rocks runway 22
miranda kerr rocks runway 23
miranda kerr rocks runway 24
miranda kerr rocks runway 25
miranda kerr rocks runway 26
miranda kerr rocks runway 27
miranda kerr rocks runway 28
miranda kerr rocks runway 29
miranda kerr rocks runway 30
miranda kerr rocks runway 31
miranda kerr rocks runway 32
miranda kerr rocks runway 33
miranda kerr rocks runway 34
miranda kerr rocks runway 35
miranda kerr rocks runway 36
miranda kerr rocks runway 37
miranda kerr rocks runway 38

Photos: Mike Flokis/Getty, Robert Wallace/ WENN
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  • mike

    her hair is really pretty

  • I’mwatching you

    She is so beautiful!! Love the eye makeup!

  • izzie

    # 1

  • WOW

    She is stunningly beautiful, her eyes are amazing and such
    gorgeous skin!

  • huh?

    Who is that?

  • cat


  • Angeline

    She’s stunning, I love her.

  • To “huh?”

    Jared put her name up, it’s Miranda Kerr. If you’re not familiar with her then might I suggest this incredible invention called Google. You just type her name in and voile, all the known info about her is right there for you to read. Isn’t that amazing! *rolls eyes*

  • lala

    so beautiful =D

  • anna

    ew, much?

  • ivon

    She is drop dead gorgeous.

  • Helena

    What a cheap model who models mediocre clothing lines.

  • Mika

    Gorgeous from head to toe! So jealous of her!!!

  • Meh

    She’s “cute”, I’ll give her that. But she doesn’t inspire me like a high fashion model would. Naomi, Cindy, Claudia, Linda and Christy all got about 20 years on her and they would still eat her up on the runway. Sorry.

  • pinkluva

    omgi just love her!!!
    she is soo fregging georgouus
    i wanna bi like her and adriana lima !!!

  • Juno

    UGLY face, HOT body

  • oh snap!

    i agree with #12

    she should get better jobs she’s way prettier than gisesle and bar rofferlali whatever the *fuck her name is those h*es look straight up like men

    still not a fan of her

  • veronicas

    almost perfect, she’s gorgeous

  • LuckyL

    In the pictorial Victoria Secret did in Vanity Fair I think, she looked plain and uninteresting. Make-up does wonders. Most boring model of the bunch for sure.

  • beautiful

    Beautiful, inside and out!

  • looks better when….

    Looks stunning in all those gorgeous clothes, but, looks even better when she is wearing Orlando. :-)

  • Elise

    Since when is Collette Dinnigan cheap?

    That headpiece looks a bit ridiculous tho.

  • tammy

    Love her!!

  • uh hu

    She’s gorgeous!
    And she actually looks like a girl, instead of a man *ahem*Gisele*ahem*.
    I love her.
    Orlando is one lucky son of a bisquit.

  • @22

    The show had a Brazillian theme. That’s where the headpiece came in.

    She looks amazing!

  • orlando..

    flirts with “ugly” women like Tracey Emin, when he is with miranda he looks bored out of his skull, when she is topless he doesnt give an eff, he cant keep his hands off Ms enim.

    Miranda said orlando was working- orlando couldve had a WEEK with her before he began “working” (we dont even know what he is working on)

    Face it, she does all the running, all the talking, he uses her for a sh@g when he cant be bothered to w@nk… he does her from behind and she could be anyone to him- she is just an easy, convenient lay… lmao so funny that you guys think he actually CARES for this girl- poor cow looks a fool.. what woman runs around after a guy and cant shut up about how happy she is.. yet he says NOTHING– Guys like a challenge- what challenge is she? He is bored with her. Men like easy lays at first, then its boring and “well if shes there with her vagina on show I will fuq it- why not”.. haha jokes on you randa!!

    From someone who knows

  • @24

    Yeah she looks like a girl alright- a pubescent one, all men that fancy this childalike are closet pedos, so c’mon guys own up to it, Orlando is top pedo bear… whos the rest???

  • kATE



    the REAL supermodels are the ones strutting their stuff in paris & milan and not whoring out publicity for themselves…MIRANDA KERR IS A CHEAP TACKY CELEBRITY MODEL

  • Vogue
  • kebo

    For me, I prefer more. It’s a niche gothic dating site and offer many cool and unique features..i found my prince makes my romance possile ^_^

  • She doesnt look childlike

    I dont know why she looks like a child to people. Shes not that gorgoes, but she sertanly doesnt look like a child. She looks I would say 26. And I agree he was all over tracey and acted more inlove with her then Miranda. I dont know, maybe im wrong. Anyway I think Miranda is pretty, but not gorgouse. And I never even heard of her before last month.

  • @31

    Oh, don’t mind them. Someone left the gate open at the Delph-idiots camp. Guess we ned a better lock. They always show up on every Miranda post (or Orlando post where Miranda isn’t even mentioned) to rant and rave. It’s always the same old stupid insults. “Pedo”, “Cabbage Patch”, and the always moronic “Brendon Frasier”. They never have anything new to say. They will then complain that she is being “shoved down their throats” while they continue to click on every link that has her name in it.

