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Ashley Tisdale: Just Do It!

Ashley Tisdale: Just Do It!

Ashley Tisdale rocks out a Nike top and 291 “Love & Music” sweatpants as she goes to the Results Personal Training Gym in Studio City, Calif., on Wednesday.

The 23-year-old actress met up with her personal trainer at the gym and then headed home after working up a good sweat.

Ashley is currently focusing her efforts on finishing her album, as well as continuing to promote High School Musical 3 around the world.

10+ more pics inside of Ashley Tisdale saying “Just Do It!”…

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ashley tisdale nike outfit 01
ashley tisdale nike outfit 02
ashley tisdale nike outfit 03
ashley tisdale nike outfit 04
ashley tisdale nike outfit 05
ashley tisdale nike outfit 06
ashley tisdale nike outfit 07
ashley tisdale nike outfit 08
ashley tisdale nike outfit 09
ashley tisdale nike outfit 10

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  • aletse.PT

    She is sooooo ugly, bad nose job.

  • Sarah

    sorry i sont think that shes rocking the shoes

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    I didnt like shoes but love her so so so much <3

  • anais

    beautiful shoes

  • Z


  • anna

    Brazil <3 ASH

  • Kyla

    I don’t think her nose job affected her ugliness…she was just plain ugly from the very beginning…and very bad at dressing up…

  • zanessa 4EVER

    she look awesome…. I HATE ASH TISDALE !!!


    i hate her style and her face…SHE IS UGLY…

  • tisdale fan


  • ashleyy tisdale fan :)

    shee looks gawjus
    my idol 4ever
    haters go awayyyyy

  • ashleyy tisdale fan :)

    shee looks gawjus
    my idol 4ever
    haters go awayyyyy

  • sa

    heidi montage? is that u

  • cheryl

    i don’t look at her as a star, just a girl, and i think she is a good girl — not a good girl like H. Duff’s style but a girl who know what’s good for her. i love her, also Van. they’re both beautiful and amazing.

  • luverofjoejonas

    ashley is so cool and pretty….
    the reason y i hate her because of her **** photo that’s y i like ashley more than vanessa….even though i’m a filipino like vanessa…i just wanna say thumbs down 4 u vanessa and thumbs up 4 ashley

  • tizzy

    where is your fatty friend V??? l ovE ahs! the best!!!!!!! She is always smiling and soooo nice cute …..

  • Thaís

    She’s beautiful…Vanessa too.

    Love both…

  • ugh

    plain ugly

  • zaccarra


    I guess we can assume you’ve never made a single mistake in your life and if you have then I hope no noe ever forgives you for it. Self righteous people like yourself usually have a lot to hide

    Ash looks good I’ve never thought her a beauty but she looks good

  • AshTizzFan

    I think she rocks!

  • vanessa

    omggg she`s sooo ugly

  • jkjgjfdk

    that outfit does not work well, but she rocks it
    love ya tizz!

  • zanessa/jashley

    Eh..yeah. I love Ash, but the outfit isn’t working for me. I LOVE the shoes though :D And please, where does it say Vanessa on here ? Let’s just stick to the post. It doesn’t say anything about Vanessa. This post is all about Ashley.

  • em

    I think her nose job affected her ugliness… But she is still beautiful! <33 I love Ashley but I like litlle bit Vanessa =D So I think Vanessa isn´t horrible. I´m so sorry if you guys don´t understand what I write because I´m from Spain so I´m not good at English =D

  • Cristina

    loved it Ashley always looks amazing!

  • ana

    i loove heer =D

  • Avril

    lol Vanessa’s fans always have to criticize Ash!!!!!!!
    you shouldn’t do that!!!!!!! you should flatter your Baby V!!!!!!
    or isn’t there nothing on her to flatter????
    maybe there isn’t… that’s why you have to ciritizice our Ash!!!!!!
    and in order to do that, you need to find an excuse (the nose job)
    for saying something bad about her because you know
    that there isn’t nothing bad on her!!!!!!!!
    (the nose job didn’t even change her face, she has the same
    nose than before… she’s beautiful as always…. if she hasn’t
    said anything about that, you wouldn’t even notice it)


    sorry V, i’m not against you… what i said was for your fans because
    sometimes they annoying me!!!!!!!!!… you and Ash ROCK!!!!!! :P

  • Joanna, Poland

    don’t like the outfit, but SHE’S SO PRETTY!

