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Katie Holmes is Headscarf Happy

Katie Holmes is Headscarf Happy


Katie Holmes keeps her locks under wraps with a chic silk head scarf in New York City on Sunday afternoon. The 29-year-old actress also rocked a fashionable pair of Tod’s Lulu booties in black calfskin.

Earlier today, Katie, who was seen returning to her Big Apple apartment, ate brunch at Alice’s Tea Cup with her parents, Martin and Kathleen Holmes, Tom Cruise‘s mother Mary Lee and the kids — Suri, Connor and Isabella.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie’s fashionable headscarf — YAY or NAY?

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • Desireé




    first biatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Korina

    uhhh mom stop blogging. ps. katie holmes and tommy are sooo crazy in love with each other they’re into scientology…. =]

    this menudo tastes great

  • Neek

    I love the scarf… Im sure I will be the only one but who cares LOL.

  • kimchee

    kh, you need to stop trying to hard. girl, you got a shitload of money from your dwarf hubby and you look like that? stop trying so hard to be someone you’re not.

    you’re just some mousy girl from some podunk town in ohio who never went to college. give it up. you look PATHETIC. you ARE pathetic!

  • Rah

    come back joey potter, all if forgiven

  • marisa

    wow that’s so cute.
    props for katie for tryin something new and different that actually works in the fashion world.

  • OY

    Is this her tribute to Crown Heights Brooklyn?

  • emilie

    looks weird

  • Kelsie

    what a freak

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Oh God….Thanks Jared!! This is a joke, right? Someone photoshopped the scarf onto her head as a joke, right? Please tell me yes.

    If this braindead robot actually put this on her head, I’d say stick a friggin fork in her cause she’s past done.

    WTF was she thinking? She is seriously in denial about everything….especially herself.

    I can’t quit LMAO@@@@ Gotta be a joke!


    That look is horrendous!!!…..Almost as if Katie is channeling one of those ” compound ” women……….She has worn some real odd items lately, but this is the worst by far…..Was her hair that dirty?….That scarf is more of a casual, jeans, look……or to clean the house in….NOT with a dress and hose with heels on…..Wish JARED would have taken more pictures of the front of this fiasco….Katie, wake up and hire a stylist….Hire someone for goodness sake!!!!

  • chloe

    Is she auditioning for a role in The Color Purple? Looks like Oprah!

    Damn, look at her thunder thighs from the side. She could crack walnuts with those thighs.

    Looks like she’s carrying her laundry on her head.

  • dish

    What I don’t like is when formely young, carefree and beautiful women marry older men and then quickly change into fuddy duddies. Holmes and Calista Flockhart seem to have aged 15 years since the got with Cruise and Harrison Ford. Something is unnatural about it. They shouldn’t have to change themselves to appear older and mature. The men fell in love with them when they acted young.

  • Fiji

    Jared.. why slow post on victoria beckham…pls post some pictures of the beckhams

  • GG

    Looks like all the marbles in her head fell out and rolled into the bottom of the scarf.

  • Mr. mouse

    It looks like she’s trying to shit a brick.

  • Mr. mouse

    It looks like she’s trying to sh*i*t a brick.

  • Mr. mouse

    There is nothing thin about this ho from the waist down!

  • Jan

    If you look at her butt in photo 5, you can tell she’s wearing a girdle cause her butt is so flat.

    She is the perfect example of “what not to wear”.

  • cat

    I heard she’s auditioning for the role of G.I. Hoe!

    Poor Katie, why won’t someone tell her she’s making a fool of herself!

    She NEEDS to read these comments!!!!

  • cat

    I heard she’s auditioning for the role of G.I. Hoe!

    Poor Katie, why won’t someone tell her she’s making a fool of herself!

    She NEEDS to read these comments!!!!

  • Whatever

    If that was Victoria Beckham or Angelina people would be thinking this look is so cute & would probably be wearing it tomorrow. I dont think Katie could wear anything anyone on here would like because everyone here hates her.

  • Mully

    She is a FREAK!

  • imaginaque

    A very expensive babushka. The Hermès House is having a collective fit: Mon Dieu, quel horreur!

  • Wendy


  • peta

    classy and lady Katie Holmes…….

