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Jennifer Aniston's Slick Suit

Jennifer Aniston's Slick Suit

Jennifer Aniston poses for a photo shoot at Smash Box Studios on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old Friends star was spotted at LA’s Tower Bar with Gerard Butler earlier this week. “They were very affectionate to each other,” a source told the NY Post. “There was another man at the table, but he looked like he was a chaperone – or just there to stop tongues wagging. They basically ignored him.”

and Gerard were first spotted together at the Toronto Film Festival last month.

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jennifer aniston smash box photo shoot 01
jennifer aniston smash box photo shoot 02
jennifer aniston smash box photo shoot 03
jennifer aniston smash box photo shoot 04
jennifer aniston smash box photo shoot 05
jennifer aniston smash box photo shoot 06

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  • may

    Wednesday is TODAY so unless she time travels I doubt the pics are from today.

  • Original jpf

    I think she looks great in the pic were she’s facing/looking straight at the camera. The highlights and part off center have finally giving her a different, more mature look. She looks good.


  • hi


  • Tranny

    Yikes. What a tranny. She’s looking way harsh there. Manly Maniston.

  • Hellloooo granny

    Fug. Whoa – she looks 50. That makeup or something is giving her a HARD look, or maybe it’s the no lips.

  • Ugly Aniston

    Ugly. Oh man – look at that surgically enhanced mouth — it’s given her a Grinch who stole X-mas look. Whoa Fug

  • Betty

    Those aren’t flattering shots, sad to say. She looks mean.

  • dolly


  • Christy

    Yeah she looks angry and not attractive — she does look mature, will give you that. Like she’s 55. The hair looks good.

  • sad

    Does she ever change her look – besides the plastic surgery I mean? BORING.

  • dolly

    I’m just kidding. UGLY.

  • Mike

    Did she get a skin peel – look at those abraded cheeks. She looks puff and greasy. with hard mean eyes. yikes.

  • mona

    why she looks soooo sad ,jen is a Smart Woman i dont think that she is Back With John Mayer may be she met him recently but it doesnt mean that they back Together again

  • OMG

    She looks old,what happened to her.She’s back with her son Mayer.

  • James

    She’s beautiful.

  • JenJenJen

    Jen looks wretched physically and emotionally!!!!!

  • ellie

    hope shes preggers

  • Ollie

    Goodness, why does everyone say she looks “old” and “sad”? What, is she supposed to smile 24/7 just for you and those prying paps? She looks great for her age, which is almost 40 people! She’s fit, trim, and healthy and always has a very casual chic look. I don’t know why people have to hate. STOP HATING!

    I think she’d be great with Gerard Butler. Maybe it’d help people to stop associating her with Brad Pitt. In my opinion, Butler is much more “manlier” than Pitt and is probably one of the few men in Hollywood that could make people forget about hot ol’ Brad Pitt.

    People need to stop hating on Jennifer Aniston. After all, she was the one who was publicly humiliated when her husband left her for another woman. Yes, that husband apparently has a good life now but that’s not to say that he didn’t have one before and that’s also not to say that Ms. Aniston doesn’t deserve the privacy, respect, and admiration that everyone so willingly dotes upon the Jolie-Pitts. Are we a society that condones breaking the vows of marriage simply for someone younger and “sexier”? In my opinion, Jennifer Aniston carried herself through the situation with grace despite the unbelievably intense scrutiny and criticism she receives worldwide (apparently until this day, as is proved by some of the comments on this blog). It’s the media’s need to villainize someone that spun this entire mess (that’s none of our business, by the way) into a crazy triangle that in some convoluted minds makes Jennifer Aniston the bad person.


  • hahahahaha

    Is that her serious face? or is she trying to look angry that the paparazzi just happened to show up at her photo shoot., and by that I mean I’m sure something was slipped to them. They don’t hound out every place she goes, without being told. Or maybe she thinks she’s a HUGE super Talented movie star and they do really do that.

  • jr-nobody’s sweetheart

    Oh please Ollie, Jen knows Brad didn’t cheat on her and she turned around and stabbed him in the back in that Vanity Fair article her publicist set-up. She let her friends throw Angelina to th wolves when she knew that AJ had nothing to do with the demise of her marriage.

    I don’t call that class at all. Her coattailing on Brad’s life is so transparent and laughable. Jen is killing her career.

    However dignified JA was in the past you can’t say that about her now. She is dressed inappropriately to draw attention to herself, nipples on display and flashing your pubes and pasties arriving at a film festival is just desperate and sad and totally void of class whatsoever.

  • frustrated.

    Her cheeks look really ruddy. She had chemical peel done?

    I really don’t get all the hype about her…

  • Mike

    Agreed # 20 — she’s a cheesey TV hack, who used her ex’ movie star status and to coattail herself into a second career – that of whiny mealy mouthed victim, who hires fake boyfriends and debuts them right when the JPs are having a child or premiering a movie. She’s so obvious – everyone in Hollywood has her number. Huvane is trashing her beyond belief.

  • Lilou

    Her face is so much different…. Her nose, her chin, her cheeks… It’s too bad. She was beautiful on Freinds: she looked like the girl next door and proved that you didn’t have to look like the hollywood standards to be beautiful….

