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The Jonas Brothers Say Good Morning

The Jonas Brothers Say Good Morning

The Jonas Brothers perform on ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday at Bryant Park in New York City.

Nick shared a story with GMA about a time when he was 3-years-old. He said, “I was telling my grandma that I wouldn’t get off the coffee table because I was gonna be on Broadway and I had to practice.”

On stage, the Jonas Brothers even talked about their little brother Frankie, whom they endearingly call the “Bonus Jonas.”

Watch the Jonas Brothers perform “Burning Up” live!

25+ more pics inside of The Jonas Brothers performing on Good Morning America

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Photos: Brad Barket/Getty
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    Love them!! First??? xxx

  • mike

    yay <3

  • blexh

    i was there ^^

  • ale

    love them!!!!!

  • ash

    whoo they are all so hot.i love them

  • katie

    i was there!!!

    i had a vip pass and had awesome seats!!!

  • Caity

    I love the Jonas Brothers..they rock!

  • Princess

    OMG! Did anyone else notice Nick’s bulge? You can see in the pics but more in the video. [Drooooooll]

    He is too cute.

  • saçetinha

    hey guise i love u

  • jee

    god i hate these guys and i hate that you and perez post every tidbit of information about them up like middle school girls. i feel like a middle schooler just reading about them. i will care when one of them gets a DUI

  • Emmerson

    Wow. I am amazed. They do not have one talented bone in all three of them. How are the making money? The are talentless kids that dress in there fathers clothing. Very sad. Please go away and leave my kids in peace to enjoy music. The noise they make is not music.

  • marta

    I love nick *O*

  • Amy

    ahh i love them <3

  • anthony

    curious to see who will take their place in a couple months
    all joe did this morning was scream…no talent besides what? playing the tambourine lmao.

  • kate

    They’re nice guys but I don’t see the huge deal. They’re good, but not great.
    What’s with Nicks dancing????

  • durr

    How can u say they’re not talented? I’m not a fan and all but they’re obviously talented to me.. they’re the ones making millions, they must be doing something right

  • Key

    Wow, just wow. Talented or not these guys have a serious fanbase and in a this business isn’t that really all that matters?

  • The Muffinman

    Nicholas Jerry Jonas <3

  • Mariana

    jooooooooooooooe! ♥
    oh my gosh love theeeem =) x

  • Zanessa-love4life

    I swear Joe gets more hotter everytime i see him!

  • isla


  • jfjsjf

    theyre awesome, they must have talent to make it this far right? i wonder what nicks gonna say about the miley incident

  • Daniela

    my goodness they are SO famous! they completely deserve it, and especially if they keep staying grounded. i love them.

  • anna


    they write all their songs and have made records in itunes history sooo many times!!! millions upon millions love them because they actally write their own songs and play their won instruments and sing their own stuff.

    THEY ACTUALLY MAKE MUSIC. and are succeeded big time because they deserve wayy more than anyone!

  • Melissa

    I was there this morning and it was amazing!!!!

  • Vogue
  • nic

    hOT STUFF :D ;D

  • shebly

    ok, i’m not under 25…I’m not trying to be mean. But I watched this on GMA, and they sounded horrible. seriously, that last song, it sounded painful. They just don’t seem very talented to me, just the pretty faces that disney created…am I crazy or what…start on me haters!

  • kate

    Yeah, I agree.. it’s weird when people call all of these disney kids” talent-less” so they wouldnt be where they are. Plain and simple.
    Fame is one thing, but reaching super stardom like these guys, and others like Miley, is rare.

  • amira*

    awww nickkk!!<3
    is soo cutee!

  • cuteee

    How can they be “talentless” when they write all of their own music and play it themselves? They have talent. Jelpusy is pathetic. && Nick’s dance moves are the SEX.

  • cuteee


  • / abbie

    Ew i don’t like them! they are totally NOT hot and the performance was awful!

  • mishy

    man, how i love these guys


  • alpal

    of course the only people who defend these metrosexuals are smitten 12 year old girls who spell everything with extra E’s. “cuteee?”

    like omg they are like so talented and like they even write their own music and like play it themselves like OMG that means they are talented cuz like nick is so cute and he like dances like way good like like like like “jelpusy” is pathetic and they like totally love god so how can you like not like them like nick’s dance moves are the SEX even though he’s like a virgin like OMFG?!

    i’m so sick of seeing these guys everywhere. but whats more sickening is the constant “AHH Nick is SOOO hot Nick and Selena 4ever!!!!!!” Fuck all the damn disney demon children! i want news about people whose fanbase isn’t 100% pre-pubescent teenyboppers.

  • MiLLa

    I loveeeeeee too muchhhhhh Jonasssss Brotherssssss

  • mima

    i really think that these guys are amazing – and i’m not under 18 – i don’t see them at all as a product of disney and i don’t think it’s fair for people to make broad sweeping statements about them when they don’t know how much they’ve been through to get to where they are now.
    i don’t think though that they care what people are thinking about them because they are just happy doing what they are doing and they inspire so so so many people, not just young people, people of all ages.

  • sahasy

    i was there! so many people, it was crazy but definitley worth it ! (:

    I LOVE NICK <3

  • SiblingRevelry – a jb blog

    Yay! They’re simply the best.

  • Vfan

    Yay! But wat happen to Joe’s voice. Awesome performance btw

  • annie

    i was there live and it was so amazing. i scream so much even when they were talking to i did’t hear anything they said during the interview. i was so closs to the stage that i almost touch their hands. the weird part is that i’m staying in the same hotel that they are staying at.

  • Amber J

    I love them!!!
    It was amazing that 10,000 people were there!!!
    And WOW, Nick looked super hott!!!! I love him!

  • yes

    They were fabulous! I was lucky to be there and witness this and the crowd was the largest ever! These guys are so real and genuine it is amazing.

  • rita

    Love the Jonas Brothers and all they stand for. their music is super and they are so normal it is unbelievable.

  • pam

    they are talented, charming, gorgeous and so down to earth. love them.

  • iona

    Now these kids have got talent! They are humble and so grateful for everything you just gotta love them…….and I do!

  • tom

    So much talent and poise. No wonder they are successful. GO JONAS BROTHERS!

  • tori

    How can one family be so talented and so gorgeous to boot? Love them and hope they last for a long, long time.

  • http://yahoo judith

    i love all of the jonas brothers

  • meggggggg

    i was there, it was absolutely insane. cops made us go in a single file line for about a block because it was so intense. it was like we were doing the run of the bull. & actually, they’re amazing live, but the fans are ridiculous. girls were throwing stuff at people holding signs, people were pulling kids off their parents shoulders cause they couldn’t see. but, it was worth it =]=]