  • becca

    i LOOOOOOOVE that outfit… that’s pretty much how i dress on a regular basis!


  • Brenda

    The nose work was to fix her breathing problem, a deviated spetem is not something to just leave alone my husband had to have is fixed twice, because it causes breathing problems and it can also cause bleeding from your nose.

    I agree with Zaccarra.
    you would have to be a saint to have never made a mistake. She was a normal teenager who never really had the family of friends that she has now, it was a mistake and someone stoled her private stuff to make a buck.

    and Tizzy

    If think Vanessa is fat you must be crazy!!!! She was going to the same gym with Ashley, until all of the whirl wind. I would say that her and Ashley wear each others clothes, when needed. But for your information Vanessa and Zac are in Mexico for the permiere of HSM3

    But the most important thing is by saying that Vanessa is fat, is telling kids young or old that they have to be skinny.

    You all leave the girls alone and let them have a life.

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    I dont like her hair like that, but ♥ the shirt

  • loveashk=ey


  • Nono

    Very ugly pics
    Help her

  • ahley;

    People; stop ragging on ashley! SHES PRETTY!
    your honestly just jelous because shes pretty and your
    ugly freaks :)
    so yeah GET A MOFO LIFE!
    ashleys pretty you pretty ugly
    -anh :D

  • Jebr

    Thinking of Ashley’s hot sweaty body after a workout really gets me excited!

  • katiie

    ash rocks!!! she is really pretty! much more than vanessa! not that V is ugly, but ash is prettiest!!!

  • dani


  • michylynn92

    those look like jareds shoes.

  • chi

    is that a double chin i spotted? ashley, you need to work double time on the gym man. and sorry but she just aint pretty AT ALL. come on ash fans, you know that deep inside. the key here is acceptance.

  • Solange

    i love her so much!
    NIKE is awesome!

  • tisdalesupporterandlover

    she looks absolutely gorgeous and so natural , haters you can just go away and just dont post anything if your going to say anything un-called for ! as i have said she looks amazing and she might just might have different style to you , so what ! if she is happy wearing that then she can wear that , so stop hating ..please !

    love you ashley xxx

  • E. Castle

    She’s looked better. She’s looked worse. I still love her, though.

  • E. Castle

    Hey, chi, you illiterate moron. Deep down inside, you just have severe low self-esteem issues to call someone ugly just to make your sorry ass feel better. Ash fans think she’s pretty and if it pisses you off that they don’t agree with you, well, that’s too bad now, isn’t it?

  • Nickie Brie

    She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo uglyyyyyyyy!
    And talentless or more shes blah as hell or what!!!!!!!!!

  • La La Giirl

    haha Ashley iis sooo beautiiful…

    I love her Style..

    haha and her Haters sucks .. :P

  • babababababa

    those are totally jared’s nike dunks.

  • http://noneya cassidy

    Ash is ugly in this pic.Ide barf on her clothes but it looks like somebody already did. =0

  • Trishelle

    Ashley is soooooooooooooooooooo uglyyy and talentless!!!!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    Ashley haters you are bitch !!! Just Like your girl Vanessa !!

  • The Truth

    Ashley fans should stop pointing fingers at Vanessa fans when people don’t have something nice to say about Ashley. If I remember correctly, it was you guys who teamed up on Vanessa last year and made this place hell for months. Now that it’s coming back to bite you in the butt, it’s not as much fun is it?

    I may not be Vanessa’s number one fan, but I can’t help but think the crap you guys are getting now is simply karma working it’s magic, payback for the crap you put Vanessa fans through last year. Let this be a lesson to all, don’t dish out what you can’t take back.