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Katie Holmes Frequents Alice's Tea Cup

Katie Holmes Frequents Alice's Tea Cup

Katie Holmes takes the kids– Suri, 2, Conner, 13, and Isabella, 15 — to Alice’s Tea Cup in New York City for brunch on Sunday morning. ATC has always been one of Katie‘s favorite eateries in the Big Apple!

Also along for the ride were Katie‘s parents, Martin and Kathleen Holmes, as well as Tom Cruise‘s mother Mary Lee.

Noticeably missing was Tom Cruise himself!

For more on Katie‘s tea-time wonderland, visit
10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes frequenting Alice’s Tea Cup…

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  • Oy vey

    Jared, do you get your information directly from a Tom-issued press release? Because a. I see no photos of Cruise’s mother or sister (I did see photos of Katie’s parents on another site) and b. prior to the other day there were never photos of Katie at ATC, so the “it’s long been a favorite place of hers” sounds, yet again, like hyperbole.

  • gina

    She really is starting to look old.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    She is dedicated to a child. Thus, (of course), she’s going to age faster than some irresponsible parent or someone who’s single =).

  • adriana

    Look, again the same thing: Suri almost naked!!! I can not believe it and I don`t understand Katie, she is not OK…

  • Serena

    Nice to see Connor and Bella! They seem to like Katie more than Nicole. I guess Nicole only cares about her own biological spawn. She never spends time with her adopted kids.

    Connor looks just like Tom. He’s going to be gorgeous when he grows up.

  • S

    Who is Conner and Isabella? Does not Katie only have one daughter? I don’t understand anything right now : P

  • arlene


  • lfew

    someone explain how tom cruise has two other children .. i knew of the boy, but not of the girl?!

  • kit

    Nicole’s in the United States so Tom Cruise made sure to corral his olders kids in NY. He’s such a douchebag.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    connor with the alifes on.. LOL

    ;who knew lil dude got fresh

  • ebmo

    I do not care about Suri’s blanket, or even if she still has a bottle, but why in God’s name doesn’t she have clothes on when everyone else is so bundled up?

  • cece

    Tom adopted Connor and Isabella when he was married to Nicole Kidman. They are his two older children. Katie is their step-mom. It’s similar to the situation with Angelina and Billy Bob Thornton. Angelina adopted Maddox and Billy Bob wanted nothing to do with the kid because he is not his biological child. Nicole has always neglected her adopted kids. Now that she has her own biological child with Keith, she is finally content. She never sees Connor and isabella. I guess because they are adopted she doesn’t consider them her own.

  • Sorella

    I can’t believe the clothes on this child, she’s dressed like summer, yet everyone else is covered up! Is Katie in a trance, dress that child properly please!

  • kit

    S and Lfew:
    Katie only has the one daughter, but Tom has two kids from his second marriage, to Nicole Kidman. Katie is Tom’s third wife.

  • mar

    Why does Katie continue to dress Suri without shoes? Without sweaters or coats???? I truly do not get it. Everyone debates about the weather in NYC but this has gone on since we first started seeing Suri out and about. What is up with this?? everyone is dressed to be warm except Suri!!!!

  • jade

    I don’t understand why Katie dresses little Suri like this. Everyone else
    is wearing warm clothes. Suri has on a sundress and no shoes. What
    is the matter with this woman.

  • Nicole

    Oh don’t fool yourselves into thinking Tom treats the kids the same, either – the adopted ones live with his sister, that’s why you never see them.

  • anna

    nicole and tom adopted connor and isabella(that’s the girl’s name), when they were babies but nicole is rarely seen with them since they live with tom, i think, and nicole and keith urban and their new baby girl live in nashville

  • mar

    god love Isabella !!!! But isn’t there someone, SOMEONE in that household who could tell her how she looks before she exits the house? I’m not picking on her weight, it’s nice to see a young girl with meat on her bones but those pants and the color? Do nothing for her!!!

  • b

    its called kids being kids many dont like their socks,sweaters etc no wonder how you bundle them up…..its normal

    stop judging live your own lives….

  • isla


  • chessa

    Happy to see them & all are adorable

  • kat

    I think it pretty obvious by these picture that Suri is definitely one of those kids that takes there clothes off constantly. Bella is seen carrying her shoes. She obviously changed outfits,because it looks like Katie my have bought 2 or 3 party dresses from the store.Suri ‘s in a light blue dress, and katie’s holding a pink one and a blue.I also think that is why they constantly carry the blanket because she never keeps her coat on .Everyone else is dressed warmly I don’t think they are just not dressing the kid warmly.Also they are only taking her from the car to the restaurant.It’s not like she playing in Central Park. Remember how everyone made such a big deal about Surii’s bottle? I don’t see her with it lately. People make a big stink over nothing.

  • new Yorker

    Isabella & Connor are dressed for the tundra. Why couldn’t they just but on a jcool denim acket instead of all that serial killer wear?