    Now, she looks like ALL those hollywood standards: all the same… Its’ too bad…. She looks like evreryboy….

  • wEN


  • Jill

    So what happened to the Jen-John reunion? Is it over already? That was quick.

  • melissa

    Jennifer you are gorgeous as always.

  • bore

    A black heart is not a truly happy heart. It shows in the eyes.

  • dd

    Saw on tv last night where she and john were coming out of the restaurant and they were both wearing black. again, she was shielding her face from the cam and securities were directing their flashlights at the paps—so does that meanshe is seeing both john and gerard? guess she can’t decide who’s more better looking than x

  • Ugly ANUSton


  • sweets

    She is beautiful.

  • terence

    How predictable, this media wh*re can’t stay aweay from the limelight.

    Go away Aniston. Sick & tired of your manipulatons, games & lies,

  • yak


    So obvious, Same person.

  • yak


    So obvious, Same person.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Jill @ 10/29/2008 at 8:52 am So what happened to the Jen-John reunion? Is it over already? That was quick.

    There is a pic at “pop” from yesterday. Mayer looks either pissed or busted or like he has some desease. She is at her place BEHIND HIM running like the dog she is.

  • Nina

    She looks miserable in pic 6.

  • Ollie

    Wow, some of you are just heartless.

    Again, is she supposed to smile for you 24/7? It doesn’t look like she wants her picture taken, much less for an entire swath of strangers (that would be you and me) to ridicule how she looks like in those pictures.

    All I’m saying is, LIVE & LET LIVE, PEOPLE! BE NICE! Get a hobby. Do a craft. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it all. It’s a shame if you didn’t learn that by now.

  • so

    First she looks 40. Second the straight forward picture looks okay. The side pictures look terrible.

  • Effron is gay

    woman old and ugy

  • Nicole

    She is a stunning woman, looks truly beautiufl here and she was shot for the cover of January issue of Vogue, it will rock.

  • pregnant


  • Jo Ann

    Downgrade for Gerard if its true. He is too handsome for her.

  • Danielle

    Gerard Butler? I thought she’s back with John. There’s a pic of them I saw in jjb.

  • dianad1968

    I hope she took better pictures for Vogue, because although she does not look bad here, she certainly looks her age. Expect photoshop out the wazoo. :lol:

    I am almost certain paps are being notofied where she will be, because no other celeb is being phographed on a daily basis as she is, (well except tom Cruise and Robowife with their daughter) . And please dont tell me its because she is popular. The woman is becoming a laughingstock in most celeb media.

  • Sheila

    For anyone who thinks she has not done anything to her face/lips, go on youtube and look up TIFF Uncut CBC interview from Sept., yikes, her whole face looks swollen and weird now. She has lost her cuteness that she had on Friends. And boy, she is testy when asked questions, looks like she can be a real B at times, not so sweet as I think she would like the public to believe (one of her friends recently said something like “Jennifer is not as passive as people think” in other words sweet!) And when she talks about her acting method (she has none) hilarious, she basically says she does nothing. So perhaps that’s why she is not a good actress, all her roles seem the same. Watch this interview, it made me feel like wow, if she looks like this at 40, I can only imagine what she will look like at 50, not good! She reminds me of one of ladies on Housewives of Orange County show, the blond one (Lori?), who admits to major surgery.

  • perm

    she looks like transgender

  • LoneWolf

    Here we go again-the two were at a business dinner with director Andy Tennent (sp) plus in an interview with E (10/6) GB stated he wasnt dating JA-just like with the CD situation-he is seen with someone and he is automatically going out with them!…nner/news/14770…et-tower-hotel/

    Quote in part:

    Jennifer Aniston had a dinner date with hunky Brit movie star Gerard Butler. But her on-again beau John Mayer shouldn’t worry — it was strictly business.
    On Wednesday night, Jen and Gerard — who got flirty after meeting at the Toronto Film Festival in September — had dinner with director Andy Tennant at one of Jen’s favorite Los Angeles nightspots — the Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

    “Jennifer, Gerard and Andy had a 2 hour dinner at approximately 9pm,” an observer tells Star. “They enjoyed a lovely dinner and drinks while talking about a future project. Jennifer was enjoying a glass of white wine.

    *OBTW-if you read other rags, you’ll read different things about the Toronto “run in” with the final remark coming from an Anniston rep-they casually said hello in passing……funny how the turning around of words and adding them as well can start a lot of dookey…

  • Jean

    She looks beautiful.

  • Besane

    # 18 Ollie @ 10/29/2008 at 7:58 am

    Aniston declared publicly ON PRINT that Brad wasn’t the love of her life, and Brad said their marriage was a mere BUSINESS MERGER. This was way before even Angelina came into the picture. Humiliated? SHE did that to him long before the divorce.

  • krung krung

    love the suit.

  • anonymous

    Just watched the Youtube TIFF clip suggested. Hearing her talk is weird as you get used to seeing her in tabs and pictures only. Was amazed that she can’t seem to answer a question intelligently, she goes on and on about nothing. She does look like she gets annoyed easily and her face looks different. I’ve seen her on talkshows in the past and often thought she looks uncomfortable being interviewed but I was still surprised to see what little star-wattage she actually has.