    And Orlando is always all over Tracey. They’ve been friends for years, and he doesn’t have to worry about tabloid journalists having them walking down the aisle because they touched each other. She’s a safe, very well cushioned, hug.

  • @32

    …I agree, only a matter of time before all the crazies come out
    with there ridiculous rantings and conspiracy theories, I call them
    the “poor poor fangirls”… obsessed with Orlando that they can’t
    cope that he is in a relationship with MK…

  • Aussiefan

    strut it girl!!! I first knew about this girl when she won the model competition i think either on “girlfriend” or “dolly” magazine here in Sydney, since then she has totally skyrocketed her modelling career!!! I give her alot of props, she doesnt have that typical model face, she has a really exotic face, totally gorg!! nice to see others are notcing her now!!!

  • Willa

    @ KATE: That’s not true! She was discovered by the age of 13, but she decided to finish school and then she went to university to study nutrition. She only started modelling full-time after she finished it. So she was 22. She started working for Victoria’s Secret even before she started dating Orlando.

  • gg

    But she would never get the DJ contract if she didn’t date Orlando. Face it guys. I have nothing against them really. They aren’t any hot couple nor interesting.
    I am qutie sure their relationship is a PR but I don’t really think it something shocking or very interesting to be discussed simply because that’s popular in Hollywood. They will quickly fade away.

  • cian

    to #26 and #28. I think ur being a bit harsh and I’m pretty sure neither of u look as good as she does

  • http://justjared beautiful

    the girl is hoooot no doubt about it the haters are jealous fat ug woman who can only dream to look like her

  • Any of You Ever Consider…

    That maybe everyone that doesn’t like her isn’t jealous or doesn’t want Orlando for themselves? I highly doubt it’s why she doesn’t appeal to the masses. I read Jared everyday at work and whenever I come across one of her posts it the same thing. Not everyone is impressed by this girl and my co workers seem to agree. Just saying.

  • @39

    I’m willing to consider that if you are willing to consider the fact that not everyone who likes her is a family member (or her) in disguise. And of course not everyone will like the same thing. That would be stupid. I adore her, but I don’t expect everyone else to feel the same way. Just as you shouldn’t assume that everyone dislikes her just because you do. Just because all the guys I know love think that she is fantastic, should I assume the whole world loves her too?

    And if she doesn’t appeal to the masses, why is VS giving her so much space in their catalogues? And why is she getting so much press? Orlando helps, but he isn’t that powerful.

  • ummm

    @willa –

    Miranda went to uni?? Are you sure of that? I thought she took a nutritional correspondence course from some guru guy in Australia.
    What university did she attend, and when? Just wondering.

  • Elise

    I don’t think she went to uni. She was on Rove the other day and they said she finished school and then moved to New York.

    I love to hate on models but she’s been doing a lot of interviews lately and just seems so friendly.

  • @60

    @39 – agreed.

    Now consider THIS, for all those folks who think Miranda has some pictures or ‘dirt’ on him:

    For a man who dates actresses and models, and who can’t seem to find women who respect his privacy, and who can’t help himself when it comes to getting 3 hot chicks in the back seat of a car at Foxtails, and who can’t help hitting on Veronica Taylor while ‘dating’ Miranda, and who HAS to go to Villa, Ago, Club Hyde, Green Door, etc, he sure acts like a man with something to prove. Granted, he’s not out clubbing as much now, since he’s got the ‘girlfriend’ for his publicity, but I haven’t forgotten what he was doing last year.

    Me thinks he’s getting a tad bit tired of Miranda about now, and she’s probably finding out he’s not the great career boost and boyfriend upgrade she thought he’d be. Interesting how like attracts like, and people who use end up with people who use. Bloom and Kerr may have met each other’s match.

    “And if she doesn’t appeal to the masses, why is VS giving her so much space in their catalogues? And why is she getting so much press?”

    Because she has connections and is pushing for it. If she’s willing to sleep with anyone to reach the top, using sex to advance her career may also play a role in her publicity campaigns.

    Same with Kate, Orlando’s ex. Connections and being ‘friends’ with certain tabloids probably helped Kate get attention. Having a celebrity boyfriend helped Kate launch her career in 2003 with Orlando, and I think Miranda figured she’d do the same thing. Dating up gave Kate more exposure, as many people in Orlando’s fandom had never heard of her, but I don’t think it helped her career. And many of Orlando’s fans didn’t like her. They believed she was tipping off the paps and betraying Orlando’s trust. How amusing, as the same thing seems to be happening with Miranda. Odd coincidence, isn’t it? ;) I think Orlando chooses his girlfriends based on getting some publicity with them himself, while keeping his mouth shut and letting them take all the hits. He’s fully aware of what he’s doing and what games he’s playing.

    Some thought he was under contract with Kate; some think he’s under contract with Miranda. If true, it’s a sad way for an actor to keep his name and face in the public eye. Emphasis should be on his work, not his (non-existent?) love life. PR and publicity relationships also keep him from any REAL and MEANINGFUL relationships with women. Then again, maybe that’s what he wants. Fake relationships are business and controlled. He can’t get his heart broken that way, at least. Sad way to live, though. :(

  • @39 & 40

    #43 here. I hit the wrong key in my header. My post was in response to both your posts, not to a 60. Sorry about that. :)