    It’s obvious that Suri is the Princess in that family. She has a mother who really loves her unlike the other two.

  • allyal

    For once i would like to see Suri wearing pants and a shirt, i never have! she is always in a dress!!

  • allyal

    For once i would like to see Suri wearing pants and a shirt, i never have! she is always in a dress!!

  • allyal

    ahh, sry, once again i pressed it twice.

  • African Girl

    Say what you will about Tom Cruise but no one…absolutely no one can deny he’s got BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN and they are very well behaved! I like that.

  • mac

    Beautiful family inside and out

  • mar

    remember people… we are only making observations and speculating. after all,ist that what this is here for? How boring would it be if every person wrote, ” NIce pic” I love reading and hearing everyones opinion, even when its different than mine, HECK especially when it’s different than mine !!!!!!

  • america

    Hollywood nowadays are just viewing invitro,pregnancies then voila they wear sexy bikinis to show off their sexy figures or they adopt children from Africa etc…..its just a trend to them

    The real people are Tom Cruise,Cindy McCain and many unfamous Americans who have been adopting long ago before this trend hit Hollywood.

  • spooky


  • Mrs. Chancellor

    Those two adopeted kids look like an afterthought.

    Can some of you use your brains? Suri barely walks a block on her own two feet. She is driven everywhere. no need for coats and sweaters. Plus if Suri is cold she wold have told her parents.

    Some of you are beyond ridiculous. What have we as a society become when a well groomed and well dressed child is complained about? Shame on all of you backwards people. It’s the unruly,rude, sloppy, uneducated, fast food eating, uncultured children who should be taken to task.

  • .

    katie’s back and suri’s a half dressed semi-comatose freak again.

    atleast everyone ot to hae fun for one day with tom and NO katie.

  • renee

    AAWWWWWWWW…i wonna go to this place ASAP

  • karate

    love the shoes of Katie, everyone looks good and thanks for the link JJ



  • anon

    Suri brings me sweet memories because I used to dress like her thanks to my parents and my grandma whom I miss so dearly!

  • kat

    faded youth blog does show pictures of KAtie’s family by the way.And Katie is snuggling Suri in the blanket.


    What a beautiful All American family~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Ali

    I have only heard Nicole comment very favorably and lovingly toward her children Isabella and Connor. And I believe they visit her on school and holiday breaks. Obviously, this family is discreet when it wants to be. The paps know where Katie and Tom live and they probably camp outside their house now that she is in a play in NY. When they are in LA, you rarely see them unless they are out to dinner. Nevertheless, little Suri seems a bit spoiled with so many designer outfits and that defiant look on her face. I wonder, when i see these photos, if she is an out of control child. if it were me, I’d certainly try to protect her from the media glare which can distort a child’s innocence. Since Tom and Nicole obviously protected Isabella and Connor from the media glare when they were growing up, I expect they will eventually do that with Suri. .

  • anon

    america @ 10/05/2008 at 3:33 pm

    In Vitro is an option for for everyone to have a child. Some women actually take years of hormones that could give them cancer in hopes of having a child so in vitro is a very good option. It did not originate from Hollywood but in England who is light years ahead of the US. The trashy midwest with their trashy surrogacy and sister mothers, polygamy, religious cults are the cancer that has to stop in America.

    Many, many actors in Hollywood are themselves adopted. I don’t know if this is news but adoption began with the beginning of time. Where do you live that adoption is so rare that when you read about a few you call it a …trend? Do tell.

  • awww

    Awww they are being New Yorkified! Alice’s Tea Cup is a great way for a mom to spend time with her children. She’s creating memories for her daughter of having tea with her mom as a little girl. Very sweet.

  • regina

    Why is katie in a sweater and the poor kid in a summer dress and barefoot !????????
    Is she crazy ???????????

  • Joe

    SOMEONE get this poor kid some warm clothes.’s parental abuse already!!!!

  • Mattie

    Hey #28!
    They’re not his biological children, if they were they would all have ginormous noses, and giant hamster teeth.

    And WTF, everybody else is dressed like it’s fullblown winter, but not Suri. That kid wears the most ridiculous clothes I’ve ever seen on a kid, and she’s never dressed weather appropriately.

  • kel

    don’t know if suri is autistic or just out of it all the time

  • mary

    Katie is a freakin zombie.
    how could she abuse this kid so much & not
    put on proper clothes in 50 deg weather????
    call child protective services!!!
    next, we’ll see snow & Suri w/still wear a short sleeved, no
    tights dress.

  • Karena

    That’s wonderful. Connor and Isabella are such cool siblings. I love seeing them all together. :)

  • Seth

    So good to see Katie bonding with the step children. Nice of Bella and Connor to help with Suri’s toys and blanki. Two older kids seem well adjusted and happy. Good looking as well.