  • anonymous

    Katie brings back the real glamorous days of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

  • mera


  • dolphins

    I heart her and now she will up sales of the head scarfs.

  • karen

    Katie is proof of one thing… money can’t buy class.

    If she wears an outfit that cost thousands, it still looks cheap on her. Katie makes Armani look like Target brand.

    She so desperately wants to be a model. Doesn’t she realize that she doesn’t have the body, the poise, the look to pull it off. And she’s about to be 30! Hello, Katie…time to wake up and grow up and be a mother.

    Katie reminds me of Kirstie Alley. She’s just there. Not pretty, not ugly..just there.

  • sooz

    definitely a YAY

  • mary

    Now we know she’s been in the kool-aid. lol

  • mary

    Now we know she’s been in the kool-aid. lol

  • dana

    How did a cushion get on her head?

  • Mimi

    You will be seeing scarves everywhere this season, after D&G and a few other designers used them for their runways. So Katie is just being fashion forward! :)

  • Jan

    I’ll bet the cast of AMS almost cracked up when they saw her wearing this. Don’t you know that she is THEIR entertainment?

    Today, however, they may have burst out laughing in her face. They must ask “what planet did she come from”?

    My prediction is this kookoo will be in a mental institution by the time she turns 40.

  • ellen

    I like it…

  • Mike

    Yeah, I like that scarf.

  • yes #36

    Yes, scarves are the “in” accessory this season. I wear them all the time…not just in the fall/winter.

    The problem is Katie is NOT fashion forward. This is the perfect example of the fashion klutz that she is. You don’t put a bold pattern scarf on your head. It makes the eye go directly to the top of the head and the rest of the outfit is almost “invisible”.

    Katie needs to start at Home Economics 101 and work her way up. Again…as someone said….money does not buy brains or class.

  • Deb

    Don’t you know that Nicole just dies laughing when she see’s this?

  • Deb

    Thunder Thighs!

  • NancI Black

    Why does katie Keep looking Older and older…. Is She a jackie O Wanta be ?

  • boogie

    that scarf does NOT go with the dress she has on.

    Maybe she was out of dandruff shampoo. lol

  • cutie

    cute girl but she can’t dress worth shit!


    What in the Fock is she wearring now?

    That woman is a fashion f o c k ing disaster !!!!1

  • Fredric L. Rice

    Got to wonder what she’s trying to hide. A bruise would be my guess, something the violently insane Scientology cult did to her like the purple hands she had after being subjected to the Scientology crime syndicate,s “NarCONon” scam and its “Purification Rundown” which Everett C. Koop warned people to avoid at all cost.

    There are rumors in Woman’s Day Magazine that she finally told David Miscaviage — the head crime boss in Scientology — that she was ending being a custromer of Scientology. If true that’s an immediate divorce since Tom Cruise wanted a gullible female to play his wife, one that would follow orders and allow the crime syndicate full control over her brain.

    If Katie Holmes actually did express her desire to escape from the Scientology crime syndicate, count on her trying to cover up bruises with the scarff.



    Katie copying the accesories of a runway stylist isn’t fashion forward, it’s being a trend copy cat. This behavior is symptomatic of of what is known as a “fashion identity crisis”.

  • lynn

    I’m the same height as Katie. Her calves are as big as my thighs.

    Whoever keeps saying she is skinny is wrong. Her face may thin out but from the waist down, she looks huge. She probably weighs 140-145. Nothing less. She’s too big


    This is a text book example of why a lady needs to wear the proper foundation garment.

    If this sweater dress must be worn, it should either be lined or worn with a slip to avoid the unattractive cling on her rear-end.

    This is what once again brings us to dressing for individual body type.

    Katie is long-waisted and requires a silhouette which delineates her waistline. The sack dress does nothing to correct the error in her own lines.

    Additionally, with her bad posture and curving neck and back, knits appear to sag on her frame while accentuating that her upper body is smaller then her lower body. Crisper fabrics with collars are the best choice.

    Further, shiny avant garde shoes only draw attention to her thick legs.

    The headgear, sunglasses and scarves draw attention to her unkempt hair and lack of maquillage.

    Holmes needs to focus on her hair, so we see Katie, not her latest, ill chosen and poorly worn accessories.