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Miley Cyrus: Peace Out!

Miley Cyrus: Peace Out!

Miley Cyrus flashes her ever-present peace sign as she visits the Disney offices to talk business in Los Angeles on Monday.

The DVD release of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert: The 3-D Movie drops on Tuesday and the 15-year-old entertainer was most likely discussing promotions for the release.

Miley has been taking some downtime with her family after a few weeks of hard work. She was left seen on Sunday riding a bike with her family!

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  • m


  • Nat

    super cute!! love the whole outfit.

  • Krissy


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  • Krissy

    click on my name for a mysteriously cool place!!!

  • Mandy

    she’s beautiful and i hate to compare but she’s prettier than that girl with the huge head (SG)! Of course more talented too!

  • Krissy

    click on my name….

    CLICK ON IT!!!

  • http://yahoo judith

    miley i love you

  • Krissy



  • sw

    miley….u rox

  • tia

    jared u post things SO late to other sites!!! and umm does anyone TRULY care about this girl? anyone under 13?

  • lilly

    haha someone said she was prettier than selena gomez..LMFAO thats the dumbest thing i have ever heard! selena is naturally pretty. miley only looks the way she does cuz she got her teeth done and hair extensions

  • nina

    cute shirt?

  • keely

    haha i agree with 12. i have never met someone over the age of 13 who likes this girl and if they are over that age and like her they are usually losers who feel like they can live their stupid lives through her haha

    *16 and proud to be anti miley!*

  • L

    miley looks great she is so pritty

  • jasmine

    well i’m 17 and proud to say i like this girl and i’m not a loser…haters need to speak for themselves…little hypocrites who comment on someone they hate…if one truly hates a person they should not click on their freaking posts and then comment it…well the more you talk about a person in either way love, hate the more you make them famous

  • mimiy

    She is a pretty woman……There are so many fans of her. And they set up the groups related to stars
    Join our chatting this with black, white beauties and handsome boys @ ## I n t e r r a c i a l L o v i n g . C o M

  • omgsh


  • Zoe

    Miley is way prettier than selena gomez and mileys more taleneted and a better singa and acter!

  • omgsh

    # 13: she works and she has her OWN money ! she can do anything she wants ! don’t be jealous guy ! Imagine that you’re 15 and what can you do ? Can you do everything like Miley ? She can act, can dance, can sing and can host the huge event like TCA ! Def. you can’t ! Look at urself again and again ! IN UR FACE, 1 WORD ; J-E-A-L-O-U-S !
    GO MILEY !

  • tim

    miley cyrus is WAY overrated. its funny cuz u can go to some sites where everyone hates her(perezhilton..) and then sites like this where ppl like her. that video perezhilton just posted though is freakin hilarious where he talks about meeting her this weekend hahaha i was laughing my ass off!

    i personally cant stand the girl. but im a 15 year old guy so im sure I can be forgiven!

  • erika

    selena gomez is prettier than miley lol how can someone HONESTLY say otherwise. regardless if whether u love or hate iether of them, its pretty clear who the NATURAL beauty is….

  • james

    wow she never looks pretty. she usually sorta looks like a chipmunk. she looks decent here. im liking it. kind of.

  • Lauren

    what is it gunna take for ppl to realise shes not as great and wholesome and as good of a rolemodel as she would like the world ot believe?. a sex tape? a murder charge?

  • katy pie

    I give her props for singing live. That makes me respect her. But for every other aspect of Miley Cyrus-I have no respect for.

  • http://dsafdasfdad me

    mileii is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    looks soo cuuu7eeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://dsafdasfdad me

    she’s beautiful and i hate to compare but she’s prettier than that girl with the huge head (SG)! Of course more talented too!

    she’s beautiful and i hate to compare but she’s prettier than that girl with the huge head (SG)! Of course more talented too!

  • http://dsafdasfdad me

    she’s beautiful and i hate to compare but she’s prettier than that girl with the huge head (SG)! Of course more talented too!

  • Süße maus

    sie sieht ganz in ordnung aus bei mir ist es 10:08 Uhr!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robertplover!

    Omg I fn tired of the bs with miley and selena who cares I come on hear to check for robert pattinson and there’s always stuff about miley and selena!!

    Jeeze jared some on everyone would rather see twilight stuff or rob stuff!!

  • ebony

    She is really starting to annoy me, and so is every one who thinks, that every one who dislikes her. Why would i be jelous, of some ugly 15 year old, who takes pictures of her self half naked, and makes pointless video, with her 21 year old stripper of a friend? She really isnt some one i look up to, and she should be taken of disney channel. My friends cusion, who is 8, goes around with her top rolled up becuase ‘Hannah Montana’ does it. Her mom and dad, are obviosly no help. They were there in the vanity fair shoot, and did nothing to stop it. People say shes very mature for 15, but taking half naked pictures of your self, and acting like and idiot infront of the pap, is NOT mature. I assume she will be pregnant in the next two years, and have made a S£X tape, by december.

  • nikomilinko
  • Dirty

    how old is she?like 14,15?
    she looks as if she’s 20!
    and that’s so horrible!
    what is she gonna look like when she gets older?
    and that’s entertainment!
    so sad…

  • jana

    Miley is awesome, I love her!! Selena doesnt is ugly but Miley has so much more… She is a beauty, fun, charming and has the best style ever! Go Miley, I love you!!!

  • teddy

    taylor swift has this as a dress – she wore it better.

    everyone has a different perseption of what beauty is..
    but personally, i think Selena Gomez is EXTREMLY beautiful (naturally) more beautiful than Miley for deffinate.

  • Loiusa

    Hate is a really strong emotion. Do you really wanna use that word on someone you completely don’t know?

    Miley’s just like you and me. She’s living her life. Let her be.

  • bpomgril

    same dress as taylor swift !!!!!!
    both look good in it though

  • aa

    fug man

  • aa

    btw iam not a hater..some of her song are ok…bt shes rl fug

  • lameomg

    This chick is so ugly

  • Stan

    She looks nice, She must be a nice girl since virtually every star and personality regardless of their age who has ever actually met her or worked with her have nothing but prasie for her. My only concern with this picture is that if this is a meeting with Disney execs, where are her parents or handlers???

  • Liz

    She’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Jer

    Way too skinny!

  • lisa


  • Cassie

    Taylor Swift wore that same top in People Magazine (I think it was People) awhile ago but, she wore it has a dress and it was a lot longer when she wore it.
    It’s a really cute top/dress I would love to know where they got it from.

  • x-becky-may-x

    i dont think shes ugly or pretty shes just…average
    i have 2 admit she is really talented but im sorry in real life she seems like a complete spoilt b**** im defo on selenas side

  • kamyla

    miley cyrus i am 9 can u send me smothing u r my best pop star i have never missed one of your shows o sweet niblits see i know i am going to 4 grade

  • kamyla

    miley cyrus i am 9 can u send me smothing u r my best pop star i have never missed one of your shows o sweet niblits see.

  • Angie

    Miley needs to put on some pounds before she breaks. LOL!. And Jared, you should really credit your sources.Thoses pics were on Celebirty-Gossip.Net first!