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Zac Efron & Just Jared: Shaka!

Zac Efron & Just Jared: Shaka!

High School Musical hottie Zac Efron flashes the shaka sign with Just Jared at the UsWeekly Hot Hollywood Issue Celebration at the Skylight in New York City on Tuesday.

The triple-threat was looking dapper as ever with a blazer and his Chuck Taylors. The 21-year-old actor was his affable self and stopped to chat for a bit. I’ll be transcribing the interview as soon as I can. Keep an eye out for it!

Three days and counting til the release of High School Musical 3!

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Just Jared

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zac efron just jared shaka 01
zac efron just jared shaka 02
zac efron just jared shaka 03
zac efron just jared shaka 04
zac efron just jared shaka 05
zac efron just jared shaka 06
zac efron just jared shaka 07
zac efron just jared shaka 08
zac efron just jared shaka 09
zac efron just jared shaka 10
zac efron just jared shaka 11
zac efron just jared shaka 12
zac efron just jared shaka 13

Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • elenee

    awhh zac efrons by himself ):
    Where’s vanessa?
    Gaah. haha.

  • elenee

    he’s loooking pretty shabby ;)

  • elenee

    ooh 1st :)

  • anna

    coolio! nice jared! thanks! :D

  • ughh

    Vanessa is there, you better have talked to her or about her to Zac. .

    Assley Tisdale is there too, hope you disinfected yourself if u touched that piece of shit.

  • tia
  • jenny piccolo

    You two look so cute together. You should totally hook up!

  • LIndsey

    omgosh. i told you, you had the best job! im serious about the internship!

  • http://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/ANDREALEOS andreaaaaa

    I LOVE HIM <3

  • angel

    yay!! cant wait until HSM3

  • Amber

    You’re a cutie, Jared!

  • casse
  • rosielee9

    What a overload of Zac and co but it’s great to see them all together.

  • zanessa/jashley

    Oh boy, he is looking FINE !!! Gotta love him…OMG !! Only 3 MORE DAYS !! Whoopee !!!

  • zanessa4ever!

    zac totally deserved the award!!
    zac overload todayyy!! but im not complaining!

  • kim

    vanessa is there. jj thought it would create some friction if he didn’t mention her.

  • Saadia

    awww jared thats so cool, good stuff, thanks for the pics! :)

  • dabigone


    cool pick!! Zac rocks.

    Jared one question: what is your height??? there’s always been the dilema on what’s zac height, and if he’s tall or shortie :p

  • anon

    Wow Zac gets more_____looking everyday. Jared you look good as always.

  • pinoy


  • amanda

    zac efron isn’t that tall… he’s about 5″9′

  • wtf?

    Um why are you trying to avoid putting Vanessa in the post??Thats pissing me off .

  • ashlee

    zac looks so grown up and handsome. and vanessa too. love the way she’s wearing her hair and the lovely dress.

  • reality is this

    JJ you are looking good!!!

  • ellieee
  • swan

    is jared filipino?

  • jo

    AWW cool. jared you’re so nice to zac he has so many posts.

  • bridget

    Perez would die to be you right now Jared…his lardy self is in love with Zac…..Score for Jared..whoo hoo!! (nice pic)


    Well, I have to tell you all of my account of seeing Zac, Vanessa, Ashley and Monique today. I’ve decided to check out the hotel where HSM 3 were staying…At first I didn’t get warm greetings from some bystanders. I asked if they were waiting for Zac Efron and they told me no they were just waiting for a friend…Okay…I knew it was a big fat one…I wasn’t born yesterday. So I thought I’d wait around anyway, because if anything, it was obvious and I’d observed the surroundings previously….

    Okay, it’s a cold and blustery day…I’m still getting over a cold….About half an hour later Vanessa and Ashley arrive at the hotel…a slight bit of chaos erupted as the paparazzi appeared out of nowhere. Eumour was that Zac had ‘garaged’ it but had the chance to autograph a paparrazo’s picture…so, we’re waiting around a bit…then Monique rides up. She’s beautiful…I can’t believe it…V, Ash and Mo look really short…I’m short, but they look shorter than me…so, I wait until Mo’s assistant get out of the car and ask if I can give her my business card, and tell her I’m a stylist…She said she didn’t need it because she has two stylist already…Well….I then said she could have another one when she comes to NYC. Well, her assistant didn’t take my card…and I know Mo would benefit from my work as a Stylist…anyway, a few minutes later, Corbin’s father comes around…the fans went over to him, me too…we took pictures and he told the others that Corbin was at a play and would be back by 9:30….

    Waiting, waiting, people come and go…more bystanders come by and wait…then more blustering winds and it’s cold as heck …I’m starting to shake. So around 9 things start to moving…Monique comes out with her assistant…she looks as if she wants to stop to sign autographs and takes pictures, but I think her assistant isn’t for that at all….A few minutes, like ten or so minutes later…There is an entourage that’s gathering in the lobby…I see this hot guy, and hear some of the girls say, there’s Zac…I knew they were going to go out back because they went out the farthest side of the lobby, mind you, Zac walks with such sexiness and calm…then….we all rush to the garage.

    Some went to the other side of the garage to meet him halfway…I then casually walked down and waited…the security guards shouting up to others that were running down to meet Zac, no pictures and that we couldn’t be down there…I stayed to the side. Zac’s rep peaks her head around the corner and says, wait a minute…then, people began to filter out…first two or three unknowns to me and then Zac, Vanessa, Ashley, Ashley’s mom and Maui the dog, and another lady.

    Vanessa’s dress was amazing. It seemed to sparkle in the dimly lit parking garage. I shouted Hi Zac, Hi Vanessa, Hi Ashley, Hi Ashley’s mom, and Zac turned to wave as he heard the swoon of fans calling his name.

    Wow, Zac is good looking!….later, we wait for Corbin that doesn’t show, but we ran into his father and family again..and took more pictures…it was a great night to remember even if I didn’t get to meet him hand to hand, but two feet away and no pictures…it was amazing…!!!

    And Hi to those Just Jared fans I met too…one girl had shown me her amazing pictures she took of the Jonas Bros, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and others…she’s a great photographer…much luck to her in the future.

    If there are some typos…please forgive…That’s all for now folks.

  • Angelica

    I can NOT stand him how come you are not posting Vanessa??

  • http://ZacEfron Zac Efron#1 fan

    I just hope Nikki was not there

  • alli

    omg i finally see justjared! way more excited about seeing this pic of u than of zac!

  • alli

    omg i finally see justjared! way more excited about seeing this pic of u than of zac!

  • ellie


  • WhosDat

    Lookin’ good Jared. Zac’s looking good too. Too bad we won’t see him naked any time soon!!–sadly

  • Montes

    Nice …

    Shia Labeouf vs. Zac Efron

  • zaccarra

    JJ Why are you the only site without a pix of him and his lady love Vanessa-he’s there with her not you.

    Have you got the hots for him like crazy ass Perez Hilton who’s rapidly becoming a sick joke and which most Zac and Vanessa fans avoid like te plague.

  • http://ZacEfron Zac Efron#1 fan

    I hope Nikki Blonsky was not there.

  • emily

    awwwww, you guys look so cute! and dapper. that’s super nice that you two got to chat…your job rocks!


  • liza

    How tall is Zac Efron ? He looked short. probably around 5 “7 or 5″6.

  • YO

    Just Jared you look just like Ruthie from the Real World Hawaii.

  • Jasmine

    In the UK HSM3 comes out 2day

    cant wait 2 c it

  • crazy

    Gosh, he doesn’t have to post her all the time with Zac. Zac can’t be shown without a pic of him and Vanessa. Get a grip people!

  • Alexia

    Well here is a video of Vanessa and Zac talking about the Philippines. sorry if it was late. Lol

  • Kimi

    Wow..Zac is pretty short for a guy..well average height. His hotness makes up for it! Aww looking good Just Jared! I totally wished I had your job! Luckyyyy!

  • http://deleted van

    We loe Zanessa
    Thanks JJ

  • Boji

    If Zac is 5 ft 8, I’d say Jared is 5ft 6.

  • emmi

    yay for you jared!

    Athena thanks for sharing your experience!

  • http://justjared saarah

    Can’nt wait to see you later today watching hsm3!!!!!!!!!!

  • rosielee9

    The thing is Vanessa was their as Zac’s date and also to give hi support as after all it was his night and nothing to do with HSM so like she usually does when it is something that is just for Zac she stays out of a lot of the photo’s but still goes aftr all that’s what you do in a relactionship to give each other support for whatever prject you do or give support in general.

    Vanessa has never been one to take the spotlight off Zac and onto herself when the event is something that they are attending when Zac is being given a award for something she goes as his gf and that’s good enough.

    Even Ashley went to to show her support for her friend and no doub to offer her congratulations.